Well, we are here…

So, what do we do now? God places rulers, governors, Senators and Presidents in their positions in order for His will to be done. One way or another. Just as God used Pharaoh when the Israelites were slaves, He will use our leaders, our President to make His will for us known. We may not realize it, we may not even want to acknowledge God is the One, the only One Who is truly in control of our world.

God said in the Bible, where Paul wrote in Romans 9:17:
“For the Scripture says to Pharaoh: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display My power in you, and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

This is what I believe that God is doing here in America today, and not just here but all over the world! The people who are showing up like the Neo-Nazi’s, the white supremacists, many of those who are “taking advantage” of the unrest and uncertainty in our country are just adding to the problems before a solution can be figured out for anything! Most of the voters who actually voted for Donald Trump are not like them nor do we belong to the organizations which are claiming that we do.

God is bringing all of this to a tipping point and one day this will tip over and we will be involved in some real problems, not just these small problems which everyone seems to be whining about. It will not be something that everyone will be joyful about and very few will enjoy it at all, but God is still in control. Some of you who read this may want to ask, “Why is this happening now?”; that is a good question but why didn’t it happen thirty years ago? Why didn’t some of this happen sixty years ago?

Because we, as a people and as the only race on this planet able to think about things like this, are in a position to read and know that where we are in prophecy means that we don’t have many more years before there is a worldwide realization that God truly is in control.Why do I say this? Because when so many people disappear, worldwide at the same time, some will know what it means but many people won’t get it and that is our mission now! To make sure that they don’t have to find someone to tell them what is going on!

Just because we have a President elect who has used the fears and rhetoric that he did in order to get elected, doesn’t mean that he is like those who are wearing the T-shirts with his name on them! You know, I didn’t vote for the President that we have had for the past eight years, but I have prayed for his salvation and for God to give him the wisdom to do his job. I didn’t go into the streets and burn cars and break windows and such because I didn’t want him. God says that we should serve under those who are put above us in government because He is the One Who placed them there!

Peace in our time?

“Since its inception in the 7th century, Islam has used the sword to advance its territory. It goes on to this day. The goal is to bring the world into submission to Sharia law. This is what motivates all these “terrorist” groups. ISIS is getting a lot of attention, but what is going on with Boko Haram against the people of Nigeria today is just as horrible. This practice of using force to compel conversion is a distinctive to Islam compared to the world’s other major religions.” (borrowed from another site afa.net)

Our world here in America and elsewhere is becoming much more dangerous, especially to Christians. Why? Because we don’t believe the same as other religions. Yet, people in America want tolerance from Christians toward everyone else’s beliefs and their lifestyles, but they can’t stand our beliefs. Talk about a double standard!!

It seems that people can’t comprehend the reason that Christians believe the way that they do, and I don’t understand this at all. The Bible, which is our guidebook and our Holy Book, is available almost everywhere. Most of it is part of Jewish belief as well since their Torah and much of our Old Testament are the same. Even Islam recognizes the Book and the Patriarchs and Jesus, although they don’t give them the same reverence that we do.

Peace in our life-time has been a common theme that many have tried to bring about for many hundreds of years, yet it is something which is either fleeting in its brevity or almost impossible due to cultural and religious differences. Is it possible? Yes, but it cannot be done through force and it will not come at the hands of a man, it will come about when Jesus returns and rules from Jerusalem.

Why do I say it this way? Because it is a fact. God has prophesied it in His Word and therefore that is the way that it will be. There is no argument and there is no other way that it will happen. Many people will fight against it and they will fail in the end. Like it or not, that is the way the future will be.

Christianity is not forced upon you. You will and always have had a choice to follow Jesus or not, but peace on the Earth will only come when He is ruling from Jerusalem. I am not speaking of the Anti-Christ, but the real Messiah, Jesus.

Yes, I know, many who might read this will not agree with me which is fine. I don’t expect nor require anyone to agree. I am just stating something which is prophesied to happen and it is going to happen. Whether you believe that I am delusional or not really doesn’t matter at all, I have been called worse.

