The Story Of The Counterfeit Satan (Say What!?) [Comedy Short]

You know, every now and then when you are a practicing Christian, sometimes, you just gotta laugh at some of the things you hear from churches. Now, I am not trying to mock anyone, nor accuse you of being fake. However, this is rather a short comical story we can all relate to on some degree.


So, there is this 70-year-old woman with three grandchildren who went to church every Sunday. It was 7 AM one Sunday morning, and it was the pastor’s 50th year preaching youth ministry.

While she is cooking some good old fashioned chocoloate pancakes that her mom used to make for her as a little kid, she flipped around her Bible to Psalms chapter 91. As she sang Amazing Glace in her most soft-spoken voice, her two-year-old was throwing a tantrum while fighting with her brother over who would get the last pancake.

“No, I want the last pancake, and that’s final!” She screeched while banging the bedroom wall. Then, all of a sudden, the fire alarm was blaring for five minutes straight. And the grandmother said, “Get your house-burning hand away from me, Satan!”

Then, the eleven-year-old granddaughter came up and said, “Gramma, you do realize you burnt your own breakfast? Why you waistin’ time rebuking the devil when he got better things to do than burning your creamy chocolate pancake?”

“Mm-hmm. He know dang well I can’t miss that celebration today,” Grandma replied.

Lesson: Give Satan (and God) Credit When It is Due

Sometimes, out of fear or a lack of solid and sound discernment, we often blame God and/or Satan for our own human failures. Through this short comedy, we learn the value of accepting responsibility for our own wrong choices, and accept the conseques that follow. In this example, the elderly churchgoer was attached to her Bible Study while neglecting family responsibilities (in this case, making breakfast and dealing with the sibling rivalry between her two grandchildren.)

Another mistake she made was to pioritize the pastoral celebration while neglecting the object of worship: Jesus Christ. Because of this, the grandmother had a counterfeit picture of Satan and Jesus simultaneously. Jesus, in her mind, was like Santa Claus (who gave her everything she wanted for her own gain), while her version of Satan was nothing more than a cartoonish Grinch who always ruins her own selfish plans instead of a spiritual enemy who sabotages God’s plans of salvation.

This comedy actually paints a picture of the condition of the American church. The church is not a place of spiritual growth; it is a place where little religious brats can cling to their pastor to bottlefeed them with a blessing for every donation they make. But, when things go wrong, either God or Satan gets the blame, when they chose to remain entitled and cling to a false version of spirituality.

As my dad says to me and my sister: Money does not grow on trees. It’s the same thing with a blessing. Blessings are supposed to be rewards for our diligence to God, and for being obedient to what He talls us to do, not for selfish pleasure and entertainment.

Laws cannot save you!

This is the message which Jesus brought with His teachings. The Law of Moses and all of the commandments are great but they only let you know what is a sin and that you cannot hope to fulfill the Law perfectly on your own! The only Person to ever accomplish that was the Son of God, Jesus the Christ (Yeshua the Messiah)! We, as humans, can’t keep the Law perfectly because of our sinful nature and that is why He came.

Paul wrote that he didn’t know what sin was until he read the laws of Moses and then he knew that he was a sinner and he needed Yeshua as his Savior. But he didn’t acknowledge Jesus as his Savior until Jesus confronted him on the road to Damascus but he knew that he couldn’t keep the Law perfectly in his own strength. The laws of Moses do not bring salvation but they do let us know that we are sinners and that we cannot keep them with our own power.

Trying to be good enough to be accepted into Heaven doesn’t work because our righteousness is not and cannot be good enough to bring us into salvation without faith in Jesus.

Is the law then against the promises of God? God forbid: for if there had been a law given which could have given life, verily righteousness should have been by the law. Galatians 3:21

True righteousness could not come by the law because it only let each of us know that we couldn’t keep it completely, which convicted us of our sinfulness and our sinful natures. It proved that we needed a Savior and that was Jesus (Yeshua) Who came and gave His life and shed His blood to pay the price for ALL of our sins! Not just those born since He came but also those who were waiting for the Promise to come from the beginning.

God knew that mankind wasn’t able to resist the temptations thrown at them by Satan and therefore a Savior was needed and necessary. Otherwise, the relationship which God created us for would be lost forever and so would all of us be. Your eternity and mine are contained in the blood of Christ and if you haven’t accepted Him as your Savior then I would suggest that you consider Him as soon as possible. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even the rest of tonight so I would make sure of my salvation before going to sleep.

