What do you hear?

From the television and almost all of the news sources, mostly…JUNK! The world is going down the tubes fast, and all anyone seems to care about is their shows on TV or what is happening on Facebook. What difference does it make? Facebook, Twitter, Survivor, and so on are all just there to distract us from what is happening in the world. Yes, there are some on all of those social media sites which are talking about actual news, but what news?

What about our freedom? Freedom to worship ANY way you want to in America! We have that freedom right now, but it seems that there are so many on one side who can’t stand ANY mention of God or Jesus! I am not trying to force anyone, anywhere to worship the way that I do, but it seems that there are many who just can’t stand to read or hear about Jesus at all. If you want to worship a rock, I don’t care! That is your option, even God gave you the choice to do so even if He doesn’t agree with it.

We have a choice and it was given to us by God Himself. You can choose to believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I pray that you will come to Him before your life is over, but it is your choice regardless of where you live, at least as far as I am concerned. Many of the countries in the world are not nearly free enough to have the choice of Who they worship, as we are in America.

Christians, whether you agree with their faith or not, are being killed not just persecuted and yet the Christians there are not converting to Islam. They would rather die for their faith, just as the martyrs have done for hundreds of years. I pray that we in America don’t see this kind of persecution, but it may happen yet.

What can we do? Pray for those in areas where Christians are being persecuted severely like in Iraq and Iran and Turkey. I don’t know what to tell you about things that we could do other than pray. Since God is in control and He can send Angels to comfort and help those people, prayer is powerful because God is able to deliver them by His power.

The world is tearing itself to pieces and it isn’t over, this is just the beginning. It actually hasn’t gotten to the point that most are fearing will come yet. Read your Bible, study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, pray about what you are reading. We are at the beginning of those times! Watch and pray that you will have the strength to endure until He comes again to take the church out of this.

Worry and fear, what should we do?

Jesus said for us not to worry although in today’s world it is hard not to. We hear of all the wars and killings, in our local cities and overseas. We read the news or hear it on the nightly news and wonder what is going on in this world and why. We are worried that our children and grandchildren will have a worse time of it than we had instead of hoping for their lives to be better like our parents did. What has happened to our world and why is all of this terrible stuff happening every day and every night?

It was foretold that this time would be this way, yet few people are paying attention because there are so few who believe the Book that contains those prophecies. Even fewer it seems, believe in the God Who gave the words to the writers of that Book or in His Son, Who came so that we would have eternal life and have a way for all of our sins to be forgiven. Why?

The reason for the unbelief that is so rampant these days is simply that very few families teach their children about God and the founding of our country as a Christian nation. The schools don’t teach it because someone might be offended and take the school to court. America was at one time, following God and seeking His counsel in politics and in everyday life. What happened?

Some would say that we became enlightened to the new “truth”. If the Truth didn’t come from or originate in and from God’s Word, IT ISN’T TRUE! It has been massaged and mangled and changed to the point of being a lie, period! Fifty years ago, when my parents got divorced, the company that my father worked for wrote him a letter and asked him why? Now, most companies could care less what their employees do in their personal lives until they get caught.

Even the sanctity of life is questioned in our lives now. People care more about some terrorist’s feelings than they do about an unborn child and his or her right to live. If you happen to be a Muslim, people are more afraid of insulting you than they are about anyone or anything in the world, why? Because of the wrath of Allah? No, Allah was the name of a moon-god, not the Creator of the universe. The place in Mecca which is so revered houses a meteorite inside, go figure.

How Much?

How much should we endure in our lives? How much should we forgive and forget? How much? This is the question which people ask when they can’t afford what they are looking at, and yet they ask it anyway. It is also the question that we ask when we want to know what it will take to get something done, whether in the spiritual realm or the physical. How much time? How much money? How much of my life will this involve? Do you really have so much time and money that you can’t part with any of it or are you just selfish? God gave you the job or the income that you have, why can’t you give Him credit for what you live off of?

