Tradition doesn’t save you!

It seems that there are so many people who love their church traditions, but they don’t want to give their hearts to Jesus. You either have Jesus in your heart or you don’t, and celebration of Communion without Him is a sin. Communion is not a bad thing but celebrating and taking part in it is only for those who are saved by His sacrifice for them.

God loves each of us but He looks at the traditions of men which are used as substitutions for Him and He is not pleased. No, tradition or the “good” things that you do in His name won’t save you from Hell. Only belief in Jesus and repenting of your sins can save you. So think about this during this holiday season and give thanks to the One Who truly deserves to be thanked for His sacrifice for your soul and mine.

When do you pray to God?

Is it a place alone? Is it during a time of need or just because you need to find His will for your day? That would be the best way to begin your day, but do we seek Him in our daily routine?

I would say that many of us really don’t. We talk to Him or at least we think we are. But in reality are we or are we just voicing our problems out into the air and hoping that He might do something about them? Right now…I’m too worried and depressed about my situation to care but I hope that He will help me even if the best situation in my view would be to just take me out of the world so that everyone else can get on with their lives.

I need your prayers badly so please don’t think that I am thinking about something stupid like taking my life. I’m not. But I would rather be with Jesus than to keep living here. I apologize to those who think that I am supposed to be always up and at my ministry because sometimes…I just can’t.