Our Future

Do we have a real future? Some of us are past the middle of our lives, so we have fewer years ahead than we have lived. At least according to our “expected” lifespans. The future is truly up to God Himself. Whether we have a future or not is entirely up to Him. Have you placed your life in His hands so that your future is also in His hands?

Young people, under the age of thirty, don’t really think about their future much. They live as if their lives will continue just as it has always been. It seems that our whole world today looks at life the same way and they believe that unless they have all of the best things given to them without cost, their lives are over and they have very little hope for the future. The “things” that everyone seems to be chasing are temporary things. Stuff that you only have here. Eternity only allows what is eternal, your soul, and what you’ve done for the Kingdom of God in this life.

Only two “classes” of people will be at the judgment seat of Jesus, the lost or the saved. Many of the “lost” actually think they are saved and some of the saved aren’t sure about their salvation. This is the future that awaits those who make it through the Tribulation. It can be wonderful if you have accepted Jesus because you will live through the one-thousand-year reign of Jesus. Just as those who were around after Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden, children will be born to them for many hundreds of years. The Earth will be restored to its original form during this time so thankfully “global warming” and “climate change” won’t be happening.

Why do I believe that this will happen? Because it is foretold in the book of Revelation. The restored Earth is part of “making all things new”. The millennial reign of Jesus will be a much better world than any of us grew up in. No wars, very few deaths, and a restored ecosystem…what’s not to like? If you are a Christian/follower of Jesus right now then the future is even better! When the Trumpet of God sounds, the dead in Christ will be raised first and then we who are alive and remain in Him will be caught up in the air to be with Him forever.

Breaking Down The Mark Of The Beast (Part 2)

You may recall that I posted a presentation refuting the lie that one who has taken the Covid vaccine has taken the Mark of the Beast. The above video presentation explains it perfectly, and I want to provide my commentary to the presentation to clear up confusion and provide more examples to grasp this difficult concept. So, what is the Mark of the Beast? A good idea I would suggest is to picture it from a spiritual perspective. I would also call it “The Mark of Satan.”

In summation, the Mark of the Beast signifies your allegiance to the Antichrist, the False prophet, and Satan. There are three things you need to remember when studying and discuising this subject area.

1. God AND Satan Want To be Worshipped, but for Two Distinct End Goals

We see throughout Scripture that Satan wanted to exalt himself above the Lord Almighty, who is worthy of worship. This prideful attitude is what led Satan to be kicked out of Heaven. Jesus was tempted to worship Satan, showing Him all of the beautiful kingdoms of this world.

In Revelations 14, God sends three angels to warn the nations to fear [reverence] God and worship Him. Anyone who took the Mark would be sujected to God’s wrath, casting him to the Lake of Fire.

God = Eternal Pleasure, Temporal Pain. Satan = Temporal Pleasure, Eternal Pain

2. The Physical Object Of Worship

A solid example of worshipping things from a physical and Earthly perspective is a typical teenager who idolizes her romantic relationship with her boyfriend. She cannot survive one second without hanging out with her boyfriend, who promises her the world, all her dreams coming to pass, and every beautiful outcome one could imagine. But, when the teenager gets into a minor conflict with her boyfriend, it’s like WWIII started. Behind the scenes, the teenager neglects her academic responsibilities, leading her to fail all of her classes.

The point I am trying to make in this example is that the objects we are attached to can rapidly (and subtly) have an impact on our spiritual lives, and even our family and personal lives. The main goal of idolatry is to separate us from the main object of worship (God). Satan wants to distract us with something so comforting and intriguing to our senses in order to take our focus away from Jesus.

Satan’s Mark of the Beast is a culmination of these temptations, with the physical sources of worship being the False Prophet (the Second Beast), and the Antichrist. The reward Satan offers to those who take his mark is the privilege to buy or sell, or even keep a job. No mark = no mulah!