God loves you and has made the pathway easy to find in His Word and by accepting Jesus as your Savior but the choice is up to you when you are convicted of your sins. Will you give your life to Him and turn away from your sinful ways or will you take the chance that this is a joke and the Bible is just a fable? The choice is yours but…after your last breath you will stand before God and the question will be why did you refuse the offer of salvation?


We need hope

But, where can we find that hope? Have you ever wondered about that? We can’t do it alone. Our collective hope should come from Jesus, but will this ever happen? Yes, it will but it will be after a time of great suffering in our world. Why do hope and redemption come to us after hardship or suffering? In many ways, it is because we need to learn a lesson and God knows how stubborn we are. So, our hope and our deliverance come at the cost of hardship and suffering.

We always pray for deliverance and hope, sometimes we don’t use those specific words but it is the presence of hope that most of us are searching for. There are times when hope seems to be very far away or even not attainable, but God is as near as our next prayer and that is what gives us hope. God does care about all of us and He is never any distance from you, yet we think He is at times.

Hope is also the offspring of love and since God is Love personified then just knowing that your prayer is heard and that He listens to it and knows your situation gives you hope. So, why do people generally ignore Him and look in all sorts of places and people for their hope? I believe that it is because of the time in which we live.

What is so different about this “time”? If you can look back about forty or fifty years, with your parents or grandparents, they can tell you about how the world was when they were young. I know, many of you are tired of hearing about “the good old days”, but in many instances compared to today, that was true! Crime statistics from 1960, 1970 and 1980 all show a very different world from what we see and hear today.

For instance, in 1960 there were less than 200 car thefts per 100,000 people in the whole of the United States.a5667a1c-d550-49b9-9c38-daf1c70db46c

This is just one statistic but you get the point. I am sure there are others out there which can be found on the Internet. My point is that even though theft of cars has gone down and is even approaching the numbers from 57 years ago, other metrics like murder, rape, crimes against humanity (religious wars), are rising. All of this is happening because we are nearing the time described in the book of Revelation.

Why am I bringing this up in a post which is about hope? Because our Hope is in Jesus and He is coming back very soon. This is why Satan and his demons and spirits are intensifying their work these days. Their time is growing short and they know it! I am not speaking of people being possessed, just that spirits and demons can influence people, especially those who have ignored giving their lives to Jesus.

I am not speaking of people who just “claim to be Christians” because there are far more of those than there are actual Christians. People claim to be Christians when they have been to a church service once or twice a year. They also claim this distinction when their parents went to church when they were young as if you can inherit it. Christianity is not something like a cold or the flu, you don’t get it by being in contact with a Bible or being present in a church service occasionally!

You are and become a Christian when you have felt the call of the Lord on your heart, which you will be able to detect. It isn’t emotional nor is it just a decision which you make to become a Christian. When the Holy Spirit touches your heart or your soul, that part of you which can’t be found on an MRI, you will know it. Occasionally it comes during a service or by watching a service on TV, God can use any venue to get your attention. But it is NOT just a decision on your part!

Some people will tell you that you can refuse to listen when this happens and you can ignore it for a while. But I don’t recommend it. Read the book of Jonah and you will see that when God wants to use someone for His purposes, you will be brought around in time. My own calling into the ministry was over thirty years ago, but I ignored it until about ten years ago and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. No, God doesn’t make your life hard or unhappy in order to turn your heart back to His call but He will cause you to feel that call in a more urgent way.

Your hope and mine lie in the arms of Jesus and when you feel His call on your life, don’t put it off. My reason for this is that you can’t be sure of the length of your life and if you don’t accept Him as your Savior and Lord when you feel His call, you may not get another chance to accept it. An out of control car or tire on the highway could take your life tonight and you will meet Him but in a very different circumstance than what you should. Meeting Him without knowing Him and being a Christian will be…well let’s just say it isn’t very good at all.

Walking like He walked..

Have you ever heard that we are supposed to do this? We are supposed to be representing Him in this world, showing His Light to others. Do you do this? Do you try to do it every day?

As Christians, we are truly supposed to be examples of His Love in this world where people seem to hate more than they love. Oh, there are good people and people who do good things for others once in a while, but Jesus did things for people everywhere He went. Sometimes it was a healing, sometimes it involved making water into wine, sometimes it had to do with giving someone their sight back, even if they had never had it.

Granted, we don’t have the complete faith, the kind which doesn’t doubt, in order to do these wonderful miracles. Some people say that those were done only to fulfill prophecy and to get people’s attention on the Messiah. It is true, those miracles were done by the Savior and our Creator as well as the disciples in the beginning of the church. But…we can do things for people in need, if we have the means to do so. Do you?

