A Call To Communal Accountability and Repentance: Our Second Annual Black Lives Matter Virtual Protest 2022 Invitation

Hello ⠠⠁⠇⠇⠂

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are having a nice weekend. I hope you are taking time out of the day to enjoy the scenery of a hot and humid summer. (Slushies, anyone?)

This week, our nation will be taking the time to pause and commemorate the life and legacy of George Floyd, who was tragically stripped of his life because of a justice system that is founded on systemic racism and police brutality two years ago. While many, if not all of us, have attempted to deny the existence of prejudice and racism, and shy away from confronting the sins of our forefathers who have enslaved us and used the very words of Jesus himself to justify the unjust treatness of black and marginalized men and women in this country, we must be willing to call out and rebuke the system, and those who partake in its many evils that all sum up to the generational sins of enslavement and oppression, rooted in a spirit of hatred, superiority, and animosity.

As a community of faith who firmly stands by the core values of Jesus Christ, we continue to see how the sins of police brutality and systemic racism has had a destructive impact on our school communities, our nation, and the body of Christ. As Apostle DoQuine Greene once stated, every ungodly thought, word, deed, or motive that lingers into our hearts is an invitation for a man to form a covenant with Satan, and we must expose those who continue to do evil against God and His children, through our authority to decipher and destroy the work of the kingdom of Satan. Sadly, our forefathers have made a covenant with Satan — not for blood sacrifice or what we associate with the occult, but a covenant of cold-blooded murder, pressuring the coming generation to cover up their vile deeds against the African-American community. It’s a covenant that is now polluting our justice systems. It tries to convince us that we no longer need to examine, nonetheless teach our youth, the history of slavery, the KKK, and the sacrifices that activists and churches have made, as long as we do not contribute to the act today. But, we all share the guilt of this generational sin.

Even if justice is not restored to the Floyd family by our systems, we believe that God is our ultimate Judge, and will bring justice to those who have wronged us. However, we must be willing to do our part, and share a nationwide responsibility to seek reparation and unlearn the many prejudices we have learned and have been taught by this ungodly system.

Theme: A Call For Communal Accountability and Repentance

This year, as we pay tribute to Floyd and many other families who have been a victim of the epidemic of racism, I believe that a theme that the Holy Spirit wants us to ponder on is the theme of accountability and repentance on a community and global level. This year, you will view a collection of prayers, poems, some art, music, and, most importantly, a call to examine our lives, our beliefs, and our conduct, holding to the belief that sin is a universal issue that calls forth a shared responsibility: To repent, restore, learn, grow, and educate.

This week, let us pause and reflect on the gravity of the pain our nation has witnessed at the height of lockdown, and commit ourselves to learn from this tragedy: Not only through discussion and protest, but by showing the world an example of love, humility, and forgiveness, just as Christ has displayed through His Earthly ministry, and His death and ressurection as atonement for even the gravest sins of man.

Question To Ponder On This Week

As a citizen of my country, and as an ambassador of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, how have I (in word, thought, or deed) been a contributor to the generational sins of enslavement and oppression as we see in our criminal justice system? Am I truly setting a solid example by demonstrating Godly love, humility, and forgiveness, and not harboring prejudice or hatred in my heart?

Final Things

Preparations for the commemoration will begin tomorrow, with the final version being released Wednesday at 11 AM. You are more than welcome to contribute to this protest however the Holy Spirit leads you to. Please feel free to send us your contributions via email (contact information can be found on this link). We would appreciate if your portions be sent before 8 PM on Tuesday to allow time to finalize and polish everything before being published live.

I pray that we will all continue to pray for our brethren, love each other, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Let us prepare our hearts and minds for this sacred and solemn occasion of mourning and reflection, and remember the joy of brotherly love and hope in the treasures of Heaven.

Sister In Christ,

Down With Satan_911

Judgement, where does it start?

Many times in God’s Word, the judgement began at the door of the Temple and went from there. Today, I believe that the church, all churches, needs to examine its doctrine and its practices to make sure that they line up with God’s Word. If any part of our service, our doctrine or our lives inside or outside of the church doesn’t line up with His Word, then revival and repentance is sorely needed!

Sometimes you hear people in the media saying that the church is too this or that or they are judging us, by what right can they do that? If we use God’s Word as our True example and don’t add any of our human frailties and feelings into it, then our witness is true. If we are using rules and regulations that “the church founders wrote”, then we are way out of line!