The only time that Jesus asked a question which sounded like, “How much?”, was when He fed the five thousand men. He asked His disciples about the amount of food that they had found, which was a boys lunch of two loaves of bread and some fish. God can take a little and do a lot with it, just as He used the twelve disciples and turned the world upside down with His message and the church began. That small lunch which the boy had actually fed about fifteen thousand or so since there were women and children present too, which wasn’t counted in the initial count.

How much more are we going to have to put up with before we realize that the Bible is right? Everything that is happening today, around the world, is part of prophecy. From the book of Daniel to Revelation, the world that we see and hear about on the news is there in some form. Yes, they may have used some descriptions which describe things that don’t exist, but the men who wrote those books had never seen a helicopter or a jet air plane, so they described them the best way that they could with what they knew of at the time. The next world conflict will begin in the Middle East, maybe in Turkey or Iraq, but it will be in that region. Who will be fighting whom, I don’t know, but it will involve religious differences and hatred between people.

It has been brewing ever since the nation of Israel reformed and became a nation in 1948 and it is coming to a head soon. I don’t know the date, no one does except for God, the point is that we need to get back to our faith in Him, because the problems which are coming with this conflict and the economic disaster which will likely happen before this war will cause tremendous trouble all over the world. Why do we need to get back to God? Because we need an anchor, a Rock to cling to in the raging water, something that is unchanging and that is God and His Truth. Throw that away and we have anarchy. Few people will live through a lawless nation or a world without laws and morals. Think about it, pray about it, come back to God before it is too late.

Are you ready?

I just got used to this year, and now we’re going to begin another one in about two weeks! Why is it when you get past the half-century birthday, it seems that every year goes by faster and faster? It’s like time speeds up just trying to get you out of here quicker! Granted, I am ready to be done with this life, in a way, but I would like to enjoy the years that I may have left, rather than watching them speed by like race cars!

In some ways, I think that it is God’s way of letting us know that the best is yet to come and the quicker we get to the end, the better it will be! At least, that is the most hopeful spin that I can put on it anyway. God loves us far more than we can love ourselves and truly, He must have since He allowed His Son to die so that we could be saved and forgiven for our sins.

Also, the age of the church is coming to an end so time grows short and the time of the second coming of Jesus is at hand. Everyone seems to be moving about like a bunch of ants, some with a purpose and some seem to be just running around. So, what can we do to make sense of this short time that we have? Well, for one thing…read the Bible! It tells you everything that we know for sure about this time, from God’s point of view and for us.

Some people might say that it is too confusing to read, but the Bible explains itself if you will take the time to pray about it as you read and look up the references for the scripture that you are reading. The NT explains the OT and vice versa, but you have to read both, not just a verse here and there. It is something that we don’t or won’t do as we are growing up because our teachers tell us to and many of us just read the parts that the preacher is speaking about in his sermons and no more. Even if he reads an entire chapter, sometimes that is not enough to get the real meaning of it, which is why many people leave church looking “dazed and confused” more often than not.

How can anyone learn about Jesus and His mission and message if you only hear a small portion of it or just one chapter of it? Honestly, you can’t! Get into a Bible teaching church, read the Bible with a friend and ask each other questions when you don’t understand something, look it up in a concordance  or online if need be. We have many resources today that were not available to people just twenty-five years ago, but test what you learn against the Bible. Make sure that the message you hear is the same one that is in God’s Word, if not then run away from it.

Come, let us see Him!

Nativity-29The angels told the shepherds about the birth of the Christ child. The wise men from the east knew of Him from the scriptures and from the prophecies in them. Yet, the teachers and Pharisees didn’t pick up on the prophecy of Bethlehem being the birth-place of the Messiah. What happened? Could’ve been that nobody considered the birthplace of David as the birthplace of the Messiah or maybe they just weren’t thinking about the timing or possibly…well who knows what or who they were looking for if anyone.

Our Lord, part of the Trinity, clothed Himself in flesh to become part of our world in order to redeem us to the glory of God. Whether you believe in Him or in the Bible or not, it doesn’t matter because in the end everyone will see and know He is the Redeemer and the King of Kings.

