We are not forgotten

God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground lifeless and dead. Since He cares enough about His creation to notice when a small bird dies, don’t you think that He knows what you are doing and how your health and welfare are? God gives each of us the ability to get up and serve Him each and every day and until He decides that your ministry is done you will live until that day!

Our lives and every word that we speak as Christians is part of our ministry. Everyone who sees you and knows that you are a Christian can see Him in your steps every day. If they don’t know you well enough to know that you are a Christian they may still watch you to see how you react to every situation. Christians react to every problem and trial in a very different way from those who don’t know Jesus. Why? Because we know the One Who holds tomorrow so we don’t need to worry about it.

Jesus said that “I will never leave you nor forsake you“, God said the same thing to Moses and Joshua. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish in His strength when we allow Him to guide us each day. Do not worry about this virus which is all over the world today, God will limit its path and will stop it when it has accomplished the thing which it was put into the world for. He uses disease and other trials to bring us closer to Him which is exactly what our country and those in the world who don’t know Him truly need this day.

Pray this prayer: Heavenly Father, I know that you know what is going on in my life. I need your strength to get through this and your provision for my daily life. Please touch those in my family and those around me who are also going through this trial. It may be this virus or cancer or some other trial but with your strength and your Presence in my heart and my life I know that everything will turn out just fine. Thank you for giving your Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice on the cross and resurrecting Him so that I can have the hope of eternity if I believe in Him. I ask you now to bring that belief to fruition in my heart and help me to become a child of yours forever. Forgive me of those sins that I have done and help me to walk in the newness of Life everlasting. In Jesus’ name I pray this prayer, Amen.

Do you really know Jesus?

How many people claim to be Christians when they rarely attend church services? I’ve heard the “excuses” about worshipping from a deer stand or while fishing. I’ve heard that there isn’t enough time in the morning to get ready for church. I’ve heard that they would rather worship from home because of something that they have heard about “those people” who attend this church or that church.

These are just excuses which Satan plants in their minds to justify not going to church. Right now we’re not in church because of a virus and people are afraid to gather in a church. The governor has ordered no business or gathering of more than ten people in a building. What do you think will happen when this crisis is over? Will we bounce back to living a normal life again? I’m not sure what will happen, but our country will have a new “normal” and we might not like it very much.

Getting back to my original question. Do you really know Jesus? Why do many people claiming to be “Christians” yet they don’t go to church unless it is a holiday or when there is someone sick in their family? Now, I don’t want you to get the impression that I am saying that there are many people who want to have nothing to do with the church or Jesus Himself. But in the end many people will be disappointed when Jesus says, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”

Living the Christian life is not an easy thing to do. Some people may think that it is “just getting my fire insurance” to keep from going to hell. It that is how you look at it, then you may end up where you don’t want to be anyway. The surrendered, repentant Christian that has truly had a heart change because of Jesus’ influence and presence does much more than just go to church. They read their Bible daily, they study the meaning of what they have read, they pray about what they read and hear at church, some may become the pastor of a church or a deacon. A Christian is a target for Satan and his demons and they will try to ruin your witness in every way possible.

Jesus told His disciples that they would have trials and tribulation in this world. So by extension we should expect the same thing. It will not be easy or fun to be a born-again Christian but living your life with your eye focused on Jesus will allow you to walk through those trials knowing that He is right there with you. God is always near, Jesus is always near and the Holy Spirit is living inside of you IF you are born again, so you have a part of the Trinity living with you ALL of the time! How awesome is that! Some people may think that the Holy Spirit is a weak part of the Trinity but He is just as much God as Jesus is and God the Father is!

All of us make excuses, especially when we don’t feel like going to church. But God knows your heart and He knows what your real reason is and you can’t fool Him. Seek Him in your hard times and your good times but especially during the times when you don’t know what is going on and few others know the answers either. The news today is full of guesses because nobody knows how long this virus and its effects on America and the world will last or even how bad it will actually be before it is through. God knows exactly how long it will last and what it will take to cure it or stop it. He is in control, don’t ever doubt that.

What is your motivation?

For Christians who have given their hearts and their lives to Jesus the Christ it is His sacrifice and His death on the cross so many years ago. What motivates you to do the things which Jesus commanded his apostles to do? It was the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb after three days. He fulfilled His own prophecy. He is our motivation. Jesus is the Son of God and it was His willing sacrifice which paid the price for your soul and for mine.

His humanity, the frail body of flesh and the knowledge of the pain and suffering which He was about to go through…it was all of that and more that caused Him to pray so fervently and deeply that He was sweating drops of blood. He was shedding blood during His prayer before He was arrested to go through a mock trial. He was asking His Father for the strength to go through the ordeal that He knew was about to come upon Him.

Eternity was paid for by the blood of Jesus. He paid that price for all of humanity, not just the Jewish people or the Syrians, or those in Africa or China or in a country which didn’t exist at the time…America. He could see down through time that each of our lives would mean so much. Not just because we would give our hearts to Him as new followers but because of those that each of us may have some influence in some way to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are His ambassadors in the place where we work and live and even on the Internet if we will carry His message to them.

