Trust…what does that mean?

Between people, it means that you have confidence in them to be genuine and honest with you in everything. In religion, trust is synonymous with faith. We trust in God because He is our Creator. We trust Him because He is trustworthy, I mean if God isn’t then we are truly messed up! Trust is […]

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Barriers, division and fences

In life today, everywhere, we have these. Sometimes they are based on politics, sometimes it is because of religion and sometimes it is because of the boundaries between people and countries. Is there anything that we can do to fix this? One thing which we can do is to stop blaming other people for our […]

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Inner strength and beauty

Have you noticed that people who stay together the longest have these two in spades! Inner strength comes from your character and that is truly based upon your beliefs, whatever they might be. Strength on the inside is the kind which comes from outside yourself, it is not physical but spiritual and it is in […]

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Many people don’t realize that they are searching for it. Many will never find what they are searching for, yet it does exist. You and I are given a treasure beyond imagining and it doesn’t cost us anything. How can it be that a treasure which is not measured can possibly cost us nothing? It […]

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We all have them, so what can we do about it? We can’t do anything about our physical problems or our emotional problems or even for most of our everyday problems. But, God can take care of them all! He came to us because of the love of God for us. We can’t explain it, […]

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God and Oxygen

Times are changing

What can we do? Not much really, except pray and turn our hearts back to God. Our world, this nation, and every nation on Earth needs to turn toward the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Why should we do this? Because we have pushed Him out of our lives! We have taken prayer and […]

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Is there a way out?

I have heard people on Facebook and in church or in other public places ask this question and it makes me wonder, why do you need a way out of life? Life is given for us to live and work in it and through it. Not only for God’s purpose but for our own enjoyment. […]

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So much pain…

There are many people who live with pain in our world today. Some of it is because of disease of one kind or another. Some of it is due to the loss of a loved one, but we all have pain in our lives at some point. Pain is your body’s way of telling you […]

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What is your trigger?

It seems that today, people get “ticked off” at the drop of a pin or anything that has happened to someone who they don’t know at all. Maybe they have something in common with that person and feel that it, whatever “it” was, was directed at them in general. Such as the people who protest […]

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10 seconds

In our country, ten seconds pause before pulling a trigger would help in some ways. I know that ten seconds is a long, long time when someone is shooting at you, but could we possibly step back and take a deep breath before shooting someone. A deep breath, a few seconds even if it is […]

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