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I just wanted to address a statistic that Joshua brought up in the beginning of his presentation.

Research shows that 40% of professing Christians believe that Satan is merely a personification of evil, a belief held among world religions such as Satanism. This means that nearly half of the “Christian” population, who proclaim the love of God, does not believe in the reality of Satan as a living and active spiritual being whose presence manifests in the events that unfold in the physical and spiritual realm, and as stated in Scripture. What a sad reality! 😦

As an online community of Christian morality, faith, and excellence, we, as bloggers, partaking in the Great Comission, participating in the ministry that the Lord has bestowed upon us, remain committed to maintain an institution grounded in Scripture. As co-author of The Living Message of Christ, I remain firmly committed to addressing and correcting any hidden erroneous stereotypes and misconceptions about the identity, nature, behavior, and strategic plan of Satan as our spiritual oppressor, ruler of today’s society, and an example of a sin-oriented lifestyle founded on pride and deceit. Through the incorporation of analyses of current political and social events, creative projects, protests, reflective and commemorative activities, and the frequent posting of blog posts and Scriptural meditations, our goal in this online ministry is to share the Gospel with the world, speak words of encouragement, and expose the works of Satan, so that many may come to the saving knowledge of the gift of salvation, and have a sound understanding of who Satan is.

You are always welcome to contribute to our upcoming projects at any time. We do not require any monetary donations here. All we ask for is your dedication to the Word of God, and your courage to edify His kingdom through your spiritual gifts, talents, and your prayers. New followers are welcome! Thank you for your support!

11, Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12, For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world’s rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:11-12)

The Native Language Of Satan

You are of your [Spiritual] Father, the devil, and you want to do the desires [works] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and doesn’t stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own [native languagestnature]; for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)

Language is an essential tool that humans use to communicate messages and have conversations. Each of us have a primary language we speak, depending on which country you grew up in, and where your parents were raised. But, did you know that you could be fluent in special languages without actually having a formal training that we typically see when learning French or Spanish? Speciiically, I am talking about lying and deceit, and truth and authenticity.

John 8:44 is a rebuke to the Pharisess, who used Scripture and religion to accuse Jesus of not following their vain traditions, while exhibiting hypocritical and self-righteous behaviors borne out of a false sense of superiority, which in turn, resulted in their lives being full of craftiness and deceit. The thing is, these people hated the truth, and loved falsehood and vain tradition more than the Spirit of the Truth. Jesus rebuked them and said that they belonged to Satan, the father of lies.

You may ask: Why Satan, and not God? It’s simple. God is not the author of deception, so it could not be possible for their behavior to glorify God. Their behavior matched the typical nature of someone who was raised by Satan, who teaches his children to lie. Therefore, it makes sense for Jesus to use such rebuke, with the knowledge that such behaviors exhibited were like that of Satan.

Lying Is A Learned ⠠⠆⠓⠁⠧⠊⠕⠗

Sometimes, when I look at what is unfolding in our country, and even our schools and churches, I wonder why and how people who lie and deceive a whole population, can actually get away with such gross misdeeds? Then, there is the familiar thing that most parents say, “I raised my child better than this. She knows better than to behave like this.”

There was one time during my junior year where I stumbled across this question. Around the first week of April, at least 63 students who attended my US history class was caught cheating on a test that was administered on the computer (go figure!). A majority of the kids who cheated never or rarely got in trouble, never spent time in detention, and was always well-behaved, getting the highest grades in the class. This is not the first time my school has dealt with cases of academic dishonesty this year.

Several English teachers have slowly weened off of using technology as an instructional material during testing, or, at bare minimum, began using a software to detect plagiarism and cheating using a color coding system. As good as these measures are at trying to prevent these incidents from happening, sadly, they are flawed. Hence the reason why many are tempted to cheat and cut corners, which would really go against them when getting ready for college. You wonder (as a genuine and loving parent) why your teen could just balantly lie to your face about going to the bar on a Friday night while they are flunking calculus and serving Saturday detention tomorrow because they ditched class again. (Thank you, Principal X!) Although there are those instances where parents intentionally set a bad example for their children and teach them to lie and manipulate others to get their way, lying is generally a learned trait that is taught by their spiritual father, Satan.

