Are we being tested?

I’m not asking about disease testing or school testing, I am asking about spiritual testing! Today and every day our world, not just the church and the people who make up the church, is being tested. How? By Satan himself! He is testing the church and the people in it but he is also testing the rest of the world too. He is testing everyone to see just how real their faith is and Who their faith is focused on. If they are focused on Jesus Christ then their testing is not going to be over until they are taken home to be with Him. If they haven’t decided whether they believe in Jesus or not then their testing could be over soon.

Why such a difference?

Because, Satan doesn’t care about those who may be “on the fence” about their belief in the Savior, Jesus Christ! He is interested in causing those who claim to belong to Jesus to lose their witness to those around them. If he can make you say something or do something that will cause people to question your faith then your witness is damaged. If he can keep you off balance and keep your focus away from Jesus then he can damage your influence even further making you ineffective in telling others about Jesus.

Our entire world, believers and non-believers, is being tested in one way or another. There are so many problems and wars and famines and….the list goes on and on. My point is that we are on the edge of the book and the prophecies of Revelation. Whether you want to believe this or not makes no difference, God’s Word and His prophecies will come true. Will it happen this year? I don’t know. Will it happen in the next decade? I don’t know but in my Spirit it feels as if it is very close.

I urge you to make sure of your salvation. If you doubt it or you’re not sure, then I would seek out Jesus in the Bible and at a church that teaches the Bible. Seek Jesus, pray that you will learn of Him and give your heart to Him. Ask Him to come into your life and change your life while there is time.

2 thoughts on “Are we being tested?

  1. For years, I watched this game show called Idiot Test. It’s a series of brainteasers that challenge contestants to think outside of the box and think beyond what is being asked. They may use word play and other clever strategies to trick you into thinking that something is right when it is not. Spiritually speaking, Satan is giving the church an “idiot test”. So far, a majority of us are flunking miserably and taking our eye off of Jesus for money and fear. Many of us are chasing after false prohets who claim to cure Covid and enact the Rapture of the church. The trick with this test (covid) is to challenge us to go outside our intellectual knowledge and ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and give us insight into the terriory we are walking on. If Satan could get us to slip up because of our reliance on a PHD or a 4.0 GPA alone, why should otheins trust our “faith journey”? It’s not about intellect, it’s about integrity and intention.

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