Jesus loves you!

This song that most of us have heard and sung as children, is very relevant today. Because Jesus does love all of us. He may not like your lifestyle or the places you’ve been lately if you haven’t accepted Him as your Savior but He still loves you just the same. Why am I starting this article this way? Because, everyone needs to know that they are loved by God and our Creator, Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are three years old or ninety-three years old, we need to know that we are loved by Him.

God looks at the heart of each one of us and regardless of how much we think we have messed up our life…we are still loved. We are created in His image after all and God loves us. “What if I don’t believe in God?”, you might ask. To that, I will say that God believes in you and He loves you. Not the celebrity, not the Congressman or Congresswoman, not the “profession” that you work at. God loves you!

We are all made up of three parts, just as God is a Triune being so are we. We have a physical body and our mind and our soul and it is our soul that stands out when God looks at us. That is the part of us that He wants to bring salvation to before the end of our life in our physical body. If you have given your “heart” to Jesus then He has your soul and one day in heaven your soul will be reunited with your resurrected body physically. I know, right now it doesn’t make much sense but one day in the near future it will. Work toward that goal in your life today to know Him as your Savior by accepting Him as your Savior by your belief in Him.

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