Our Savior and the American flag

In many ways today’s flag and Jesus have many things in common.

The flag of America has had blood shed for it and on it. In America during the Civil War and during the war of Independence years before. It was carried with our troops on the field of battle overseas in Europe and Asia and across the seas. On Navy ships and troop carriers and subs that old flag has taken its hits from fire and oil and gun shots and at home from crooked politicians and those who hate us because of what it stands for.

Our Savior shed His blood for all of our sins, to make men free from the slavery to sin. Our Savior went through some terrible trials before He was crucified. He was spit on and beaten by His own people and priests. They made a mockery of a trial to show that what they wanted was right and that He was a threat. They accused Him of crimes against the Roman state and cast a dark shadow over His fate. He allowed this to happen because He loved them and had He wanted to He could’ve wiped them out with a word but He didn’t because He came to do His Father’s will and not His own.

So, you see that America’s flag has a lot in common with our Savior. They have both been beaten, torn, ripped apart and yet they both were victorious in the different ordeals that they went through. Our flag has been worn down during the wars that she has fought in through the years and the country that she stands for isn’t the same as it was once before. But there is still pride in our country and in that flag that stands for freedom that has suffered so for it.

Jesus and our flag have been through a lot but He came out of the grave triumphant and whole to stand at the Father’s side and to intercede for us when we don’t do the things that we should. Our flag still stands for freedom and human rights although they are being worn away little by little today. Those of us who remember history, our actual history, look at that flag with pride. So, yes I am proud to be an American and I am proud to say that I am a Christian too. Will life ever return to normal here one day? I don’t know, but I will never give up my freedom willingly and I will not renounce my faith in Jesus Christ.

On that day…

When the Lord sits in judgment of the world and how we have lived and worked in it, whether we served Him or not, there will be millions of children who will testify against their parents and those who took their lives before they even had a chance. God will take up their cause and they will have justice.

This is a very disturbing thing to consider but there have been over sixty million children aborted in the past 48 years in America. I don’t know the numbers in other countries of the world but I suppose there are many, many more in the entire world. But…on that day when God takes up their cause, there will be weeping and crying from those who have killed the children that God had sent to them.

This world and its troubles and trials and all of the other problems that are present today is going to soon come to an end. Whether you believe the Bible or in God or not it has been prophesied by Him and therefore it will happen. It may be a few more years but it could begin tomorrow as well, nobody on Earth knows that day or hour but God knows and it will come to pass.

If you are interested in finding out more about what will happen soon, read the book of Revelation because it tells it in detail. You might want to pick up a more modern translation for it because the King James version has descriptions of some things sounding too fantastic to believe. I pray that you will receive a blessing from reading it because it is the only book in the Bible that says specifically “readers of this book will be blessed“.

The parable of the workers

One day a wealthy man needed some work done in his fields, so he went to the marketplace and found many men standing around. He offered them “whatever is right”, a penny (denarius) for their day’s work. They agreed and began work at an early hour. He did this again at about the sixth and ninth hours. He even went and found others looking for work at the eleventh hour and offered them the same.

Not long after he called his servants and told them to bring the workers in so that he could pay them their wages. Many of them who were there for most of the day ventured that they would receive more than their agreed pay. He began to pay them from the last workers first. The others saw that he was paying them also with a denarius and grumbled about it. When it came time to pay the first workers they were angry about it but the owner of the field said, “Friend, did you not agree to a denarius for a day’s wages?” Take your pay and go, I will do with my money what is right because it is my choice to do so.

Granted, I paraphrased this parable a bit, but it shows the grace and mercy of God to all of us. Just as the thief on the cross was one of the first to attain salvation by his faith and belief in Jesus Christ, he received the reward of being in Heaven. The very last person on Earth who is saved prior to the rapture (catching away) of the church will also attain entry into Heaven through the blood of Jesus and His righteousness. There will be no real difference in reward save for those who worked for God’s Kingdom in their lifetimes and their rewards will be the crowns that they are given for their faith and their work for His Kingdom. The book of Revelation tells about these crowns and what they represent and that we will cast them at the feet of Jesus because He is worthy to be praised! The book of Revelation is the only book of the Bible which has a blessing in the beginning chapter for all who read it and seek the meaning of it. I pray that you will read it and seek the One Who gives its meaning and purpose to all who believe.


What can we do?

Jesus did all of the work for us to have salvation, so what can we do? We really don’t have to do anything except to believe in Him and His provision for us through that belief because with faith coupled with our belief in Him our salvation is given to us by the grace of God. After we are saved there are many things that we can do regardless of the attitude of some that Christians have all of these rules and are just very boring. Compared to what we did in our “old life” without Christ, whatever that may have been, it could be boring to your friends from that time. After your heart has been changed by the Holy Spirit you no longer need to do the things that you did before. You may not feel like hanging out with your old friends but you will have new sisters and brothers through Christ in a church near you. Join a Bible study and learn more about your risen Savior that provided you with this gift of salvation. Study your Bible each day and learn about how much you are truly loved by God, the Creator, and the Sustainer of the universe. Imagine being loved by the One Who created you to be who you are and Who knows you far better than anyone else.

