You Are Invited!: Our Fourth Annual 9/11 Commemoration 2022

Hello ⠠⠁⠇⠇⠂

This fall, we are proud to present our fourth annual 9/11 commemoration. Unlike the past three years, this year’s tribute will be brodcasted via our online platform here at WordPress, a continuation of the virtual God vs Satan movement. As we approach the month of July, the process of sending invitations is slowly getting underway. Due to the fact that we will be publishing the commemoration online instead of through email last we have done in the past, we will need more time to prepare, plan, and figure out logistics.

Starting on June 16, I will be sending emails to people whom I have contact with, including Tracy, who is managing this website.

This September, you are all invited to our annual 9/11 commemoration, a solemn and sacred yearly occasion where we come together as a nation to pray for the families who are grieving over the loss of life: Whether in the physical or spiritual. 9/11 is a reminder of the weight of communal suffering, and the joy and hope we inherit for our eventual residence in Heaven, cherishing the abundant and victorious life that Jesus promised to His children: To be a light in the darkness, to love each other even as we grieve over a senseless tragedy, and to overcome each and every obstacle from Satan, including the spirit of hate and division.

On July 15, check your emails (and this blog) for a Google form that will go out to all participants to help plan and coordinate a Spirit-filled, solemn, yet beautiful commemoration that will make a positive impact on others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment or send me an email.

Let us all continue to preach the Gospel, be a light in this evil world, and remain committed to the lifelong fight against the kingdom of Satan! 🙂

In Christ,

Down With Satan_911

Repent Of Thy Sins

Repent of thy sins,

And fear the Lord 

Who shall send judgement upon the bowels of the wicked. 

Repent of thy sins

And fear the endless flames 

That surround the bottomless pit 

Of a dark place called Hell. 

Repent of thy sins,

Yet do not be deceived. 

For your works may feel good, 

But, its consequences are great. 

Repent of thy sins, 

My beautiful country. 

You eat rotten fruits

That burn through the flesh.

Repent of thy sins! 

Repent, repent, repent! 

A kingdom has been prepared for you,

Filled with riches and gold. 

Outside of the city

Came lying lips and deceitful hands. 

When they were desperate for money, 

They hired a con man 

To scam others and win.

But, even as the saints

Seek to win more souls, 

A school of devils 

Sought to make man win more dollars. 

Have ye not coughed up blood

And puked out disgusting food? 

Have ye not beared the great agony

Of the flesh’s tears? 

Have ye not seen vermin

Carry diseases around your towns? 


For ⠮ venomous lips of Satan

Speak blasphemies against my Father’s kingdom. 

Ye have heard 

That your great Archnemesis

Is the father of lies. 

But, I say unto you, 

O, America. 

That there is no love in him. 

When he sows discord,

He fulfills his mission. 

When he dehumanizes the sheep,

He satisfies his belly.

But, when my king calls forth His children,

Satan lies trembling, 

And is desperate to drink. 

So, he drinketh out of the cup 

Of vengeance and rivalry.

But, do ye not know

That a king named Jesus

Died for our sins,

Our failures, and our heartaches. 

He is as gentle as a mother,

Consumed with love,

Crying with patience,

And is willing to forgive. 

I, a blind servant

Created by my Father,

A teenage girl 

Seeking to comfort those 

Who are oppressed by darkness. 

I have seen the hand of God

Touch my fellow brethrens

Just as I have seen Satan’s flames 

Consume the weak and inferior.

Repent of thy sins,

My beautiful nation. 

God is waiting for you, 

And my hand is out 

To touch your stricken hearts.

I beg you. 


I hate to see you 

Suffering your darkest hours. 

I hate to see you 

Crying tears of torment. 

I hate it! 

I hate it!

I just HATE it! 

Come here, 

For God is waiting.

Thy kingdom come, 

On Earth as it is in Heaven! 

Thy kingdom come! Thy will Be done!

America, Please Repent And Come To The Light Of Jesus

Sin punishes itself according to the Bible. If we want to see peace in our land, we must repent from our sin and turn to God. The more evil that is promoted [and committed], the more death we will see. Repent, and turn from sin and accept Jesus into your heart. Do it today! Tomorrow may be too late!
Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

— From G Craige Lewis, Pastor of EX Ministries (6/9/22)

You have a mighty God, live like it!

When I am afraid,
I put my trust in you—Psalm 56:3

So many people in the United States claim to be “Christians” yet less than half of them attend church as “OHO” (On Holidays Only) Christians. How can you claim to be one and not live it each day? I know the “pandemic” threw everyone out of sync with what we were used to but if you have faith in God why not trust Him for your protection from a bug like covid-19?

I don’t mean that Christians should be on the street corners preaching every day but if we could just determine to pray for our country and the world itself for just one hour each day I believe it would make a big difference. If our churches would get a few faithful people together and all of them would pledge to pray for revival and for our world one hour each day, it would make a big impact. Especially if one person started at…say 8 am, then the next one began praying at 9 am, then the next one at 10 am, and get enough people to do this for 24 hours this week it could truly make a change in our world. I know that it would be difficult to get up during the wee hours of the morning but some people do that just to go hunting without any idea that they will be successful.

