Our Future

Do we have a real future? Some of us are past the middle of our lives, so we have fewer years ahead than we have lived. At least according to our “expected” lifespans. The future is truly up to God Himself. Whether we have a future or not is entirely up to Him. Have you placed your life in His hands so that your future is also in His hands?

Young people, under the age of thirty, don’t really think about their future much. They live as if their lives will continue just as it has always been. It seems that our whole world today looks at life the same way and they believe that unless they have all of the best things given to them without cost, their lives are over and they have very little hope for the future. The “things” that everyone seems to be chasing are temporary things. Stuff that you only have here. Eternity only allows what is eternal, your soul, and what you’ve done for the Kingdom of God in this life.

Only two “classes” of people will be at the judgment seat of Jesus, the lost or the saved. Many of the “lost” actually think they are saved and some of the saved aren’t sure about their salvation. This is the future that awaits those who make it through the Tribulation. It can be wonderful if you have accepted Jesus because you will live through the one-thousand-year reign of Jesus. Just as those who were around after Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden, children will be born to them for many hundreds of years. The Earth will be restored to its original form during this time so thankfully “global warming” and “climate change” won’t be happening.

Why do I believe that this will happen? Because it is foretold in the book of Revelation. The restored Earth is part of “making all things new”. The millennial reign of Jesus will be a much better world than any of us grew up in. No wars, very few deaths, and a restored ecosystem…what’s not to like? If you are a Christian/follower of Jesus right now then the future is even better! When the Trumpet of God sounds, the dead in Christ will be raised first and then we who are alive and remain in Him will be caught up in the air to be with Him forever.

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine The Mark Of The Beast? This Answer Should Give You Closure And Peace.

Good Evening ⠠⠎⠁⠔⠞⠎⠖

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend. As the nation scrambles to reopen and get back to a sense of normalcy, I would like to clarify some recent concerns regarding the vaccine being “the mark of the beast.” In the beginning of my summer vacation last year, I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and was boosted in January 2022. While some of these vaccines were not FDA approved at the time, I felt that this was the right decision, not only for my own safety, but for the safety of my family, my friends, and my country. While there have been many side effects that have been linked to some of these shots, I believe that it would help produce antibodies that would protect us from the severe strains that have been spreading across the world. I myself understand the concern that is being expressed due to the fact that scientists managed to find three vaccinations at such a fast rate. I applaud their diligence and their determination to come to us with an effective treatment that would save lives, and lead us on the path to herd immunity. After being in quarantine for a whole year, I feel like this is a wonderful opportunity for each and every one of us to return to the days where we could spend time with the people we truly love face-to-face! While there are many pros and cons to taking these shots, I don’t believe that this is the mark of the beast that is referenced in Revelations 13:15:18, although many prophets claim ⠕⠮⠗⠺⠊⠎⠑⠲

In this presentation, I will aim to share with you some Scripture to back up my claim, and to encourage you to seek truth for yourself. When I shared this evidence with other Christians online, I have received a lot of controversary from others. One time, someone had the audacity to call me “faithless” for “fearing the virus more than God”, when I am going the extra mile to protect families from Covid. Just because we have faith in Jesus deos not mean we are immune from getting sick or suffering affliction. To the people who continue to spew these mark of the beast claims about the Covid vaccine, you are endangering lives. It is time that these prophecies finally be EXPOSED for what they are: A big fat lie wrapped with the sweet package of Christianese! Satan has been spreading this lie for far too long, and I cannot stand by and let this destructive trend go unchecked any longer!

