As America celebrates Juneteenth this week, let me ask you all a question. Are you living as a slave, and what are you enslaved to? I am not talking about racial or national slavery. But the worst form of slavery is the type that convinces you that you are living as a free man, but you are spiritually enslaved with passions, lusts, sins, and demons. Have you allowed Jesus to set you free, or are you satisfied with the fact that Satan has you on a leash, drowning in his evil world?

Woe! (A Lamentation)

Woe to the servant who wrote many ⠃⠕⠕⠅⠎

Dreamed dreams, saw many visions–

Sung many hymns, read many Scriptures–

Performed wonders, blunders, and miracles, but deny the Spirit that speaketh through His writings.

Woe to the preacher who forsakes the church:

Forsaking traditions of men, while denying the Spirit of His actions!

Woe to the many who bow in prayer closets to rebuke ⠠⠎⠁⠞⠁⠝

Yet their tongue is polluted with foolish jesting.

Woe to the servant who follows the narrow ⠛⠁⠞⠑

Yet deny the writings of the Master of all Heavenly places.

Woe! Woe! Woe! For this is a terrible tragedy!

Lament at the prophets wearing black robes to the funeral of the ⠆⠺⠊⠞⠡⠫⠒

They preach God’s wrath, yet trivialize it with foolish tongues.

Woe to the children enduring the Wrath of Satan:

Because through the vain rebuke and exhortation of the mourning priests, they drink the cup of the Accuser’s wrath:

Delighting in condemnation and unrighteous indignation.

Behold! The Wrath of Satan has infected this land.

Many shall be sifted from the freedom they once cherished.

Count it all joy, my brotherss and sisters!

You have overcame him, and your name is sealed in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

Let your tests be testimonies of your Lord Jesus Christ:

Whose mercy endureth through all generations!


Are People Who Watch TV “Controlled By Satan” As This Video Implies?

A video was posted by finalcall07, a Christian YouTuber who has made short videos for 10 years. The name of this piece is titled “Controlled by Satan, People Who Watch TV”.

After stumbling across this video, I believe that we should ponder on some thought-provoking principles that should cause us to rethink how we evaluate television. I shouldn’t even call it thought-provoking. I should really call it “simple yet complex”.

Who Is Finalcall07?

Finalcall07 was a Christian youtuber who collaborated with Warningthepeople, a partyering channel who have posted sermons since 2011. Most of their presentations feature warnings against the “church system”, often times viewing the Bible as an “idor” rather than a collection of works inspired by God. Unfortunately, Finalcall07 died in 2020.

Aside from the general foundation of preaching Jesus, repentance, and the cross, he emphasizes the ongoing process of staying away from worldly adoration and temtations that we commonly see in this age, like secular shows and music.

Please note that I am not posting this presentation to cast judgement on this man’s eternity or his lifestyle; I do not know what temptations he may have been vulnerable to during his time on Earth. However, my intention is to gently address some of the things he preaches, especially in regard to practices that are not explicitly stated in Scripture. It is my prayer that this presentation will not serve as a way to condemn anyone, rather, to acknowledge the individual weaknesses of our fellow brothers, and to remain committed to a life of righteousness and balanced freedom.

Drawing the Line: The Moral Cost Of Entertainment

Throughout my childhood, I grew up with a Cable television. When it comes to the entertainment choices and myself and my mother, many will characterize us as an old soul, as I do not watch shows that were “typical” for teenagers, like Glee and Gossip Girls. I love to watch game shows, educational documentaries, Disney films, and stations analyzing trends in politics.

I will honestly admit that there were certain popular television shows that I just couldn’t get into. Not necessarily because I thought they were sinful or glorified Satan, or that they promoted ungodly behavior. It’s just the fact that it just didn’t fit with my taste. It is also worth noting that I strive to keep things PG, and stay away from films with inappropriate language, unless it is for an assignment in class. I am not a huge fan of fictatious films. Part of this is because of the fact that I am blind, thus limiting my ability to comprehend visual aspects of a film.

I will say that there is a dark side to everything: from the cartoons we watched as a little kid, to the romantic films with many sexual and violent scenes. Obviously, there is the fact that some films are gory, use bad language, and glorifies sex as a perverted quality founded on lust. But, have we considered that there may be hidden lessons we can learn from the most grotesque and gruesome works shown at the box office?