3. The Spiritual Object Of Worship: Satan

The scary reality with idolatry is that you do not have to do a blood covenant, shout “Hail Satan”, or be a member of the Church of Satan to actually worship Satan. If he can’t convince you to outright bow down to him through an organized system, then why not just have this young woman place purchasing her flashy possessions ahead of Bible meditation and going to Sunday School. Oh wait, forget Sunday School, because my old friend from college invited me to a party where they are going to get drunk and play games to get la__. (when you know well you are married). Can anyone smell smoke up here? 🙂

Now, how convincing is a ten-day vacation to Hawaii just to outright follow Satan? Hmmm! I would take a vacation anyday, but for Satan? That’s a bit promising, right? (Sorry not sorry, I am out on this one. Pass!)

Jokes aside. Anything you worship that is not God presents a horizontal and versical source. (a) The physical [like the Antichrist, by taking the Mark] (b) Satan [pledging allegiance to his kingdom for worldly gain.]

All it comes down to is: How far will you go to follow Jesus, and are you willing to sell your soul to Satan to avoid getting killed and persecuted, in exchange for the world? Today, let’s actively practice taking a stand and not dily-dallying around. TEAM JESUS!!

The Great Playbook Of Satan


Mainly characterized by its alliteration and use of words that twist the tongue, this is one of many poems which highlight a national rebellion that is slowly settling in the corners of America. Eventually, all of these poems will be compiled into a artistic collection that will be showcased to this blog. This will be my first big project for my summer vacation. In short, this poem creatively warns readers of what I would call The Great Playbook of Satan. Specifically, the pages written in this “book” pinpoint to the 21st century America as we know it, which is blinded by its arrogance and passivity.


In the many pages of the Great ⠠⠏⠇⠁⠽⠃⠕⠕⠅

Were clever plots drafted in pen and paper:

A plot to push the people of ⠏⠪⠻

To pray to their Prince to provide ⠏⠂⠉⠑

While inflicting pain on the poorest providence:

Preying on the powerless with their prickly palms

And punishing the powerful with pornography and ⠏⠻⠧⠻⠨⠝⠲

The people plead for the prophets to ⠏⠗⠕⠏⠓⠑⠎⠽

Pleasure, prosperity, power, and ⠏⠗⠑⠌⠊⠛⠑⠲

But, little did they know that the Predator polluted them with pompous ⠐⠏⠊⠑⠎

To pressure the pauper to drink his poisonous ⠏⠕⠰⠝⠲

The prince of the power of the ⠁⠊⠗⠒

He pounded and puffed with pride and ⠏⠁⠎⠨⠝

And published his playbook for the world to ⠎⠑⠑⠲

Woe to them! In their ⠏⠗⠑⠞⠢⠎⠑⠂

They shall perish for lack of knowledge

On the words polished in its many pages:

The pressure of pondering on such painful prospects.

Woe to the men who shout “Jesus is the Risen King!”

Woe to the priest who says to his flock, ”Victory is mine!”

How can you have knowledge of victory and Heavenly treasure

While you are passive in mourning for those who contributed

To writing the Great Playbook of Satan.

Woe to thee, o blind pauper!

My heart lamenteth for my nation.

Woe to thee, ye unprepared soldier!

You speak well, and lack much!

Let not another day pass without meditating on these words:

I write not to you, but to the author of the Book of Life:

Which is open and unfinished, its pages swift with beauty.

Woe to those whose name is not written!

Ye therefore have contributed to the Great Playbook of Satan!

When Judgement Day comes, your portion shall be measured:

From the words carved on its pages to the acts performed in secret.

What will you do when all the ink is burned to ashes?

What will you do when your part of his story is cut off by the flames of Hell?

The Great Playbook of Satan shall cease,

And the author shall receive his consequence for all things written and exercised through the blueprint.

My First Two Pieces

1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1plsdI2ku7CTbIu2DBFykxWgh6P2ZdcU7oTIex8qS5 o/edit?usp=drivesdk

2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nenLeOp7HSE0pDiWHiw9c9c6vR4UhOAeeE15_q0jEDo/edit?usp=drivesdk

Because He lives!

That’s why we can face anything today or tomorrow. Our Savior lives and He is coming back! There is no doubt about that but it is according to God’s timing and not our desires.

One day the Trumpet will sound and those who have died in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive and have remained faithful to Him will be caught up to be with Him as well. This will happen in the “twinkle of an eye”, instantaneous.

