What is your view?

The world and the media cloud our ideas and our view of the world around us with their own version, their own spin on what is happening and what has happened in the past. So how are we to discern the truth of what is and what will be if we don’t read the Bible? It is God’s inspired Word to mankind and since He cannot lie, it is the whole truth. Regardless of the watered down messages that some teach or try to “interpret” in a way which has nothing to do with its message at all.

God’s predictions for our world’s future, such as the saying of Jesus that “the kingdom of God will come before this generation is done”, did not mean that those living at the time would see His second coming. It did refer to the Jewish people who would still be the state of Israel at the time of His second coming. I am sure that many in that day hoped that Jesus would destroy Rome and its hold of persecution and oppression over the Jewish people but that wasn’t His job at that time.

Jesus came to end the oppression of Satan over the whole world so that people could gain their freedom from the world and its sins and the consequences in their lives. That was His message and His mission the first time. When He comes the second time, it will be as Conquerer and King and He will do it because not one comma or period will pass away before all are fulfilled.

Our world, not just America, is beginning a new year and all of us need to be seeking Jesus as our True Savior. He is the only Way to Heaven and our debts for our sins have been paid, all we have to do is believe in Him and follow Him daily, seeking to be more like Him until that day when He calls us all home. I pray that more people will learn of Him and seek Him as their Savior this year because He is coming soon.


The end and a beginning

We are at the end of this year of 2018 and it has been the most contrary and contentious year that I have ever seen concerning a President sitting in the White House. God placed him there whether you voted for him or not, just as He did with our previous President. God is in control of all things during these times in which we all live and we should be seeking His counsel in all of our decisions.

The year that is before us tonight is not yet here in my part of the world but I pray that everyone who reads my posts here has a wonderful and happily blessed beginning to the year and may the rest of it bring good things your way!

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is almost here so enjoy it but don’t overdo your enjoyment of it. You don’t want to start the year off in the hospital! God bless you all!


Think about this…

When the high priest heard Jesus acknowledge that He was the Son of God, the high priest rent his cloak. In the Old Testament, if the high priest did this in his priestly robe (the one which had no seams), it effectively removed him from office according to the Torah. By rending his garment he cut himself off from being a representative character. He was no longer accepted by God as an officiating priest.

We have been celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, but consider the time of His crucifixion and when He said, “It is finished”. The veil of the Temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom. God’s Presence was in the Holy of Holies so it was God Himself Who tore (rent) the veil of the Temple from top to bottom giving mankind access to Himself from that point on through the substitutionary death of Jesus as the Passover Lamb and the fulfillment of ALL of the feasts which God had instituted from the time of the exodus from Egypt to the giving of the law of God on Mount Sinai. In particular the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Firstfruits.

Jesus fulfilled all of the feasts and their meaning, not just as the Lamb of God but as our Savior and Lord and our High Priest Who went into the Temple in Heaven to put His blood on the altar to atone for ALL of our sins.

This bit of information is hard for us to understand or get any kind of idea of what this really means but that is exactly what Jesus came to do and He accomplished it in the way His Father wanted Him to do it. All 300 prophecies about Him from the Old Testament were fulfilled by Him so there is no denying that He was truly God and man, because no human being could’ve fulfilled even a few of the prophecies written about Him.

Jesus came to take the sins of the world upon Himself so that He could be our sacrifice, our atoning sacrifice for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are not a believer or if you are a bit skeptical about Him because He took your sins too. Your lack of belief or your refusal to believe in Him doesn’t annul any of the grace and mercy which has been given to you. The only barrier keeping you from Him or the atonement and salvation which have been offered by His death and His resurrection is your belief in Him. By accepting Him as your Savior and repenting of your sins, you can walk with Him through this life and become one of His disciples.

It is not a hard thing to do unless you are truly addicted to your life and the “things” in it. If you would rather live your life according to your rules and do what you want to do then you are free to do so. But don’t expect that you will enjoy heaven in eternity because your salvation through Jesus is the only way to get there.



My story…

God called me to be a minister way back in 1983. I was in a “relationship” with a woman who didn’t become my wife and it was a “friendship with benefits”, and I had not been listening to Him very well. I answered the call by going to Oral Robert’s University for a weekend to scope out the place in a way. I felt His call and His Presence touching my life while I was there and I listened, weakly, but I did listen.

But…when I cam home, I decided to reject His call and keep going on with my life like I wanted it and the way that I wanted to do it. Unfortunately, that was not the answer that He wanted to hear from me. It wasn’t but a few months until the woman that I had been in a relationship with found someone else and was planning a wedding until she died in a car accident.

Did that have anything to do with me or my decisions? I don’t know. Could it have been something caused by God or allowed by Him to get my attention? Maybe. But…I still didn’t turn toward Him in the way that I should’ve. My life went through a few more “storms” (to use an overused word) before I finally listened to Him. What kind of storms? Well, a bankruptcy and a divorce and a little while of driving OTR trucks (although driving the trucks was fun).

Actually while driving the trucks I began talking to God while I was driving. I told Him that I had messed up my life by not listening to Him the way I should, so I wanted Him to find my soul mate because I had heard Him the first time I got married but I didn’t listen. This time I wanted Him to find her for me and then make sure I knew it and didn’t walk away this time.

To shorten this a bit I did hear Him and we did get married and we are still married, going on now for twenty-six years now. So, yes, I learned my lesson about listening to God’s “still, small voice”. It is easy to hear if you are listening but it is also too easy to ignore because God’s voice is not loud. He tests your spiritual ears and if you hear Him and acknowledge it then He knows you are listening.

The next time that He got my attention was in ’95 when my grandfather died right around Easter that year and my Mom died on Christmas Eve. It took a year or more before I could continue my college education because I was half-way through my first two years when this happened. God called me again to be His minister about nine years later and this time I listened. I studied His Word during the night shifts while I worked as a Medical Technologist in a lab (during the times when I wasn’t really busy).

In 2011 I was called to be a pastor of a small church close to home and by the grace of God, I am still preaching there. I do realize that this story is about my life but I want to show you that when God calls you to be His minister or His disciple or His follower…don’t turn away from Him and don’t ignore His call on your life!