But, when He arrived He came as a little baby but He was still God, enrobed in the flesh of man. Many deny that this could happen, but the Bible clearly states that He was born of a virgin, God created Him inside her, therefore He was of God the Father and not man’s nature. Jesus is and was God in the body of mankind and grew just as any child did. It is not a hard thing to believe this, if you believe that the Bible is true and inspired by the Spirit.

The angels told the shepherds about Him and they came to see this thing which God had deemed necessary to reveal to them first! After they saw, they went out and told others of their knowledge of Him and Who He was, even at His birth, the Messiah. People considered this and pondered over it, but in time they forgot about what they were told. “It was only told to us by shepherds, how could they know?”; this was very likely the words used as people scoffed at the news and whether it was true or not. How much like today this is, when people come up with all sorts of explanations for the miracles of God, whether it was the miracles that brought the Israelite people out of Egypt or the parting of the sea. Science and man have thought up all sorts of “explanations” to discredit God as the cause of anything from Creation to the return of the Jewish people to their home after nearly two thousand years.

The Creator Who can bring about creation by His spoken Word, can do anything that He desires or plans to do. He is not surprised by any of our problems and yet we try to see Him as being limited as we are, how foolish! Paint cannot tell the painter which color to put here or there and it cannot request to be blended a certain way so that it is a prettier shade of purple or blue. The creation, whether it is an animal, a star, a planet or man cannot dictate to God how or when it is to be used and for what purpose, He is the Creator and our place and purpose are dictated by Him. The difference between us and the other parts of creation, except for the angels, is that we can choose not to obey Him. We have a choice regarding whether we will believe in Him and trust our lives and our purpose will be used by Him in the manner in which He desires. If we choose to follow Him and serve Him because He loved us before we made that decision, and loved us enough that Jesus died and was the first born from the grave so that we would be granted His righteousness if we humbled ourselves and became His through Jesus.

Eternity is granted to us through Jesus’ sacrifice, forgiveness is granted through the blood of Jesus, adoption into the family of God is granted through His Grace. What more could you possibly ask for? In the world today, many people see this question as a silly one. They want everything! A bigger house, a nicer car than their friends, more money and enough of it to retire and never work again, these are the blessings that the world and everyone in it seeks. The problem is that these things are temporary and only for this world. Your eternal home is Heaven, where there will be no more death or sorrow or burning heat or bitter cold.

The place prepared for Satan is entirely different altogether. Darkness rules there. Not the kind that we know, but one that can be felt and it burns. The heat and the lack of water and coolness for an eternity will be part of it too. I am not speaking of a heat like we feel on Earth, I am talking of a kind which would kill us but in that place you will have an eternal body, but you will be totally out of God’s presence. Away from any semblance of life and you will be near or in the lake of fire which burns for eternity as well. This place was not prepared for man, but for the demons and Satan who rebelled against God and for the Anti-Christ and his false prophet. Anyone who is, by choice, against God and chooses to reject Jesus as their Savior will end up here too.

Christmas is the time that we are to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, the One Who can save us from this place if we will believe in Him and ask Him to come into our lives and live His life through us so that others can see Him too. God bless you all for reading this and pray for our country, it sorely needs prayer and God’s grace.

In His Service.

Veterans and the faith that they have

I have heard of so-called “fox-hole conversions” and there is likely some truth to them, I mean, come on…wouldn’t you want God on your side in a war!?! Many of the veterans who fought in WWII, Korea, and in Vietnam may not have had much faith in God when they were drafted or when they were in their first battle or fire-fight, but I would bet that before they came home there was at least a bit of faith the size of a mustard seed in them.

I served for a short while during 1980, but I never was deployed as they say so I am not considered a veteran. Then, I had to get out of the military due to a medical emergency discharge, so even the VA denies that I am a veteran because I had yet to serve six full months in the service.

Now, I am not complaining, I enjoyed my time in the service and would’ve gladly went back until I became a father. I had a more important job to do at home then and didn’t want to put my family through that. In fact, I was in the process of getting back in about a month before September 11, ’01, when I clearly heard the voice of God while I was at work. He told me that I needed to cancel my joining up with the Army at that time. No reason given just that I shouldn’t go. Then the confirmation of a reason became clear when those airplanes flew into the towers and changed everything. I am not a coward as some people may think. I was a firefighter for five years and I have gone into burning buildings plenty of times, so that wasn’t it.