The only thing that I can do most days is to pray for their health and for their healing, asking for all of the people on my prayer list and all of those who ask for prayer on my Facebook page. I don’t know many of them personally, but God knows who they are and what is happening in their lives. He knows what is wrong and what can be done for them and what HE can and will do for them.

God doesn’t answer prayers in the ways that we want ALL of the time, but He does answer them. Sometimes it is a “maybe” or “wait”, sometimes it is “no”, but the reason behind these is because God knows what He has for you and what you are asking for is not His best, nor is it what He has in store for you. Of course when we get those kind of answers we think that God doesn’t love me. God loves each of us far more than we can imagine and He is NOT like us! His love is a kind of love that we can’t understand in this life. We won’t get to that point where we can understand it until we are in His Presence!

“Walking the walk” as some put it isn’t hard to do, but it has to be practiced and done on the basis that we intentionally do it every day. It is not natural to wake in the morning and thank God for opening your eyes, but that is what we should do. Getting up and walking to the kitchen should be a thankful process as well, we should take nothing for granted because none of us are guaranteed tonight or tomorrow. Truly, God loves us, all of us because of His Son’s sacrifice for our salvation. It is something that we should be eternally grateful for, not something that is taken for granted.

Please, seek Him out so that your eternity is sealed and in His Presence. If you keep telling yourself that you will get to it later, then one day, later will get to you. Then, you will stand and give an account of every word and deed done which was done in your own strength and without Jesus. Your righteousness, like that of the Pharisees, is worthless in God’s eyes unless your heart belongs to Jesus and He lives in you! If that doesn’t describe your salvation, your righteousness, then your eternity will be in a place that was not made for humanity..but for Satan.

Inner strength and beauty

Have you noticed that people who stay together the longest have these two in spades! Inner strength comes from your character and that is truly based upon your beliefs, whatever they might be. Strength on the inside is the kind which comes from outside yourself, it is not physical but spiritual and it is in contrast to your beliefs and your faith in that which gives you strength.

Is your faith in a “man-made” religion or god? If it is then your faith is in something which cannot last. We have many religions which are manufactured by man, although some of them seem to be based on the Word of God. Many people have taken a few phrases or verses from one chapter of the Bible and created an entire doctrine around it. It may not be what Jesus taught or even based on anything which He said, but it sounds good and it can be said to “be based on God’s Word” even if it is only based on one or two verses.

Man-made religions are not the same, even though to the outside world they appear to be the same. If you get enough people to follow your teaching and they like the message enough, then they will back you when it comes time to build a larger church. Sometimes, a sermon or a theology which is based on or around the words and teachings found in the New Testament is not very popular. Because…it is based upon the Truth of God’s Word! There will likely be fewer people who like your message, but those who do are committed to learning about Him.

Inner beauty is found in people whose character is shaped by their belief in God and Jesus Christ. Yes, there are some who are beautiful regardless of the religion which they follow or even if they follow any religion at all, but they are few in number. I am not speaking here of outer beauty, but the kind that is inside a person. Outer beauty comes from your parents but it doesn’t really last because as we grow older, out face will change and our body changes. We don’t look as “beautiful” or as “handsome” as we may have when we were younger. Beauty is fleeting and it is only skin deep as far as your outer beauty is concerned.

Inner strength comes from our faith in something or Someone greater than ourselves, like Jesus. The martyrs from the past, who were killed in horrendous ways like burning or being gored by bulls or ripped apart by lions, faced their deaths with dignity and strength that they drew from knowing that they belonged to Jesus! Nothing could separate them from Him because if they died, regardless of the manner of their death, they would be with Him!

Today, we all need strength from God more than we do anything else. Because of the persecution and the negative things which are said of Christians these days. In the next decade, it will likely get much worse than it is now and it is not something which your children are prepared for. We aren’t prepared for it! But…its coming. Lean on Jesus and learn about Him from the Bible, even if it is outlawed to possess a Bible, keep one hidden somewhere that you can read. Make sure that you have a place to go that is safe, if possible, because we are coming to a time when unrest is going to be everywhere.

How do you live?

Are you a Christian? Do you believe in Jesus’ atonement for your life? Have you walked with Jesus or did you just get baptized and go on with your life?

Do you deny that Jesus is real? Do you believe that He was “just a prophet”?

If you believe and you accept Him as your Savior, then the first sentence should apply to your life, but are you living your life according to His will for you? It is a question that needs to be answered by all of us. Have you “given your life to Him”, but then walked away from the church and never went back? You are denying Him.

If, on the other hand, you fall into the group of people who don’t believe in God or Jesus at all, then who do you believe in? Yourself? Satan or Allah? Mohammed? Can you change the color of your skin or your hair by thinking about it? Of course not, you and I are not going to be gods and we can’t do anything like God can.