God knows the hearts of men, regardless of their religion or their doctrine, and it is He that will judge each of us according to our faith and that which we have done or not done in this life. The things which have been done for His Kingdom will last, anything other than this will be destroyed. Your possessions and your money are all part of this world and it doesn’t matter how much you have of either. When  you die, regardless of the manner of your death, your “stuff” will be here for someone else to sell or enjoy. You will be in eternity and your decisions in this life for or against Jesus will determine where that eternity will be. So make the right choice.

How Much?

How much should we endure in our lives? How much should we forgive and forget? How much? This is the question which people ask when they can’t afford what they are looking at, and yet they ask it anyway. It is also the question that we ask when we want to know what it will take to get something done, whether in the spiritual realm or the physical. How much time? How much money? How much of my life will this involve? Do you really have so much time and money that you can’t part with any of it or are you just selfish? God gave you the job or the income that you have, why can’t you give Him credit for what you live off of?

The only time that Jesus asked a question which sounded like, “How much?”, was when He fed the five thousand men. He asked His disciples about the amount of food that they had found, which was a boys lunch of two loaves of bread and some fish. God can take a little and do a lot with it, just as He used the twelve disciples and turned the world upside down with His message and the church began. That small lunch which the boy had actually fed about fifteen thousand or so since there were women and children present too, which wasn’t counted in the initial count.

How much more are we going to have to put up with before we realize that the Bible is right? Everything that is happening today, around the world, is part of prophecy. From the book of Daniel to Revelation, the world that we see and hear about on the news is there in some form. Yes, they may have used some descriptions which describe things that don’t exist, but the men who wrote those books had never seen a helicopter or a jet air plane, so they described them the best way that they could with what they knew of at the time. The next world conflict will begin in the Middle East, maybe in Turkey or Iraq, but it will be in that region. Who will be fighting whom, I don’t know, but it will involve religious differences and hatred between people.

It has been brewing ever since the nation of Israel reformed and became a nation in 1948 and it is coming to a head soon. I don’t know the date, no one does except for God, the point is that we need to get back to our faith in Him, because the problems which are coming with this conflict and the economic disaster which will likely happen before this war will cause tremendous trouble all over the world. Why do we need to get back to God? Because we need an anchor, a Rock to cling to in the raging water, something that is unchanging and that is God and His Truth. Throw that away and we have anarchy. Few people will live through a lawless nation or a world without laws and morals. Think about it, pray about it, come back to God before it is too late.

Why are we living the way we do?

In many areas of the country, people just do as they please, as long as its not hurting anyone or is against the law. Which is fine, but what about the big cities, the population centers which control who gets elected to office. Most of them have high crime rates ranging from high numbers of thefts, and rape, to murder, and vandalism. What has happened to the American way of life, the one that many people claimed to enjoy about fifty or more years ago? The kind of life that many people came to America to enjoy seems to be slipping away, so what happened?

The thing that happened in our country and in our culture, to begin with, was the start of the Vietnam conflict and the civil rights marches, but those did not impact our culture to stop our embrace of morality and dignity. I am not sure what prompted the lawsuit that started our slide away from respect for each other and a moral way of living and character, but according to documents from the history books and from the government, it was prayer.

Prayer, by itself, is not a reason to move away from morality and dignity and character. The lawsuit was filed because a parent, who was an atheist, found out that his child was participating in prayer at school. Prayer that invoked the name of God, which this parent’s child was taught did not exist. A few years later, in 1963, the decision was handed down that prayer would not be allowed in schools anymore. The next year, the Bible was removed from all public schools.

When these two events happened, our schools and the achievements of the children who graduated from them began to erode. I am including the link address of the article where I got my information from here.

This decision, more than any other, has caused more problems and heartache and pain than many others that have come about in the past fifty years. Can we fix it or do we just have to roll with it until something blows up or shuts down, like our economy for instance?

Unfortunately, those in our nation’s capital don’t really seem to care what happens as long as their pension and their life is somehow protected from the fallout that is coming. The people which we elected to represent our wishes and the best paths for the country to follow are the ones who are making sure that they have an escape route to follow when things get really bad.

The only person that can change this sad chain of events is the one that has been shoved out of public arenas and education for years and that is God. He knows what is happening and is allowing it to happen because of our stupidity and unwillingness to acknowledge Him in all areas of our lives! The change that He will bring about is coming, it is just a matter of timing…His timing, not ours.

