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The reason why a lot of us are falling into deception and other Satanic attacks is not because we do not know that Satan is real. It’s because we do not truly know the gravity of who Satan actually is! If we falsely believe in the illusion that we can just sit down and relax, then you are joining the wrong fight! Spiritual warfare is very real, and it is not just a horror film. Today, I challenge you to pray to the Lord, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you gain the spiritual vision you need to survive this lifelong battle. The Lord Rebuke thee, Satan, for our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual, fighting for the kingdom of the light!

The Lord Will Fight For You and With You

Focus Passage: Exodus 14:13-14 (WEB)

13, Moses said to the people, “Don’t be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of Yahweh, which he will work for you today: for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you shall never see them again.
14, Yahweh will fight for you, and you shall be still.”

A Personal Reflection

As I laid in my bed in prayer last night, I briefly recalled a time in my life during Covid where I faced periods of anxiety and little moments of discouragement. The day before my school was shut down in 2020, I remembered crying in the middle of PE, wondering what was going to happen next, now that the world is coming to a screeching halt, and everyone is talking about the apacolypse and blindcakouts. Some days, it just seemed that I was this brave warrior praising God, and other days, it seemed like the world’s disasters had me stricken down. I even remembered a time during summer vacation where I was watching the television, and Satan tried to convince that Covid would “defeat me”, meaning that I should not rely on my faith to overcome this uncertainty that was happening on the brink of starting my sophomore year.

After Labor Day, my Christian club was holding its first meeting of the 2020-2021 school year via Zoom. We just welcomed in a new Vice President (a senior) who also turns out to be a woman who is passionate about her faith. Like me, she played the piano, was musically talented, and showcased her talents in church.

Me and the coleader were getting ready to host our first virtual 9/11 commemoration when I had the opportunity to speak to this new President via email and briefly get to know her personally and spiritually.

The above verses helped her navigate her internal struggles and setbacks throughout quarantine, and has resonated with her since. Having struggled academically and personally, scoring low on math tests and navigate through family challenges, this young lady truly exhibited the traits of an outgoing and bold sister of Christ who is willing to be a helping hand even in the lowest part of the valley. I am truly grateful that God led her to share her experiences with me so I may grow in my faith, and be challenged to look beyond the surface, and see God working behind the scenes to fight for me and protect me every step of the way.

Jesus Overcame The World And The Kingdom of ⠠⠙⠜⠅⠰⠎

I want to encourage anyone who is going through the fire today to trust the Lord with all your might, and to keep working for the kingdom of God, even in the heat of opposition. Rejoice, because God will fight your battle for you, and WITH you.

You are apart of an army of courageous champions. Go, rejoice, and sing to your Father in Heaven, because you are apart of the family of Jesus! Because you have answered the call of salvation, you no longer are a member of the family of Satan. You do not have to listen to the accusations of your enemies, nor do you have to be swayed by Satan’s discouraging lies he whispers to you! If God is for you, who can be against you? Go, embrace your freedom, and keep shining for Jesus in the fire, no matter how great it is. Amen! 🙂

Let us all continue to remain on fire for our Lord Jesus and remain steadfast in our faith, standing strong against the kingdom of Satan! 🙂

Prepare For War (A Sequel to “Satan’s Silent Sluggards”

Ye idle men!

O, slumbering bride!

You have forsaken your sacred duty

To proclaim the message of eternal hope.

You chase after sensations, signs and ⠃⠇⠐⠥⠎

While crowing at imperfections, and shrugging at your sheep’s demise.

On the fall festival of the pagan harvest, you say to your children,

“Neighbor! Neighbor! Ye fool!

Satan has deceived thee with the sweet taste of ⠉⠯⠽

That was fed to the gods the Pagans ⠺⠕⠗⠩⠊⠏⠏⠫⠖

The gates of Sheol awaiteth for the partaker!”

Yet you say to the blind servant,

“Ye shall possess great favor the God that is ⠏⠗⠂⠡⠫⠆

For the prophet has pledged you the kingdoms of this land!”

O, dysfunctional goats! O, spoiled children!