Has Satan appeared to you in a robe of white with wings so bright you couldn’t see? He can you know. Mohammed is dead and he isn’t coming back until God raises him up one day to pay for what he did in his life.

Satan can appear as an angel of light and he can tell you that he is Gabriel if he chooses to, but that doesn’t make it the truth. Mankind is easily deceived and especially when it comes to the master of lies who has had many thousands of years to perfect his deception. One day there will be a man who will appear to be our savior and he will be able to do things that will look miraculous, like Jesus did, but he will be a false savior. Many people will be taken in by him and his words and power that he shows, but he is not the Son of God.

All of those words that I wrote in the past couple of sentences are foretold in Daniel and in the book of Revelation. It is God’s Word and it is True. It will come to pass. I don’t know when, but with all that is happening around the world I would bet that it won’t be much more than a decade or so away. I could be wrong, of course. The point that I am trying to make is that when this person shows up and everyone seems to think he is so wonderful, that should cause a bell to go off in your mind. Remember what you may have heard or read in the Bible or in Sunday school.

Don’t just follow someone blindly because they seem to be more than they are! Many false “Christs” have appeared in the past, but they all died. Many things are going to happen in the near future which will cause many people in the church to leave their faith behind. When all of this begins, take notice and get a Bible and read it. If you have lived a life which wouldn’t have been acceptable to Jesus, then you should repent and ask for His forgiveness.

Why? Because if you see all of these things happening then the end is getting very near. When the peace treaty between Israel and all of her enemies is signed and the Temple begins to be built, take note of who is brokering that deal. All of these must happen before Jesus comes to get the elect, His church, His Bride. Make sure that you are part of that number. In the picture there are many promises for His elect, if you have repented of your sins and given your heart to Him and asked for His forgiveness.

Rights in America

Are we secure in our rights today? Whether the rights are involved with religion, race, marriage, or racial equality, in America these are supposed to be part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that was adopted when our country was founded over two hundred years ago! You have the right to do many things in America today which grates against the beliefs of many different religious groups and their doctrines. So what is the fuss about in our nation’s capitol?

There are so many different voices and constituents speaking up in Washington, until many of our law makers can’t hear themselves think let alone be able to make any sense out of what is being said. So many voices and opinions in Congress and the Senate are speaking out, and very loudly too, until I wonder if many of the Senators can concentrate on their actual job. I wonder sometimes whether they got elected to do what we, the voters, thought they were running for?

Yes, my blog is a religious blog but sometimes I have to get up on a box and speak out. I get so tired of hearing our news media speaking like politicians. They talk for thirty minutes or more and never really say anything. The thing that many don’t seem to understand is that our rights and laws are all based primarily on God’s laws in the Bible.

It is God that established our land through the faith of the pilgrims and our forefathers, so all of America owes its existence to God’s grace and provision. Like it or not, America was founded upon God’s principles and not some secular principle or belief. America wouldn’t have lasted this long had it not been for the grace and mercy of God.

Of course, in the past sixty or so years our country has been steadily pushing God and prayer and the Bible out of government and schools and out of the courts as well. Our country has passed laws which go totally against God’s law against killing, especially children. Abortion has taken the lives of multiple millions of babies and it seems that everyone thinks that they were just clumps of cells. Doctors know better because the heart begins to beat in the first month or so. A beating heart signals life, so that means it is a little person!

We have gone a long way from being a society which reveres life and family and we need to come back to those beliefs.


Does it occur to you why we are going through so much right now in the world and at home? Many are saying on TV and other media that it is because of global warming or some other nonsense science. The world is changing because of us and because of all the damage that we have done to it over the past 150 years or so. Really?

Why in the world would the climate change around the entire world because of a few tons of carbon dioxide? Yes, I know it is a greenhouse gas, so is methane, but these have been in our atmosphere since it became an atmosphere. The world is changing more because of overuse of resources, such as fish, than because of fossil fuel use. This is a more plausible reason for the “warming” effect than our one hundred years of burning gasoline and diesel.

The thing is, there is a lot more happening in and around our world than just “climate change”. Except, most of the news outlets are not reporting on that part of the news because it doesn’t pique enough interest in viewers. What is being reported on is that people are giving up on their belief in God, that they have walked away from their faith (if they ever really had any).

Yes, there are questions that need to be answered, not so much about climate change but about the difference in religion, religious beliefs, and Christianity. Religion and being religious can be about almost anything that you want to put in the sentence. You can be a religious fanatic about fishing or hunting or even making money, although what will that get you? Broke in more ways than one.

