A Call To Communal Accountability and Repentance: Our Second Annual Black Lives Matter Virtual Protest 2022 Invitation

Hello ⠠⠁⠇⠇⠂

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are having a nice weekend. I hope you are taking time out of the day to enjoy the scenery of a hot and humid summer. (Slushies, anyone?)

This week, our nation will be taking the time to pause and commemorate the life and legacy of George Floyd, who was tragically stripped of his life because of a justice system that is founded on systemic racism and police brutality two years ago. While many, if not all of us, have attempted to deny the existence of prejudice and racism, and shy away from confronting the sins of our forefathers who have enslaved us and used the very words of Jesus himself to justify the unjust treatness of black and marginalized men and women in this country, we must be willing to call out and rebuke the system, and those who partake in its many evils that all sum up to the generational sins of enslavement and oppression, rooted in a spirit of hatred, superiority, and animosity.

As a community of faith who firmly stands by the core values of Jesus Christ, we continue to see how the sins of police brutality and systemic racism has had a destructive impact on our school communities, our nation, and the body of Christ. As Apostle DoQuine Greene once stated, every ungodly thought, word, deed, or motive that lingers into our hearts is an invitation for a man to form a covenant with Satan, and we must expose those who continue to do evil against God and His children, through our authority to decipher and destroy the work of the kingdom of Satan. Sadly, our forefathers have made a covenant with Satan — not for blood sacrifice or what we associate with the occult, but a covenant of cold-blooded murder, pressuring the coming generation to cover up their vile deeds against the African-American community. It’s a covenant that is now polluting our justice systems. It tries to convince us that we no longer need to examine, nonetheless teach our youth, the history of slavery, the KKK, and the sacrifices that activists and churches have made, as long as we do not contribute to the act today. But, we all share the guilt of this generational sin.

Even if justice is not restored to the Floyd family by our systems, we believe that God is our ultimate Judge, and will bring justice to those who have wronged us. However, we must be willing to do our part, and share a nationwide responsibility to seek reparation and unlearn the many prejudices we have learned and have been taught by this ungodly system.

Theme: A Call For Communal Accountability and Repentance

This year, as we pay tribute to Floyd and many other families who have been a victim of the epidemic of racism, I believe that a theme that the Holy Spirit wants us to ponder on is the theme of accountability and repentance on a community and global level. This year, you will view a collection of prayers, poems, some art, music, and, most importantly, a call to examine our lives, our beliefs, and our conduct, holding to the belief that sin is a universal issue that calls forth a shared responsibility: To repent, restore, learn, grow, and educate.

This week, let us pause and reflect on the gravity of the pain our nation has witnessed at the height of lockdown, and commit ourselves to learn from this tragedy: Not only through discussion and protest, but by showing the world an example of love, humility, and forgiveness, just as Christ has displayed through His Earthly ministry, and His death and ressurection as atonement for even the gravest sins of man.

Question To Ponder On This Week

As a citizen of my country, and as an ambassador of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, how have I (in word, thought, or deed) been a contributor to the generational sins of enslavement and oppression as we see in our criminal justice system? Am I truly setting a solid example by demonstrating Godly love, humility, and forgiveness, and not harboring prejudice or hatred in my heart?

Final Things

Preparations for the commemoration will begin tomorrow, with the final version being released Wednesday at 11 AM. You are more than welcome to contribute to this protest however the Holy Spirit leads you to. Please feel free to send us your contributions via email (contact information can be found on this link). We would appreciate if your portions be sent before 8 PM on Tuesday to allow time to finalize and polish everything before being published live.

I pray that we will all continue to pray for our brethren, love each other, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Let us prepare our hearts and minds for this sacred and solemn occasion of mourning and reflection, and remember the joy of brotherly love and hope in the treasures of Heaven.

Sister In Christ,

Down With Satan_911

The Great Playbook Of Satan


Mainly characterized by its alliteration and use of words that twist the tongue, this is one of many poems which highlight a national rebellion that is slowly settling in the corners of America. Eventually, all of these poems will be compiled into a artistic collection that will be showcased to this blog. This will be my first big project for my summer vacation. In short, this poem creatively warns readers of what I would call The Great Playbook of Satan. Specifically, the pages written in this “book” pinpoint to the 21st century America as we know it, which is blinded by its arrogance and passivity.


