Because He lives!

That’s why we can face anything today or tomorrow. Our Savior lives and He is coming back! There is no doubt about that but it is according to God’s timing and not our desires.

One day the Trumpet will sound and those who have died in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive and have remained faithful to Him will be caught up to be with Him as well. This will happen in the “twinkle of an eye”, instantaneous.

3 thoughts on “Because He lives!

      1. Wow! Thanks a lot, Earth!! NOT! I can just imagine my first recation when I get there!
        God: Well done, my good and faith tervant! Enter into paradise!
        Me: Ha! In your face, Satan! Woooooooo!
        Tracy: Hey! Want some of my chicken?
        Me: I’ll take the wine first!
        Tracy: Get yourself comfortable! Welcome to Heaven, sis!
        Mom: I have some plantain!

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