Scripture tells us that the “mark” would be engraved in the right hand and the forehead, and no one will be able to buy or sell anything without it. This mark would be implanted by a false prophet (the second beast), and would be required by the Antichrist, who is believed to be the son of Satan, performing deceitful and wicked works. He would then rule during the seven year Tribulation. While many Christians and Bible scholars interpret the mysteries of this mark differently, we must not take the book of Revelations in a literal way, nor base our interpretations solely on Hebrew translations, and many attempt to do. The book is rather symbolic in nature, therefore we must interpret this as a metaphor to a spiritual phenomenon. Take for instance, the synagugue of Satan. In Revelations 2:9, the “synagogue of Satan” is not a literal synagogue built by Satan, but rather a symbolic representation of the true nature of false prophets, and the heart of those who believe they are Christian, when in fact, they are deceived by Satan. The metaphor was specifically addressed to the Seven Churches which were incredibly divided as a result of discord and false prophecy. Now, going back to Revelations 13. When I think of the function of the mark of the beast, I picture an ID that is scanned through a barcode. The ID reveals who you are, and is often associated with certain numbers. In the same way, the mark of the beast is a seal which identifies one’s allegiance to the Antichrist and the kingdom of Satan as a whole. It includes the name (or the image) of the beast, and his number, which is 666. This cannot be taken accidentally, but rather, it will be a willful decision to reject Christ, and to worship the beast (and Satan.) Think of this like an inverted version of salvation.

Let me ask a question to the prophets who proclaim that this vaccine is the mark of the beast. What in the world does a shot in the arm have to do with 666? Do you think a nurse will come up to you to force you to sign a contract pledging your allegiance to Satan just for a medication that could save your life, let alone the life of your mother recovering from a heart attack who is at high risk? I even hear of Christian nurses and medical experts taking the shot themselves, and it has had ZERO effect on their spiritual life. Yet, you are going to condemn them to Hell, as if our salvation depends on a vaccine!?

Given this information, the real Antichrist has not yet been revealed, although many antichrists have come to this world already. But, let me encourage you, and give you some closure here. I believe that this vaccine is a blessing from God, and we should be grateful that He has opened the gateway to a brighter future, both for the advancement of medicine and scientific treatment, and for many families who want to finally hug and celebrate the wonderful gift of life together. By taking ⠹ vaccine, you are not swearing an oath to follow Satan, or deny your faith. God wants each and every one of us to live a healthy and prosperous life, and I believe that this treatment would not only reduce the spread of the virus, but it would give our front line workers relief knowing that they do not have to have restless nights, wondering if that 65-year-old mother will be placed in a coma for several weeks. However, I do believe that we, as humans, are given free will. We have the freedom to make decisions that we feel would benefit our needs. So, whether or not you choose to get the shot, I respect your decision, and do not pass judgement on you. But, I believe that we are living in  an era where conspiracy theories are very rampant and active throughout social media and news outlets. This is why we need to “test the spirits” to discern whether these revelations are truly from God. As followers of Christ, we were not given a spirit of fear! If love can cast out fear, then fear casts out truth, which is found in love. Fear separates us from the peace that God desires for us. If we love our neighbor as ourselves, wouldn’t we be willing to take this great sacrifice to not only save ourselves from contracting the virus, but to save that child with cancer, or to save that grandmother who has a compromised immune system?

Based on the evidence presented through Scripture, and the revelations presented through the Holy Spirit, I would like to reassure you that this claim that this vaccine is the mark of the beast is a lie based on fear, straight out of the mouth of Satan! How dare we claim to trust God, and become a force that spreads fear-mongering lies that sow division, anger, and hatred within the same “temple” we believe is being destroyed by changing our DNA!? The temple of the Spirit is not just within the physical body, but is within the body of Christ (the church)! If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to get vaccinated, and trust God to give you the best results that would protect your health. Let us all work together to trust that God will continue to protect our families from this virus, and from anything that may harm us. Trust God, and not the claims of men! Whatever happens to us after the pandemic, God will still be with us. God will fight for us, and all we need to do is be still, and rest on His promises for us.

I hope you will take this into consideration as you continue to make a difference during this dark, evil season.

Dear Lord, I come before the throne to thank you for giving me this revelation last summer. I pray that many who are fearful and confused would be comforted by this truth, and that you would give them the wisdom that prevails over the proclamations of men. Lord, free your children from Satan’s lies, and continue to teach us the things you have written in that sacred book. In Jesus name, amen!


