Are you expecting Him?

GodISGoodIn the world today many people are not looking for Jesus’ return. It seems that many people have all but given up on His return, even though it is promised. Most of the signs which Jesus told His disciples about have already happened and yet people, mainly Christians, just don’t believe that He is coming back in their lifetime. God’s Word is Truth and since Jesus cannot sin and tell His disciples and by extension us a lie so, therefore, He is coming back. When? I have no idea but it will happen.

The ten virgins were waiting for their bridegroom to come yet half of them weren’t ready when He showed up. Is that going to happen this time as well? Will only half of those who claim to be Christians be taken up when the dead in Christ arise? Nobody knows the answer to that question except God. We will not be given that answer because it will happen in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye. Nothing is impossible with God.

The expectation is the key because when the lame man was healed at the Beautiful gate, he was expecting something from Peter and John. Although he was expecting money, he got a healing. He was expecting to get something and he was likely surprised by what he received from Peter and John. Even though the healing came through the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the man was in an expectant state so he received something because of it.

We, in today’s church, don’t expect enough it seems because our faith is focused elsewhere. We are looking toward our jobs or the government or some other person or vocation which will provide for us. We still don’t put our faith, our expectancy in the only Person Who could provide for us which is Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. We can’t see Him or think of Him as a Person that could provide because we’ve never seen miracles happen. But…they do happen today.

The miracles which God performs today are not dramatic enough to draw much attention but they happen. Cancer shrinks and goes away without much treatment or even any treatment at all. Babies are born with no problems to hinder them in life and although this doesn’t seem to be a miracle it really is. I would venture to say that we are all a recipient of God’s protection in many ways which we may not see at all. But His angels are there protecting us on the road and in shopping malls more often than we think or even imagine.

So, do miraculous things happen today? I think they do. Very likely more than anyone would believe or imagine. It is our belief and faith in Him or possibly His hand guiding us which brings His actions to bear in our life each and every day. His guiding hand in our decisions every day may be what keeps each of us alive in situations where we may not have recognized as being dangerous.

Don’t discount His Presence in your daily life because even though you can’t see His hand or His Presence with your normal eyes, He is always nearby. So make sure of the places you go and the things which you do, because of your need to remember that Jesus is there in the life of a Christian every step and every hour of the day. Think about His Presence which is with you regardless of where you go each and every day.

Do you feel broken?

I do, sometimes. There are days when I feel broken to the point of being depressed. Then there are days when I feel as if I can’t reach out to God. He feels distant, and it makes the day feel empty and cold. The only redeeming knowledge that I can bring to the day is that God is always near me. But, even in knowing this sometimes I can’t shake the feeling of being alone, even when I know I am not.

Many of us feel this way but we don’t know what to do about it. Brokenness is the feeling of being…well not whole. It doesn’t have to be caused by any specific thing or person, it just happens. It happens to people who aren’t Christians as well but their lives are already in a state of being broken anyway. Because there is Someone missing in their lives. It is the absence of the Holy Spirit and Jesus in your life which causes us to feel broken before we become Christians.

We search and seek all kinds of stimulants and sometimes people to take the place in our life which feels empty. The problem is that nobody on Earth can fill that space and no amount of money or drugs or alcohol or sex can fill it either. The drugs and alcohol may give you a whole feeling for a while, but it eventually wears off and the hole feels bigger somehow. It is a vicious cycle which Satan lures us into before we accept Jesus as our Savior.

After we accept Him it is still Satan who makes us feel worthless or alone and even depressed and that is when we feel broken and without God. We need to remember that He is always with us regardless of the situation we are in or even how far we feel from Him. God never loses sight of you nor does He let you out of His hand. When you have given your heart to Jesus for real, not some emotional experience, you can never be taken away from Him. You may walk away from the church and you may stop reading your Bible for a time but He is still near you and only a prayer away from your side.

BeautifullyBrokenGod mends us when we are broken and when He does this we are made more whole than we were before. God has never made a mistake and nothing ever catches Him by surprise. Don’t think that just because you may have made a mistake or thought something or even did something wrong, that God won’t take you and make you better than you were.

Even when your idea of being broken seems to be too bad for anyone to fix, God can. He can take a murderer like Moses or a Pharisee like Saul, who hunted down Christians to be put in jail or stoned, and He can make them into men who were changed into His most useful servants. God can make a universe out of nothing, what can He do with you?

Today is a gift

Don’t waste it on chasing after people or things in this life which will not be faithful in all things. God is our Savior and our Creator. Life is given to us each day when we wake up to see a new day. A new day and a new idea or ability to take into the world and use for God’s glory and His Kingdom.

Your life is a gift to you and to God as well, He can use your talent and ability in His Kingdom because He knows exactly what you can do! We are given so many gifts in life and many talents as well. Some of them are useful for us or our family and some are specific to God’s Kingdom. But, every ability and gift which you have is from God and He knows you can do the things which He has called you to do.

Don’t ignore His call on your life and don’t use His call as an excuse to do something different. Obey Him in your life, doing that which you are called to do and being the person that God intended you to be. Your salvation brings you to the knowledge of God and His Son, Jesus. Don’t turn away from the nudge in your heart telling you that you need Him.


The unknown is scary

You know, everyone that I know is looking forward to going to Heaven to be with our Lord but nobody wants to die to get there. We don’t know what death is other than the end of this life. We don’t want to know how it feels or even if we feel anything at that point in time. We hear about some people who see Jesus just prior to closing their eyes for the last time, but we aren’t sure that we are ready for that, at least not yet.

Jesus said that He would take us to a place where we would be with Him, so why aren’t we willing and ready to go? We don’t know and really don’t want to know how death or dying feels like. Some say it’s like going to sleep. Of course, none of us really knows how we are going to die. I mean dying in your sleep would be perfect, to me. Go to sleep in your bed and wake up in Heaven. That doesn’t sound so hard or scary or even painful.

But…we don’t really know how or when God will call us home and that is another unknown. The only advice that I have about dying is that you need to be ready and make sure that when that time comes…dying is all you have to do.

Lord or Judge

Is there a lying spirit in church?

What?!! Where does this come from?

In some churches, there are different spirits from the Holy Spirit and many times they are lying spirits. Rather, they are referred to as “spirit of Jezebel“. Controlling spirits, the kind which makes suggestions and which bring up ideas to influence the leaders of the church by manipulation.

They do it very discreetly and subtly, just as the serpent did with Eve and Adam in the garden. In many churches today there are good people who are being influenced by these and their ideas will sound good at first but they are being used by a spirit which is sent from Satan.

God talks about these spirits which are present today and they were present in Israel and in the early church too. Some of these can be in the form of very respected people, pillars of the community and the church, but they are being used through pride or other means to bring separation or trouble in God’s house. So how can we as a church do anything about this? Mostly through prayer, I think.

You don’t want to confront the people directly unless they are a real disruption problem in the church. For some who may be spreading hints here and there about something they don’t like or something which a preacher said, it may be very hard to tell exactly who is causing the problem.

If there is a problem and it can be felt in the church but it is very quiet and subtle, then it will take a lot of prayers and seeking the Holy Spirit’s help in finding the problem and hopefully ending it.SpiritofLies