You may have heard preachers say, “Satan is a liar”. I would like to say this: Satan is a FLUENT liar, and the Holy Spirit is a FLUENT truth-teller.

Reflection Question

What is the primary language you speak in your daily life? Are you speaking the language of the Holy Spirit (the truth), or the native language of Satan (deceit)?

Sin City (Inspired By the 2005 Film)


The piece was featured in a comprehensive project called “Capturing Satan: A Closeup View of The Antichrist”, and will be featured again in Act 3, Scene 4 of “Satan Visits The Church”.

Inspired by the 2005 film, “Sin City” is a narrative poem that portrays the falling away of the Earth, the rise of sin, and the rise of the Antichrist. This piece was primarily inspired by a passage from Matthew 24:10-13, where Jesus describes a season where many will grow cold to righteousness. 

The story begins in a ship where an evil ruler of a nation leads his flock to gravely sin against each other. He instructed his flock to “adore hatred 

And despise affection.” (Armstrong, 3-4) The story continues in the battlefield where soldiers willfully protest and rebel for their right to become “the naughtiest of all.” (Armstrong, 8). The clash that takes place in this story represents man’s willful decision to love their sin, and glorify what is evil in the sight of God. This is the spirit of rebellion.

Next, we transition to an allusion to the scene in the book of Revelations where the whore of Babylon is  disguised as a virgin, and gives birth to the Antichrist, who is son of perdition. In this story, this woman would appear as an innocent toddler, but would later betray the tree that was planted, symbolizing the covenant of God. The woman referenced in book of Revelations and in this story is a skilled master of secrecy in its artistic forms. 

The tiger in this story represents the Antichrist. The tiger appears as a silent teenager, and would lead at attack on those who refused to worship and obey his commands toward the flock. Similarly, the Antichrist will appear as a messiah, but would behead those who refused to swear a sacred allegiance to worship him. Remember, since Satan gave him power and authority to dominate the Earth, he will perform many fake miracles and signs to deceive the world. 

Finally, we see another ruler who encourages his flock to abstain from their conscience and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to yield to temptations and fleshly impulses that would lead to destruction. This ruler reprepents the false prophet (the Second Beast), who encourages everyone to receive a mark as an allegiance to the Antichrist and the kingdom of Satan.

Just as we have seen in the book of Revelations, Satan will assign rulers to lead their citizens to a path of hatred, deceit, and sin. Notice the connection to “Satan’s Pulpit”, where a leader uses deception to lead others astray. In the passage mentioned in the previous slide, Jesus warned us that many false prophets would rise to power, and would lead others to the wide path that leads to destruction. Prophets and kings of this world are rulers of a kingdom. Hence, the cunning nature of Satan, many of those who rise to power will work for his kingdom, and manipulate people to follow his blasphemous commandments.


The master forced his flock 

To sail on a great ship

Where they would adore hatred 

And despise affection. 

The hand of angels

Would be burned with a wall of flames; 

The mouth of a sheep 

Would be smeared with poison. 

Soldiers would gather 

In the battlefield 

To maintain their right 

To become the naughtiest of all. 

A woman would appear 

As an innocent toddler, 

But would later betray 

The tree that was planted. 

The captain would heed 

To the cries of scorpions;

They would make a deal 

To save him, and curse the other. 

A tiger would appear 

As a silent teen, 

But, would lead an attack 

On the predators that dared to rebuke him. 

They will sail to a temple

That would advertise them a great kingdom, 

And would scatter the poor, 

The weak, and the feeble. 

Then, a king would instruct his flock 

To abstain from their conscience, 

And take heed to temptations 

That would dictate their downfall.

From drunkenness in bars, 

To gambling in casinos, 

To dehumanizing our opponents, 

And spewing gossip about our neighbors. 

Two years in darkness; 

Two years of great upheaval. 

Welcome to Sin City! 

The land of vices. 

Welcome to the ancient kingdom 

Where the majesty of mischief dwells within.

Welcome to the valley 

Where the Antichrist rests.  

Welcome to the nation 

Where no man condemns evil.

Repentance is rusty, 

Reconciliation removed. 

