Not many but one…

People today have accepted a lie. The culture of the world around us believes that Jesus is just one of many ways to eternal life in heaven. People want to “choose their pathway” believing “ that it will lead them to God. You have only two choices. Live according to the Word of God and believing in Jesus Christ or choose not to believe. Those are the pathways that you have to choose from and there are only 2.

There have never been “many ways” to salvation. God was the way to salvation in the Old Testament and it was through faith in Him that those who wanted eternity found it. Their faith and belief in His Promises was the key to eternity, now we have faith and belief in Jesus Christ that brings salvation and forgiveness to all who will believe in Him. So, the concept of more than one way to heaven breaks down to whom you follow as your Savior. Whether it is Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad or someone else or no one else, that is your choice. 

God does not force salvation on anyone. You will either choose to follow Jesus when the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sin or you won’t. Today, many people seem to think that Christians are narrow-minded or exclusive and not modern enough to be in the 21st century. The Bible addresses all of the problems that any “self-help” book does and it gives you the advice to beat your depression, anxiety, feelings of helplessness through the power of prayer and belief in God’s restorative and healing power. 

Is the Bible relevant in the 21st century? Yes, it is and its message is needed more today than ever before. It is the inerrant Word of God. Does it upset people with its exclusive ways and teachings? Yes, but if you follow the guidelines of this book you will be healthier and happier than most of the people around you. God loves you and He cares about every part of your life, not just your spiritual life. Consider that He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, so if He cares about all of His creation enough to be mindful of birds, don’t you think that mankind is even more important since we are made in His Image?

Remember the fact that all of us have an eternity that comes after this life. Where we spend that eternity is up to us. Choose to follow Jesus and live with Him in eternity or choose some other “way” and end up in hell. It is a very fine line that we are balanced on during our life and the choice that we make about our eternity when we feel convicted of our need for salvation is an eternal one. Make a choice that you will be able to truly live abundantly with rather than being bound in hell.

Are you broken?

In the past year or so I think we have all felt a little broken in some way. Some, I think, more than others. Especially the doctors and nurses who are on the front lines of treating this disease that doesn’t seem to yield to a vaccine. It just keeps mutating and changing and no one knows whether the shots will work against this one or that one and if it does work…for how long? Then, after all of this, there are the everyday diseases that take our loved ones and the criminals and others who shoot people for no real reason. The brokenness of our world and our lives, to one extent or another, just seems to keep expanding from one day to the next with no ending in sight. 

Where do we find solace? Can we find help in our lives that will bring some closure to this broken feeling that we have? Yes! By giving your heart to Jesus and following Him for the rest of your time on Earth you can have hope and a future regardless of what may be going on around you or in your life right now.

The news and the media that we get our news from are no help these days. Sometimes we hear good news and sometimes it is not such good news. Our families are beset with cancers and other diseases. Our children are being rebellious at times and even our job is not helping much with prices going up at the grocery store and the gas station. We look around and even on Friday, we may feel better because the weekend is here but then Monday comes and we have to endure it again.

This time that we are living in has been prophesied in the Bible. If you go to church or if you are curious, check it out in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. Jesus tells us that all sorts of problems will be happening just before the end of the age (the church age). We are living in that period of time right now and whether we choose to believe it or not won’t change that fact. All of the prophecies in the Bible have come true except for the Tribulation and the Rapture (taking away) of the church. The Rapture will happen first and when that day comes many will be blessed but there will be many more that will be left to live through the Tribulation period of seven years.

I pray that anyone who reads this will seek to find a Bible-teaching church and make sure of your salvation. Read the books of John and Acts and Romans. Pray that God will touch your heart and draw you to become a follower of Jesus. The problems and the diseases that are being reported today are just the beginning. It will get much worse during the Tribulation so make sure that your soul and your heart belongs to Jesus Christ before that day comes.

Do you know Him? Does He know you?

