Do you know…

God? He has loved humanity ever since the beginning and before because we were thoughts in His mind before the world was created. Yet, people today seem more willing to believe that we evolved from a bacteria into a fish then into a mammal then into an ape that started walking more upright and became a man. For me, it takes much more “faith” to believe the evolutionary theory than it does to believe God’s Word. But, I’m just a Christian who believes the Word of God is the Truth…so what do I know?

I know that God is real and that He shows up in the most unexpected ways and places, especially when people aren’t expecting Him to show up at all.

Our country and the whole world needs Him and should be seeking Him today, right now! But there are so many who aren’t and many of those are trying their best to have any mention of Him taken out of any discourse or area of influence that they can get away with. He will not be ignored and His Presence in the world at large will accomplish His purpose whether the world believes in Him or His Son, Jesus, or not! So much of our world today is in turmoil because of religion and the beliefs of some fanatic believers that think they can cause their “messiah” to show up because of the strife and hatred that they are spreading around the world.

God will show up one day and He will be the victorious One over all. It won’t be our ideas or ideals that causes the last battle at Armageddon but it will be our lack of belief and our refusal to give our hearts to Jesus. Read the book of the Revelation. It tells how things will be and how bad the whole world will become during that time. God’s Word is the Truth whether you believe it or not.

This book was given to John the apostle on the Isle of Patmos as a revealing of what will happen after the Bride of Christ, the church, is taken up. Read it, pray about it, and give your heart to Him today because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Do you know…

  1. But Tracy, they say our DNA is almost the same as a chimpanzee. Ha. While I know my boys sure acted like monkeys when young, I believe we will get the full answers of all of creation when we get to heaven. And won’t we be surprised how silly we were as humans. For those of us who truly love Christ, we will smile because He will smile at how we tried to make sense of it all when we didn’t have all the puzzle pieces in the correct order.

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