Have you given your heart to Jesus?

Those who can’t believe or won’t believe are the ones that we need to pray for today. Their life has no purpose and no hope, at least spiritually, for a future. Because they refuse to see it or believe it, even when there is evidence for Him and His creation.

Many of you look at the Bible as a book and it is but it is also more than a book, it is the Book written with inspiration from God to us…all of us, not just Christians. Your life and everything in it, good or bad, is known to God. He knows the weaknesses that you have and the troubles too and it is likely that He has helped you through some of them during your life but you didn’t know it. Now, God doesn’t push His way into your life and your heart, He only asks patiently for you to let Him in.

The problem with many people is that they think that they have it all figured out and that they don’t need Him, period. They think that science and medicine can fix most any problem and if they can’t fix it then they can make it tolerable until you die, right? Okay, lets say that you are right and I am wrong. You will never know if you are right because if you are then after you die, that’s it, there will be nothing after death period. I won’t either so neither one of us was disappointed when we died, it was like being switched off and put up for storage. No harm done. Hmmm……but, what if what I have been saying is TRUE?!!

From a perspective that neither of us has experienced yet, lets just ponder this hypothetically. Lets suppose that there is a life that we go onto after this one, not one like being re-incarnated, but one where you are rewarded for your life on Earth with the rewards being dependent upon only one requirement: That you gave your heart to Jesus.

Let’s suppose that the Bible and all of its words and prophecies are true, just for this hypothetical. Even in the Old Testament, some of the prophets went to Heaven without seeing death. Some of the writers wrote about a life in paradise or Heaven. Then you have Jesus speaking of paradise or of a place of punishment for those who choose iniquity over their acceptance of Him. All of this seems to point to there being a “life after our death”.

Okay, now there is switch. Instead of being placed in a box and stored in the ground until eternity or until the Sun destroys the Earth, now we actually close our eyes in death and we stand before God Himself with books open which show all of our life, every word and thought and every deed that we did, good or bad. How is your book going to look? Thick with thoughts and actions that you enjoyed during life, but standing before a Holy God it doesn’t look so good now does it? I don’t mean that you have been a rapist or a murderer or some other heinous crime, but according to God, every word and thought which comes out of your mouth or your mind, has to come from your heart, and all of them are written in your book.

God’s books are not like our computers, they don’t crash and lose their data. So, how does your moral, good life look from that standpoint? Knowing that every thought, no matter whether you acted upon it or not, is there and that you will have to give account for those thoughts and actions…how does your life without God look now? I am not coming to this place to condemn you or your belief or lack of belief. I am just trying to point out that, at the end of your life, where will you end up? Standing in front of God with just your “self-righteousness” wrapped around you, how will you feel in front of a Holy God and the Righteous Judge? I would feel totally unworthy and would be on the floor begging for forgiveness. The problem with this is that after your life here is finished, you don’t get a do-over or a get out of jail free card. We have all been given the lives that we have, regardless of the length of them, to realize how sinful we really are and to ask Jesus to come into our lives and change us into what He knows we can be.

If that isn’t done prior to death, then Judgment comes to you and then you live out eternity with the one who enticed (tempted) you to do or not to do those things which would have brought you to salvation. This is the second death that is spoken of in the Bible…eternal separation from God and all that is good and Holy.

If you have given your life to Jesus, even if it was during your last moments on Earth, then you will stand in front of the throne of God but you won’t be alone. Jesus will be there and when the books are opened, the only things which will show up are those things that you accomplished in life after you accepted Jesus as your Savior. They will be shiny and bright because what you did afterwards was done through Him and with Him in your heart. Yes, there may be some dark spots that you forgot to ask forgiveness for, but they are covered by His blood and you are wrapped in His righteousness. Then, you will be admitted into Heaven and eternity will begin.

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