When will you arise from your beds and depart from your mansion?

Why do you tremble when the Thief rages through your towns?

Why do you tremble, ye wretched coward?

Behold! The fear of the Thief is a snare from ⠓⠍⠂

Whose threats are not but a void substance in the air!

Prepare for war, o ministers of the light!

Sound the alarm! Blow the trumpet!

Play the drum, and shout with courage!

Let the faithful shout to the walls, “Die by fire!”

The wicked shall cry, “Fall on your faces!”

It is that Spirit that gives might over the darkness of Hades!

It is Christ’s power within you that tramples over the strongest tower.

Then, the soldier wearing a white garment shall aim its ⠩⠊⠑⠇⠙

And say to the snake, “Away from thee, Satan!”

Clank the cymbals! Pluck your harps!

Let the angels sing to the Bridegroom of Heaven!

Let the world attack with praise and laughter!

For Christ’s servant shall prevail!

We are in dire need

StrengthI placed this picture here because we all need to pray this prayer every day! Yes, we are in dire need of prayers and the strength that comes from Him every day! Why do I say this? Because it is the truth. We, as humans, are weak. We cannot be strong enough to get through the struggle which comes our way every day. Not the little things like getting up and going to work or to get groceries or even just washing the dishes or the clothes. I am talking of the temptations which Satan throws into our minds and our way each and every day. You experience these every day, we all do, even Jesus was tempted but He didn’t give in to it so it didn’t become a sin in His life.

God gives us the strength, IF we ask for it and then depend upon Him for that strength to get through a tempting time or just one temptation today or tomorrow. Depending upon God and His Word and His Wisdom is the smartest thing that you can do. Reading His Word every morning, or every day gives you the strength and wisdom to make it through all of your problems.

I have heard that many people consider going to church on Sunday to be their time with God. That is just the beginning! How would you feel if your family only visited you once every week for about an hour? Not much like a family huh? Pray to God every morning and evening, read His Word morning and evening in order to get to know Him. How can you expect a Father to know you very well if He never sees or hears from you? God knows you better than you or your parents do, but He still wants a relationship with you every day.

God’s love has been flowing to us, all of us, since the beginning of Creation. He knew each of us then, even before He created Adam. We are special and we are loved infinitely more than we can imagine on our own. So, how can we get to know our Creator? By reading His Word and learning of His ways and His love and patience for us. He will give you the strength and the ability to make it past all of the temptations that Satan will toss your way.

We really are in a spiritual war between Satan and God. Satan hates God’s creation with a hatred that we can’t understand and will do anything that it takes to destroy your life or your ministry or both if he has to. Get closer to God through His Word and prayer. Seek Him every day in Scripture and don’t forget to ask for His protection for you and your family because Satan will get to you through them if he can’t get to you.

Addendum: I have received a comment that this post is too short and doesn’t include enough information for a “novice” Christian to follow, I respectfully disagree. While it is true that this is one of my shorter posts, the information about seeking God is the same as it is for everyone. It is true that my particular instructions are brief and low on specifics, but the Bible is not.

Learning about your role in spiritual warfare and how to combat it starts in the book of Romans and then continues through much of the rest of the New Testament. There is also a book or two in the Old Testament that is useful, such as Joshua and Daniel. Though, the entire Bible is best for learning about your responsibilities in Christ and as a Christian.

A daunting task if you are a new Christian, and one which I had some trouble sticking to when I first came into faith in Christ. Today, you have an app for that in the Bible app for your phone or tablet. With it, you can fine a reading plan which will help keep you on track to read the Bible all the way through in a year which will give you plenty of information, if you will pray through it as you go. The best advice I can give after that is….do it again. Each time, praying that God would show you something different and He will. I have read it through about six or seven times, I think, and each time I found something that had more meaning or wisdom than I noticed the time before.

I hope this helps somewhat. It is still a bit early here, so please forgive any terseness that may have crept into my writing.

Bad things happening to good people

I always wondered why this happened. I thought that God always brought good from bad things for those who love Him? Yet, bad things still happen. Why is that?

