Darkness makes it hard to see

I’ve had to wear glasses for most of my life and there are days when it is a burden to wear them. There are also days when I barely notice I have them on. These days, with all that is going on in the world around me, it is hard to see the Light of God’s love for us. I mean, look at the people in Ukraine that are going through the war and the death of their loved ones. Their country is being torn apart by another madman who wants their country. His army is blowing up buildings and churches and roads and bridges. Killing people with no thought of their lives or what they might’ve contributed to society. Why? Just because one person in one country wants this country to be brought back into their country?

Then you have other “wars” that are being waged or threatened simply because of their differences in religion and beliefs. In other places, there are people who are being killed because they were in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Not because they were a part of a gang but because they happened to be on the wrong street when things go out of control. It is happening in more than one city all over America and very likely in other countries too. All of these things were foretold long ago as “birth pains before the time”. That time is almost upon us.

You can choose to believe it or not but you can’t run from it. We are living in the end times. In the few years left before the Tribulation. What can you do? Pray and seek God as your Savior because when the day comes when the church is taken up, the whole world will know and those who are still here will have to endure for Jesus until the end. If you don’t choose to believe in Jesus as your Savior, then you will spend eternity in hell. There are no gray areas. You either believe in Him for your salvation or you don’t. Once you have taken your last breath here, you will be judged for your life here. If you gave your life to Jesus then there are no worries. If you didn’t then your eternity is sealed in hell.

There are so many today who are denying that Jesus is the Savior or that Christian ideas are even true. You can debate this point all you want, but when you are standing in front of God what will you say to Him? God knows your heart so you can’t bluff your way into Heaven. He knows exactly who belongs and those who do not. Because Jesus either knows you or He doesn’t. You can know about Him all that you want. You may even have a seminary degree and have led a church for a while but if He doesn’t know you then you are just as lost as anyone else in the world. Make sure today before your time comes up.

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