The War And The Debate On Appropriateness

Now, let’s use a “questionable” film for this examination. I will use the 1994 film “The War”, which was rated PG-13.

One of my assignments in my US history class required me to watch a film called The War, a historical fiction film about the Vietnam War. Upon completion of watching the film, I composed a three-page paper analyzing how the Vietnam war and its conveying themes were protrayed through the film.

Stephen Simmons, a Vietnam veteran, returns home from a mental institution after suffering nightmares and flashbacks about the war. Due to his mental state, he had previously been fired from three jobs in a row. After his return home, he is hired to work as a custodial engineer at an elementary school, which he lost due to a law banning people from working in the presence of children after being released from the mental hospital. Hence the nature of this work, this film exposes the psychological effects of war, and the ways in which society responds to a victim of trauma.

Now, suppose that this film is NOT actually protraying a historical event. Keep in mind that this is a PG-13 movie depicting traumatic events. Let’s say that the “war film” was filled with gore and blood, not to mention some cursing in between. Does one sentence containing the F word constitute a film as demonic? Not necessarily. However, it’s not the best thing we should feed into our minds, especially if you are under 13 years old, due to the heavy nature of the film.

What I am trying to get at is this: Always be vigilant of what you are watching and listening to. Be aware that there are shows and movies that could be emotionally traumatizing, or may cause you to try some behaviors that are not morally acceptable or beneficial to the body, mind, and soul. However, do not assume that everyone is going to follow your footstemps. Don’t be supprised if your friend decides that something like Harry Potter or the War would be beneficial for them: For personal enjoyment, for educational purposes, and spiritual growth. Here is a general principle to abide by.

What you may see as sinful may not actually be sin in the eyes of others. Obviously, there are the universal sins explicitly condemned in Scripture: Lying, stealing, cursing, adultery, etc. Then, there are the individual “sins” we often ignore. We are all battling with the same flesh, against the same enemy, striving to achieve the goal of Heaven and holiness. The same Satan that tempts you to lie to your parents and do drugs is the same Satan who would tempt your friends to listen to a Disney film containing magic or references to lust, luring them to universal temptations, like witchcraft, the Occult, or idolatry.

Bottom Line: Listen To The Holy Spirit

In summation, finalcall07’s argumentation is based on the belief that watching television is a universal sin which makes one “a slave to Satan”, while negrecting that such practices are not explicitly addressed in Scripture. Therefore, I would advise you to consult the Holy Spirit for guidance and insight into your entertainment choices. If you are under the age of 18, listen to your parents’ instructions and follow their rules.

My intention of posting on this website is to foster a Christ-centered and inclusive environment that strives to encourage others, in hopes that many may come to the knowledge and understanding of the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, while paying close attention to the weaknesses and temptations of others. With this in mind, we do not want anyone to go against their moral conscience or follow Satan. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to not only recognize your weaknesses, but to live by a commitment to not expose you to certain temptations that will cause a stumbling block to your faith: whether through film, or other means. You are always welcome to bring your concerns to God, and reach out to me and Tracy to address any “red flags” that you come across.

In the meantime, let us not use our Qd-given freedom to cause others to fall, nor judge those who do not follow your convictions.

Child, Come Here!

Child, come here!

Come to this secret ⠗⠕⠕⠍⠒

A room where my Heavenly Father

Awaits to cover you.

I hold the door open, day by day

With anticipation and joyous song.

Child, come here!

Freedom awaiteth thee!

Come to the Garden, resting in my arms;

There I’ll keep you safe beside me,

And shower you with love, and feed you with my ⠉⠕⠍⠏⠁⠎⠨⠝⠂

And calmly sing of your bright future that God plans for you.

Come, o ye lovely darling!

Come on, sweetie ⠏⠊⠑⠖

I feel the great pain engraved in your spirit.

Come here, sweet child, O, precious one!

Hath Satan troubled thee with the rod of lies?

Soon, your Father shall see you through this ⠞⠑⠌

And you will shout and proclaim to the Earth,

“I came to win, to fight, to prosper, to fly!”

