Pleased to be there…

Since Jesus came, there have been many centuries have passed by and many have wondered when He will be coming back? He’ll come back when God tells Him that it is time. It could be tomorrow or it could be in a few minutes or next year but God doesn’t forget His promises. The angels told the disciples that Jesus would come back in the same way you saw Him go when He ascended to Heaven. They didn’t say that “He might come back”. God’s Word is not a myth or a collection of fictional stories. It was penned by men who the Holy Spirit gave those words, the Third Person of the Trinity. God has chosen each of us who believe in Jesus as our Savior and He knows us by name. There is a quote that I’m going to place here for you to consider:  Did you ever stop to think that God is going to be as pleased to have you with Him in heaven as you are to be there? A. W. Tozer

Our lives begin when we are in the womb because God places all of our personality and our gifts inside each life that is to be born before we come into this world. When we live our lives according to His principles and His wisdom we are living our best lives because we have chosen to be His. We choose this because He has chosen us when we feel that pull in our heart that tells us “there is more to life than just living day to day”. The Holy Spirit touches us and we know that we need Him in our hearts to help us with this life because living this life without Him, while it isn’t impossible, will be a life without a true purpose.

God loves each of us whether we love Him or not is our choice. Does God want to bring all of humanity into heaven? Yes, He does but there are so many who have chosen to believe in a “higher being” that isn’t God and that is what will keep many people from going to live with Him. It isn’t your sins that will condemn you to eternity in hell, it is your choice of Who you worship in this life. Whether it is yourself or another god or the Creator, Jesus Christ. Only believing in and giving your heart to Jesus will grant you entrance into “My Father’s house” as Jesus told His disciples.

This life is not the only one you have. Each one of us has an eternal soul that will live on after the physical body has died. Your destination in eternity is what you determine in this life. Have you chosen to live your life as you feel it could be done to please yourself? If you have then you are your own “god”. If you have ever felt God touch your heart to bring you to Himself then you should’ve given your heart to Jesus at that point. If you did then you are all set for eternity. If you pushed Him away and haven’t gone back to that point…what are you waiting for? Not one of us is guaranteed to live through the day today, so make sure of your eternity as soon as you can because we cannot see the future even one hour from now.


History teaches us that pain can cause people to act in such a way as to reduce the object of that pain. Oysters cover it with a substance that turns the source into something beautiful. Why can’t we learn to do something similar?

What can we do to ease the pain, regardless of what caused it? Go to God with your pain. Pray about your situation and let Him know that something is hurting you in this situation. He already knows that you are hurting but just as your earthly father wants you to ask for his help, God wants us to ask Him for help when we need His help. He doesn’t push salvation on us and He doesn’t help you without you asking for it. He will give you the strength and the ability to get through it every time…IF you ask Him.

Hunger and pain cause people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. If you have been paying attention to the news lately then you know that the food shortage for babies is only the beginning. The world’s producers of wheat are either buying up what they can on the market and hoarding it or they’ve stopped producing wheat for export completely. This year is not going to be as rosy as some are trying to convince you that it will be.

All of this was predicted in the Bible and if you’ve ever read the prophecies in Matthew and Luke and at the very beginning of the book of Revelation you can see it happening in real-time now. I pray that there will be many of you who will look to God for your salvation found in Jesus Christ alone. Because there will be a day coming sooner than many believe when those who gave their hearts to Jesus will leave this Earth for their eternal home in heaven. After that…the news will show that what we think is bad now is just a tiny fraction compared to what is coming.

Don’t put off your salvation in Jesus. Please seek Him out today for your own eternity because even though some will be saved during the Tribulation, wouldn’t it be better to be in His house while hell is breaking loose on Earth?

Beware Of False Repentance

For godly sorrow works repentance to salvation, which brings no regret. But the sorrow of the world [false repentance/insincere attitude) works death [condemnation]. (2 Corinthians 7:10)

I pray that this post will bring someone to a spirit of true repentance for their sins, and accept the gift of salvation Christ promised to those who repent and follow Him with your heart. It’s the heart that counts. It’s the process of repentance, not the product, that ultimately reveals what is planted inside you.

Why is the church declining?

Don’t get me wrong, the church still exists…but barely. It has broken into so many different “congregations” and beliefs that it is no wonder that young people are confused about the message. Few churches preach or teach the same message. They twist it and “adapt” it to their audience so that everyone feels welcome. Jesus didn’t do that! He taught His message, God’s message, whether the people in the crowd liked it or not! If some walked away disgusted so be it. He was more interested in those who heard the message and wanted it to make a difference in their lives.

I watch Matt Hagee preach some days, early in the morning, and when the camera picks up people in the crowd it is amazing the differences you can see in the people’s faces. Some seem to be giving God the glory and praising Him during the service. While others seem to be indifferent to the message and just want him to get it over with. Then there are some who seem to be listening but the expression on their face is hard to read. It may be that they are interested in the content or they agree with what is being said…these are the people that aren’t quite sure what to do with the message. Why?

It could be that they are truly searching for the Truth of God’s Word. It could be that they feel the need for a Savior to make a difference in their lives but they’re not sure…yet. What will happen on that day when Jesus comes to take the church, His Bride, home to be with Him? Those who were indifferent will be angry at themselves because they didn’t listen prayerfully. Those who were interested in the message, and agreed that they needed Jesus hopefully made that decision before the Trumpet sounds.

The problem that I see in the crowds at Cornerstone church and other television crowds is that there are too many who want to wait or maybe “ride the fence” for a while. The problem with this is that we don’t know when God’s Trumpet will sound for us. The couple that wants to wait may be killed in a car wreck on the way home. The man who just wants the sermon to be over may have a heart attack this afternoon or tonight. Our individual “calling home” may happen before the Big call comes for the whole church and we have no idea when that call will come. Make sure of your salvation today before it is too late.