Many people worldwide wonder at the passage where Jesus says, “Depart from Me, I never knew you!” Some in the church even ask, “Will that apply to me?” It depends on your relationship to Jesus and with Him. Do you read His Word? Do you tell others about Him? If you were put on trial for being a Christian how much evidence would there be to convict you of it?

Lots of questions but all of the answers can be found in God’s Word. Jesus taught that “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Every person that the Holy Spirit convicts of their sins will be drawn to Jesus. Whether they accept Him as their Savior and Lord is their decision. Some will accept Him gladly. Some will get an iron grip on the church pew and stand there fighting with God until the invitation is passed. Some who do this may not get another chance to accept Jesus.

God loves the whole world, saints and sinners alike. But He will not save the whole world even though Jesus paid their price on the cross. Why? Because many will refuse to accept His offer of salvation. Many people have accepted Jesus as their Savior but there are many more that have rejected Him. Do you know Him?

Some people think that they have sinned too much for God to even want them. Do you think this? Moses was a murderer. Paul persecuted and approved of the stoning of Christians. The apostle Peter denied that he even knew Jesus on the night of His arrest. God used Moses to free the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Saul, who became known as Paul, met the risen Christ on the road to Damascus and God used him to write most of the New Testament and be the apostle to the Gentiles. Jesus redeemed Peter three times after His resurrection to take care of those denials and Peter went to jail and was a preacher to the Gentiles too.

God used a donkey to show a false prophet his wrong decisions by causing the donkey to speak to him about why he had beaten the animal. Balaam would’ve been killed if the donkey had kept going like he wanted him to because the Angel of the Lord was standing there with His sword drawn. God can use a child or an old man or anyone, male or female, to be His voice to someone specific. He can use you to bring His message to someone that nobody else can talk to. Maybe they won’t even go to church but if you could show them by your life and by your testimony they will choose to give their life to Jesus.

Revelation 3:20 says this: 20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me. 

Come to Jesus because He did pay the price for your soul and for your sins. All you have to do is believe that He did this for you and accept Him as your Savior, then repent of your “old life” and turn to Him, seek Him in the Bible and at a Bible-teaching church so you can be a witness for Him to anyone who asks you about your hope and your faith in Jesus.

When you are at your lowest…

God never leaves your side! He is always there regardless of the day that you are having. You can’t see Him but if you have given your life and your heart to Jesus, He is only a prayer away. It doesn’t have to be a King James prayer either. Something as simple as “GOD! I need You!”, your Spirit will pray for you even when you can’t think of the words to say or if you can’t speak at all. God is there!

In the book of Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, he never let his faith wither and die. Even when he had boils on his body and had lost everything that he had, Job still didn’t blame God for his troubles. Did he cry out to God? Absolutely! Did he speak to God in a tone that was disrespectful? A couple of times, but Job was human. He was in pain and had suffered many losses. His children and his wealth all gone in one day. How many of us could’ve gone through that without blaming God or turning away from God? In today’s society I am not sure that there would be many people able to be strong in their faith like Job.

I read that right now there are fewer than 50% of Americans who attend church or even believe in God and that is a frightening statistic. Even after World War 2 the percentage of people of faith was about 72% or more. We are truly living in the last days before the Tribulation prophesied in the book of Revelation. Life on Earth is not going to get better in the next decade or so, it will get much worse. I pray that anyone who reads this blog with an open mind will seek out Jesus as their Savior. God has not given up on us and He knows all of your secrets and your failures but He also sees your potential and He knows exactly what you are able to do.

God’s Holy Spirit will strengthen you and give you the words and the ability to be a powerful voice for Him no matter where you live and work. Everything that you say or do is being watched if you claim to be a Christian. People you don’t even know watch you to see if you are true to Jesus and your claim as a Christian. Especially if you wear a shirt or some jewelry that identifies you as a believer. Don’t be ashamed of your faith. Wear it proudly so it can be seen. Someone else may see it and they might not say anything to you but it will plant a seed in their heart that they should see who Jesus is and maybe they will become a Christian too.