We cannot be salt and light for the world if we, as a church, have lost the flavor imparted to us and our lives by the Holy Spirit. Our lives have to reflect the message and the life of Jesus, as much as possible, otherwise we don’t look any different from any other “religion”. Jesus gave His disciples and the church a mandate of going and making disciples of all nations. It wasn’t a suggestion or a talking point, it was and is a command from our Lord and it shouldn’t be ignored regardless of the opinion of those outside the church.

Why do I say this so forcefully? Because, we are supposed to be telling people about Jesus and His love for them. We are not supposed to be “like everyone else”, we are representing the Body of Christ here on Earth. Taking His message to those who may not hear it, taking God’s Word to those who can’t afford or get a copy, bringing food and clothes to those in need, teaching them about Jesus by being like Him so that they want to know Him. That is what His church is supposed to be doing. Not meeting in huge auditoriums and cheering to a sermon which says nothing about any of this!

God loves all of humanity but there will come a point when He draws back and lets us go our own way, to the ruin of whichever country that may be. I pray that is not happening to America, but from the news and the stories that have been told in the past decade, it just may be. Please pray with me that we are not at this point. We are at the point of truly needing God’s strength and His mercy but if we don’t repent of our sins and our weak religious ways then we may experience His judgement instead.

Where does your strength come from?

To many people in this world today their strength comes from themselves and their own actions. It comes from their ability and their job or from their family and the strength that they gain from them. But, what happens when one of those is not able to strengthen you or keep you going? What do you turn to then?

Where do you look for strength and compassion when just one of those pillars cracks, when something goes wrong in your life? The people that we depend upon and the strength that we depend upon in life usually are just as weak as you are, spiritually and physically! We are weak, some of us are physically strong but without spiritual strength and our dependence upon Jesus for our strength in Him you will not be able to stand.

Not only to be able to stand up in the morning, which is not the strength that I am referring to, but the spiritual strength to stand against the sins which can drag us down. Standing against Satan and his demons and the temptations which are placed in our way every day, that is what spiritual strength is for! You can’t get it from a job, your family, your bank account, your friends, none of these worldly things can provide for you spiritually!

Yes, they can give you advice, but is it Biblical advice? Did they get it from God or their own mind or their own experience? What good will that do you? Your own advice and experience has not really helped, so why would you listen to them? God knows you and He knows what today had in it and what tomorrow has coming. He will be with you through all of these problems and pain and He will give you the strength to get through today and tomorrow and the next day.

Life is always one day at a time, one minute or hour at a time. Days don’t go by any faster for you than they do for me. The problems that we see each day, the pain that we feel each day are ours, but we don’t have to handle it alone because God is always available and He is with us no matter what or where we may be.

Seek God through His Scriptures, especially in the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. These three books have more wisdom in them than all of the “self-help” books combined. Learn of God’s ways, not just the way that He guided the Israelites but also the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. He loves us, all of us, so much that He sent His Only Son to die on a Roman cross for the atonement of ALL of humanity’s sins, not just a few but all of them.

He will strengthen you in all of your problems and give you the wisdom to get through them. He will do this, not because He has to but because He wants to help you with your life. The lost keys, the misplaced bills, the bad grades or the forgotten birthday. He will get you through them all and give you wisdom in all that you do, IF you will trust in Him and follow His teachings for your life every day.

Rights in America

Are we secure in our rights today? Whether the rights are involved with religion, race, marriage, or racial equality, in America these are supposed to be part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that was adopted when our country was founded over two hundred years ago! You have the right to do many things in America today which grates against the beliefs of many different religious groups and their doctrines. So what is the fuss about in our nation’s capitol?

There are so many different voices and constituents speaking up in Washington, until many of our law makers can’t hear themselves think let alone be able to make any sense out of what is being said. So many voices and opinions in Congress and the Senate are speaking out, and very loudly too, until I wonder if many of the Senators can concentrate on their actual job. I wonder sometimes whether they got elected to do what we, the voters, thought they were running for?

Yes, my blog is a religious blog but sometimes I have to get up on a box and speak out. I get so tired of hearing our news media speaking like politicians. They talk for thirty minutes or more and never really say anything. The thing that many don’t seem to understand is that our rights and laws are all based primarily on God’s laws in the Bible.