The seed of the serpent 

Is sown from tree to tree.


Short Words of Spiritual Insight For Teenagers Who Partake In TikTok Challenges and Pranks (Warning)

Don’t let the publicity and the world’s attention steer you away from the path of morality and Godliness. By partaking in this opportunity, you have signed yourself up for a divine measure of great accountability that is bestowed upon you and those who share this opportunity. Be viligant of your deeds. Satan will come to you to promise fame and fortune at the expense of sound judgement, for the sake of likes and peer approval. Therefore, discern and count the cost of what it is presented to you. Finally, let the Holy Spirit and your God-ordained parents guide you in your online dealings: For every challenge is recorded by the angels in Heaven, and every public interaction will communicate the consequences of this life, and the life to come. Whatever you harvest, you shall eat and share amongst your partakers the fruit that is produced. Amen!

Know Your Enemy: The Uncomfortable Truth About A Liar


Credit To GodFaithful, Aka Marques Jeffries, who is the author of Overcoming the Times, a regular follower of this page. Kudos for your boldness and your courage in sharing the undiluted truth of the Gospel and exposing the tactics of Satan. God bless you richly!

The Story Of The Counterfeit Satan (Say What!?) [Comedy Short]

You know, every now and then when you are a practicing Christian, sometimes, you just gotta laugh at some of the things you hear from churches. Now, I am not trying to mock anyone, nor accuse you of being fake. However, this is rather a short comical story we can all relate to on some degree.


So, there is this 70-year-old woman with three grandchildren who went to church every Sunday. It was 7 AM one Sunday morning, and it was the pastor’s 50th year preaching youth ministry.

While she is cooking some good old fashioned chocoloate pancakes that her mom used to make for her as a little kid, she flipped around her Bible to Psalms chapter 91. As she sang Amazing Glace in her most soft-spoken voice, her two-year-old was throwing a tantrum while fighting with her brother over who would get the last pancake.

“No, I want the last pancake, and that’s final!” She screeched while banging the bedroom wall. Then, all of a sudden, the fire alarm was blaring for five minutes straight. And the grandmother said, “Get your house-burning hand away from me, Satan!”

Then, the eleven-year-old granddaughter came up and said, “Gramma, you do realize you burnt your own breakfast? Why you waistin’ time rebuking the devil when he got better things to do than burning your creamy chocolate pancake?”

“Mm-hmm. He know dang well I can’t miss that celebration today,” Grandma replied.

Lesson: Give Satan (and God) Credit When It is Due

Sometimes, out of fear or a lack of solid and sound discernment, we often blame God and/or Satan for our own human failures. Through this short comedy, we learn the value of accepting responsibility for our own wrong choices, and accept the conseques that follow. In this example, the elderly churchgoer was attached to her Bible Study while neglecting family responsibilities (in this case, making breakfast and dealing with the sibling rivalry between her two grandchildren.)

Another mistake she made was to pioritize the pastoral celebration while neglecting the object of worship: Jesus Christ. Because of this, the grandmother had a counterfeit picture of Satan and Jesus simultaneously. Jesus, in her mind, was like Santa Claus (who gave her everything she wanted for her own gain), while her version of Satan was nothing more than a cartoonish Grinch who always ruins her own selfish plans instead of a spiritual enemy who sabotages God’s plans of salvation.

This comedy actually paints a picture of the condition of the American church. The church is not a place of spiritual growth; it is a place where little religious brats can cling to their pastor to bottlefeed them with a blessing for every donation they make. But, when things go wrong, either God or Satan gets the blame, when they chose to remain entitled and cling to a false version of spirituality.

As my dad says to me and my sister: Money does not grow on trees. It’s the same thing with a blessing. Blessings are supposed to be rewards for our diligence to God, and for being obedient to what He talls us to do, not for selfish pleasure and entertainment.

Breaking Down The Mark Of The Beast (Part 2)

You may recall that I posted a presentation refuting the lie that one who has taken the Covid vaccine has taken the Mark of the Beast. The above video presentation explains it perfectly, and I want to provide my commentary to the presentation to clear up confusion and provide more examples to grasp this difficult concept. So, what is the Mark of the Beast? A good idea I would suggest is to picture it from a spiritual perspective. I would also call it “The Mark of Satan.”