I just needed to follow God’s lead in this. Also, just a few days later, my father died and my son turned two so I had other things going on at the time. I do praise and honor Vets because of their bravery and for their service. I have the utmost respect for all of our service men and women. God watches over them each and every day, whether the FFRF wants Him to or not.

The point of this is that God has appointed each of to a time to die and then face His judgement. Whether you have given your heart and life to Jesus or not will be the issue, not your sins unless you have left Jesus out of your life. If His blood is not covering your sins, then they will all be brought to light, every word and deed. Yes, our servicemen and women need God in their lives and watching over their service wherever it may be. Seek Him while you have the time to do so, because time is growing short. Read the last book of the Bible and see if it sounds like the news, that should tell you that we are getting closer to His return every day. For your eternal salvation, please consider asking Jesus into your heart!

Expectations, what are they today?

Many people seem to have fantastic expectations of their children and their lives today. In many ways, we seem to try to live our lives or some part of our lives through our kids and their accomplishments, don’t we? You see it portrayed in movies and on television and on the Internet and social media, our lives and our children’s lives are open to all of the world in one sense or another. Depending upon the security that you have in place, and unless you are knowledgeable about such things, many of us don’t have much security at all.

I don’t know how many emails that I have received about a poll which was taken at random, that showed that thousands of people still use “password” for their password or “0123456” even. These are ridiculously easy for a child to crack, let alone someone who really is a true hacker! The security that I am speaking of is in reference to the “stuff” that you store in the cloud or on Facebook’s servers. How easy would it be for someone to crack your password and get into your family photos and other things which should be kept private?

We have expectations of security and life, along with what we expect or want from our children. To put it a bit more politically correct, “what we want our children to become is just to make us look and feel better”; maybe not so politically correct, but a sight more succinct maybe? We expect or hope that our children will do better with their lives and their careers than we have been able to do, but do we give them the esteem and the knowledge of applying themselves toward that goal or do we just coddle and spoil them until they graduate into the real world and hope that they get it right?

Many times it seems that is exactly what we are doing to the next generation. We “baby” them and give them stuff that they didn’t have to earn until they graduate from high school or college and then we expect them to hit the ground running toward a goal which they have no idea how to accomplish at all! We never tried to get them to earn their way in life or through school or with chores to do at home! They played games and watched TV and movies on DVD, when they weren’t whining about all of the two pages of homework that they had to do. Yes, some kids actually have far more than two pages but so did we when we were growing up!

In the public school system, there is now something called “common core” which is the biggest joke of all on our kids. No one can be left behind while taking this curriculum because not even the teacher understands it, so how can our kids know or learn it? We are expected to raise our children to be good people with character, but how can they have character when many of us don’t even have it? Do you know any of the Ten Commandments? Do you know where they are found? This country was founded on principles which came from the Word of God and all of the Ivy League schools were founded, at first, to be seminary schools which trained preachers and missionaries.

What happened to our country? What happened to the values and the beliefs of those who run this nation and those of us who live in it? We have allowed science and political correctness to invade our churches and our homes. Many people are mourning the loss of values and purpose in our country, but it is our fault that it has slipped away. We allowed it to happen because we as Christians did not speak up and try to keep our country as a Christian nation. Now, we are paying the price although the true price hasn’t been set yet.

Have you given your heart to Jesus?

Those who can’t believe or won’t believe are the ones that we need to pray for today. Their life has no purpose and no hope, at least spiritually, for a future. Because they refuse to see it or believe it, even when there is evidence for Him and His creation.

Many of you look at the Bible as a book and it is but it is also more than a book, it is the Book written with inspiration from God to us…all of us, not just Christians. Your life and everything in it, good or bad, is known to God. He knows the weaknesses that you have and the troubles too and it is likely that He has helped you through some of them during your life but you didn’t know it. Now, God doesn’t push His way into your life and your heart, He only asks patiently for you to let Him in.