Consider the values of those who we vote into office, find out about them and what they stand for before you mark the ballot!! Don’t vote them into office and then go, “Oops!, we put the wrong guy in!!” By then it is too late. God gave us a brain and common sense, use it!

What has happened to our country?

In the past twelve years what has actually happened to our country? I don’t even recognize much of the United States anymore, at least the United States that I grew up in! We are in the process of creating a country that is exactly the kind that most people fled from to come to in the past two hundred years. I know about the slave ships that brought people here against their will and I truly do apologize for all of the past mistakes, sins, that our forefathers perpetrated but there is a limit to what we should be doing to our country. The damage that has been done is such that it cannot be undone by one President, it cannot be undone in the next century by any number of elected officials especially those who are corrupt like the ones in office now!

I realize that my blog is supposed to be about Christ and I do believe that the reason for this happening is due to the fact that God and prayer were taken out of schools and our educational system. Morality has been eroded away to the point that many people support the idea that we each have our own truth and our own morality. According to who?! If you don’t have your morality and truth anchored in the Word of God, then the individual person can make up exactly what they consider to be truth and morality for themselves! This will create a system of anarchy with no law and no responsibility for anything! Do you think that you can live in a country like that? Would you want to bring up a child in a country like that? I wouldn’t!

Our country needs a revival of faith in God, in morality, in each of our lives and if we don’t do this or decide that we don’t need it, then we will suffer the consequences. What that will be, I don’t know, but it will very likely be unpleasant. Please, think about this, pray about it, bring it up in your church if you attend one! If we allow our country to go down this path that it has already started on, then we will see what those consequences will be and I doubt that anyone will be having a good time.


Can you be a Christian and a communist?

In many people’s viewpoints, the Church started out as communist because they were “selling what they had and giving to those in need as they had need”. This is not a communist viewpoint but a command from Jesus to help those who are less fortunate than you are. Modern Marxism and communism both deny the deity of God and Jesus and both pursue the idea that man is his own god and that outside of man there is no other help. Granted, I have used a very simple way of writing this but that is what their views boil down to.

So, to answer the question then the answer would be a resounding “NO!”. The viewpoints are on opposite sides in every respect, especially when it comes to Who is in charge. God is and always has been the Creator, regardless of the humanist viewpoint of communism and other human-centered ways of belief. I a believer in Christ and a pastor of a small church so my view is skewed toward God but the overwhelming evidence that has been put forth to prove evolution just doesn’t! There has never been a fossil dug up that was in the transition stage between one form or another. So, with that in mind, why can’t the “intelligent design” or creationist view be correct?

I know that I have strayed from my original argument about communism but since both evolution and communism try to give man the preeminent place in the world, I wanted to touch on both. Are there Christians in communist countries? Yes, there are but they are not the ones in power usually. Are there Christian scientists in the world? Yes, but they don’t believe in evolution entirely. They do believe, at least in theory, in intelligent design and not evolution. Now, I have not interviewed them because I don’t have the resources to do so. But, the evidence in most Christian magazines and articles is that evolution can’t and doesn’t happen and it is backed up by scientific proof.

Communist ideas and ideals attempt to show that we, as humans, are the ultimate animal, the pinnacle of evolution. We are the pinnacle because God created us that way! He did so because He wanted us to be created in His image, not the image or the likeness of an ape! Life doesn’t spring forth from a primordial soup of protein spontaneously, regardless of the composition of the “soup”. Scientists have used computer models and proved this. Even a short sentence being randomly created from letters is nearly impossible and Richard Dawkins agrees with this in “The Blind Watchmaker“.

So, how do we and all other life forms on this planet come from a pool of protein? We don’t. God created the life that is here from the plants to the trees and the fish to the insects and bacteria, as well as mankind himself. The Designer of the universe, Who placed all of the stars in their places as well as the planets, did this and no other.

Communist thinking tries to insert man into the area that is occupied by God. He is the One that is our Creator and He is. If anyone can regrow a finger or cause gray hair to turn back to its original color without chemical application then prove it! We are not and never will be gods but we are His creation. The Creator doesn’t and will not give His seat to another! Man can’t create life from nothing. Without previous amino acids or DNA, we can’t and never will be able to create life, therefore we will never be “like God”!

