Can you be a Christian and a communist?

In many people’s viewpoints, the Church started out as communist because they were “selling what they had and giving to those in need as they had need”. This is not a communist viewpoint but a command from Jesus to help those who are less fortunate than you are. Modern Marxism and communism both deny the deity of God and Jesus and both pursue the idea that man is his own god and that outside of man there is no other help. Granted, I have used a very simple way of writing this but that is what their views boil down to.

So, to answer the question then the answer would be a resounding “NO!”. The viewpoints are on opposite sides in every respect, especially when it comes to Who is in charge. God is and always has been the Creator, regardless of the humanist viewpoint of communism and other human-centered ways of belief. I a believer in Christ and a pastor of a small church so my view is skewed toward God but the overwhelming evidence that has been put forth to prove evolution just doesn’t! There has never been a fossil dug up that was in the transition stage between one form or another. So, with that in mind, why can’t the “intelligent design” or creationist view be correct?

I know that I have strayed from my original argument about communism but since both evolution and communism try to give man the preeminent place in the world, I wanted to touch on both. Are there Christians in communist countries? Yes, there are but they are not the ones in power usually. Are there Christian scientists in the world? Yes, but they don’t believe in evolution entirely. They do believe, at least in theory, in intelligent design and not evolution. Now, I have not interviewed them because I don’t have the resources to do so. But, the evidence in most Christian magazines and articles is that evolution can’t and doesn’t happen and it is backed up by scientific proof.

Communist ideas and ideals attempt to show that we, as humans, are the ultimate animal, the pinnacle of evolution. We are the pinnacle because God created us that way! He did so because He wanted us to be created in His image, not the image or the likeness of an ape! Life doesn’t spring forth from a primordial soup of protein spontaneously, regardless of the composition of the “soup”. Scientists have used computer models and proved this. Even a short sentence being randomly created from letters is nearly impossible and Richard Dawkins agrees with this in “The Blind Watchmaker“.

So, how do we and all other life forms on this planet come from a pool of protein? We don’t. God created the life that is here from the plants to the trees and the fish to the insects and bacteria, as well as mankind himself. The Designer of the universe, Who placed all of the stars in their places as well as the planets, did this and no other.

Communist thinking tries to insert man into the area that is occupied by God. He is the One that is our Creator and He is. If anyone can regrow a finger or cause gray hair to turn back to its original color without chemical application then prove it! We are not and never will be gods but we are His creation. The Creator doesn’t and will not give His seat to another! Man can’t create life from nothing. Without previous amino acids or DNA, we can’t and never will be able to create life, therefore we will never be “like God”!

Satan, who aspired to be “like God”, is a created being and therefore can’t be! He desires it, but even he can’t  cause things to happen so that he will be like God. Our world and the universe that it resides in was created by God and made in such a way as He desired to perfect His will, not ours nor any others. One day, we will find this out and it will be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt. Until then, there will be those who are against this line of thought and against God and all that He stands for.

Read God’s word and don’t doubt what it says because His is the truth regardless of the hype and spin that has been put on it. Many so-called “experts” have given their opinion on the truth and the truth is that God’s Word has stood the test of time and history and has been proven by archeology. All other religions were influenced by Satan and his fallen angels in the past in order to put doubts in the minds of humanity. Listen to God’s word, give Him a chance in your life and in the life of those that you love. He loves you too and He can only  prove it if you allow Him to.

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