Have you taken notice of what is offered to us as entertainment? We have so many outlets to view it on today until it is overwhelming. All of the channels that are on satellite television, then there are all of the “streaming” channels from the Internet including all of the channels on YouTube. Then there are the channels from Apple and Disney, with a subscription of course. All of these can keep you focused on your “smartphone” or on a “smart TV” for hours.

But what about living life itself? What happened to all of the things that we should do to keep our family fed and healthy? How about the teaching that is supposed to go on in the home outside of school hours?

God’s Word says that we are supposed to teach our children about Him at home, especially now when His Word isn’t allowed in schools as a textbook anymore. Even reading one chapter or even a few verses to them each night would be helpful in their life later on. I have to admit that I didn’t do this when my child was growing up but I did take him to church and we discussed the sermon later, especially when he had questions about it. I was a pastor during his teenage years so that helped a little.

What is the point of this post today? Something that I have seen too much of since the first iPhone came out years ago…allowing the phone and its content to be the teacher and babysitter. Children today know more about these hand-held computers and how to use them than they do about their parents or about almost anything else in the world. Because their world seems to revolve around their phones whether they are from Apple or Samsung really doesn’t matter.

Our world is very close to a time that is prophesied in the Bible as the Tribulation. Seven years of persecution and totalitarian rule by a person called the anti-Christ. Who is he and where does he come from? Prophecy doesn’t give that much information but the world will see him as their savior and it will happen after the church is taken away. I pray that every person who doesn’t want to go through this terrible time will seek Jesus as soon as possible.

We are blessed

Regardless of the situation that we may be living in today, compared to much of the world we are blessed. America has not fallen…yet. Why did I place that qualifier in there? Because it is likely that America will fall soon. Maybe not in my lifetime but it will happen. If it does happen in my lifetime then God had already prepared that for us and we did not see it or we weren’t supposed to see it. Everything that happens in our lives and in the world around us is orchestrated by God. Nothing significant happens in this world without His hands guiding it to be that way.

No leader of a nation, regardless of how incompetent they may be, attains their office without being placed there by God. I pray that all who read this will seek out your answer in this life in God’s Word because your answer is there. Pray that He would show you where your place is in His Kingdom because you have a place and a purpose there as well.

I never knew or even realized that I had a place in His Kingdom until He called me to be a preacher eleven years ago. Now, I only preach here due to COVID and its effect on worship services. If you have given your heart to Jesus and are a follower of His, please tell others about Him while there is time. When that day comes and the church is taken up to heaven, many will still come to know Him but it will be harder then than it is now. Why?

Because by that time the next “leader” of the world will be the Anti-Christ and whether people know that or not it will happen. God’s Word says so in the book of Revelation. He may be the “savior” for a time but he will be a dictator and a very hard one at that. At some point during the seven year treaty that he will have signed with Israel and the country’s around it, he will break the treaty and begin a persecution like the world has never seen. It will be against the Jewish people and those who have come to know Jesus during this time as well. Anyone who doesn’t worship him will be killed.

If we were on our own…

If there was no Savior. If there had not been a Seed of the Woman…humanity would be lost and without hope. At the very beginning, we would’ve been walking east from Eden as Cain did. We would still be worshiping idols in Haran. We would be living in slavery under a Pharaoh or serving Goliath and the Philistines. All of this would’ve happened if God did not care about us. He would’ve just created humanity and then sat back and watched. He would have seen mankind wipe each other off the face of the Earth long before Abram was born or even soon after Noah was born…if God didn’t love us.

If He had left us on our own, He would’ve had to create mankind over and over again until we finally understood that we needed to follow His wisdom and His way. But God didn’t do that because He can see down through time what was going to happen and that He would have to “move the pieces” so that things would work out the way He wanted them to. If you don’t believe that God is in control of this world, read the book of Daniel. 

God places kings and Presidents and others who think they are in “control” and He does it so that His glory will be seen when His plans come to pass. Nothing happens here that He is not aware of. Can we make our decisions? Of course, we can but God is still in the background making sure that His prophecies come about.