Child, I came with this message to give you the keys

To enter into the Holy ⠠⠉⠰⠽

Where the Gospel feast shall commence!

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine The Mark Of The Beast? This Answer Should Give You Closure And Peace.

Good Evening ⠠⠎⠁⠔⠞⠎⠖

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend. As the nation scrambles to reopen and get back to a sense of normalcy, I would like to clarify some recent concerns regarding the vaccine being “the mark of the beast.” In the beginning of my summer vacation last year, I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and was boosted in January 2022. While some of these vaccines were not FDA approved at the time, I felt that this was the right decision, not only for my own safety, but for the safety of my family, my friends, and my country. While there have been many side effects that have been linked to some of these shots, I believe that it would help produce antibodies that would protect us from the severe strains that have been spreading across the world. I myself understand the concern that is being expressed due to the fact that scientists managed to find three vaccinations at such a fast rate. I applaud their diligence and their determination to come to us with an effective treatment that would save lives, and lead us on the path to herd immunity. After being in quarantine for a whole year, I feel like this is a wonderful opportunity for each and every one of us to return to the days where we could spend time with the people we truly love face-to-face! While there are many pros and cons to taking these shots, I don’t believe that this is the mark of the beast that is referenced in Revelations 13:15:18, although many prophets claim ⠕⠮⠗⠺⠊⠎⠑⠲

In this presentation, I will aim to share with you some Scripture to back up my claim, and to encourage you to seek truth for yourself. When I shared this evidence with other Christians online, I have received a lot of controversary from others. One time, someone had the audacity to call me “faithless” for “fearing the virus more than God”, when I am going the extra mile to protect families from Covid. Just because we have faith in Jesus deos not mean we are immune from getting sick or suffering affliction. To the people who continue to spew these mark of the beast claims about the Covid vaccine, you are endangering lives. It is time that these prophecies finally be EXPOSED for what they are: A big fat lie wrapped with the sweet package of Christianese! Satan has been spreading this lie for far too long, and I cannot stand by and let this destructive trend go unchecked any longer!

Scripture tells us that the “mark” would be engraved in the right hand and the forehead, and no one will be able to buy or sell anything without it. This mark would be implanted by a false prophet (the second beast), and would be required by the Antichrist, who is believed to be the son of Satan, performing deceitful and wicked works. He would then rule during the seven year Tribulation. While many Christians and Bible scholars interpret the mysteries of this mark differently, we must not take the book of Revelations in a literal way, nor base our interpretations solely on Hebrew translations, and many attempt to do. The book is rather symbolic in nature, therefore we must interpret this as a metaphor to a spiritual phenomenon. Take for instance, the synagugue of Satan. In Revelations 2:9, the “synagogue of Satan” is not a literal synagogue built by Satan, but rather a symbolic representation of the true nature of false prophets, and the heart of those who believe they are Christian, when in fact, they are deceived by Satan. The metaphor was specifically addressed to the Seven Churches which were incredibly divided as a result of discord and false prophecy. Now, going back to Revelations 13. When I think of the function of the mark of the beast, I picture an ID that is scanned through a barcode. The ID reveals who you are, and is often associated with certain numbers. In the same way, the mark of the beast is a seal which identifies one’s allegiance to the Antichrist and the kingdom of Satan as a whole. It includes the name (or the image) of the beast, and his number, which is 666. This cannot be taken accidentally, but rather, it will be a willful decision to reject Christ, and to worship the beast (and Satan.) Think of this like an inverted version of salvation.

Let me ask a question to the prophets who proclaim that this vaccine is the mark of the beast. What in the world does a shot in the arm have to do with 666? Do you think a nurse will come up to you to force you to sign a contract pledging your allegiance to Satan just for a medication that could save your life, let alone the life of your mother recovering from a heart attack who is at high risk? I even hear of Christian nurses and medical experts taking the shot themselves, and it has had ZERO effect on their spiritual life. Yet, you are going to condemn them to Hell, as if our salvation depends on a vaccine!?