Satan, who aspired to be “like God”, is a created being and therefore can’t be! He desires it, but even he can’t  cause things to happen so that he will be like God. Our world and the universe that it resides in was created by God and made in such a way as He desired to perfect His will, not ours nor any others. One day, we will find this out and it will be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt. Until then, there will be those who are against this line of thought and against God and all that He stands for.

Read God’s word and don’t doubt what it says because His is the truth regardless of the hype and spin that has been put on it. Many so-called “experts” have given their opinion on the truth and the truth is that God’s Word has stood the test of time and history and has been proven by archeology. All other religions were influenced by Satan and his fallen angels in the past in order to put doubts in the minds of humanity. Listen to God’s word, give Him a chance in your life and in the life of those that you love. He loves you too and He can only  prove it if you allow Him to.

Doctrine and Salvation

I am having a hard time with this one so bear with me.

Our Lord, Jesus, specifically said that we come to the Father through Him. By accepting Him as our Lord and Savior we are saved. There was no particular doctrine involved, at the time there were no Baptists or Methodists or any other religion besides Judaism or pagan beliefs in the area where He lived.

According to John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

This is not a doctrinal statement and it does not give partiality to any belief other than in Jesus and God, the Father and the Spirit since He is the Comforter that was sent after Jesus ascended to Heaven. These concepts are not in question between doctrines or between true believers. The problems have arisen over the years because of disagreements in the church itself, regardless of the denomination.

These disagreements have resulted in hurt feelings, splintered families and broken churches. We are all trying to worship the same God and His Son, Jesus, so why can’t we get along? The reason may be as simple as this: we are human. We have differences of opinion about everything, especially religious topics.

Can we get past this and worship the One True God and His Son? Yes, we can if we follow what He teaches us in the Bible. The way to know Him is there because that is where God reveals Himself to all of us, through His Word. Doctrines don’t reveal or save anyone, regardless of their origin.

The apostles were with Jesus and gave us our New Testament by their writing to the churches which they started. Jesus said to go and tell the world the good news about salvation through believing in Him and by repenting of our sinful ways. Follow Jesus and allow Him to live in you and through your life in this world.

Sometimes, actually most of the time in our lives, we who are Christians are the only representatives of Jesus that many people see. It is through our actions and our words that they can see Him and if we don’t act like our heart has been changed, what will they conclude? If your heart has not been changed by allowing Jesus in, why not pray that He will come into your life and change you into that “new creature in Christ” mentioned in 2 Corinthians 5:17: Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

Sometimes, our churches are split in two because of hard feelings and pride. Sometimes it is because of jealousy. Sin can cause more problems in churches than it does in your daily life. The reason behind this is that it is not recognized until it has done the work that Satan intended for it to do. Sin in churches is easy to see for someone outside the church but hard for those inside. Although it is the effect of sin that we can see, not the sin itself. We are not to be judges toward our brethren, that is left up to God alone.

I know that I may get many comments about being judgmental toward others because of this but I am only stating an opinion and an observation. From outside a church it is hard to know what the cause of the split is, whether it is personal or is it due to “factions” inside the church.

In 1900 there were only about one thousand religions in the world. Now, there are over ten thousand. Many of them are man made and don’t follow the One True God so how can we be so fractious in the Church that Jesus and His disciples started, regardless of the denomination? Satan has caused the splits in the church over the years and has laughed each time a denomination has split apart. Satan is the main cause of these problems because he attends church more than most of us do.

Christians need to get back to the basics of Christianity, telling others about Jesus, calling for a revival in our congregations and bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus and the reason why He is needed in their lives today! If we are not doing that, then we are not doing what Jesus told us to do as His followers.

Politically correct or in denial?

Many in our society today cling to the “politically correct” way of relating to one another, especially during the holidays. Which is fine but it is not what we have traditionally done in the past. The politically correct way or PC for short has only been around for a few years and in limited circles, particularly politics and not in the general publics view.

Being PC about everything is wrong because it is not following the wisdom found in God‘s Word. Today, this would put any reference to Christmas, the Nativity, God, or Jesus out of bounds and that is the way many would like it to be. Why is that? The majority of people in the world believe in God or Allah so why does the minority get the most votes because they don’t want to hear about Him, especially in reference to the Christian view of Jesus or God or the Bible.