The Savior and God of all keeps every part of you and the world around you together and working for your blessing and for His glory. Every part of the universe is held together by His will and for His purpose just like we are. The Bible, God’s Word, is full of all kinds of stories about loss and pain, love, anger, regret and yet He can guide you through them all if you will let Him.

God blesses us even in our trials

When you are tested, seek the Lord ask Him for strength. He will bless you and take you through your trials no matter how much it may hurt. You will come through this stronger in your faith and even more able to stand when another trial comes.


How do you define life? Is it just living from day to day or is there more to it than that?

I like to think that it is much more than just living day to day because that’s surviving, not living life! Jesus Christ came to give us a more abundant life but what does that mean… exactly? There are lots of scriptures that point in His direction but what is a more abundant life? It is a life filled with joy because you have Jesus as your Savior and you are looking forward to eternity and not dreading it or wondering what it will be like.

Sometimes we get caught up in our problems and forget about the blessings we have in Jesus. This robs us of our hope and our joy. But…we can get back into the Bible and get our joy back because it’s not gone for good.

The joy of the Lord is my strength and we can have that joy when we think about the blessings that we have because of our relationship with Jesus. Many people don’t have this joy because they don’t want a relationship with Jesus. They may know about Him and they might attend church but head-knowledge doesn’t bring salvation.

God knows what is in your heart and He gives those who will decide enough faith to decide Who they will follow when they are convicted of their need for Jesus. Does that mean that God is choosie? Yes and no. You have to understand that He lives outside of time so He can see what you will do even before you do it. This is why we sometimes have a feeling that we should go this way rather than the other. That’s God trying to get our attention before it’s too late.

Make sure of what you believe and Who you believe in before tomorrow if possible because none of us are guaranteed to wake up in the morning. If you don’t care about eternity then feel free to ignore this advice but eternity is a long, long time regardless of where you spend it. Myself, I’d rather spend it with friends and family in Heaven.

We hear but do we act on it?

This is one of the complaints I hear from outside the church, “Why doesn’t the church help more people?”. You know, Jesus went all over Israel during His ministry helping and healing those who were seeking God’s help. He did His job so why does the church find it hard to do those things which need to be done? Too many hands out? Too much red tape or paperwork?

What if Jesus had looked at us and thought the same way toward us?

Strange times we live in

Well, it seems that the groundhog was right. We are all getting a bit more winter weather even in the deep South. In reality, winter doesn’t actually end until around March 21st anyway but the temperatures that are being felt in the southern part of the United States don’t come to our neck of the woods very often.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them and this happens to be one of them. I pray that when this winter storm moves north it doesn’t carry so much of a punch with it as it has had here. In other ramblings, the time that we are living in was foretold long ago in the Bible. Even the changes in the weather and the unusual way that politics is working in these last few years of the church age. All of it is found in Matthew 24 and in the beginning chapters of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The truth is this: we aren’t living in the strangest of times, those are yet to come. I pray that most of you who read this have given your heart to Jesus and are reading His Word and learning of Him during these trying times. If you have not but you are curious about Christianity and the promises of His Word, please seek Him in the New Testament and do it soon. There are dangerous days ahead of us especially for those who have not made a commitment to Jesus and are following Him now. When He calls the believers home to be with Him the world for those who are left will be much worse in many ways than it is today.

Becoming a Christian today is not hard if you will answer the call on your heart when you feel it. Sometimes the touch of the Spirit is not very noticeable and sometimes He will call you in a dream so that you know exactly Who called you and that you can’t let it go until you are His. God knows the ones who will answer His call and the ones who will hear it but turn away so make sure that you are in the first group. Eternity is a very long time to live without God at all.

Right this moment we enjoy His blessings, although some people may not see their circumstances as blessings. We have air to breathe and usually a warm place to sleep at night. Food to sustain us and clothes to cover us. Some may not have these “luxuries” and to many people these simple things don’t sound like luxuries but to someone with no food to eat for a week or two just a small serving of fries from McDonald’s would be wonderful. Those of us who live in what is called the “developed” world who are poor in wealth would almost be considered rich in some countries.

God blesses us with far more than we deserve and yet there are so many without the necessities like clothing, shoes, water and shelter that many of us take for granted. Life is hard in many parts of the world that most of us in America will never see first hand. Even if we visited those places we wouldn’t want to stay and help because we cannot understand poverty of that magnitude. God knows each person on this Earth and He sees all of the conditions that they live in. Many of them cry out to Him even though they don’t know His name, their soul cries to the Maker of all there is and He hears their cry. He will repay those who could help but choose not to or are too greedy to help. When this age is over and the work that God is completing is finished they will have their reward or their punishment, whichever He gives to those who have done His will and to those who refused to follow Him and be the “light in the darkness” for this present age.