The Great Playbook Of Satan


Mainly characterized by its alliteration and use of words that twist the tongue, this is one of many poems which highlight a national rebellion that is slowly settling in the corners of America. Eventually, all of these poems will be compiled into a artistic collection that will be showcased to this blog. This will be my first big project for my summer vacation. In short, this poem creatively warns readers of what I would call The Great Playbook of Satan. Specifically, the pages written in this “book” pinpoint to the 21st century America as we know it, which is blinded by its arrogance and passivity.


In the many pages of the Great ⠠⠏⠇⠁⠽⠃⠕⠕⠅

Were clever plots drafted in pen and paper:

A plot to push the people of ⠏⠪⠻

To pray to their Prince to provide ⠏⠂⠉⠑

While inflicting pain on the poorest providence:

Preying on the powerless with their prickly palms

And punishing the powerful with pornography and ⠏⠻⠧⠻⠨⠝⠲

The people plead for the prophets to ⠏⠗⠕⠏⠓⠑⠎⠽

Pleasure, prosperity, power, and ⠏⠗⠑⠌⠊⠛⠑⠲

But, little did they know that the Predator polluted them with pompous ⠐⠏⠊⠑⠎

To pressure the pauper to drink his poisonous ⠏⠕⠰⠝⠲

The prince of the power of the ⠁⠊⠗⠒

He pounded and puffed with pride and ⠏⠁⠎⠨⠝

And published his playbook for the world to ⠎⠑⠑⠲

Woe to them! In their ⠏⠗⠑⠞⠢⠎⠑⠂

They shall perish for lack of knowledge

On the words polished in its many pages:

The pressure of pondering on such painful prospects.

Woe to the men who shout “Jesus is the Risen King!”

Woe to the priest who says to his flock, ”Victory is mine!”

How can you have knowledge of victory and Heavenly treasure

While you are passive in mourning for those who contributed

To writing the Great Playbook of Satan.

Woe to thee, o blind pauper!

My heart lamenteth for my nation.

Woe to thee, ye unprepared soldier!

You speak well, and lack much!

Let not another day pass without meditating on these words:

I write not to you, but to the author of the Book of Life:

Which is open and unfinished, its pages swift with beauty.

Woe to those whose name is not written!

Ye therefore have contributed to the Great Playbook of Satan!

When Judgement Day comes, your portion shall be measured:

From the words carved on its pages to the acts performed in secret.

What will you do when all the ink is burned to ashes?

What will you do when your part of his story is cut off by the flames of Hell?

The Great Playbook of Satan shall cease,

And the author shall receive his consequence for all things written and exercised through the blueprint.

My First Two Pieces

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