In summation, the Mark of the Beast signifies your allegiance to the Antichrist, the False prophet, and Satan. There are three things you need to remember when studying and discuising this subject area.

1. God AND Satan Want To be Worshipped, but for Two Distinct End Goals

We see throughout Scripture that Satan wanted to exalt himself above the Lord Almighty, who is worthy of worship. This prideful attitude is what led Satan to be kicked out of Heaven. Jesus was tempted to worship Satan, showing Him all of the beautiful kingdoms of this world.

In Revelations 14, God sends three angels to warn the nations to fear [reverence] God and worship Him. Anyone who took the Mark would be sujected to God’s wrath, casting him to the Lake of Fire.

God = Eternal Pleasure, Temporal Pain. Satan = Temporal Pleasure, Eternal Pain

2. The Physical Object Of Worship

A solid example of worshipping things from a physical and Earthly perspective is a typical teenager who idolizes her romantic relationship with her boyfriend. She cannot survive one second without hanging out with her boyfriend, who promises her the world, all her dreams coming to pass, and every beautiful outcome one could imagine. But, when the teenager gets into a minor conflict with her boyfriend, it’s like WWIII started. Behind the scenes, the teenager neglects her academic responsibilities, leading her to fail all of her classes.

The point I am trying to make in this example is that the objects we are attached to can rapidly (and subtly) have an impact on our spiritual lives, and even our family and personal lives. The main goal of idolatry is to separate us from the main object of worship (God). Satan wants to distract us with something so comforting and intriguing to our senses in order to take our focus away from Jesus.

Satan’s Mark of the Beast is a culmination of these temptations, with the physical sources of worship being the False Prophet (the Second Beast), and the Antichrist. The reward Satan offers to those who take his mark is the privilege to buy or sell, or even keep a job. No mark = no mulah!

3. The Spiritual Object Of Worship: Satan

The scary reality with idolatry is that you do not have to do a blood covenant, shout “Hail Satan”, or be a member of the Church of Satan to actually worship Satan. If he can’t convince you to outright bow down to him through an organized system, then why not just have this young woman place purchasing her flashy possessions ahead of Bible meditation and going to Sunday School. Oh wait, forget Sunday School, because my old friend from college invited me to a party where they are going to get drunk and play games to get la__. (when you know well you are married). Can anyone smell smoke up here? 🙂

Now, how convincing is a ten-day vacation to Hawaii just to outright follow Satan? Hmmm! I would take a vacation anyday, but for Satan? That’s a bit promising, right? (Sorry not sorry, I am out on this one. Pass!)

Jokes aside. Anything you worship that is not God presents a horizontal and versical source. (a) The physical [like the Antichrist, by taking the Mark] (b) Satan [pledging allegiance to his kingdom for worldly gain.]

All it comes down to is: How far will you go to follow Jesus, and are you willing to sell your soul to Satan to avoid getting killed and persecuted, in exchange for the world? Today, let’s actively practice taking a stand and not dily-dallying around. TEAM JESUS!!

Church, Let’s Have a Chat! Part 1

What I am about to write on these next few presentations will not appeal to many Christians viewing this site. Many church folks are not going to want to hear what I am about to say. As encouraging as I am, I also must take the time to address the elephant in the room and bring into light some concerning trends that have evolved over the years. I am takling about the childish church masks themselves in folly rather than sound faith. That’s right: The childish church.

The truth is: We, as ambassadors of Christ, have a lot of growing up to do. Let this series be considered a reality check.

I Omce Lived And Behaved Like A Child

When we were little kids, we lived in a state of survival. We relied on our mothers to give us pacifiers, feed us on bottles, give us formula, and put us down in our crib. As we grew older, we wanted autonomy. When things didn’t go our way and we did not get what we want, we threw tantrums and begged our parents for the latest toy on sale! Or worse, some jonk food from McDonalds!

We relied on our parents to provide us a good education, keep a bank account, and, … discipline our stubborn butts that sneaked out after being told to go to our room. Then, there’s the monster under our bed we cried about at 3 in the morning (which really was just your older sister’s yellow sweater mom washed for her basketball game Saturday night).