Soon, the whole world will know that He is God and that the Bible is true. When the dead in Christ rise into the air and those of us who are Christians join them to be with Him forever, the whole world will know it! They will come up with some crazy story about what happened but anyone who has heard an End-Times sermon will know what happened and many people will be looking for the Truth but it will be too late. The Tribulation and the wrath of God will be coming soon after this and there will be no escape.

Can we relate?

Consider this: God the Son comes to Earth as a man, dies on a cross to redeem mankind’s sins as a human being and then rises again from the dead to be alive forever as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was called the Living Word of God and the Son of God as well as many other names in the Old Testament. What I am bringing to your attention here is that He is the Creator of…everything. Perfect in judgment and unbounded in His love for us, sinless and Holy yet compassionate and caring. What can we, as humans, compare to Him? Even though His love for us is beyond our comprehension, His justice toward those who refuse His gift of grace and mercy is still righteous.

So…can we relate to Him? Can we understand Him? Only with the Holy Spirit guiding us and directing us can we possibly grasp even a tiny fraction of Who He is while in our mortal frame. His holiness would cause us to fall on our face so we could not look at Him in His glorified state. But He spent three years or so with a group of men, teaching them and showing them and many others the love of God. Not the vengeance and wrath of God but the caring and loving God that many people didn’t think existed. He showed compassion even to the demons when they asked to be sent into the herd of pigs rather than outer darkness.

Jesus is the embodiment of God’s love and compassion but when He returns He will also be judge to all of the nations who didn’t treat His Bride, the Church, very well. He will also be the judge of all who were against the Jewish nation over the many thousands of years past and up to the present time.

All of us who call Him our Savior and Lord were chosen by Him before the foundation of the world was set in its place. God was never caught off guard by the rebellion of Lucifer and those who followed him. God knew that with the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil mankind would rebel against His rule and determine to follow their own way. Today you can see it happening everywhere and it is getting worse as time moves toward the end of the age. When that day will be nobody knows but nearly everyone will know when it does happen. It will catch many people by surprise because they didn’t care to notice the signs ahead of time. Everyone who has ever gone to Sunday school or church or a revival or to Bible camp will recognize what has happened. Especially those who are left behind to see the anti-Christ come to power.

I pray that before that day arrives many more will come to know Jesus as their Savior because the time that will come after the church is taken up will be like hell on Earth for seven years.

Are we in the last days?

With everything that is going on in the world and in America too, I would say yes we are. How close are we to that day when the church is taken to heaven? Only God knows that day and hour. If you have ever read the books of Daniel and Revelation then the news today sounds almost like it is following a script from a movie. Maybe not word for word but in those two books of the Bible, God lays out the order of things which are happening right now. He told this to Daniel when Israel was taken captive into Babylon over 2500 years ago. Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 24 about the way the world would be near the end of the age and John wrote down the book of the Revelation about 2000 years ago. Yet, if you read these passages and the chapters containing them, even with the images that many people have trouble with, you can see the pestilence and wars and economic hardships and weather patters going out of control in all sorts of places.

If you know Jesus as your Savior, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to all of these so that you can discern what is happening around us and around the world. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior then I suggest that you need to seek Him out as your Savior…soon! His appearance could come at any moment and if you are not taken up with the church then you will be living through the Tribulation spoken of in the prophecies that I mentioned earlier. Life on Earth is going to be much worse than it is now once the church is taken up. As Jesus told His disciples, “these are the beginnings of birth pains” right now, so you can imagine how bad it will get afterward.

I pray that all who read this post already know Jesus as your Savior but if you don’t, please don’t wait long. Seek Him while He can be found tonight in the Bible or at a Christian friend’s house. Please make sure that you are or soon will be His before the Trumpet sounds and millions of Christians leave this world for our eternal home. After the church is taken up, there will be an economic crash that will hit every nation on Earth so hard that no amount of printed money will be worth the paper it is printed on. The food shortages will hit soon after and there will be riots in the streets because of the lack of necessary things like water, electricity, and jobs too.