It is God that established our land through the faith of the pilgrims and our forefathers, so all of America owes its existence to God’s grace and provision. Like it or not, America was founded upon God’s principles and not some secular principle or belief. America wouldn’t have lasted this long had it not been for the grace and mercy of God.

Of course, in the past sixty or so years our country has been steadily pushing God and prayer and the Bible out of government and schools and out of the courts as well. Our country has passed laws which go totally against God’s law against killing, especially children. Abortion has taken the lives of multiple millions of babies and it seems that everyone thinks that they were just clumps of cells. Doctors know better because the heart begins to beat in the first month or so. A beating heart signals life, so that means it is a little person!

We have gone a long way from being a society which reveres life and family and we need to come back to those beliefs.

A brand new you!

Happy New Year! So far, everything seems to be going well since I haven’t looked at or read any news stories this year.

madewholeinHeavenWe can all be made whole in Heaven and in our walk with Jesus. Seek Him out this year, learn of Him and His ways through reading the Bible. Your life will never be the same again, it will be better!

God loves us all, dogs too, and He cares for all of His creation. In order to enjoy our eternity, we should come to Him when He calls, please don’t miss that call from God! Jesus said, “”I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6
Jesus is the way to life eternal, the only way. You cannot do it yourself, nor can you come through some other religion or god. Realize this, come to know Him so that your year can be far better than it has been

When you accept Jesus as your Savior, you will become a new person if you seek Him and read His Word believing that He is the Savior of your soul. Ask Him to come into your life and your heart and change you into the person that you are supposed to be for Him, when you do this then you will change from the inside out. Your habits, your life and your speech will all eventually change to reflect the person that you are becoming on the inside.

It isn’t an instant change, but by seeking Him in His Word and prayer asking Him to give you the wisdom and strength to be the person that you can be, then you will change. The problem in our world and our society is that people don’t want to change or they get dissatisfied with the change, and they think that somehow their heart was changed but they just gave up on the seeking part. That is not how it works!

If you have truly changed and asked Jesus to come into your heart and you have repented of your old ways. Then, pray and seek Him daily…every day! So that you will have His power and Presence with you daily, then you can complete the change inside you so that it can show on the outside. Jesus loves you and cares for you far more than you know, but it takes repentance from your old life, as Paul stated you have to “work out your salvation daily”, it is not instant nor is it easy.. It is a process that has to be worked through daily.

Seek Him in the morning and in the afternoon and before going to sleep, especially during the first year of your new life. Why do I say this? Because, just as in any relationship, you need to get to know Him and the best way to do this is to read, and study the Bible and pray for the Spirit to open your heart to it and help you to understand it.

Happy New You!!

Have you come to Jesus in repentance?

You know, there are many people who attend church and some who don’t attend any church who know about Jesus but they haven’t repented of their sinful life or their sins in any way. Many of them think that by being in the church or on a church roll that God will dismiss the things that they have done and forgive them anyway. That is NOT what the Bible says or what any of the gospel writers taught at all! Believing in Jesus is the way to salvation but refusing to repent of your sinful ways is just a slap in His face which will not be tolerated nor forgiven!

Coming to Jesus with a broken heart knowing that what you have been doing is against His laws and commandments and asking for His forgiveness is the way to and the beginning of salvation. Once you have taken that first step by asking Him to forgive you, then you are ready for the Holy Spirit to come into your life and your heart and change you into the person that He needs you to be. As the Scripture says, “you are a new creation, behold all things have become new” and it is true!

Your old life and ways won’t have a hold on your heart anymore. You will want to be more like Jesus and to follow Him every day. Oh, this desire to be like Him and follow Him won’t happen immediately but it will happen when you study the Bible and pray with Him and to Him daily, bringing your problems and fears to Him. Because, Satan will try to derail your walk with Jesus by bringing your old life up and your friends will come around asking for you to go with them to places that you know you shouldn’t be going now. Temptations like these will happen sometimes on a daily basis at first, but once they realize that you belong to Jesus, your friends might just ask you about Him.

That is when some of them will leave and you might never see them again, but some of them will want to know more. Why are you so happy? What has changed about you? Things which bothered you one time, don’t anymore. What is going on in your life that is different? They will want to know and you can tell them. Show them the verses that you have been reading, tell them about the saving grace that God has granted to us all if we will just ask for it with a repentant heart and turn away from our old life.