It is just an idea but our world needs radical ideas right now and prayer doesn’t have to be a constant drone of the Lord’s Prayer. Just be praying for God’s intervention in the affairs of mankind and for those on your church’s prayer list or your family even. Talk to God like you would to a friend and then shut up and listen because He might just speak to you too.

Lift Every Voice (French With Translation)



Soulevez chaque voix et chantez
Jusqu’à ce que la terre et le ciel sonnent
Bague aux harmonies de Liberty
Que notre joie s’élève
Haut comme le ciel qui écoute
Laissez-le résonner fort comme la mer qui roule
Chante une chanson pleine de la foi que le sombre passé nous a enseigné
Chante une chanson pleine d’espoir que le présent nous a apporté
Face au soleil levant de notre nouvelle journée commencée
Marchons jusqu’à ce que la victoire soit remportée
Stony la route que nous avons foulée
Amer la tige de châtiment
Ressenti à l’époque où l’espoir à naître était mort
Pourtant avec un rythme régulier
N’avons pas nos pieds fatigués
Venez à l’endroit pour lequel nos pères ont soupiré?
Nous avons parcouru un chemin qui a été arrosé de larmes
Nous sommes venus, marchant sur notre chemin à travers le sang des massacrés
Hors du sombre passé
Jusqu’à présent, nous nous tenons enfin
Où la lueur blanche de notre étoile brillante est projetée
Dieu de nos années fatiguées
Dieu de nos larmes silencieuses
Toi qui nous a amené jusqu’ici sur le chemin
Toi qui, par ta puissance, nous a conduits dans la lumière
Gardez-nous pour toujours sur le chemin, nous prions
De peur que nos pieds ne s’éloignent des lieux, notre Dieu, où nous t’avons rencontré
De peur que, nos cœurs ivres du vin du monde, nous ne t’oublions
A l’ombre sous ta main
Puissions-nous rester debout pour toujours
Fidèle à notre Dieu
Fidèle à notre terre natale
Notre terre natale


Lift every voice and sing
Till earth and heaven ring
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty
Let our rejoicing rise
High as the listening skies
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
Let us march on till victory is won
Stony the road we trod
Bitter the chastening rod
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died
Yet with a steady beat
Have not our weary feet
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered
We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered
Out from the gloomy past
Till now we stand at last
Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast
God of our weary years
God of our silent tears
Thou who has brought us thus far on the way
Thou who has by Thy might Led us into the light
Keep us forever in the path, we pray
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee
Lest, our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee
Shadowed beneath Thy hand
May we forever stand
True to our God
True to our native land
Our native land

Prayer: Examination Of Conscience

Before I begin this communal prayer, I would like to preface this presentation by saying a few things.

In the Roman Catholic Church and its liturgical traditions, an examination of conscience is a reflective activity where one sets aside quiet time to reflect on and call to mind the sins, imperfections, and moral failures he has made over a period of time, with consultation of the Holy Spirit. It is usually given by a priest prior to the Sacrament of Confession, which allows the person to “confess his sins” before a priest, who will offer him an act of “penance” (or reconciliation.)

It is worth noting that I am not a part of the Catholic Church, nor am I a supporter of the idea of confessing to man to absolve one’s sins. It is Jesus Christ alone who forgives us for our sins when we confess and repent.

In the wake of the two year anniversary of the tragic murder of 46-year-old George Floyd, the style and methodology of this particular composition is not meant to endorse any one denomination over another, rather to expose you to different styles and methods of spiritual expression, specifically the rite of prayer and lamentation through the eyes of other Christian sects, while communicating the core messages of the Gospel.

The nature of this writing style is to cohesively communicate the gravity of the generational sins which plagues America. This is not so much for Floyd and his family alone, but for the country, its allies, and the surrounding nations which have witnessed this evil, and partook in the systemic oppression and African-Americans and other creeds. To further protray the reality and universality of racism and systemic oppression as a generational sin, America is protrayed as a mother birthing children, representing the coming generations since slavery. The following prayer is translated in both English and Latin. Supplemental illustrations are linked at the end of this portion of the protest.

