We Are Here For You!

If you ever need prayer or just need someone to encourage you during these trying times, you may stop by the comment section, or you may email Tracy (gteldridge@gmail.com)

or myself (armstrongmai911@gmail.com).

We want you to know that we are more than willing to be apart of your growing support system during this dark time. This is a no judgement zone, and we will not hold anything against you in the process. This is a safe space of inclusion, compassion, prayer, and Godly love. All are welcome to contribute in any way they can.

We are one family, united in Christ Jesus!

Let’s continue to send out our prayers for Russia and Ukraine: for peace, for harmony, and for unity among our fellow brethren.

In fact, just for viewing this blog and persevering through these past two years, I would like to present you a special surprise. You can all print and keep this for you to treasure throughout your journey with Christ. Click on this link.


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