Don’t wait, look for Jesus as your Savior tonight. I pray that you accept Him as your Savior and I will see you in Heaven one day soon.

How much and how far…

God has lots of patience with us because He has been waiting for nearly two thousand years. So how much more time do you think we have before His patience wears down or until the last person on His list is saved? How far will He allow us to go with our rebellion and the majority of people on Earth rejecting Jesus as their Savior?

These are questions which I can’t answer and neither can you. Jesus told His disciples that when that time comes the world will resemble the world just before the flood which Noah survived in the Ark. Are we there yet? Well, millions of children are killed each day in abortions all over the world, not just here in America. The number of children killed in America only amounts to maybe 850,000 or so every year. That is not an exact number but it is a number which should bother people but most will fight you for their right to kill their “fetus”.

Today we have so many terrorist groups, home-grown I might add, which are doing much the same as those on 9/11 did except not with airplanes. Abraham Lincoln said that our country would tear itself apart from the inside out one day because we wouldn’t be attacked from outside our borders. We have been attacked from outside our borders but it seems that the attacks which do the most harm are those from within.

None of this is outside of God’s notice because He sees and hears every word and every deed done on Earth. One day we will pay the price for our pride and arrogance. I just pray that many more who read this may find their way to a church or to a bookstore and pick up a copy of God’s Word. Read it and pray that you will be forgiven in Jesus’ name because when the time comes it will be sudden and without warning. Those who are ready to meet Him in the air will go and those who are not will be left here to endure the wrath of Satan and the wrath of Almighty God.

For Biblical proof of what is coming and some of what is happening today, read Matthew 24 and all of the book of Revelation. Then pray that you won’t have to endure those dangerous times.

Anguish and sorrowful times

There are many people in our world today who feel desperately sorrowful and depressed. Some for unknown reasons and some because of things which they have been unable to control in their lives. Sometimes these problems are because of the job which they have to do, like a policeman or woman. Some of them may feel this way because of being in a branch of the military and they are also doing things which bother them. I know that it doesn’t bother them during their fighting and battles so much, but whenever they get back home it is labeled PTSD.

Either way that you look at this, it is something which most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. Whether it is from battle in a war zone or from an abusive spouse, PTSD is real and it doesn’t go away easily. Sometimes it takes long sessions with a therapist  or drugs to tone it down manageably and sometimes it takes faith and prayer. Whichever way you get treated for it, I pray that it doesn’t cause more problems in your life.

So many are having to live with anguish and sorrow in countries where Christian persecution is happening and where children are being taught to be “warriors” or suicide bombers who are told that this is the only way to bring about the coming messiah. It is NOT the way at all! The Mahdi is NOT the messiah, it is Jesus the Christ! In the Bible the end times are a time of turmoil and war and suffering like the world has not seen in thousands of years.

john317The three years at the beginning of the Tribulation is what is referred to as Satan’s wrath, the last three years are where the wrath of God is poured out on the Earth and those who follow the antiChrist. Those alive during those first years of the Tribulation, it will seem to be a time of plenty and peace at least for those who decide to follow the one who is in charge. Any Christians who were not taken in the rapture of the church will know who he is really but few others will believe it.

Their lives, your life will be in danger because soon everyone will have to take the mark of allegiance to him, likely a chip or some other mark in the hand or on the forehead. Christians will be in danger of being killed if they do not take the mark because if they don’t they can’t buy food or gas. If they do take it, then they are forfeiting their soul because they are aligning themselves with Satan’s pawn, his false Christ and if they do this then they “love their life more than Christ”.

Why do I bring this up in this writing? Because we are the generation which will be here when all of this comes to pass. What year or day this will take place I don’t know. God knows which day and hour it will happen but all of the prophecies which were to take place beforehand have already taken place or they are taking place now. Read the book of Revelation carefully and pray about what you are reading, then look at the news and all of the things that are happening in the world. Much of what you have read is happening in some way and in some place in the world. Make sure of your salvation before that day comes.