Blood was shed in the Garden to cover the sin of Adam and Eve. God provided the lamb which gave its life to provide its skin to cover them and their nakedness. When Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, God provided a ram to be the sacrifice instead. There are many other examples in the Old Testament where God provided food and water for people who didn’t believe in Him and didn’t want to follow Him. But when they got into trouble or in captivity by a conqueror from another land, they cried out to God for help. When He delivered them they would follow Him faithfully for a while but then they would drift away from His love and His purpose. This pattern happened over and over again but God never really left them alone. He was always there even when He would tell them that He wasn’t going to hear their prayers.

Why am I writing this today? Because there are many people who need to hear it. Jesus loves you. God loves you and if you read His Word you can find His love in almost every book of it. He came in the form of Jesus His Son so that you and I could be redeemed and our sins would be forgiven so that we would be able to stand in His Presence and tell Him one day that Jesus’ blood has covered our sins and have Jesus stand with us saying that “This person belongs to Me”. That will be the most wonderful feeling that all believers will ever have. To know that the Creator loves you and He gave His Son as the perfect sacrifice for each of us so that we can be made in the likeness of Jesus.

The Creator came into Creation as the perfect lamb, without blemish or spot so that each of us have a chance to be saved from our sins and our sinful nature. He changes each of us inside all the way down to our soul so that we will be a new person. Not the same person that we were but a forgiven and redeemed person clothed in the righteousness of Jesus. Seek Him while there is time because without Jesus there is no salvation and there is no way to enter in Heaven without Him.

His glory will be revealed


Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain: And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. Isaiah 40:4‭-‬5 KJV https://bible.com/bible/1/isa.40.4-5.KJV

Which side are you on?

In the world today we have all sorts of “sides”. There is the Left and the Radical Left, then there is the Right and the Radical Right. Then of course you have Centrist and those who try to walk in or near the center but still leaning to the Right or the Left. Even in most movies which are popular there are stark contrasts between the hero and the villain, good and evil, light and dark. The same can be said of the Bible and the ideologies espoused in many other religions. So what can we do? Is there really a right or wrong way to live and be and act…or do we just follow our own ideas so that each person has their view of right and wrong regardless of how society perceives it?

If we followed our own version of right and wrong regardless of the way it makes others feel there would be total anarchy and riots and possibly wars all over this land and elsewhere. But this is not the way to be according to our actual rule book given to us by God Himself. The Bible teaches that we are to love each other as we love ourselves and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

So…why don’t we follow these simple rules?

Because these rules came from Jesus’ gospel. It isn’t that they are hard to do but many people who think that they are Christians don’t like to be limited by rules even as simple as these. God knows which person is actually a Christian believer and who is not. Does it matter? Yes, because many will come to the throne one day claiming that they have served the Lord for many years and He will say “Depart from Me because I never knew you“.

God knows the heart of each person and He sees exactly what each of us thinks and does in our lives, whether we do those things for Him or against Him. God is present here and in Antarctica and in Russia and France and Saudi Arabia and not just in those places but in places which may not even know or recognize Him at all. He is the Creator and the Father of us all but most importantly He is the Father of Jesus the Christ Who came to Earth two thousand years ago to fulfill the will of God that we would have a chance to know Him and be in His Presence into eternity. His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, touches our hearts and shows us the kind of people we truly are and it is then that we know that we need Jesus as our Savior.

That is the time of conviction and knowledge that we cannot be saved on our own or by our own choice but by Him and through Him we can come to know Him Who loved us so much that He gave His Son for our sins in order that we would be adopted into His family. So many in the world today don’t want to accept this and they are more afraid of a virus than they are of the Creator. He is the creator of it, whether it is the flu or a corona virus or the common cold and it is by His power that we will overcome it or not. If we do not then we go to be with Him. If we do, then we can tell of the wonderful saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ!

There are always two sides to every decision and every fence and every road that you take, your future will depend upon which one you choose to follow.

Time passes slowly at times

During the time that most of us have now at home time does move slower than it does when we are at work. Depending upon how many people there are with you at home your time might move a little faster but I’d guess it doesn’t move very fast. Unless you really love watching reality TV or soap operas or game shows there isn’t much that is really “family friendly” on TV today. So what can we do to pass the time? Doing board games together would help pass the time for the family (Monopoly anyone?). Having a family Bible study night would also be a good idea.

Time does pass slowly during times like we are in because of the lack of movement. We aren’t running to get to school or work every day. We aren’t constantly talking to people during the day because of “social distancing”. We are a social society and when the social part is discouraged because of a virus which takes its time letting you know that you or someone else is infected. Stay safe, seek God’s Presence at home even when we can’t gather in church. He loves you and it is His power which can overcome this and all other problems.

We have the time…

Remember all of the excuses that you have heard or said that went something like, “I don’t have time to go to church”, “I don’t have time to read and study the Bible”. Now ALL of us have time IF we will use it. God is the only physician who can truly take care of this virus because there is no cure or even a vaccination for it yet. We should be using this time to get to know Him better so we will be known by Him one day.