Where are you, Lord?

Have you ever been tempted to ask this of Him? I have. The reasons are many and it has happened many times in my life but I’ve come to know that we don’t have to ask this at all. He is always with us if you know Jesus as your Savior. God keeps up with everything that is happening on Earth and He is in control regardless of how things look from our perspective.

Some people are truly wondering if Jesus will come back for His church but be assured, He will. Why am I convinced of this? Because He is our Creator and He cannot lie. He told His disciples that He would come back one day and take every believer to be with Him in Heaven, to His Father’s house, and He will. I know it has been a long time since He left but God has His reasons for not sending Jesus to gather His Bride and bring her to His house. One of those could be that He is waiting for some who haven’t given their hearts to Jesus yet. He knows how many more there will be and He’s waiting for them.

There are other reasons as well and we don’t know what they are. Only the Father knows, just as Jesus said. Are we living in the “last days” or the “end times”? Yes, the time just prior to the Tribulation is where we are right now. If you are not sure of your salvation then you need to make sure before that day comes. The trumpet of God will sound and the dead in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive and remain will be caught up to heaven to be with Him forever. Some people think that everyone will hear the trumpet of God and some believe that only believers will hear it. Either way, the world will know that something momentous has happened.

I pray that anyone who has questions about salvation or eternity will seek a pastor or even contact me. I’m not a scholar but I have read through God’s Word more than ten times and I study His Word daily. I was a pastor for nine years and I pray that you will seek Jesus for your salvation soon.

Darkness makes it hard to see

I’ve had to wear glasses for most of my life and there are days when it is a burden to wear them. There are also days when I barely notice I have them on. These days, with all that is going on in the world around me, it is hard to see the Light of God’s love for us. I mean, look at the people in Ukraine that are going through the war and the death of their loved ones. Their country is being torn apart by another madman who wants their country. His army is blowing up buildings and churches and roads and bridges. Killing people with no thought of their lives or what they might’ve contributed to society. Why? Just because one person in one country wants this country to be brought back into their country?

Then you have other “wars” that are being waged or threatened simply because of their differences in religion and beliefs. In other places, there are people who are being killed because they were in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Not because they were a part of a gang but because they happened to be on the wrong street when things go out of control. It is happening in more than one city all over America and very likely in other countries too. All of these things were foretold long ago as “birth pains before the time”. That time is almost upon us.

You can choose to believe it or not but you can’t run from it. We are living in the end times. In the few years left before the Tribulation. What can you do? Pray and seek God as your Savior because when the day comes when the church is taken up, the whole world will know and those who are still here will have to endure for Jesus until the end. If you don’t choose to believe in Jesus as your Savior, then you will spend eternity in hell. There are no gray areas. You either believe in Him for your salvation or you don’t. Once you have taken your last breath here, you will be judged for your life here. If you gave your life to Jesus then there are no worries. If you didn’t then your eternity is sealed in hell.

There are so many today who are denying that Jesus is the Savior or that Christian ideas are even true. You can debate this point all you want, but when you are standing in front of God what will you say to Him? God knows your heart so you can’t bluff your way into Heaven. He knows exactly who belongs and those who do not. Because Jesus either knows you or He doesn’t. You can know about Him all that you want. You may even have a seminary degree and have led a church for a while but if He doesn’t know you then you are just as lost as anyone else in the world. Make sure today before your time comes up.

Jesus loves you!

This song that most of us have heard and sung as children, is very relevant today. Because Jesus does love all of us. He may not like your lifestyle or the places you’ve been lately if you haven’t accepted Him as your Savior but He still loves you just the same. Why am I starting this article this way? Because, everyone needs to know that they are loved by God and our Creator, Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are three years old or ninety-three years old, we need to know that we are loved by Him.

God looks at the heart of each one of us and regardless of how much we think we have messed up our life…we are still loved. We are created in His image after all and God loves us. “What if I don’t believe in God?”, you might ask. To that, I will say that God believes in you and He loves you. Not the celebrity, not the Congressman or Congresswoman, not the “profession” that you work at. God loves you!

We are all made up of three parts, just as God is a Triune being so are we. We have a physical body and our mind and our soul and it is our soul that stands out when God looks at us. That is the part of us that He wants to bring salvation to before the end of our life in our physical body. If you have given your “heart” to Jesus then He has your soul and one day in heaven your soul will be reunited with your resurrected body physically. I know, right now it doesn’t make much sense but one day in the near future it will. Work toward that goal in your life today to know Him as your Savior by accepting Him as your Savior by your belief in Him.

How foolish are we?

O God, You know my foolishness; and my sins are not hidden from You.
Psalm 69:5 Do you realize that all of the wisdom that we have is completely foolish in God’s sight? All of the learning and the degrees in the world are simply “man’s wisdom” and learning which we may believe is the best, but without God’s wisdom and His guidance, it means nothing. God’s Word is the best book to read in times of heartache and trouble and it is the best book to read for your healing when you are sick. There is so much wise advice in God’s Word until the best education that you could have would be to read it every day!

Our ideas and wisdom can carry us only so far but His Wisdom and advice can carry us all the way to eternity! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? God loves each of us and has loved each of us from before the Earth and everything else was created. Not just because we were a thought in His mind but because He lives outside of time. He can see the beginning and the ending of the universe and He knows when you were born and when you will die. He also knows everything that you can and will do in your life, and that applies to everyone! Not just Christians living now but those who will become Christians before the end of the world!

Remember in the Psalm where David wrote “I am fearfully and wonderfully made“? He was speaking of God’s involvement in stitching each of us together before we are born. But, even before God’s hand does this He could look down through time itself and see each of us and know what manner of person we would be and how useful we would be in His Kingdom. We serve God, our Creator and Redeemer, Who lives and has lived forever. We do not serve a man with his wisdom and his “sayings”! God’s Spirit moved the prophets and scribes of ages past and He still moves those who will listen to Him to write His words and remind people about His Love for them.

God has never failed to keep His promises to us and He won’t fail to do so in the years to come. I ask that anyone who reads this please seek out Jesus and His salvation for your life because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make sure of your eternity and your salvation today while you can.