You get the gist. There was this time where we thought like a child, played like a child, talked like a child, and breathed like a child. But, as we prepare for the grip of adulting, the world expects us to have grown out of the fears and emotional meltdowns we once had as little kids. By the time you get out of 12th grade, your calculus teacher expects you to have mastered basic addition and place value, and moved into the complex task of solving systems of equations.

It’s the same thing in our Christian walk. As babes in the faith, it is common to fall victim to old habits and temptations. But, if you have been a Christian for 30 years, and you are STILL grasping whether or not there is a real Jesus, then we’ve got a bigger problem. As babes, we drink the milk of sweet and savoring sermons that aimed to “get our spirits up” and start our morning right. But, the goal is to start devouring the meat: The hard doctrines we do not like or want to hear. The many rebukes we must bear. But, it’s not “eating the meat”, rather, how we feed the meat into others.

Before I get to the first part of my series, I want to help you distinguish the difference between being childlike and being childish, and then make practical applications into the broader context of spiritual growth.

A childlike attitude is mainly associated with innocence, or a sense of trust. This trait is fostered by a spirit of curiosity, creativity, simplicity, and admirability. These are favorable and positive qualities associated with children that often carry into adulthood.

As Christians, we should actively be curious and open to new revelations and discoveries. God admires our passion and our longing to learn more about Him and the many truths He has written in Scripture. Often times, we will learn and acquire wisdom from other people, and through events that happen in this life. Go and search for the golden treasure of truth that is buried in the quicksand of a world of hypertolerance.

A childish attitude demonstrates the nagative attributes of a child, in particularly, the fruit of immaturity and folly. A common example is constantly seeking attention and praising while attacking others over petty disagreements.

This week, I want to address some concerning trends that I believe point to the church’s spiritual immaturity over the past two years. A majority of these trends are founded on fixations and other “hidden” attitudes we often do not pay attention to at the heat of the moment.

1. Fearmongering

I will start off with something we can all agree on. 2020 was a rather hard year for all of us. We had a new virus that was infecting the country. We didn’t know what the heck we were doing back then. We hoarded toilet paper, shut down schools, got locked in our homes, had to learn Zoom and Google Meet, and lived with the fear of our family (and even ourselves dyst). Then, there came the social justice riots after the George Floyd murder. Then, the Presidential election. Then, at the height of all of the political showdowns, there was the explosion of false prophecies that never came to fruition.

Sadly, we have become infected with the pestilence and cowardiceness, and have used fear as a weapon to dissuade people to use common sense to protect themselves and take precautions.

The Fear Of The Antichrist (And Satan)

I recently published a presentation analyzing a prophetic trend that has gone on ever since medical experts established a goal to launch at least one vaccine for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Apparently, this prophetic trend started with Kanye West in July 2020, in a bid to run as a candidate for the Presidential election. A recent news tticle from NME revealed that Kanye contracted Covid a month before we went on lockdown, and has exercised extreme skepticism of a potential vaccine. In a July tweet, Kanye expressed concern that the vaccine would be “the mark of the beast. They [referring to the government and the Antichrist] want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things, to make it where we can’t cross the gates of heaven” (West).

However, I believe that this trend started before this tweet. This trend dated back to May 2020. I remember hearing my mom showing me a video where a prophet warned about 5G networks and how a future vaccine would mean that we would take the mark of the beast, sending us to Hell. At that time the prophecies viral, I had no prior knowledge about the Antichrist or the mark of the beast. I remembered hearing people bring up 666, which they knew as “the devil’s number”, so I figured it had a connection to following Satan.

I spent nearly a year studying through the Book of Revelation (in partiular chapters 13 and 18). As I investigated these prophecies and put the pieces together, I found several inconsistencies in the man’s citation of Scripture, and the evidence they used to justify his supposed argument in the video. There was no “antichrist”, nor were their “concentration camps” where people who didn’t take the vaccine (or what many called the “jab”) to be killed, as many claimed. In fact, I have ZERO regrets about taking the shot, even though I had to endure some pain on my side for a day. But, does this mean I have sold my soul to Satan? Absolutely not! In fact, I am still saved, I meditate on the Scripture, and I continue to grow each and every day to person the teenager God wants me to be. And, yes, I am still singing my heart out too!