Given this information, the real Antichrist has not yet been revealed, although many antichrists have come to this world already. But, let me encourage you, and give you some closure here. I believe that this vaccine is a blessing from God, and we should be grateful that He has opened the gateway to a brighter future, both for the advancement of medicine and scientific treatment, and for many families who want to finally hug and celebrate the wonderful gift of life together. By taking ⠹ vaccine, you are not swearing an oath to follow Satan, or deny your faith. God wants each and every one of us to live a healthy and prosperous life, and I believe that this treatment would not only reduce the spread of the virus, but it would give our front line workers relief knowing that they do not have to have restless nights, wondering if that 65-year-old mother will be placed in a coma for several weeks. However, I do believe that we, as humans, are given free will. We have the freedom to make decisions that we feel would benefit our needs. So, whether or not you choose to get the shot, I respect your decision, and do not pass judgement on you. But, I believe that we are living in  an era where conspiracy theories are very rampant and active throughout social media and news outlets. This is why we need to “test the spirits” to discern whether these revelations are truly from God. As followers of Christ, we were not given a spirit of fear! If love can cast out fear, then fear casts out truth, which is found in love. Fear separates us from the peace that God desires for us. If we love our neighbor as ourselves, wouldn’t we be willing to take this great sacrifice to not only save ourselves from contracting the virus, but to save that child with cancer, or to save that grandmother who has a compromised immune system?

Based on the evidence presented through Scripture, and the revelations presented through the Holy Spirit, I would like to reassure you that this claim that this vaccine is the mark of the beast is a lie based on fear, straight out of the mouth of Satan! How dare we claim to trust God, and become a force that spreads fear-mongering lies that sow division, anger, and hatred within the same “temple” we believe is being destroyed by changing our DNA!? The temple of the Spirit is not just within the physical body, but is within the body of Christ (the church)! If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to get vaccinated, and trust God to give you the best results that would protect your health. Let us all work together to trust that God will continue to protect our families from this virus, and from anything that may harm us. Trust God, and not the claims of men! Whatever happens to us after the pandemic, God will still be with us. God will fight for us, and all we need to do is be still, and rest on His promises for us.

I hope you will take this into consideration as you continue to make a difference during this dark, evil season.

Dear Lord, I come before the throne to thank you for giving me this revelation last summer. I pray that many who are fearful and confused would be comforted by this truth, and that you would give them the wisdom that prevails over the proclamations of men. Lord, free your children from Satan’s lies, and continue to teach us the things you have written in that sacred book. In Jesus name, amen!

Our Savior and the American flag

In many ways today’s flag and Jesus have many things in common.

The flag of America has had blood shed for it and on it. In America during the Civil War and during the war of Independence years before. It was carried with our troops on the field of battle overseas in Europe and Asia and across the seas. On Navy ships and troop carriers and subs that old flag has taken its hits from fire and oil and gun shots and at home from crooked politicians and those who hate us because of what it stands for.

Our Savior shed His blood for all of our sins, to make men free from the slavery to sin. Our Savior went through some terrible trials before He was crucified. He was spit on and beaten by His own people and priests. They made a mockery of a trial to show that what they wanted was right and that He was a threat. They accused Him of crimes against the Roman state and cast a dark shadow over His fate. He allowed this to happen because He loved them and had He wanted to He could’ve wiped them out with a word but He didn’t because He came to do His Father’s will and not His own.

So, you see that America’s flag has a lot in common with our Savior. They have both been beaten, torn, ripped apart and yet they both were victorious in the different ordeals that they went through. Our flag has been worn down during the wars that she has fought in through the years and the country that she stands for isn’t the same as it was once before. But there is still pride in our country and in that flag that stands for freedom that has suffered so for it.

Jesus and our flag have been through a lot but He came out of the grave triumphant and whole to stand at the Father’s side and to intercede for us when we don’t do the things that we should. Our flag still stands for freedom and human rights although they are being worn away little by little today. Those of us who remember history, our actual history, look at that flag with pride. So, yes I am proud to be an American and I am proud to say that I am a Christian too. Will life ever return to normal here one day? I don’t know, but I will never give up my freedom willingly and I will not renounce my faith in Jesus Christ.