In the many pages of the Great ⠠⠏⠇⠁⠽⠃⠕⠕⠅

Were clever plots drafted in pen and paper:

A plot to push the people of ⠏⠪⠻

To pray to their Prince to provide ⠏⠂⠉⠑

While inflicting pain on the poorest providence:

Preying on the powerless with their prickly palms

And punishing the powerful with pornography and ⠏⠻⠧⠻⠨⠝⠲

The people plead for the prophets to ⠏⠗⠕⠏⠓⠑⠎⠽

Pleasure, prosperity, power, and ⠏⠗⠑⠌⠊⠛⠑⠲

But, little did they know that the Predator polluted them with pompous ⠐⠏⠊⠑⠎

To pressure the pauper to drink his poisonous ⠏⠕⠰⠝⠲

The prince of the power of the ⠁⠊⠗⠒

He pounded and puffed with pride and ⠏⠁⠎⠨⠝

And published his playbook for the world to ⠎⠑⠑⠲

Woe to them! In their ⠏⠗⠑⠞⠢⠎⠑⠂

They shall perish for lack of knowledge

On the words polished in its many pages:

The pressure of pondering on such painful prospects.

Woe to the men who shout “Jesus is the Risen King!”

Woe to the priest who says to his flock, ”Victory is mine!”

How can you have knowledge of victory and Heavenly treasure

While you are passive in mourning for those who contributed

To writing the Great Playbook of Satan.

Woe to thee, o blind pauper!

My heart lamenteth for my nation.

Woe to thee, ye unprepared soldier!

You speak well, and lack much!

Let not another day pass without meditating on these words:

I write not to you, but to the author of the Book of Life:

Which is open and unfinished, its pages swift with beauty.

Woe to those whose name is not written!

Ye therefore have contributed to the Great Playbook of Satan!

When Judgement Day comes, your portion shall be measured:

From the words carved on its pages to the acts performed in secret.

What will you do when all the ink is burned to ashes?

What will you do when your part of his story is cut off by the flames of Hell?

The Great Playbook of Satan shall cease,

And the author shall receive his consequence for all things written and exercised through the blueprint.

My First Two Pieces

1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1plsdI2ku7CTbIu2DBFykxWgh6P2ZdcU7oTIex8qS5 o/edit?usp=drivesdk

2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nenLeOp7HSE0pDiWHiw9c9c6vR4UhOAeeE15_q0jEDo/edit?usp=drivesdk

Satan Visits The Church

In February 2022, as a supplement to our semester-long study of morality in my Christian club, I initiated a creative writing project that was inspired by some of the events that have unfolded during the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

After sitting down and doing some reflection on the pandemic, I remembered a period of time throughout 2020, and the early months of 2021, when the church was undergoing a time of great deception and confusion, mainly in mainstream evangelical churches. After reading Tracy’s publication titled “Are we Being Tested”, I reflected on the false prophecies that have been going around during Covid. In a future post, I will share with you a few purposes that I believe were accomplished during the lockdown. But, one of the main ones I shared with Tracy is that the church is being tested and tried by fire to see if we are truly doing what we are supposed to be doing: Following and sharing the truth of the Gospel. Remember Job’s trials from Satan? Remember Daniel and the lion’s den? Remember the fiery furnace? Remember the persecution of the early Christians? These were all trials to prove the authenticity of their faith, and whether they actually have the capacity to apply what we have been taught to our daily lives: both in the good and the bad times.

Unfortunately, a majority of professing Christians are failing the coronavirus test by chasing after false teachers who tickle their ears with smooth lips who tell them what they want to hear. Some have even turned to atheism, or worse, have started outright worshipping Satan and joining the occult as a result of the uncertainty we have faced. Some have started drinking, and some have participated in protests that accomplish nothing but calamity and chaos. This was foretold in 2 Timothy chapter 4. The following excerpt comes from verses 3-5 in the World English Bible version, which inspired the creation of this project.

3, For the time will come when they will not listen to the sound doctrine, but, having itching ears, will heap up for themselves teachers after their own lusts;
4, And will turn away their ears from the truth, and turn aside to fables.
5, But you be sober in all things, suffer hardship, do the work of an evangelist, and fulfill your ministry.

Isn’t this the phenomenon we are witnessing today? Preachers claiming to cure the coronavirus while casting judgement on a supposedly “corrupt” voting system that did not elect their golden calf? Even a well-known televangelist claiming to cast judhement on Covid and Satan while spitting at a guillible audience who does not give a SQUAT about rebuking sin? Yet, when Lil Nas X released that Satan video last year, we kicked up an emotional meltdown, as if our puffed-up flesh was getting attacked by “the work of Satan”! Church, we have a lot of work to do!

