Have you taken notice of what is offered to us as entertainment? We have so many outlets to view it on today until it is overwhelming. All of the channels that are on satellite television, then there are all of the “streaming” channels from the Internet including all of the channels on YouTube. Then there are the channels from Apple and Disney, with a subscription of course. All of these can keep you focused on your “smartphone” or on a “smart TV” for hours.

But what about living life itself? What happened to all of the things that we should do to keep our family fed and healthy? How about the teaching that is supposed to go on in the home outside of school hours?

God’s Word says that we are supposed to teach our children about Him at home, especially now when His Word isn’t allowed in schools as a textbook anymore. Even reading one chapter or even a few verses to them each night would be helpful in their life later on. I have to admit that I didn’t do this when my child was growing up but I did take him to church and we discussed the sermon later, especially when he had questions about it. I was a pastor during his teenage years so that helped a little.

What is the point of this post today? Something that I have seen too much of since the first iPhone came out years ago…allowing the phone and its content to be the teacher and babysitter. Children today know more about these hand-held computers and how to use them than they do about their parents or about almost anything else in the world. Because their world seems to revolve around their phones whether they are from Apple or Samsung really doesn’t matter.

Our world is very close to a time that is prophesied in the Bible as the Tribulation. Seven years of persecution and totalitarian rule by a person called the anti-Christ. Who is he and where does he come from? Prophecy doesn’t give that much information but the world will see him as their savior and it will happen after the church is taken away. I pray that every person who doesn’t want to go through this terrible time will seek Jesus as soon as possible.

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