Come, let us see Him!

Nativity-29The angels told the shepherds about the birth of the Christ child. The wise men from the east knew of Him from the scriptures and from the prophecies in them. Yet, the teachers and Pharisees didn’t pick up on the prophecy of Bethlehem being the birth-place of the Messiah. What happened? Could’ve been that nobody considered the birthplace of David as the birthplace of the Messiah or maybe they just weren’t thinking about the timing or possibly…well who knows what or who they were looking for if anyone.

Our Lord, part of the Trinity, clothed Himself in flesh to become part of our world in order to redeem us to the glory of God. Whether you believe in Him or in the Bible or not, it doesn’t matter because in the end everyone will see and know He is the Redeemer and the King of Kings.

But, when He arrived He came as a little baby but He was still God, enrobed in the flesh of man. Many deny that this could happen, but the Bible clearly states that He was born of a virgin, God created Him inside her, therefore He was of God the Father and not man’s nature. Jesus is and was God in the body of mankind and grew just as any child did. It is not a hard thing to believe this, if you believe that the Bible is true and inspired by the Spirit.

The angels told the shepherds about Him and they came to see this thing which God had deemed necessary to reveal to them first! After they saw, they went out and told others of their knowledge of Him and Who He was, even at His birth, the Messiah. People considered this and pondered over it, but in time they forgot about what they were told. “It was only told to us by shepherds, how could they know?”; this was very likely the words used as people scoffed at the news and whether it was true or not. How much like today this is, when people come up with all sorts of explanations for the miracles of God, whether it was the miracles that brought the Israelite people out of Egypt or the parting of the sea. Science and man have thought up all sorts of “explanations” to discredit God as the cause of anything from Creation to the return of the Jewish people to their home after nearly two thousand years.

The Creator Who can bring about creation by His spoken Word, can do anything that He desires or plans to do. He is not surprised by any of our problems and yet we try to see Him as being limited as we are, how foolish! Paint cannot tell the painter which color to put here or there and it cannot request to be blended a certain way so that it is a prettier shade of purple or blue. The creation, whether it is an animal, a star, a planet or man cannot dictate to God how or when it is to be used and for what purpose, He is the Creator and our place and purpose are dictated by Him. The difference between us and the other parts of creation, except for the angels, is that we can choose not to obey Him. We have a choice regarding whether we will believe in Him and trust our lives and our purpose will be used by Him in the manner in which He desires. If we choose to follow Him and serve Him because He loved us before we made that decision, and loved us enough that Jesus died and was the first born from the grave so that we would be granted His righteousness if we humbled ourselves and became His through Jesus.

Eternity is granted to us through Jesus’ sacrifice, forgiveness is granted through the blood of Jesus, adoption into the family of God is granted through His Grace. What more could you possibly ask for? In the world today, many people see this question as a silly one. They want everything! A bigger house, a nicer car than their friends, more money and enough of it to retire and never work again, these are the blessings that the world and everyone in it seeks. The problem is that these things are temporary and only for this world. Your eternal home is Heaven, where there will be no more death or sorrow or burning heat or bitter cold.

The place prepared for Satan is entirely different altogether. Darkness rules there. Not the kind that we know, but one that can be felt and it burns. The heat and the lack of water and coolness for an eternity will be part of it too. I am not speaking of a heat like we feel on Earth, I am talking of a kind which would kill us but in that place you will have an eternal body, but you will be totally out of God’s presence. Away from any semblance of life and you will be near or in the lake of fire which burns for eternity as well. This place was not prepared for man, but for the demons and Satan who rebelled against God and for the Anti-Christ and his false prophet. Anyone who is, by choice, against God and chooses to reject Jesus as their Savior will end up here too.

Christmas is the time that we are to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, the One Who can save us from this place if we will believe in Him and ask Him to come into our lives and live His life through us so that others can see Him too. God bless you all for reading this and pray for our country, it sorely needs prayer and God’s grace.

In His Service.

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