The author and finisher of our faith and our lives is Jesus Christ. If you haven’t come to know Him as your Savior, I encourage you to seek out a Bible-teaching church and learn more about Him. He died to pay for your sins, all you need to do is accept His grace and the gift of salvation through belief in His atonement for you.

Follow these Scriptures, seek Jesus in the Bible, and give your heart and your life to Him. Follow Him and learn to be more like Him. When the Trumpet sounds you will be taken to be with Him forever. That is the reward that we, as Christians, seek to have. This life and the “stuff” in it is temporary but life with Him is an eternity in His love for us.

Punishment for sin

In today’s society, people would rather not have any consequences for their sinful actions regardless of the “size” of their sin. Whether it was stealing a paper clip from work or murdering someone. A sin is a sin in the eyes of God regardless of the weight of it in our eyes. The smallest sin, such as the paper clip, could go unnoticed by your job or anyone who works there. But, when you consider the Ten Commandments, even in the minutest detail, all of us have sinned and we continue to do so in one way or another every day.

We feel slighted by someone and we wish or just think that bad things should happen to them. Isn’t that a sin? Every day on the highway, many of us think things about other drivers that are really sins if we compare our thoughts to the Ten Commandments. Thoughts and words, spoken or not, have a way of becoming sinful actions if they are acted on. If you haven’t given your heart to Jesus and asked Him to come in and change your heart from the inside out, I am asking you to consider it…please?

Not one of us knows whether we will wake up tomorrow or not. If you do, thank God for another day to seek Him out to become your Savior, after all, it was God Who gave you today and may give you tomorrow as His gift to you. Please don’t waste your life following the crowd and the rest of the world. Give your heart to Jesus and follow Him so your eternity won’t be an eternity of punishment for a decision that you made or chose not to make.