Prayer (Latin)

Misericors Dóminus ómnium géntium;
Oramus pro America, fascinata foemina.
Suum thesaurum libertatis et prosperitatis abdidit
Inferioris hominis carnes comedere.
Memoriae transitus Georgii Floyd;
Deploramus humanae vitae iacturam;
Aer dedit ei Deus inspirare;
Corde suo tenerum: Ecclesia misericordiae;
et lumen quod in pigmento cutis eius refulsit.
Mater America liberos suos prodidit
Sacrum votum solvendo
Esse terram liberorum
Et domum fortium.
Aperi oculos suos, ne se ipsa decipiat;
Excaecavit enim eam Satan in ira furoris sui
Pupillum deridens sibi dissimilem cognatum suum;
Venter eius plenus inimicitiae;
Liberos suos in saltu ferarum proterviam eripi
Propriis manibus systematis innectis
Quod justum non est justum, justum est;
Abnegans dimidium veri et fabulis iniquitatem suam.
Domine, ubi pestilens suspicio et stereotypa infructuosa sunt;
Dilectio alta, pura et prudens;
Odiosa odor evanens odii;
Dolorem perferendis, culpa,
Peperit filiam nomine Reconciliationem;
Quis erit responsabilitas ad tranquillitatem restituendam
Quia primogenito suo spopondit.
Scrutemur ergo conscientiam nostram;
et labore plantandi hortum
Iustitiae et fraternae caritatis fructus metit
Quod per nihilum finitum est, et perpetuum per aeternitatem.

Prayer (English)

O Merciful Lord Of All The Nations,
We pray for America, a bewitched woman.
She has buried her treasure of freedom and prosperity
To eat the flesh of the Inferior Man.
As we remember the passing of George Floyd,
We lament at the loss of human life:
The air God gave Him to breathe,
His tender heart: A church of compassion,
And the light that shined in the pigment of his skin.
Mother America has betrayed her children
By breaking the sacred vow
To be the land of the free
And the home of the brave.
Open her eyes, lest she not deceive herself:
For Satan has blinded her with fits of rage–
Mocking the Orphan who is unlike her kin,
Her belly full of animosity,
Enslaving her children to the rowdy jungle of wild beasts —
With her own hands, crafting a system
That just is not true just-ice,
Denying her iniquity with half-truth and fables.
Lord, where there is unwholesome suspicion and unfruitful stereotypes,
Let love be profound, pure, and prudent:
Vanishing the distasteful aroma of hatred,
Enduring the pain of her sin,
Birthing a daughter named Reconciliation,
Who will take the responsibility to restore the tranquility
That she pledged to her firstborn child.
Let us therefore examine our conscience,
And do the hard work of planting the garden
That reaps fruits of justice and brotherly affection
That is limited by nothing, and continual through eternity.

To add context to the art displayed, the picture of Minneapolis is colored in a deep red, representing the communal pain of the generational sin of racism.

Generally used in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Confession in the Catholic Church, the purple stole was a special garment that priests wore while members of the Church confessed their sins and performed penance during Lent and Easter. Hence the context of this protest, this is a symbol of national reconciliation and repentance.

A Call For Communal Repentance: Part 1

The following clip is a montage of clips taken in the summer of 2020 following the murder of George Floyd. Let us remember the day that the world came together to speak out against this grave injustice, and continue to maintain that spirit of unity for all generations to come.finally, may this unity be turned into brotherly love, that is not limited on our skin color, our qualities, or any God-given trait that every man and woman have a right to. Amen!

George Floyd Commemoration: Order of Pieces

1. 11:00: Video Compilation (see post titled part 1)

2. 11:05: Prayer: Examination of Conscience (Latin)

3. 11:10: Hymn: Lift Every Voice And Sing (with French Lyrics)

4. 11:15: Poem “Peaceful Destruction” (2021)

5. 11:20: Poem “Restitution”

6. 11:25: Poem: “When Will You Learn?” (2021)

7. 11:30: Conclusion: Excerpt from “Breaking the Chains of Antisemitism and Hate” (2021)

Next generation…?

Whichever one is prominent at the moment, I’ve lost count. Some have been born in the last forty years or the last ten or twenty years but what is their belief system or their moral compass? Have they learned anything from their parents or grandparents about what it means to have a belief in God or any “higher being”? Mostly due to the removal of prayer and the Bible from the public schools of America we have at least two generations who have never read from or heard any Bible verses while in school. Unless you were able to attend a private school the use of God’s Word in education was taken away in the early sixties.

Of course after graduating from a private school and beginning your college years, you get back into the public school area and you are slapped with mostly liberal views and no chance of a Christian viewpoint unless you read and study the Bible on your own. Our country was founded by Christians regardless of the “history” that is taught today. Even the “ivy league” schools in the northeast were founded to be seminaries for religious training in their beginning years.

Why has it changed so much in the two centuries plus forty-five years? Mostly because of science and the liberal bent that our leaders in Washington, DC have pushed in their lawmaking in the past 130 years or so. It has become more socialist than Democratic in the past sixty years or so but still God is being pushed out of any mention on the news or in public office except in derision. It seems that a Christian perspective is looked down upon and ANY other religion is pushed forward to be seen as a better alternative…even no religion at all!

Why should is strike anyone as odd that America or some mention of it is not found in the book of Revelation or during the Tribulation? It is very likely that we are not a country which has enough power to be seen as a nation at that time. God has not taken His hand off of our country yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened during the next few decades. Be praying for our leaders both in the military and in office, whether you agree with them or not because they truly NEED our prayers and God’s wisdom whether they will acknowledge it or not.

Just my two cents.