Take all of the drama, and you get, …. … a dramatic documentary! WOAH! Lay down the tapes!

Backstory Behind The Name

The story behind this written documentary was not actually based on political tensions alone. Rather, it is based on a trend that has been circulating across many evangelical churches in America during the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak. What I am present is not necessarily an abstract narrative as I have written over the course of the past two years. 

Proir to the culmination of this documentary, I composed three plays based on the 2020 election and the political upheaval that followed the election (details to come in a future post). Quite frankly, “Satan Visits the Church” may be one of the most challenging and emotional pieces I would have created since Covid started. The name of the piece suggests that there are secrets hidden under the scope of televangelism and the quest to obtain knowledge of the spiritual world in a time where a great plague has put us in the position of standing against the wall. I am of the firm conviction that we are living in a time where fear is so prevalent, that it prompts us to examine Biblical prophecy and eschatology through the lens of cultural trends, politics, and the function of the church. If you tie all of these together, we have a mystery we have to uncover. I firmly believe that Satan has been a major figure that has greatly influenced the functioning of the church and a continually evolving civilization in a climate where sin is socially acceptable. The problem is that the fears we associate with the Covid vaccines and other uncertainties cloud our knowledge and understanding, inherently creating a flawed view of Satan and the spiritual realm. Thus, it would inevitably create a flawed view of God. You will hear heart-wrenching, and often sad, chilling, and outright touching testimonies from three Spanish immigrants who face a period of spiritual testing. You will also hear stories from other figures who were a part of the scandal.


In this documentary, three Spanish immigrants undergo years of tribulation and suffering that has sent the family unit to their knees. For the bioligical mother of two adopted children raised in Catholic school, the search for knowledge and healing have led her to cut corners. After their local church burns down to the ground, a false prophet named Sire Victor, who is a secret high priest of the LaVeyan Church of Satan, is elected as a priest in a different cathedral, where he prophesies riches and financial growth while proclaiming the healing of their gravely ill grandmother hospitalized with Covid.

The family had been homeless for years. The youngest adoptive child, 9-year-old Lee Darwin, lost both her former parents in a tragic house fire. Four years later, he lives with an 11-year-old brother named Eli, who is a Catholic who is led astray by the tribulations that take place, and well as old wounds from religious fanatics. Later in the play, you will notice varouis accounts from witnesses mentioning her future plan to eventually join the Church of Satan if things don’t improve.

Eventually, after being forewarned about Victor’s prophecy, Meredith Darwin, the biological mother of two children, makes a decision to sell her soul for a beautiful, exotic mansion. After a month gambling in the casino to pay for Catholic education, the mansion gets destroyed by a typhoon, leaving her to spend three nights in the hospital.

With two members of the family devoted their lives to the luxury Satan enticed them with, the mission to capture this false prophet goes underway, and Lee is put to the ultimate test to stay on the path of Jesus. After a series of interviews and testimonies given out, the false prophet is charged with fraud, theft, and over 20 counts of extortion and sacrilege.

So, what is this hidden secret Satan keeps from Meredith and the public? Glamor glorifies the eyes of a guillible idiot.


The final, pulished copy of this thought-provoking play should be released by the end of May, or at the latest, the first week of June. The original plan was to have it published to the school’s literature magazine, but that may not happen until next year, since I have a lot of homework to work on, and I have been out a lot these past three weeks. Regardless of what form it is, I pray that the creation and publication of this presentation will challenge me and many others to learn more about the Word of God and mature in their faith.

My Essential Question of Experimentation For This Piece

What happens when the head of the family is led astray, and only the youngest member is still walking in the light?

Next generation…?

Whichever one is prominent at the moment, I’ve lost count. Some have been born in the last forty years or the last ten or twenty years but what is their belief system or their moral compass? Have they learned anything from their parents or grandparents about what it means to have a belief in God or any “higher being”? Mostly due to the removal of prayer and the Bible from the public schools of America we have at least two generations who have never read from or heard any Bible verses while in school. Unless you were able to attend a private school the use of God’s Word in education was taken away in the early sixties.

Of course after graduating from a private school and beginning your college years, you get back into the public school area and you are slapped with mostly liberal views and no chance of a Christian viewpoint unless you read and study the Bible on your own. Our country was founded by Christians regardless of the “history” that is taught today. Even the “ivy league” schools in the northeast were founded to be seminaries for religious training in their beginning years.

