Why are we living the way we do?

In many areas of the country, people just do as they please, as long as its not hurting anyone or is against the law. Which is fine, but what about the big cities, the population centers which control who gets elected to office. Most of them have high crime rates ranging from high numbers of thefts, and rape, to murder, and vandalism. What has happened to the American way of life, the one that many people claimed to enjoy about fifty or more years ago? The kind of life that many people came to America to enjoy seems to be slipping away, so what happened?

The thing that happened in our country and in our culture, to begin with, was the start of the Vietnam conflict and the civil rights marches, but those did not impact our culture to stop our embrace of morality and dignity. I am not sure what prompted the lawsuit that started our slide away from respect for each other and a moral way of living and character, but according to documents from the history books and from the government, it was prayer.

Prayer, by itself, is not a reason to move away from morality and dignity and character. The lawsuit was filed because a parent, who was an atheist, found out that his child was participating in prayer at school. Prayer that invoked the name of God, which this parent’s child was taught did not exist. A few years later, in 1963, the decision was handed down that prayer would not be allowed in schools anymore. The next year, the Bible was removed from all public schools.

When these two events happened, our schools and the achievements of the children who graduated from them began to erode. I am including the link address of the article where I got my information from here.

This decision, more than any other, has caused more problems and heartache and pain than many others that have come about in the past fifty years. Can we fix it or do we just have to roll with it until something blows up or shuts down, like our economy for instance?

Unfortunately, those in our nation’s capital don’t really seem to care what happens as long as their pension and their life is somehow protected from the fallout that is coming. The people which we elected to represent our wishes and the best paths for the country to follow are the ones who are making sure that they have an escape route to follow when things get really bad.

The only person that can change this sad chain of events is the one that has been shoved out of public arenas and education for years and that is God. He knows what is happening and is allowing it to happen because of our stupidity and unwillingness to acknowledge Him in all areas of our lives! The change that He will bring about is coming, it is just a matter of timing…His timing, not ours.

Consider the values of those who we vote into office, find out about them and what they stand for before you mark the ballot!! Don’t vote them into office and then go, “Oops!, we put the wrong guy in!!” By then it is too late. God gave us a brain and common sense, use it!

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