Jesus loves you!

This song that most of us have heard and sung as children, is very relevant today. Because Jesus does love all of us. He may not like your lifestyle or the places you’ve been lately if you haven’t accepted Him as your Savior but He still loves you just the same. Why am I starting this article this way? Because, everyone needs to know that they are loved by God and our Creator, Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are three years old or ninety-three years old, we need to know that we are loved by Him.

God looks at the heart of each one of us and regardless of how much we think we have messed up our life…we are still loved. We are created in His image after all and God loves us. “What if I don’t believe in God?”, you might ask. To that, I will say that God believes in you and He loves you. Not the celebrity, not the Congressman or Congresswoman, not the “profession” that you work at. God loves you!

We are all made up of three parts, just as God is a Triune being so are we. We have a physical body and our mind and our soul and it is our soul that stands out when God looks at us. That is the part of us that He wants to bring salvation to before the end of our life in our physical body. If you have given your “heart” to Jesus then He has your soul and one day in heaven your soul will be reunited with your resurrected body physically. I know, right now it doesn’t make much sense but one day in the near future it will. Work toward that goal in your life today to know Him as your Savior by accepting Him as your Savior by your belief in Him.

God has plans for you!

Jeremiah 29:11 gives us hope in this: 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Why do people deny that God exists? God knew you before the world was created and you can find this in the book of Jeremiah as well. My point? God knew each of us because He has always lived outside of time and He can see your birth and your death but He has plans for your life. All that you need to do is seek Him for your salvation and repent of your sinful life and follow Jesus.

Jesus came to give each of us on Earth hope for eternity with God in Heaven. I’ve heard that many people think that IF they get to Heaven, there will be nothing to do there. God is not going to give us eternity without something for us to do. He will have something for us to do, of this I am sure. It will not be boring!

I pray that everyone who reads this page and posts will pray for someone that you know. Whether that person is battling cancer or covid or if they need to know Jesus as their Savior. Each of us needs to pray for one another and we certainly need to pray for our country as well. Inflation is coming, food seems to be getting scarce because of supply lines not having enough drivers to deliver to stores. The next few years are going to be difficult and no amount of “printed money” will help us at home.

Keep looking up and make sure that He knows you so that you will be called when the Trumpet blows…you will be with those meeting their Savior in the air!!

Can we relate?

Consider this: God the Son comes to Earth as a man, dies on a cross to redeem mankind’s sins as a human being and then rises again from the dead to be alive forever as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was called the Living Word of God and the Son of God as well as many other names in the Old Testament. What I am bringing to your attention here is that He is the Creator of…everything. Perfect in judgment and unbounded in His love for us, sinless and Holy yet compassionate and caring. What can we, as humans, compare to Him? Even though His love for us is beyond our comprehension, His justice toward those who refuse His gift of grace and mercy is still righteous.

So…can we relate to Him? Can we understand Him? Only with the Holy Spirit guiding us and directing us can we possibly grasp even a tiny fraction of Who He is while in our mortal frame. His holiness would cause us to fall on our face so we could not look at Him in His glorified state. But He spent three years or so with a group of men, teaching them and showing them and many others the love of God. Not the vengeance and wrath of God but the caring and loving God that many people didn’t think existed. He showed compassion even to the demons when they asked to be sent into the herd of pigs rather than outer darkness.

Jesus is the embodiment of God’s love and compassion but when He returns He will also be judge to all of the nations who didn’t treat His Bride, the Church, very well. He will also be the judge of all who were against the Jewish nation over the many thousands of years past and up to the present time.

All of us who call Him our Savior and Lord were chosen by Him before the foundation of the world was set in its place. God was never caught off guard by the rebellion of Lucifer and those who followed him. God knew that with the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil mankind would rebel against His rule and determine to follow their own way. Today you can see it happening everywhere and it is getting worse as time moves toward the end of the age. When that day will be nobody knows but nearly everyone will know when it does happen. It will catch many people by surprise because they didn’t care to notice the signs ahead of time. Everyone who has ever gone to Sunday school or church or a revival or to Bible camp will recognize what has happened. Especially those who are left behind to see the anti-Christ come to power.