Why has it changed so much in the two centuries plus forty-five years? Mostly because of science and the liberal bent that our leaders in Washington, DC have pushed in their lawmaking in the past 130 years or so. It has become more socialist than Democratic in the past sixty years or so but still God is being pushed out of any mention on the news or in public office except in derision. It seems that a Christian perspective is looked down upon and ANY other religion is pushed forward to be seen as a better alternative…even no religion at all!

Why should is strike anyone as odd that America or some mention of it is not found in the book of Revelation or during the Tribulation? It is very likely that we are not a country which has enough power to be seen as a nation at that time. God has not taken His hand off of our country yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened during the next few decades. Be praying for our leaders both in the military and in office, whether you agree with them or not because they truly NEED our prayers and God’s wisdom whether they will acknowledge it or not.

Just my two cents.

The eclipse…

I know that I am not the only person writing about this but it is a big deal. I mean this eclipse can be seen by most of the United States! Maybe not in totality but any portion of our Sun obscured is a big deal. I took a picture with my cell phone and it doesn’t look as good as others but I am going to show it here:

Eclipse by phoneThere will be another eclipse for the Eastern half of the USA in seven years so maybe others will get to see that one too. Our God is Awesome! I hope that you had a chance to get out and see this event today. According to our news media there were more people watching this peacefully than have gathered together in a long time. We need this kind of unity!

Life is all around us every day but sometimes we only see the darkness. Take heart, the darkness only lasts for a little while. In an eclipse or in life, the dark times which do come, only last for a bit and then they are replaced by the Light of God’s love. Sometimes the darkness last for a while longer, but if you lean on Jesus and seek His strength during this time, you will get through it and emerge into the Light.

The darkness of the totality during an eclipse is truly dark as I observed on TV, but it only lasted for a couple of minutes in most places. Then the light began to return. It is the same with our lives today. When the darkness overtakes us, it seems very, very dark for a while but you are not alone. Jesus is always by your side if you believe in Him as your Savior.

God loves each of us so much that He sent His Son to live and die on a cross for us. Paying our sin debt in full so that we don’t have anything to boast of except for Jesus alone! Life is sometimes dark and dreary but the good news is that Jesus is the Light of the World and in Him only are we saved, sanctified and given eternal life! There is no other Savior nor any other way to accomplish this except through Jesus the Christ!

Please be in prayer for all who have not made the decision to give their lives to Jesus because, regardless of your idea of a Savior or whether there even is a God, believe the Bible as God’s Word and it is True! He loves you and there is no one else in this universe that could love you more than He does! Don’t turn away from Him when you feel His call in your life, in your heart because you may not get the chance again.

Study time!

You know, I hated to hear those words when I was in high school. Whether we were in study hour at the library or at home and I needed to study for a test, I just didn’t like that time.

Why? Usually it was because the subject that I “needed” to study was not a favorite or I was just being a teenager and didn’t want to. I didn’t have the “luxury” of getting on a video game at home like they do today. The study time that we should be concentrating on now is of God’s Word!

If you are a Christian and you do study His Word at least once or twice a week, then you need to study a bit more. Why? Because, you need to learn more about the times in which we are living. What better way to understand prophecy than to read it and see it unfold in the news almost every day!?

While it is true that we won’t see demons or armored flying insects, but many of the things which are happening are very different from their descriptions in Ezekiel or Revelation. But, we need to be able to recognize those things which are happening today as part of prophecy. Why is that? Because we are living in what is believed to be the last Jubilee year that will occur before the appearance of the Messiah.

This doesn’t give us an exact date or day, but we should treat the signs as what they are…signs! The four Blood Moons during 2014-2015, 2017 being the last Jubilee year, a full eclipse later this year in August in America and another seven years later also visible in America. There are also double full eclipses which are going to happen in the northern part of Egypt seven years apart in 2024 and 2031.

God is sending these signs to the Earth for us to notice and interpret through prophecy in His Word. If we don’t do that or if we just ignore it, then we are setting ourselves up to be deceived by what may come next. When does the Tribulation begin? I haven’t got a clue, but it looks like it may happen in the next fifteen years or so, according to the signs. Then again, God may have another plan altogether. That is up to Him and His timing.