The problem with many people is that they think that they have it all figured out and that they don’t need Him, period. They think that science and medicine can fix most any problem and if they can’t fix it then they can make it tolerable until you die, right? Okay, lets say that you are right and I am wrong. You will never know if you are right because if you are then after you die, that’s it, there will be nothing after death period. I won’t either so neither one of us was disappointed when we died, it was like being switched off and put up for storage. No harm done. Hmmm……but, what if what I have been saying is TRUE?!!

From a perspective that neither of us has experienced yet, lets just ponder this hypothetically. Lets suppose that there is a life that we go onto after this one, not one like being re-incarnated, but one where you are rewarded for your life on Earth with the rewards being dependent upon only one requirement: That you gave your heart to Jesus.

Let’s suppose that the Bible and all of its words and prophecies are true, just for this hypothetical. Even in the Old Testament, some of the prophets went to Heaven without seeing death. Some of the writers wrote about a life in paradise or Heaven. Then you have Jesus speaking of paradise or of a place of punishment for those who choose iniquity over their acceptance of Him. All of this seems to point to there being a “life after our death”.

Okay, now there is switch. Instead of being placed in a box and stored in the ground until eternity or until the Sun destroys the Earth, now we actually close our eyes in death and we stand before God Himself with books open which show all of our life, every word and thought and every deed that we did, good or bad. How is your book going to look? Thick with thoughts and actions that you enjoyed during life, but standing before a Holy God it doesn’t look so good now does it? I don’t mean that you have been a rapist or a murderer or some other heinous crime, but according to God, every word and thought which comes out of your mouth or your mind, has to come from your heart, and all of them are written in your book.

God’s books are not like our computers, they don’t crash and lose their data. So, how does your moral, good life look from that standpoint? Knowing that every thought, no matter whether you acted upon it or not, is there and that you will have to give account for those thoughts and actions…how does your life without God look now? I am not coming to this place to condemn you or your belief or lack of belief. I am just trying to point out that, at the end of your life, where will you end up? Standing in front of God with just your “self-righteousness” wrapped around you, how will you feel in front of a Holy God and the Righteous Judge? I would feel totally unworthy and would be on the floor begging for forgiveness. The problem with this is that after your life here is finished, you don’t get a do-over or a get out of jail free card. We have all been given the lives that we have, regardless of the length of them, to realize how sinful we really are and to ask Jesus to come into our lives and change us into what He knows we can be.

If that isn’t done prior to death, then Judgment comes to you and then you live out eternity with the one who enticed (tempted) you to do or not to do those things which would have brought you to salvation. This is the second death that is spoken of in the Bible…eternal separation from God and all that is good and Holy.

If you have given your life to Jesus, even if it was during your last moments on Earth, then you will stand in front of the throne of God but you won’t be alone. Jesus will be there and when the books are opened, the only things which will show up are those things that you accomplished in life after you accepted Jesus as your Savior. They will be shiny and bright because what you did afterwards was done through Him and with Him in your heart. Yes, there may be some dark spots that you forgot to ask forgiveness for, but they are covered by His blood and you are wrapped in His righteousness. Then, you will be admitted into Heaven and eternity will begin.

Have you come to Jesus in repentance?

You know, there are many people who attend church and some who don’t attend any church who know about Jesus but they haven’t repented of their sinful life or their sins in any way. Many of them think that by being in the church or on a church roll that God will dismiss the things that they have done and forgive them anyway. That is NOT what the Bible says or what any of the gospel writers taught at all! Believing in Jesus is the way to salvation but refusing to repent of your sinful ways is just a slap in His face which will not be tolerated nor forgiven!

Coming to Jesus with a broken heart knowing that what you have been doing is against His laws and commandments and asking for His forgiveness is the way to and the beginning of salvation. Once you have taken that first step by asking Him to forgive you, then you are ready for the Holy Spirit to come into your life and your heart and change you into the person that He needs you to be. As the Scripture says, “you are a new creation, behold all things have become new” and it is true!