Repentance is the only way to change your life along with coming to Jesus. Continuing to do the things that you did before, even after asking Him for His forgiveness, shows that you are not sorry that you did those things and that you never intended to stop doing them in the first place. In other words, you lied to Jesus and to God! That is a dangerous thing to do because not only can God just give you over to the thoughts of your mind, but He can also harden your heart so that you cannot lie to Him again. You will never feel the tug of the Holy Spirit on your heart regardless of how good the speaker might be.

Being let go by God is a sad thing because you will never have the chance to repent again…to come to Him and ask His forgiveness. I know, some of you will say that God is supposed to love us and He wants to save us. Yes, He does but we are given free will to be and do whatever we want to do. Many of us do this to the extreme and some of us push the limits of everything that we do. What do I mean by this? Well, for instance we push against God and His laws, just as we do against our parents when we were growing up. We rush right up to the limit of the sin, whatever it might be. Some of us pull back and repent. Some of us, keep right on going because we enjoy whatever it is that we are doing, even when we know it is wrong.


Gloom, despair and depression…why do we have them?

Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God.” Psalm 42:11

The words above were written for us today. Because they speak to the depression and the solitude which Satan uses to take over our life and make it one which is filled with despair and gloom and darkness. Why does he do this? Because he doesn’t want you to tell anyone about Jesus and he knows that if you are “down in the dumps”, you won’t feel like spreading the Good News of Jesus to anyone! If he can stop you from telling one person, he has done his duty. Because, that one that you miss because of your depression just might be the next great evangelist and he doesn’t want that.

If it was your business to do the things that make people miserable, like Satan’s purpose is today, you wouldn’t want some on-fire evangelist out there spreading the Gospel to everyone that he meets! It doesn’t matter to Satan how he accomplishes his goal, if he has to kill thousands to do away with the one that could bring a message of hope and love to even a few people, he will do it! But…God’s plans will always win out. Satan may think he has won, but God knows the outcome and He knows where the next follower of Christ is and what they can do.

Satan hates us as human beings because God loved us more than He loved the angels, of which Satan was a principle cherub, the guardians of God. Not only does he hate humanity because of God’s love for us but because of the special position that God gave to us, the relationship that we can have with God through His Son. So, you see it isn’t personal, he just hates us with such a deep and abiding hatred that no human could ever understand it. Satan will make people think that he will reward them with power and wealth and he might for a time, but the day will come when your “contract” will be up. No amount of money or power will save you from the eternal punishment that will fall on you because you chose to align yourself with the consummate liar and deceiver that is Satan.

Some religions teach that there is no eternal punishment for us because Jesus paid that price and we are all saved through Him. Well, technically that is true but if you have not repented of your sins and asked Jesus into your heart and your life, you don’t have Him as Lord and Savior to keep you from being thrown into the lake of fire with Satan and his followers. Just as if I told you that I have one hundred dollars that I will give you, if you don’t come to my home and claim it then you still don’t have it. The offer of salvation is there, the price has been paid and once you take hold of it then your salvation cannot be un-done, but if you don’t grasp it and repent of your sinful ways and follow Jesus when you ask Him into your heart, then they were just words and nothing more. You can even get baptised in front of a church or in a stream, but without repentance and a commitment to follow Jesus, you just got wet in front of an audience and nothing more.

The Church which was started on the day of Pentecost was not a specific denomination. It wasn’t called the Church of God or the Church of Christ or the Pentecostal church. At the time, the Jews in Israel called them believers of the Way, a sect that they wanted to crush and destroy. Which is why they sent Saul to imprison and beat the believers in this “Way”. The persecution of believers began then and it has not stopped since. It may be subtle here in America, in other countries it is more pronounced and vigorous. Elsewhere, Christians are imprisoned, beaten, and sometimes killed because of their belief in Jesus.

Satan has used this jealousy and animosity against the Church to destroy and persecute it for centuries simply because he wants to undo the plans of God as much as he can. That is why there is so much suffering in the world and so much pain and death. God allows this because He gives each of us a choice, whether to follow Him or not. Without a choice, there is no real love. Think about this, if someone tried to force you to follow them or love them….would you? I wouldn’t.