In many ways, the world itself is the cause of the “bad things”, and they are allowed to happen so that others can see how a Christian reacts to those things which happen so that God can get the glory! I know, it sounds crazy but those bad things are usually caused by Satan or his demons because of something that a Christian is doing in their life. They may be making a difference in the world. Maybe not in the world at large, but just in the world immediately around them.

They might be having an influence on some of their family members or some of the people in their community. This is what is getting Satan and his demons upset, so they cause bad things like cancer, wrecks, infections, broken bones from a fall or an accident. It is not your fault or your Christian family member’s fault, it is what they are doing that is causing the demons to cause these things to happen in their lives.

If you are truly working to tell people about Jesus and to bring others into the Kingdom of God, then Satan will attempt to stop it one way or the other and it doesn’t matter if he has to kill you or your friends to accomplish this. If a death, regardless of whose death it is, will stop you from spreading the Gospel then he will do it!

The apostle Paul said it clearly in Ephesians 6:12, we are at war in heavenly places, with powers and principalities that we can’t see but they can influence our lives and the lives of those around us. Whether you believe in him or not, Satan and his demons and powers have you in their sights. Especially if you are actively working for Jesus and His Kingdom.

Pray for God’s angels to watch over your church and your family because prayer is our most powerful tool in this war. Praying scripturally and reading the Bible gives you more power too. Seek His wisdom and knowledge in all of your readings in the Bible. Pray and thank God for all of your business and life successes and ask that He would show you how to give Him the glory in your daily walk with Him.

Satan knows that his time is short and will be heating the world up with persecutions and other ways of destroying the church and God’s people. Pray for strength and wisdom through Him. Watch and pray.

What is wrong with this world?

Exodus 33:19,20:
“And He said, I will make all of my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy. 20 And He said, Thou cannot see My face: for no man shall see my face and live.”

God is Holy, Righteous and Steadfast. He doesn’t change neither does He sleep, and yet people in this world think that He doesn’t see what is going on around us. He does and He knows who is responsible for it, Satan. Because Satan hates us with an utmost hatred that cannot be fathomed by man. We are here enjoying whatever we have in life, not because of the graciousness of Satan, but by the grace and the love flowing from Almighty God!

If God’s presence were not here, with each of us, everyday, then Satan would unleash his hatred upon the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth. Jesus said that “if those days were not shortened, no one would survive”. This is the first part of the Tribulation times which are coming to us soon, Satan will be loosed and all of the Earth, not just humanity, will groan under his hatred. No one will be saved from it except for those who are God’s children. I am not speaking of the Jewish people, I am speaking of the Christians who may still be here at this time.

God loves all of us, even those who don’t know Him, but He will not tolerate the sinful lives that people live today. Living together, lying, stealing, murderers, those who practice homosexuality, idolaters, and those who exploit and use children for sex and other crimes. It is the sin that God hates, not the sinner.

Repent and ask Him to cleanse you and bring you into the family of God. Believe in Jesus and be saved because the time is coming when it will be hard and almost impossible to distinguish between the Anti-Christ and the real One, because of the spirit of deception which will be released into the world. Yes, Satan is powerful BUT he is a created being like you or I am, God is in control!

The world which we see every day is being attacked, spiritually, by Satan and his demons. They cause disease and death all around us and incite hatred among religious people and different religions. All of the conflicts which are going on in the world have his hatred of us as the cause, in one way or another. The reason for this is that Satan hates everything that God loves. The people here on Earth but specifically the nation of Israel and the Christian church.

This is why he masqueraded as an angel of light to bring false religions to this world, from Mormonism to Islam. God loves each of us, but when we follow a god of this world, which is a demon or Satan himself, then we are on the wrong side. Unless you repent of this and accept Jesus as your Savior, then you will suffer the same fate as Satan.

I can do ALL things through Christ!


Do you realize that God wants you to accomplish a lot in your life? I am not talking about your own things like all of the everyday stuff that weigh us down, I am talking about the ministry that God has given you! Did you know that you have a ministry? If you are a child of God, then you do!