My main concern is the fate of those reading these words. Your eternity depends upon what you do with the knowledge of Christ and whether you accept His atonement for your sins and believe in Him or not. If it is just like any other sunny day and you decide that I will do that tomorrow, then what will you do if many of your Christian friends disappear tonight or in front of your eyes?

What then? This is a blog written by a preacher, but I would classify that instance as an “oh shit!” moment! If you were at a Bible study or at a gathering somewhere and all of a sudden, there were piles of clothes and watches and shoes but most of your friends who were Christians just vanished, what would you feel? Anger, fear, regret…probably all of these and knowing that many people all over the world feel just as you do right now!

Make sure of where your heart is concerning your relationship with Jesus, BEFORE this happens! I don’t mean that you can’t become a Christian afterwards, but it will become far more dangerous, but as long as you belong to Him, your eternity is sealed. Amen.

Well, we are here…

So, what do we do now? God places rulers, governors, Senators and Presidents in their positions in order for His will to be done. One way or another. Just as God used Pharaoh when the Israelites were slaves, He will use our leaders, our President to make His will for us known. We may not realize it, we may not even want to acknowledge God is the One, the only One Who is truly in control of our world.

God said in the Bible, where Paul wrote in Romans 9:17:
“For the Scripture says to Pharaoh: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display My power in you, and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

This is what I believe that God is doing here in America today, and not just here but all over the world! The people who are showing up like the Neo-Nazi’s, the white supremacists, many of those who are “taking advantage” of the unrest and uncertainty in our country are just adding to the problems before a solution can be figured out for anything! Most of the voters who actually voted for Donald Trump are not like them nor do we belong to the organizations which are claiming that we do.

God is bringing all of this to a tipping point and one day this will tip over and we will be involved in some real problems, not just these small problems which everyone seems to be whining about. It will not be something that everyone will be joyful about and very few will enjoy it at all, but God is still in control. Some of you who read this may want to ask, “Why is this happening now?”; that is a good question but why didn’t it happen thirty years ago? Why didn’t some of this happen sixty years ago?

Because we, as a people and as the only race on this planet able to think about things like this, are in a position to read and know that where we are in prophecy means that we don’t have many more years before there is a worldwide realization that God truly is in control.Why do I say this? Because when so many people disappear, worldwide at the same time, some will know what it means but many people won’t get it and that is our mission now! To make sure that they don’t have to find someone to tell them what is going on!

Just because we have a President elect who has used the fears and rhetoric that he did in order to get elected, doesn’t mean that he is like those who are wearing the T-shirts with his name on them! You know, I didn’t vote for the President that we have had for the past eight years, but I have prayed for his salvation and for God to give him the wisdom to do his job. I didn’t go into the streets and burn cars and break windows and such because I didn’t want him. God says that we should serve under those who are put above us in government because He is the One Who placed them there!

When life gets too hard….

Kneel and pray to your Father in Heaven. Some might say that this is a cop-out or just a crutch that we Christians use to get through the tough times. It is NOT a cop out or a crutch but God does give us the strength from His Spirit for our struggles and our hard times. It doesn’t make them any easier nor does it make them go away, but His Strength and His Spirit give us a boost…a little more ooomph to get through those tough patches.

When the burdens of life get so frustrating and demoralizing that we just feel like it is too much to bear, that is when we should cry out to God and ask for His Wisdom and His Strength to carry us through. He will give those things to each of us to get through these times and these problems, no matter how big they may seem to us…He is BIGGER!

There is no problem too small or too great for God to help you with if you will give it to Him. Don’t take it back after an hour or two, let God have it and then you need to rest in His provision and grace that it will be taken care of, by Him and in His way and time. In the political climate that we have today, we can’t turn away from prayer. Because it is necessary!

I urge all of you, not to vote because I am sure you have likely done that already if possible, to pray and to do so earnestly for the remainder of the day today. Why? Because, our country needs God influence in this election. Many times we live and work without God’s influence or His wisdom leading us and guiding us and we are using our own wisdom in all of our life’s problems. Why is that bad? Because, God knows the outcome before we could possibly see it come to pass.

Is He in control? Yes! We may get the person that we want in office or we may not. The office of our President is not the One that will save our country or this world from chaos, only Jesus as our Lord and our King will do that. God is on His throne and He will decide who sits in the Oval office, whether we like it and the outcome or not.