Noah and the condition of the world

Have you seen the movie or read the story in the Bible? Jesus told His disciples that at the end of the age, the world would be exactly as it was in the days of Noah. The world at that time was so bad that God decided that mankind was so evil that He was sorry that He had created them.

Our world is unfortunately coming very close to that point. People are ignoring the truth found in the Bible. Nobody wants to hear a message of hope that hinges upon belief in Jesus, but they are perfectly fine with any other “god” that you want to mention. People are being imprisoned and threatened with death for their belief in Jesus, let alone telling someone about Him!

I haven’t even started on the drug trade or the slavery that is going on, sexual and otherwise. Then there is all the crime that is rampant in the nations, not just America but most prevalent here as well. Crimes against children, murder, kidnapping, rape,….the list could go on and on. The point of this is that our world has gotten to the point of being very close to the evil ways that was present at the time of the Flood.

Of course, there are plenty of people who deny that there was a flood or even a Creator-God for that matter. They don’t seem to want to admit that many of our phrases and sayings that we are comfortable with actually came from God’s Word! Why???? The arguments against His existence and the Truth found in His Word are many and varied but the main point of all of them seems to be that nobody wants to be held accountable for their way of life, regardless of what they may be doing.

Everyone seems to want to make up their own version of “god” so that he is tolerable of whatever they are doing and will still allow them into Heaven anyway. By denying the Bible and its truth, they are turning away from the Creator just as the people did in the time of Noah. Even if the world doesn’t end in the next fifty years, the truth and the veracity of the Bible can’t be questioned although many would argue that point. The end will come when God decides that it is time and not before. It can’t be rushed, nothing that we do can make Him speed up the date. He already knows when it will happen, but many of the people in our world are ignoring the signs.

The signs in the heavens, the condition of mankind on Earth, the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather that we have been having and that is getting more destructive…all of these things are foretold in the Bible. Maybe not specific places or types, but the warnings are there. We, as Christians, need to be telling as many as we can about Jesus because there isn’t much time left. This generation that is alive today will very likely be the one which will see the Tribulation and the coming of the Son of Man. It is not an “if” it will happen but “when” it happens, it will still come as a surprise to many even though some have heard it for their entire lives.

Please, be on the watch. Read, pray that you will be given the understanding to see the signs. Tell your family and friends about the Lord so that they won’t have an excuse for not knowing and hopefully they will make the decision to follow Jesus too. Every minute that passes by is one that we can’t get back, but it also brings the Second Coming a little closer. Watch and pray that you don’t fall into temptation.

In His Service.

What good are the Ten Commandments?

Today, do we still need the Ten Commandments? Are they relevant to our time and our lives today? Many people don’t think so today. According to most of those who don’t want to know about God and don’t want to believe anything that is contained within the Bible, these laws are null and void. According to them, God’s Word was made up by men so it has no authority. They even postulate that it had no authority at the time it was written and it specifically hasn’t any today!

Why is that? Our laws are based upon the laws given by Moses! We have laws against adultery, murder, perjury (lying under oath), stealing, neglecting your parents in their old age (honor your father and mother). Granted, you won’t go to jail for cheating on your wife or your husband, but if you are found out the divorce will cost you something! Dependent on how forgiving your spouse is, it may or may not cost you your life!

The Ten Commandments were given to begin to show people that they need a Savior, because there is no way that we can keep them perfectly. It just can’t be done, because by breaking even one of them, you have become guilty of all of them. If you have ever stolen anything, no matter how small or inconsequential it might have been, you are a thief. If you lied to your Mom or Dad about it, now you are a liar and a thief. Any one of these sins will keep you from having a relationship with God, but the most important decision of your life has nothing to do with these!

The most important time of your life is to realize that you are a sinner, separated from God and then to realize that you need Jesus in your life! That is the purpose of these Commandments! To make you realize your sin, regardless of your faith! If you have heard them or read them, then your heart will let you know when you break them. That is their purpose, to bring you to the point where you know that you need Jesus.

Your decision, the one which will determine your eternity, is whether you will accept God’s grace to you through Jesus or not. That is what decides your final destination, not a loving God. He didn’t create hell for any of us, it was created to punish the angels and Satan who rebelled against God. We have always had a reservation, an invitation to Heaven, all we have to do is accept Jesus as our personal Savior and when we follow Him, we will be where He is, where our reward is, in Heaven. It is your decision and yours alone that determines your eternity, this is why we were given a choice because God wants us to choose to serve Him!