Almost any other view is fine except for Christianity. Is it because of fear or anger or hatred toward Christians? I believe so but it is also due to the Bible being viewed as God’s Word and therefore it is correct in its wisdom and in its laws. The behavior and humility set forth in it are at odds with many world-views.

Many are in denial about the facts that have been proven true throughout the Bible and they want to disprove, in any way that they can , what the Bible says. Especially when it shows that they are wrong about their lifestyle choices or about who they worship.

We were created by God to have free will to choose to follow Him or not. But, we also resent being told that the choice that we may make is wrong if it doesn’t follow Him and the wisdom found in His Word. The choice that you make is an eternal one, our souls do not die or come back in another life, we are accountable to God for the choice that we make and you will give an account of that choice when your time comes. Unfortunately, many will realize too late that their choice was incorrect and at that point it will be too late.

God doesn’t condemn you to hell, your choice about Who you will serve does. If you choose to do what makes you feel good and neglect or disregard what you have heard in church or on the radio or even by television ministries, that is your choice. The majesty of God’s creation is all around us and the miracles of birth and rejuvenation in the springtime are there for all to see because He set them in motion a long time ago. God loves us so much that He put on humanity in the form of a baby and came to ransom our sinful ways so that we can ask forgiveness and believe that He did just that. Once you accept the gift of His grace and love for you, your life will be changed and nothing will ever be the same.

Come to the Christ and ask Him into your life. You won’t be disappointed because He knows who you are, He is just waiting to show you who you can be!

A prayer for our Nation and the World

Thought you might enjoy this interesting
prayer given in Kansas at the opening session of their Senate. It
seems prayer still upsets some people. When Minister Joe Wright was asked
to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the
usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask
your forgiveness and to seek your direction
and guidance. We know Your Word says, ‘Woe to
those who call evil good,’ but that is exactly
what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed
our values. We have exploited the poor and called it
the lottery.
We have rewarded laziness and called it
We have killed our unborn and called it
We have shot abortionists and called it
We have neglected to discipline our
children and called it building self
esteem. We have abused power and called it
politics. We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions
and called it ambition.
We have polluted the air with profanity and
pornography and called it freedom of
We have ridiculed the time-honored values
of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.
Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts
today; cleanse us from every sin and set
us free.

Watch and do not be deceived

We are living in a time that is close to what is called the “end times“. Many people are asking and wondering what will happen next and the truth is that no one knows except God. I do not claim to have knowledge about any future events except what is contained in scripture, specifically the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Many say that this book is mostly metaphor or allegorical and not to be taken seriously, but that is not what the Bible says.

In the first few verses of Revelation it says: 3Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.   Rev. 1:3

The time is near and we need to be watching the news from the Middle East because that is where the first sign will come from that the time is near and is now. It may not be today or tomorrow, but be watchful and filter the news through the Bible’s prophecy about this time. Most of the prophecies concerning the end of the age have already come about and come to pass. Our Hope is coming and the whole world will see Him!

The god of this world knows that his time is nearing an end which is why there is so much deception and war and all manner of other problems which are in the world and the news daily. The one who is in our world and who goes around seeking those that he may deceive is Satan and his fallen angels. They are causing many to follow religions which are contrary to God, even if they seem to be Christian religions. He is the father of lies and can twist scripture so that many will believe his lies and think that they are following the truth.

God loves us all and wants all to come to Him but as many as he can prevent, that is what Satan will do regardless of how it is done. “He replied: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them. Luke 21:8

I know that there will be some who may comment that I am saying that the time is near and I am but the facts from the Bible itself and the prophecies concerning Israel bear the proof of what I am saying here. I am not trying to give a date that He will return because even Jesus said that only the Father knows when that time will be.

The only message that I am giving here is that we must be watching. Pay attention to the news, especially from Israel and the Middle East, because that is where the evidence will show first. Pray and read and study your Bible, listen to what is said about the end times in prophecy. If the King James is too hard to understand get a Bible in the New Living Translation which is modern English. We cannot be taken by surprise if we watch and pray. Check what I have here by comparing it to God’s Word so that you will know that it is true.