I am not saying that all of us are supposed to have an international ministry, but we are supposed to take our beliefs with us wherever we go. To work, to school, at home, to the grocery store, to the bank, yes we are supposed to walk with Christ and let Him walk with us wherever we go! If you would be ashamed to have Him with you then don’t go there! As a child of God, He is with you all of the time, no matter what you happen to be doing or where you happen to be!

Why can’t I be alone sometime?

You can’t leave God out of your life once you have taken Him into it! You may walk away from Him, but He is always there with you. He doesn’t get in the way, or tell you what to do or not to do but if you have given your heart to Jesus, then He is present in every situation and circumstance that you are, day in and day out.

As Jesus said, “I will be with you always, even unto the end of the age”; there is no greater comfort than this because we are never alone, in our most desperate times or our most joyous days!

Even those of you who may not have given your heart to Jesus or asked Him into your life, He is still watching over you. God knows how many hairs are on your head and He knows when even a sparrow falls to the ground, so of course He knows what you are doing and where you are! You are not alone whether you have accepted Jesus into your life or not.

Then why do I feel alone sometimes?

We feel this way not only because we are social people and when we are alone we feel it. But sometimes we feel alone even when we aren’t alone which truly troubles some people. Do you have friends nearby? Are you able to meet with them? Do they have the time to meet with you? These are the questions that come into your mind when you are feeling depressed and lonely.

God understands because He knows how it feels to be lonely, because He experienced it through Jesus’ life and He will be with you through your time of lonely feelings and other problems which come in our lives. God loves each of us and will help us in all areas of our lives.

If I am not alone, why do I feel so depressed at times?

God is there with you at all times because He is in all places and present in every situation. If you have given your heart to Him, then you will feel Him near you in times of joy, pain, heartache, fear, doubt and yes even when you are depressed. These feelings are not placed on you by God … we are hit with these every day by Satan because he hates God and those who belong to Him. Just as Job was beset by some really bad circumstances in his day, we are too. We may not lose everything, but the spirits of doubt and fear and depression can make us feel as if we have lost it all or may be about to.

God loves each of us and we have an Advocate who defends us before God when Satan accuses us before Him. He is there no matter what the circumstance and He will be there when we arrive at the gates of Heaven. Nothing is impossible with God and there is nothing that He cannot accomplish for you or through you. Give your life and your heart to Him, it is the best decision that you will ever make in your life.

Ignore the world at your own risk!

It says in the Bible that we are not to be part of the world, and yet we are supposed to take Christ‘s message to all of the world. Kind of contradictory isn’t it? Not really, but we can’t let the world and the things in the world affect our life and our witness to those who may not know Christ. How can we do this?

We can’t do it on our own strength or with our own power because Satan and his demonic forces are far more powerful than we are without Jesus in our life and our heart. Without Jesus, it is impossible for us to do good outside the influence of evil. Regardless of how good we think that we are or can be, we cannot withstand the influence of the principalities and powers that Satan has at his disposal.

The reason behind your failure to withstand him is that he hates you with an undying hatred! The reason for this is that he knew that God intended to put humanity above angels in the hierarchy of Heaven one day. That is the one reason beyond pride that Satan had for his rebellion. Everything else pales in comparison and he intends to do everything that he can to corrupt as much of God’s creation as possible.

So, in a word, no we cannot ignore the world! It would be very dangerous to do so because he is the ruler of this world and ignoring the world would be just what Satan wants, in a sense. He doesn’t want to be ignored, but if enough people regard him as a myth or a fairy tale then they won’t know to defend themselves from his attacks or even know that they need to.

Many Christians don’t even know that they need to take care of the thoughts that they have and give them to Jesus. To walk with Jesus on an hourly basis is the only way to defend yourself and if you choose not to be that close with Him then Satan can get into your life, even if you go to church. Mainly because he is there too! He and his demons are in every congregation in the world. They never miss a Sunday or a Sabbath, yet many don’t have any idea that they are there.

When you give your heart to Jesus, He comes in and cleans out anything that has been there before and makes you into a new creation! Your heart becomes the temple for the Spirit to live and work in and through you and for you. When this happens, your life can have so much more meaning not only for you but for God too.