A religion is defined as: the belief in a god or in a group of gods;an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods; an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group

You can make anything, activity or a god or interest into a religion and follow it religiously, even fanatically, but what is the eternal answer that it gives you? Does it have an answer for eternity at all? Many religions actually don’t have an answer and those who follow them will get angry with you if you ask them this question. Especially if you are trying to find out if they believe in Jesus as their Savior or not. It seems that His prophecy that “you will be hated because of Me” is spot-on for the time that we are living in for today.

Although many don’t believe that we are living in the “last days”, I do. We are not living in the “Tribulation” as spoken of in Revelation, but I don’t believe that we are far from it. Many people, believers and non-believers, need to truly wake up and read the Bible. Compare the prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel and the book of Revelation. Yes, they are hard to understand but with prayer and asking for God to reveal those hard parts to you, you can understand it enough to know the signs that are happening all around us. We cannot know specifics like dates or times, God alone has that information, but we can learn enough to be watchful of the events that are happening in the world. Even if the media won’t tell people the implications of what is happening, we can see it from a Biblical perspective which is what was meant by the Bible when it says “watch and pray” during this time.

Keep looking up, because our Redeemer and our redemption draws ever nearer every day!

Living Christianity

Thanking God for waking up today, and for the blessings that you have in your life.

The prayer that you say before leaving to go to your job or on other errands that have to be done.

Praying for someone in your family, your church family, or someone who you hear about on the news. Not necessarily for their salvation, but for their comfort or their healing depending upon the circumstances.

Doing something, no matter how small it may seem, for someone that you know. Even if it is just saying a prayer for them.

Give of your money, your tithes to help those who are truly in need and in danger. The Jewish people are not all rich, there are some homeless children and elderly there that need our help. I have been doing this for the past three years or so and even if you can only give twenty or twenty-five dollars will help, even if it is only a one time gift. I am sorry to say that I haven’t been able to give that amount every month but I pray that is about to change for me and for you as well.

Don’t just go to church on the days or nights when there is a service going on. Your faith in Jesus has to be taken outside the church so that others can see Christians as we are supposed to be, reflecting Jesus so that the world can see Him through our actions and in our life.

Don’t claim to be a Christian and go through the motions of being one and not believe in Jesus fully. If you are doing this, you are fooling yourself and you are being fooled into thinking that you are something that you are NOT!

Do as Jesus said to do, “Seek ye the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all of these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) This doesn’t mean that all of the stuff that you want will come to you, but the blessings of God will be yours through Jesus. Read and study God’s Word every day! It is imperative that we know what it says so that we aren’t fooled by someone quoting a scripture which isn’t there or out of context.

Be LIKE Christ and be the Christian that He intended for you to be. Many people have died over the years because they would not give up their beliefs or change to go along with everyone else’s opinion and we should be just as stubborn as they were by clinging to our faith no matter what comes!

What do you hear?

From the television and almost all of the news sources, mostly…JUNK! The world is going down the tubes fast, and all anyone seems to care about is their shows on TV or what is happening on Facebook. What difference does it make? Facebook, Twitter, Survivor, and so on are all just there to distract us from what is happening in the world. Yes, there are some on all of those social media sites which are talking about actual news, but what news?

What about our freedom? Freedom to worship ANY way you want to in America! We have that freedom right now, but it seems that there are so many on one side who can’t stand ANY mention of God or Jesus! I am not trying to force anyone, anywhere to worship the way that I do, but it seems that there are many who just can’t stand to read or hear about Jesus at all. If you want to worship a rock, I don’t care! That is your option, even God gave you the choice to do so even if He doesn’t agree with it.

We have a choice and it was given to us by God Himself. You can choose to believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I pray that you will come to Him before your life is over, but it is your choice regardless of where you live, at least as far as I am concerned. Many of the countries in the world are not nearly free enough to have the choice of Who they worship, as we are in America.

Christians, whether you agree with their faith or not, are being killed not just persecuted and yet the Christians there are not converting to Islam. They would rather die for their faith, just as the martyrs have done for hundreds of years. I pray that we in America don’t see this kind of persecution, but it may happen yet.

What can we do? Pray for those in areas where Christians are being persecuted severely like in Iraq and Iran and Turkey. I don’t know what to tell you about things that we could do other than pray. Since God is in control and He can send Angels to comfort and help those people, prayer is powerful because God is able to deliver them by His power.

The world is tearing itself to pieces and it isn’t over, this is just the beginning. It actually hasn’t gotten to the point that most are fearing will come yet. Read your Bible, study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, pray about what you are reading. We are at the beginning of those times! Watch and pray that you will have the strength to endure until He comes again to take the church out of this.