What are you missing?

Have you ever felt like you were missing something? As if there was an empty space inside?

My parents got divorced when I was about five years old and there was always a feeling that “something” or someone was missing. In my case, my father was missing for many years of my life. There was always an empty place that I felt inside too but I had a hard time figuring out what that was.

I tried meditation and reading Oriental philosophy since I was interested in martial arts for a while. As I progressed into my teens…I’d rather not tell everything that I got into but it did involve alcohol. I wrecked a couple of cars and thankfully I didn’t kill myself.

Eventually, I found out what was missing and it turned out to be my Savior. He was the missing piece that was needed in my life. Unfortunately, it still took many years until I finally made Him my Savior. I did “accept” Him into my life at the age of 18 but I was only saying the words and going through the motions. It wasn’t real. I thought it was for a while but looking back on it, I was just playing with the idea of being saved.

I was in a very dangerous place at that time. Even though I thought I was saved but if anything had happened to me, I would’ve gone to hell. I had some people praying for me though so I was able to make it to the day when I truly found that I needed Him and I finally gave my life and my heart to Jesus.

If you feel like you are missing something…consider your eternal home. By not making that decision, you are making a decision. I had family praying for me so I had the time to make that decision. I pray that you will seek to know Jesus as your Savior soon.


The author and finisher of our faith and our lives is Jesus Christ. If you haven’t come to know Him as your Savior, I encourage you to seek out a Bible-teaching church and learn more about Him. He died to pay for your sins, all you need to do is accept His grace and the gift of salvation through belief in His atonement for you.

Follow these Scriptures, seek Jesus in the Bible, and give your heart and your life to Him. Follow Him and learn to be more like Him. When the Trumpet sounds you will be taken to be with Him forever. That is the reward that we, as Christians, seek to have. This life and the “stuff” in it is temporary but life with Him is an eternity in His love for us.