Making Jesus the Lord of your life makes you one of His disciples and they were able to do many glorious, miraculous things as long as their trust and their faith stayed focused on Him. Can we do the same? Yes, we can if we truly believe in Him and repent of our old ways and truly change. Don’t go back to the same places that you went to before, make new friends and tell your old friends that you are a new person!

Take them to church with you and introduce them to your Savior so that they will come to know Him. God loves them, they just have to realize it and accept His love and grace and they will become part of His family too!

Is the Bible up to date and relevant?

The Word of God is beyond time. It was, is, and always will be true. There is no time, no season, nor a single day during which the words in the Bible are not binding. I know that this will upset some people but it is true. Every word and punctuation mark in the Bible and the Torah is valid and always will be. The Spirit of God permeates the Bible and makes it relevant to our time because it is timeless and the wisdom contained within it is too.

Do we have any reason to ignore the Bible? For our own spiritual well being we really don’t and shouldn’t but many people do. They look at it as an old outdated book that has been around for thousands of years and many scholars have pointed out that the wisdom in it is contained in writings from other cultures as well. I have heard the argument that the Bible is copied from other religious texts and may not be original.

Nothing could be further from the truth. God’s Word is true and was given to the prophets and poets of the Old Testament as a guide to Him. It also points to the Christ long before He came into the world. No other religion has this prophetic quality and accuracy in their writings. God’s word told specifically how long the Babylonian empire would last, how long it would be before the Messiah came into the world and when the crucifixion would take place. All of these prophecies were given through the prophets at least 500 to 1000 years before they occurred.

No other document from any other religion can claim this and the reason is because God gave the words to the people who wrote them down. He is the only One who is outside time and therefore can see the beginning and the end and everything in between.

The Bible illustrates why the world sees its wisdom differently:  (1 Corinthians 2:14) “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”  (KJV)

The world and those who are not part of God’s family, cannot discern the wisdom contained in the Bible, regardless of the translation, because it is the spirit living within which gives the interpretation. The wisdom of God‘s Word is foolish to those who don’t know Him.

When we are saved by accepting Jesus into our hearts, the Spirit resides within us from that point on. It is His job to teach us, instructing us as we read and study to be better equipped as Christians. Because, following Jesus and being a Christian is not a “walk in the park”.

Being a follower of Christ and not just a fan requires more than just accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior like many believe. It takes discipline to become a disciple and you have to realize why you are doing this too. It is not just because you don’t want to go to hell, but because of your thankfulness toward God who loved us even before the world was created.

Hell is for those angels who rebelled against God and were thrown out of Heaven. It was not meant for us and yet when we refuse to accept God’s grace through Jesus, we are as guilty as they are in our rebellion toward Him. Some people may say that they have not rebelled against God, but when you don’t accept a gift given to you freely isn’t that a form of rebellion?

When you refuse a gift from someone, aren’t they offended? If someone refused a gift from you, wouldn’t you be offended? God does not take offense the way we do, but it still counts as rebelling against Him when we refuse the gift of His grace through Jesus. We are, in effect, telling God that we want to get to Heaven our way.

Except, there is no other way to get there. Nothing that we can do is good enough, regardless of the amount of money or time or effort involved, to be equal to the sacrifice which Jesus provided on the cross to pay for all of humanity’s sins.

They have all been paid for, all we have to do is claim the grace that is there for us and eternal life is ours! The only “catch” is that we have to do it while we are alive, here and now. Once we have accepted it, the work in our life begins again because we are born anew as “new creatures in Christ”. The old life that we had is done away with and a new life begins. It will not be easy, but the reward will never end.

There will be time with family that are Christians that you will never have to worry about losing because you will have eternity. As someone once said, “billions and billions of years” will be your reward for accepting Jesus! Time will have no real meaning at all because we will have far more than a lifetime to get to know someone or get to know many people!

This existence or life that we have now is but a “puff of smoke” compared to eternity. Make the best decision that you can make, accept Jesus as your Lord, give Him your life so that He can give you His!