So much…so fast…

What can we do? It seems that life, daily and around the world, is moving too fast. We start a new year and then six months have gone by, almost in a flash. News, shootings, wars, politicians vying for your vote and trying to tear their opponent down. Why is all of this going by the way that it is? Is it because we are getting older or is the world around us speeding up? Maybe the ruler of this world is causing everything to happen in such a way that we see it happening and it is just too much to grasp.

I think it is because of all the information channels which we have at our fingertips. We have Facebook, we have the Internet and all of it’s news sites, we have cell phones which can get online anywhere at anytime, and we still have the news and news papers. Although to us in this day and age, the television and the newspaper are out of date the minute they print a story or when it is broadcast.

At the beginning of the 20th century life moved a lot slower than it does now. In 1916, the world was involved in World War 1, the Ford Motor Company had made cars available as long as you didn’t mind it being in black, a few people had an early version of the telephone. For the most part, people still traveled by horse and buggy and most people were farmers or ranch hands if you lived out West. There were still a few territories which had not even become states yet. It had only been fifty years or so since the Civil War had ended.

Now we are only one century from that point and where are we? Everyone seems to be doing their own thing, regardless of whether it is the right thing or not. Cell phones with cameras are in everyone’s hands today, so nothing is private anymore. You can be recorded doing anything, anywhere at any time. There are very few farmers anymore, food is produced by corporations and shipped in from all over the world, except for a few local markets. We have been through at least four wars since the first world war and the second was worse.

We have had much strife and endless society problems since the “new century” began, but have we managed to do anything constructive in the last fifteen years? Not really.

I have seen over five decades of life and yet that is just the beginning of life for many. Over that time, there have been many problems in society, in our country yet when you consider all of the promises that have been made by various politicians…nothing has really changed for the better. Why are we still dealing with so much racism and hatred? Is it because of true racial problems or are they magnified by those who wish to keep us at each other’s throats? I believe it is just that!

We have taken God’s Word from education and that is against God’s ways, because He said that we should train our children by His Word. We have taken prayer out of schools and the pledge of allegiance too, all in the name of “political correctness”. Just so others, even if it is only one person, are not offended in some way. All of this political correctness began early in the last century but it really gained traction in the ’60’s and has become like a chain on every part of life today.

The only way to get our country back on the right track is for there to be a national revival. Come back to God’s house and learn from Him what is required, what is needed. God loves each of us, yet we have pushed Him away to the point of receiving judgement from Him and it seems very likely that we will get just that.

Turn ye back to the Lord! God has not given up on us, yet we have walked away from Him. He changes not, but we have moved away from Him and we, as a nation, seem to think that we can make all things be right on our own. We NEED God! I pray that anyone who reads this will repent from their sinful ways and return to Him before it is too late.


Judgement, where does it start?

Many times in God’s Word, the judgement began at the door of the Temple and went from there. Today, I believe that the church, all churches, needs to examine its doctrine and its practices to make sure that they line up with God’s Word. If any part of our service, our doctrine or our lives inside or outside of the church doesn’t line up with His Word, then revival and repentance is sorely needed!

Sometimes you hear people in the media saying that the church is too this or that or they are judging us, by what right can they do that? If we use God’s Word as our True example and don’t add any of our human frailties and feelings into it, then our witness is true. If we are using rules and regulations that “the church founders wrote”, then we are way out of line!

We cannot be salt and light for the world if we, as a church, have lost the flavor imparted to us and our lives by the Holy Spirit. Our lives have to reflect the message and the life of Jesus, as much as possible, otherwise we don’t look any different from any other “religion”. Jesus gave His disciples and the church a mandate of going and making disciples of all nations. It wasn’t a suggestion or a talking point, it was and is a command from our Lord and it shouldn’t be ignored regardless of the opinion of those outside the church.

Why do I say this so forcefully? Because, we are supposed to be telling people about Jesus and His love for them. We are not supposed to be “like everyone else”, we are representing the Body of Christ here on Earth. Taking His message to those who may not hear it, taking God’s Word to those who can’t afford or get a copy, bringing food and clothes to those in need, teaching them about Jesus by being like Him so that they want to know Him. That is what His church is supposed to be doing. Not meeting in huge auditoriums and cheering to a sermon which says nothing about any of this!

God loves all of humanity but there will come a point when He draws back and lets us go our own way, to the ruin of whichever country that may be. I pray that is not happening to America, but from the news and the stories that have been told in the past decade, it just may be. Please pray with me that we are not at this point. We are at the point of truly needing God’s strength and His mercy but if we don’t repent of our sins and our weak religious ways then we may experience His judgement instead.