Even the angels have a choice, they are not required by instinct or design to serve God. We are created with a spirit of choice as well. We can choose to live by the rules of the world and do what we want to do, trying to do it all on our own,to see if we can be good enough, righteous enough to earn our way into heaven. Except, we are flawed because of our sinful nature and we can’t be perfect enough, righteous enough to earn our way. Jesus is the only way into Heaven because He paid the price of a perfect sacrifice for all of mankind and all that we have to do is accept it and believe that He did it for us.

Don’t believe the lie that time is on your side, because that is a deception from Satan himself. He is using that to make you believe that you have plenty of time to make your decision. The problem with that is that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, we don’t know if we will wake up when the alarm goes off tomorrow or if we will open our eyes to gaze at the judgment seat of God!

Truthfully, I am not trying to frighten you, I am not saying that your life might end tonight. But, kids who were just 19 years old have died in their sleep, people get killed in accidents every day, none of them saw this coming, none of them knew that it was about to happen, but it did. What if, for the sake of your eternal soul, I am right. What will happen to you if you have not asked Jesus into your heart? It will not be God’s fault that you will end up in hell, it will be yours! Because you have heard the message and the way out of hell is faith and acceptance of Jesus as your Savior. There is no other way. Religion won’t save you, your own version of righteousness won’t pay your way into Heaven, none of your wealth on Earth will go with you and it won’t help.

The only way into Heaven is by faith in Jesus.


Why don’t more people attend church?

Is it because they are not interested or have become dis-interested in the message? Is it because of the media today that pushes references to God out of the news most of the time? Maybe it is because our culture has collectively walked away from belief in God and just doesn’t want to get into church. I am not sure of the cause in our nation, but in many parts of the world, belief in Jesus is exploding yet in our country belief and attendance of church services is declining. Being the only country which was founded on Christian principles, I am not sure what has happened to our belief system.

God and His Word have not changed, so what has happened to us?

Many of our beliefs today reflect our society and its beliefs, so why is our world changing in such radical ways? It is because our society and the beliefs that we have held as a nation have changed drastically in the past fifty years or so. We were considered, at one time, to be a Christian nation but even though many people still say they believe in God they don’t practice their beliefs.

If this is hard to believe, you can look up the statistics on the Internet. Many people who are college age or have graduated recently don’t attend any religious gatherings on a regular basis. Many, who were part of a family that attended church, have just walked away from their faith altogether. Even in the so-called Bible-belt, less than thirty percent overall attend church regularly. What happened?

We, as a nation, have pushed God out of our lives. We pushed Him out of our schools, we have declared that He is dead, we have mocked Him in many areas, especially scientific circles. Theories that maintain that He wasn’t present when the universe was created are taught as if they are factual. It seems that we take little notice of the miraculous in our lives, regardless of how much it impacts our daily lives.

Can anything be done about this situation? Yes, something can and will be done! The Christians who are devout and steadfast in their faith must step up and pray for a revival in our communities, our counties, our states and our nation! If we don’t do this, the next generation will be the one which pays the price and the entire world will suffer for it. If we, collectively, don’t decide to humble ourselves and pray, asking forgiveness for our lack of faith and judgment, then we will be responsible for the downfall of faith in God which will be the forerunner for chaos in our world.

I implore you to listen with your heart! Get down on your knees, ask God to forgive us, each of us, so that we can begin the healing process in our lives. So He can begin the revival in our hearts and our minds because if we don’t, there will be little hope left once He is gone from our culture. Don’t let this happen by executive order or from a judge’s gavel, pray hard and long for our revival, let God know that there are still people who believe in Him and who care whether He is present in our lives.

If we don’t revive our belief in God in our nation, and spread the news to the world, then we are dropping the ball. Jesus told His disciples , as well as us, to take the gospel to the end of the world so what are we waiting for? If we don’t tell people what Jesus has done for us and what He can do for them, then who will? How will they hear about Him, if there is nobody telling what He has done and is doing in their life?

It is a challenge for all of us who are believers but it is a challenge that we must meet. Even if you never set foot in another country, at least pray for those who are missionaries around the world. Prayer is most powerful when we do it on purpose and our purpose is clear, people must know about Christ! If we don’t tell them, or pray for them to come to know Him then who will?