I pray that before that day arrives many more will come to know Jesus as their Savior because the time that will come after the church is taken up will be like hell on Earth for seven years.

Do you know…

God? He has loved humanity ever since the beginning and before because we were thoughts in His mind before the world was created. Yet, people today seem more willing to believe that we evolved from a bacteria into a fish then into a mammal then into an ape that started walking more upright and became a man. For me, it takes much more “faith” to believe the evolutionary theory than it does to believe God’s Word. But, I’m just a Christian who believes the Word of God is the Truth…so what do I know?

I know that God is real and that He shows up in the most unexpected ways and places, especially when people aren’t expecting Him to show up at all.

Our country and the whole world needs Him and should be seeking Him today, right now! But there are so many who aren’t and many of those are trying their best to have any mention of Him taken out of any discourse or area of influence that they can get away with. He will not be ignored and His Presence in the world at large will accomplish His purpose whether the world believes in Him or His Son, Jesus, or not! So much of our world today is in turmoil because of religion and the beliefs of some fanatic believers that think they can cause their “messiah” to show up because of the strife and hatred that they are spreading around the world.

God will show up one day and He will be the victorious One over all. It won’t be our ideas or ideals that causes the last battle at Armageddon but it will be our lack of belief and our refusal to give our hearts to Jesus. Read the book of the Revelation. It tells how things will be and how bad the whole world will become during that time. God’s Word is the Truth whether you believe it or not.

This book was given to John the apostle on the Isle of Patmos as a revealing of what will happen after the Bride of Christ, the church, is taken up. Read it, pray about it, and give your heart to Him today because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

Why is there persecution?

There are many reasons for Christians to be persecuted at this time. One is because it was foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ. Another reason is because our belief in Jesus and the Truth of the Gospel and God’s Word is offensive to many religions because of our claim that it is the only Truth. One other reason is because there are many people who don’t want to believe in Jesus and they fervently believe that their religion is the “right” belief to have in order to enter into eternity. The problem that is present in our world today is that God designed us with an eternal soul regardless of our belief in Jesus or not we will have an eternity ahead of us after death. Our eternal problem is our destination after death, will it be in Heaven or will it be in the lake of fire, not for any sin that we’ve done in this life but for rejecting the Savior that God sent into the world to save us!

Whether you believe in Jesus for your salvation or not doesn’t change the fact that eternity is still out there ahead of you. Oh, some people may tell you that there is nothing after death. You’re just dead!

That isn’t what is taught and shown in God’s Word. Jesus spoke many times about Paradise or Abraham’s bosom and hell, so if the Son of God speaks about a life after this one then the end of this life isn’t the end at all. But there are many religions and beliefs that don’t teach about an eternity beyond this life, let alone that you will experience it as a living soul! The soul that comes from God Himself, the breath of Life that was breathed into Adam, is eternal. When this body, this “temple of the Holy Spirit” is dead, your soul goes back to its Maker. If you have given your life to Jesus and followed Him, even if it was only for a few days or weeks, your soul will be in His Presence from the moment of your death into eternity. If you did not give your heart to Jesus and you lived like the end was going to be the end…period, then your soul will go into eternity to be judged by God without the blood of Jesus covering your sinful life.

Which one of those situations would you rather be in? The one where your soul is welcomed into eternity or the one where you are facing the Judge of all, God Himself?

It is an easy choice to make while you are alive here but it has to be made before you draw your last breath. This life is a “proving ground” in a way because God proves each of us while we live. Whether we will obey Him and follow Jesus and repent of our sinful lives or not. Those are the only choices in this life that have real eternal consequences. When you feel convicted of your sins, whether you are in church or in your car or at work, begin to pray right then and ask Jesus to forgive you and come into your heart and change you so that you can be useful to Him for the rest of your life regardless of how long that may be.

You and I are not guaranteed tomorrow, so when that conviction does come on your heart please don’t ignore it. Immediately begin praying for Him to come in and save you from your sinful life and it’s consequences. Don’t wait until Sunday because you may not make it to Sunday!