I once heard a pastor say in a video that the fear of Satan is one of many snares we must be willing to overcome. Saints, I want to encourage you today to stand firm and FIGHT like a champion! As long as we stay on the right path, we will always win! Why are you afraid of the tactics the defeated foe would use against you, champion? I know the technological advancements and the rapid pacing of the vaccines raise concerns. From the side effects, to whatnot. There is so much uncertainty within us today. But, to use the very Word of God as a magic wand to wipe away this virus, and to discourage our brothers and sisters to take something that God is using to save precious lives is a testimony of our own cowardice and pride! If our brother died because of our fallacies, the blood would be on our hands.

How dare you use the very words of Christ Himself to encourage your weak brother who has a compromised immune system to forego the use of an instrument of healing that God is promoting to us, and call it “acting in faith”? I am not speaking of fearing Covid. My concern is Christians being paralyzed by the cloud of fear and ignorance. I don’t care if people on this page convince me one way or another that I am too fearful of something that can kill an entire population in the name of “empty faith”. The coward is not me or the others who are vaccinated and wearing masks. The REAL cowards are the people who have been on the battlefield for years, and have the guts to faint and hide from a Strongman whose favorite tactic is to use fearmongerers to establish his game plan: To wear down the diligent man into the dark dungeon and fear and sin.

It is time for bold and courageous children of God to rise about the clouds of fear and to fight the good fight with no regret. I am not looking for men and women who merely cite Scripture and sit there with a chip on their shoulder, waiting to perish! I am looking for brave, Godly people like me who will take the leap of faith, and give it their all to fight fire with fire! It is time that Satan’s grip of fearmongering prophecies and void visions finally be DESTROYED and EXPOSED in the name of Jesus! But, in order to do this, the church needs to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate our purpose in fighting this lifelong battle, and not a temporary battle founded on folly!

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine The Mark Of The Beast? This Answer Should Give You Closure And Peace.

Good Evening ⠠⠎⠁⠔⠞⠎⠖

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend. As the nation scrambles to reopen and get back to a sense of normalcy, I would like to clarify some recent concerns regarding the vaccine being “the mark of the beast.” In the beginning of my summer vacation last year, I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and was boosted in January 2022. While some of these vaccines were not FDA approved at the time, I felt that this was the right decision, not only for my own safety, but for the safety of my family, my friends, and my country. While there have been many side effects that have been linked to some of these shots, I believe that it would help produce antibodies that would protect us from the severe strains that have been spreading across the world. I myself understand the concern that is being expressed due to the fact that scientists managed to find three vaccinations at such a fast rate. I applaud their diligence and their determination to come to us with an effective treatment that would save lives, and lead us on the path to herd immunity. After being in quarantine for a whole year, I feel like this is a wonderful opportunity for each and every one of us to return to the days where we could spend time with the people we truly love face-to-face! While there are many pros and cons to taking these shots, I don’t believe that this is the mark of the beast that is referenced in Revelations 13:15:18, although many prophets claim ⠕⠮⠗⠺⠊⠎⠑⠲

In this presentation, I will aim to share with you some Scripture to back up my claim, and to encourage you to seek truth for yourself. When I shared this evidence with other Christians online, I have received a lot of controversary from others. One time, someone had the audacity to call me “faithless” for “fearing the virus more than God”, when I am going the extra mile to protect families from Covid. Just because we have faith in Jesus deos not mean we are immune from getting sick or suffering affliction. To the people who continue to spew these mark of the beast claims about the Covid vaccine, you are endangering lives. It is time that these prophecies finally be EXPOSED for what they are: A big fat lie wrapped with the sweet package of Christianese! Satan has been spreading this lie for far too long, and I cannot stand by and let this destructive trend go unchecked any longer!