Did you know that we cannot do this by our own strength but only by the strength of Jesus Christ? God forgives us because of Jesus’ work on the cross and the blood that He shed for you. We are not supposed to keep or hold grudges against others, we as Christians are supposed to forgive even the most hurtful sins which have been done against us. Why? Because every sin which we have committed has been forgiven through the blood of Jesus, no matter how bad they are…yes even rapists and murderers are forgiven if they repent and give their hearts to Jesus.

Is forgiveness easy? NO! When someone has wronged you in any way it is very hard, almost impossible and it usually is impossible for us, in our own strength, to manage to truly forgive someone. We can forgive through our faith in Jesus and by His Strength only! There is no real forgiveness in a human heart until Jesus is in your heart. Because without Him in our heart, we will not forgive or forget.

God loves you and has provided a way for you to be forgiven and by the grace and faith given to you through Jesus Christ, you can forgive others. Refusal to forgive others who have hurt you, no matter what the pain might be, will cause your health to become worse. We must live humbly by the Word of God and live out the forgiveness in our lives toward others. This is not a suggestion but a command. If there is something between you and your brother, leave your offering and be reconciled with him.

Forgiveness is a thread which is throughout the Bible and it is a powerful one between God and mankind. It is part of our life when we have Jesus in our heart and we should practice it for the small things as well as those things which hurt us deeply. Think about the pain which Jesus went through to gain your forgiveness and mine! It was painful but He did it anyway.

Freedom from depravity

The Christian faith gives believers the grace they don’t deserve but so desperately need. The depravity of humankind is obvious, especially today. Our faith grants us , as believer’s, a direct relationship with God, whom we can approach with freedom. Once you understand the value of your salvation you understand how tightly the relationship needs to be held onto. Many people today think that Christianity deprives you of fun and having a life but that is not true.

God’s rules, the Ten Commandments, are guidelines for us to live by and after you have given your heart to Jesus and have begun following Him in your life they are easy to follow. Why? Because your relationship with Jesus is more important to you than your old life and your old ways. This is why believers need to treat their salvation as their most valuable asset.

I know the word “depravity” sounds offensive but think about all of the sex trafficking and child slaves that are kidnapped for perverts around the world. If that isn’t depravity I don’t know what is! Our world is under the control and rule of Satan and his agents so much of our world is part of his world. Granted, God allows him to do this and He is in control by limiting what he can do and how far he can go but it is still our adversary that is in charge on Earth.

God has always been in control of him and has placed limits on what he can do and what is not allowed by God. We see some of these things as either God is not in control or He is a mean and hateful God. He is nothing like that at all! If God were not in control I imagine that Satan and his cohorts would’ve made sure that mankind would likely wipe himself from the Earth long before now.

We should seek out God and learn about Him and His love for us, because there is no other way you can learn of Him if you don’t seek Him for yourself. God provided a way for your sins to be wiped clean so that you could interact with Him and be in Heaven one day as a redeemed child of God.

Remember, God has always had a plan for each of us and yet we try to live as if He doesn’t exist at all. He hung the stars in space and placed all of them in their places so that their light shines on us and we behold His glory by His creation. I ask that you give your life to Him while there is still time to do so. Seek Him out for your salvation, learn about Him by studying His Word and listening to Bible teaching and preaching. Because there is no better way to know someone than to read their letters.

What is freedom?

Freedom is the ability to enjoy certain liberties without being persecuted for enjoying them.

The dictionary meaning of freedom is this: the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. “We do have some freedom of choice”

  • the absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

We enjoy freedom not only because of the sacrifice of our soldiers in times of war and peace, but because of our law enforcement officers and other emergency response personnel too.

We also enjoy an amount of freedom from the burden of sin in our lives when we have given our hearts and our lives to Jesus and repent of our old way of life. Being a Christian is not just saying some words and getting wet by being baptized, it is a lifestyle and a relationship with Him. When you have given your life to Him you can enjoy the freedom that comes with it knowing that you have walked away from your old life.

Our freedom in Christ also gives us the ability to do and say those things which need to be said and done in the presence of others who may not know Jesus. Turn away from the drinking and smoking and give thanks for your freedom today so that others may want what you have in this life and may move on to an excellent eternity in the next.Pray-for-strength