Rights in America

Are we secure in our rights today? Whether the rights are involved with religion, race, marriage, or racial equality, in America these are supposed to be part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that was adopted when our country was founded over two hundred years ago! You have the right to do many things in America today which grates against the beliefs of many different religious groups and their doctrines. So what is the fuss about in our nation’s capitol?

There are so many different voices and constituents speaking up in Washington, until many of our law makers can’t hear themselves think let alone be able to make any sense out of what is being said. So many voices and opinions in Congress and the Senate are speaking out, and very loudly too, until I wonder if many of the Senators can concentrate on their actual job. I wonder sometimes whether they got elected to do what we, the voters, thought they were running for?

Yes, my blog is a religious blog but sometimes I have to get up on a box and speak out. I get so tired of hearing our news media speaking like politicians. They talk for thirty minutes or more and never really say anything. The thing that many don’t seem to understand is that our rights and laws are all based primarily on God’s laws in the Bible.

It is God that established our land through the faith of the pilgrims and our forefathers, so all of America owes its existence to God’s grace and provision. Like it or not, America was founded upon God’s principles and not some secular principle or belief. America wouldn’t have lasted this long had it not been for the grace and mercy of God.

Of course, in the past sixty or so years our country has been steadily pushing God and prayer and the Bible out of government and schools and out of the courts as well. Our country has passed laws which go totally against God’s law against killing, especially children. Abortion has taken the lives of multiple millions of babies and it seems that everyone thinks that they were just clumps of cells. Doctors know better because the heart begins to beat in the first month or so. A beating heart signals life, so that means it is a little person!

We have gone a long way from being a society which reveres life and family and we need to come back to those beliefs.

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