Scripture tells us that the “mark” would be engraved in the right hand and the forehead, and no one will be able to buy or sell anything without it. This mark would be implanted by a false prophet (the second beast), and would be required by the Antichrist, who is believed to be the son of Satan, performing deceitful and wicked works. He would then rule during the seven year Tribulation. While many Christians and Bible scholars interpret the mysteries of this mark differently, we must not take the book of Revelations in a literal way, nor base our interpretations solely on Hebrew translations, and many attempt to do. The book is rather symbolic in nature, therefore we must interpret this as a metaphor to a spiritual phenomenon. Take for instance, the synagugue of Satan. In Revelations 2:9, the “synagogue of Satan” is not a literal synagogue built by Satan, but rather a symbolic representation of the true nature of false prophets, and the heart of those who believe they are Christian, when in fact, they are deceived by Satan. The metaphor was specifically addressed to the Seven Churches which were incredibly divided as a result of discord and false prophecy. Now, going back to Revelations 13. When I think of the function of the mark of the beast, I picture an ID that is scanned through a barcode. The ID reveals who you are, and is often associated with certain numbers. In the same way, the mark of the beast is a seal which identifies one’s allegiance to the Antichrist and the kingdom of Satan as a whole. It includes the name (or the image) of the beast, and his number, which is 666. This cannot be taken accidentally, but rather, it will be a willful decision to reject Christ, and to worship the beast (and Satan.) Think of this like an inverted version of salvation.

Let me ask a question to the prophets who proclaim that this vaccine is the mark of the beast. What in the world does a shot in the arm have to do with 666? Do you think a nurse will come up to you to force you to sign a contract pledging your allegiance to Satan just for a medication that could save your life, let alone the life of your mother recovering from a heart attack who is at high risk? I even hear of Christian nurses and medical experts taking the shot themselves, and it has had ZERO effect on their spiritual life. Yet, you are going to condemn them to Hell, as if our salvation depends on a vaccine!?

Given this information, the real Antichrist has not yet been revealed, although many antichrists have come to this world already. But, let me encourage you, and give you some closure here. I believe that this vaccine is a blessing from God, and we should be grateful that He has opened the gateway to a brighter future, both for the advancement of medicine and scientific treatment, and for many families who want to finally hug and celebrate the wonderful gift of life together. By taking ⠹ vaccine, you are not swearing an oath to follow Satan, or deny your faith. God wants each and every one of us to live a healthy and prosperous life, and I believe that this treatment would not only reduce the spread of the virus, but it would give our front line workers relief knowing that they do not have to have restless nights, wondering if that 65-year-old mother will be placed in a coma for several weeks. However, I do believe that we, as humans, are given free will. We have the freedom to make decisions that we feel would benefit our needs. So, whether or not you choose to get the shot, I respect your decision, and do not pass judgement on you. But, I believe that we are living in  an era where conspiracy theories are very rampant and active throughout social media and news outlets. This is why we need to “test the spirits” to discern whether these revelations are truly from God. As followers of Christ, we were not given a spirit of fear! If love can cast out fear, then fear casts out truth, which is found in love. Fear separates us from the peace that God desires for us. If we love our neighbor as ourselves, wouldn’t we be willing to take this great sacrifice to not only save ourselves from contracting the virus, but to save that child with cancer, or to save that grandmother who has a compromised immune system?

Based on the evidence presented through Scripture, and the revelations presented through the Holy Spirit, I would like to reassure you that this claim that this vaccine is the mark of the beast is a lie based on fear, straight out of the mouth of Satan! How dare we claim to trust God, and become a force that spreads fear-mongering lies that sow division, anger, and hatred within the same “temple” we believe is being destroyed by changing our DNA!? The temple of the Spirit is not just within the physical body, but is within the body of Christ (the church)! If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to get vaccinated, and trust God to give you the best results that would protect your health. Let us all work together to trust that God will continue to protect our families from this virus, and from anything that may harm us. Trust God, and not the claims of men! Whatever happens to us after the pandemic, God will still be with us. God will fight for us, and all we need to do is be still, and rest on His promises for us.

I hope you will take this into consideration as you continue to make a difference during this dark, evil season.

Dear Lord, I come before the throne to thank you for giving me this revelation last summer. I pray that many who are fearful and confused would be comforted by this truth, and that you would give them the wisdom that prevails over the proclamations of men. Lord, free your children from Satan’s lies, and continue to teach us the things you have written in that sacred book. In Jesus name, amen!