Your old life and ways won’t have a hold on your heart anymore. You will want to be more like Jesus and to follow Him every day. Oh, this desire to be like Him and follow Him won’t happen immediately but it will happen when you study the Bible and pray with Him and to Him daily, bringing your problems and fears to Him. Because, Satan will try to derail your walk with Jesus by bringing your old life up and your friends will come around asking for you to go with them to places that you know you shouldn’t be going now. Temptations like these will happen sometimes on a daily basis at first, but once they realize that you belong to Jesus, your friends might just ask you about Him.

That is when some of them will leave and you might never see them again, but some of them will want to know more. Why are you so happy? What has changed about you? Things which bothered you one time, don’t anymore. What is going on in your life that is different? They will want to know and you can tell them. Show them the verses that you have been reading, tell them about the saving grace that God has granted to us all if we will just ask for it with a repentant heart and turn away from our old life.

Repentance is the only way to change your life along with coming to Jesus. Continuing to do the things that you did before, even after asking Him for His forgiveness, shows that you are not sorry that you did those things and that you never intended to stop doing them in the first place. In other words, you lied to Jesus and to God! That is a dangerous thing to do because not only can God just give you over to the thoughts of your mind, but He can also harden your heart so that you cannot lie to Him again. You will never feel the tug of the Holy Spirit on your heart regardless of how good the speaker might be.

Being let go by God is a sad thing because you will never have the chance to repent again…to come to Him and ask His forgiveness. I know, some of you will say that God is supposed to love us and He wants to save us. Yes, He does but we are given free will to be and do whatever we want to do. Many of us do this to the extreme and some of us push the limits of everything that we do. What do I mean by this? Well, for instance we push against God and His laws, just as we do against our parents when we were growing up. We rush right up to the limit of the sin, whatever it might be. Some of us pull back and repent. Some of us, keep right on going because we enjoy whatever it is that we are doing, even when we know it is wrong.



She is not old enough to know what religion is or who Jesus is yet. They are pointing guns at a child from a Christian family! I don’t know if there was any bloodshed or not, especially in her case I hope not. What good reason does anyone have for something like this? What kind of god could possibly ask his followers to kill women and children for being of another faith? I know that God asked the children of Israel to kill those in the land that they were promised and that many people may askaYoungChristian about this very thing. Yes, He did but the reason was to keep them from following a pagan religion and getting away from serving Him. What is the reason that the world is going through all of this upheaval? It has been prophesied by God, the only God that this is going to happen and is happening now.

In the book of Revelation it speaks of this time where people will be killing others because of their beliefs and we see this every day. But, why would you persecute a child that is so young that she doesn’t know the difference between Christian and Islam?

Our lives are short in comparison to the eternity that we all will face. I pray that when Jesus comes, hopefully soon, that everyone will see and know Who He truly is. It will be to the detriment for some who have never believed in Him and it will be the most wondrous and joyful reward for those who do.

In the world that we are living in, it is imperative that we who have Christ as our Savior tell others about Him. Not in such a way as to be pushy about it, just tell people the Truth and go from there. God will always pick up where our words leave off regardless of what you might say, but say everything in the love of Christ. Don’t be forceful, don’t act as if you are better than they are because it is that kind of attitude that has turned many people away from the church in the first place.

We are all sinners, the only difference between a truly born-again Christian and someone who doesn’t know Jesus is grace. That’s it! We are new creations, new creatures in Christ but by the reason of His grace and love, nothing more. We can’t add anything to the equation because no amount of “works” that we do can match the work of Jesus that has already been done.

Yes, we may be persecuted for our faith and our beliefs, but the Holy Spirit will give you the strength and the words needed at the time that you need them to get you through this time of testing. Many people say that we, the Church, are not going to go through any of the dark times, the Tribulation. They could be right, but if they are not then we must be prepared! Search the scriptures, pray, look to Jesus for His love and His righteousness and ask Him for strength before these times do get here, before it is too late.

God loves you and has a plan for your life, however long or short it may be. So, get to work for Him! The pay may not be much but the reward and the benefits are and will be FANTASTIC!