Loaves and Fishes

Jesus had been preaching to a large crowd of people, at least five thousand men not counting their families. So, in truth there were likely around fifteen thousand or more. Some people don’t believe the Bible or the stories told within its pages, yet Jesus was trying to get His message across to as many people as He could while He was teaching His followers. They had to learn from and come to know Him as the Messiah.

When He told His disciples that they should feed these people one of them said that a years wages worth of bread would only give each person enough bread to take a bite. Then Andrew found a young boy that had a lunch with him of five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus told him that it would be enough. He thanked God for their provision and blessed the food and told His disciples to distribute the food to all who were hungry.

The entire company of people were fed and the disciples picked up twelve baskets of leftovers! When God blesses your offering, He can multiply it to fill whatever the need may be. At this time in His ministry, God filled them with enough and then some. God can do this for us today but we can’t ask for things like luxury items or a million dollars. God will take care of a need in your life when you have given a tithe or an offering of your money or your time. He may do it in your finances or in your health but He will take care of your needs.

Another way of looking at the loaves and fishes is that all around Galilee people were fishermen and depended upon the bounty of the lake to make their living. It was likely a meager living so they used barley rather than wheat to make their bread. It was cheaper and easier to grow.

We, as followers of Jesus today, should take His message with us everywhere we go. To the market, to our job, to the restaurant where we eat, everywhere we go…our faith in Jesus should show up in our daily lives. Our faith should be evident to all of those around us regardless of who they are or where we are. God knows who we may run into and who may be receptive to our message but we have to have a message to be useful to Him.


Ephesians 4:32: 32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

Do you think about this? Does forgiveness cross your mind when someone else does something against you? Forgiveness is not natural for us. Asking for forgiveness is something that we do, as Christians. Even asking for forgiveness is not natural for humanity because we don’t see our flaws or our sins until the Holy Spirit shows you what you have done or said. Believe me, it is hard to catch those thoughts and sometimes the actions, if we let the thought stay long enough, because thoughts become sinful action if you allow it to take root in your mind.

It doesn’t take long. Only a few seconds and sometimes, just that fast, you will act on that thought. Sometimes, the words will spill out of your mouth before you can get them back. Once they are out there is no remedy for the hurt and pain that is caused except to ask forgiveness from the one you have wronged. Sometimes asking for forgiveness can be a slippery slope if you try to do so too soon. The pain and the hurt feelings are too raw for someone to even think about forgiving you. You may want to patch things up quickly but sometimes that could be the worst decision to make.

Forgiveness is something that is completely foreign to most in our society today. Living today with our world the way it is hard to do unless you are a Christian. Even if you are a Christian, it is hard to forgive sometimes but through the work of the Holy Spirit we can. Jesus came to provide the way for us to be reconciled with God through His blood, all we have to do is accept His sacrifice for us and repent of our sins and then follow Him and we will be in His family.

How does life feel today?

In many ways it doesn’t feel right. Look around and listen to the media and other outlets and you will wonder exactly what went wrong?

In the last thirty years or so, our country has gone from being “proud to be an American” to “that’s not my President” and other ways of expressing disgust with our country. The thing that strikes me the most is the age of those who seem to hate their own country. They’ve never had to go to war or even be required to be in the service of our country. Most of them have no idea about conservation of energy or money or being careful about getting a car that uses less fuel because of a gas shortage.

Most just want to throw a tantrum and burn cities and cars and loot buildings for little to no reason at all. Yet they hate this country! If you hate the country that most people seem to be trying so hard to get into, then LEAVE!

You are probably wondering why this post started out this way. It is because most of these feelings and opinions were foretold over two thousand years ago. Unruly children, perilous times, diseases that we’ve never seen before, people who don’t really care about themselves or how they live…all of these were foretold by Jesus in Matthew 24. But these are just the beginning of troubles. We haven’t seen how it will be and hopefully, the church will be taken out of here before that time comes.

God cares for and loves His Creation, you and me, and the whole Earth, but His patience doesn’t last forever. There is a day coming soon that many people are not ready for. That is the return of Jesus for His Bride, the church. He will not be coming back to Earth until after the Tribulation but when He comes this time it will be as a conquering King! I pray that everyone who reads this is ready for His return because we don’t know the time. It could be on a Sunday morning or in the middle of the night. It could be during the day on no particular day. Be looking for Him and watching because He is coming back!