In life, you can fail at anything. The one thing that you shouldn’t fail at is claiming your salvation. As a pastor and in life, you can fail by trying to please everyone. Preach a message that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings and doesn’t tell them that they are born a sinner. Tell them that everything will be fine if they are good enough and live by the “golden rule”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you“. Teaching and preaching a “sermon” that makes people feel good is the way to be a failure if you are trying to “preach” for God but it might bring you success if you are doing it for your own gain financially or personally.

Jesus didn’t preach a message about feeling good or just doing good, although He did that very well. He taught that God loves you and He calls those whom He knows will work with Him and for Him. He taught that your life has meaning and purpose in God’s Kingdom if you follow Him and listen to Him. While the “golden rule” is good teaching that Jesus taught, it is not the only rule. It will not save your soul.

Believe in Jesus as your Savior and accept Him as your Lord, then you shall have eternal life in Him. There are no specific things that you have to do or perform. There is no specific amount of time that you have to give to Him in His service. But…when you realize the complete salvation that He bought for you with His blood and His life on the cross, you will want to serve Him and give Him whatever you can to work for Him. Because when He calls you to become His disciple you need to search the Scriptures and see what He paid for your soul and that’s what will humble you to the point of being His forever.

It doesn’t take a lot of education. His disciples were fishermen except for Matthew. God can use your talents whatever they may be simply because He is the One Who gave those talents to you. He knows what you can do and He will empower you to be able to do what He calls you to do. Having lots of letters behind your name and certificates on the wall doesn’t make you any better than one of the disciples. They learned at His feet and their education was just as good as any college education today. Make sure of Who you are serving in your walk with Him.

What will get your attention?

In today’s society, our attention spans have decreased to the point of being only long enough for a blurb on the news. I’ve noticed that most news programs seem to sell drugs more than they tell us about the news. The news anchors only speak about one or two sentences then another commercial for some new or renamed drug comes on for three minutes. Then they will come back and say a few words and then more commercials will come on. I know that is the way that the networks make money but I would like to actually hear some NEWS if I bother to tune in.

If you have heard any sermons about Jesus Christ then you may remember one of His parables about the days near the end of the age. Two are working in the field, one is taken and the other left. Two women are grinding meal, one is taken and the other is left alone. Two are in the bed at night, one is taken and the other is left. This is a description of the “rapture” of the church or of believers when Jesus comes back to take His Bride, the church, to heaven. We are not far from that time.

I know that the disciples thought that Jesus was coming back during their lifetimes as well but there are too many prophecies that have come true in the past seventy years for His coming to be very far away. It could happen tomorrow or even tonight, but the world will know when it happens because it will be an event that will happen all over the world at the same time. No one knows the hour or the day or even the year in which it will happen but God knows the timing down to the second. Are you ready for it? Have you given your life to Jesus and repented of your old ways of life?

God loves each of us and He doesn’t want any to die the second death in hell but that is your choice. God doesn’t send you to hell, your decision to accept Jesus as your Savior or not accept Him is the decision that truly condemns you to hell. Murder, theft, rape, genocide or other sins will determine the severity of your eternity in hell but your destination is determined by you. Make the decision to follow Jesus and ask Him to come into your life as your Savior. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and make you clean so that you can be counted in that number of those who will be “taken” to heaven when He returns in the clouds.

This decision only takes a minute of your time but it will impact your eternal life forever. Choose to Live with Him.

What do you see?

When you watch the news, regardless of the channel, what do you see? A world that is going crazy or a Bible prophecy coming true before our eyes?

I see both of them happening at the same time. It seems that the world is moving faster toward the “end of the age” than it ever has before. Disease, wars, and the threat of war are everywhere it seems. The temperature of the whole world is rising along with the level of the ocean. There are droughts and famine and inflation in our country as well as in other countries. All of this was foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago. Some of it may not have been foretold in the same words that we use today but the words of those who were writing the prophecies down can still be interpreted to mean what we have today.

God is getting ready to let the entire world know that He exists in a BIG way. Whether you believe in Him or not won’t matter especially after the rapture of the church. There will be millions who have been in church and heard many sermons but they have never given their heart to Jesus and when that day comes they will regret their decision or their lack of a decision.

It may not look like this when it happens because people will disappear in front of their co-workers and their spouses in less than the time it takes to blink your eye. Their clothes will be here along with their socks and shoes and their wedding ring but they will be gone. It will be a glorious reunion day for some and a very bad day for others. Everything will change in an instant on that day. So…where will you be? Will you be among those who are taken to be with Jesus or will you be here wondering why you didn’t make that decision while you could?

What does it mean to “be like God”?

In the garden of Eden, the serpent tempted Eve with those words to get her to eat of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. “You’ll be like God”. What does that mean exactly? Satan was tempting them with the idea that they would have God’s power and become as He is. The problem with thinking this way is that nobody is like God except God. Nobody outside of the Trinity can be or have His power. Satan knew this but he still used these words to entice them to go against God’s commandment about this tree. Because he knew if he could cause a rift or a split in their relationship with their Creator then Adam’s claim of being the steward of Earth would be null and void.

You know the rest of the story if you’ve been in Sunday school at some point in your life. Adam and Eve did fall for it and they were put out of the garden to live and populate the Earth along with having to work for everything that they needed.

Can we become “like God” to do His will on Earth?

YES, we can if we have given our hearts to Jesus and we are striving toward that goal every day! We will not be like Him in ways of being healers or creators in supernatural ways but becoming more like Jesus is the progression that we are seeking. Becoming mature in our faith brings us toward His likeness each day but we still have to work at it. We have to become more like Him just as the disciples did. With the Holy Spirit living in us, we can become more like Jesus Christ. Using our gifts and the wisdom that we gain from His Word we can spread His message around the world even if we only touch one person each day. That is at least 365 people in a year’s time. Then if they touch only one person each that gives their life to Jesus…the church is growing exponentially from that point on. Imagine how many that could be!

365+365 = 730

That’s just the first year! You get the idea. If God used each of us to touch only one person that gave their heart to Jesus and this kept going…there would be a worldwide revival of Christians before too long. God’s math is fantastic and He knows exactly how much and how many it will take to bring about revival in this world. The problem today is that the church is outnumbered by those who oppose our message…His message.