Who is God to you?

Who is God to you? Is He your Savior, your Creator, and a friend that you can turn to when things go wrong? Do you realize how awesome God really is or do you just think of Him as a genie or some “Santa Clause”? God can come to your aid when you need Him and He will but realize that He is with you all of the time.

We tend to put God in a box that is the size of a small book so we can handle being around Him. We don’t like to think about Who He is because our brains can’t comprehend Him! What do I mean by that? If you have ever read an article about astronomy, do you remember how truly huge our universe is? Astronomers tell us that it is approximately 14 billion light-years to the edge of the universe. Each light-year is approximately six trillion miles! I’m not going to multiply that number to find the distance in miles to the edge of the universe but God’s Word says that God stretched out the fabric of space like a sheet or a scroll!

Think about that…God stretched out space like a sheet! He is bigger than those trillions of miles and yet a part of Him resides inside your heart if you truly belong to Him. He is everywhere and yet we still try to squeeze Him down to a manageable size so that our mind can handle Him. Why would you do that? Because we can’t truly comprehend God, but we don’t have to. Just live your life as a Christian and follow Jesus. He said for us to follow Him and we should. Read the Bible every day, think about what you have read, and pray to the Writer (Who is God) of it so you can understand it and His message for you.

Each person has a purpose that is ordained by God and we are supposed to look for that purpose in His Word. Your purpose is in there but it takes time and study to find it. Your purpose won’t jump out of the page or the chapter and hit you in the face, but with study and prayer, you will feel it in your Spirit. His Spirit is present in every true believer because it was His Spirit that got your attention when you gave your life to Him. God loves you and He has a purpose and a plan for your life and He will equip you to accomplish it.

Will God make your life easy? No! Will He give you everything that you want? No! Jesus said that we would have trials and troubles in this world during our life as a Christian and a follower of His! Some people think that being a Christian is easy but it isn’t. If you depend on God for your provision it may seem to be an easy life to someone outside your home because the “drama” doesn’t happen the way it does for everyone else. Seek Him first when you wake up in the morning…begin your day talking to Him first, thank Him for another day that you have to be used by Him for His Kingdom.

God is close to you if you are a Christian. He is even closer than your own skin because He is in your heart so you are never alone. Prayer is your lifeline and your connection to your Savior and your Creator and that connection never fades. It grows stronger as you study His Word and get closer to Him each day. Don’t neglect your relationship with Him. Treat your Bible like your phone, take it with you everywhere. Even if you can’t read, get a copy of it on CD or USB and play it in your car or on your computer or TV. After a while, you will have His Word in your mind well enough to bring it to mind whenever you need it.

The human equation

If you have ever read the beginning of Genesis in the Bible where it says “Let us make man in our image”, then you have likely wondered about what God was thinking at the time. I have. There are many who have likely had this reaction and thought “why would God, the Creator of everything, make mankind in His Image? Why not do as the “evolutionists” say and use an ape, a gorilla or chimpanzee, as the model for His crowning creation?

I believe it is because God wanted us to be totally unique in the world. Even though He gave the apes and some cetaceans a marvelous way of communicating, as well as interacting with each other, we are unique in all of Creation because we are made in His image. Still, I ask myself and sometimes I ask Him as well…why? Maybe that is the reason. Because we question things to search out the answers, to find out how something works, to find the reason behind a disease or some problem which needs to be fixed. Although, sometimes our questions are aimed at God Himself and we question Him and His motives, particularly in regard to the rules which He set down in the Bible.

We have an independent streak, a stubborn streak, even before we are old enough to know what those words mean. We rebel against our parent’s authority and our teacher’s authority and we also rebel against God too. We may not do it when we are very young, but as we get older it tends to show up more and more. Submitting to God’s rule in our life is not something which we do automatically, it is something which is brought on by the Holy Spirit touching our life and our heart. Telling us that we need God in our life by showing us or our spirit that we have been without Him for long enough.

We are unique in that we are like God in that we have a body, a mind and a soul. We are triune beings just as He is. It seems that this part of us and God is something which people have a hard time with, especially regarding Him. The early part of the Bible or Torah, Genesis, was dictated to Moses by God while he was on the mountain with God. No, the Bible doesn’t say so but how else could Moses write the history of Creation since he wasn’t there when Adam and other early patriarchs were around?

Do I believe that God’s Word is Truth and accurate in all of its words and meanings? Yes, I do. I don’t try to read into the book of Genesis that it was a book which was made up by someone in the ancient world. The creation story and the history of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were written by Moses and he was given that information from God because it was at least one thousand years or more prior to Moses’ birth when all of this happened. Some of it may have come down by word of mouth, but I believe that it was given to him by God. It just makes sense that it was written and given to him this way because God was there and Moses was not.

The salvation story and all of the prophecies concerning the birth of the Messiah begins in Genesis and continues on up until the birth of Jesus. The gospels of the New Testament carry on the story of Jesus and His atonement for us on the cross and then the continuation of the prophecies carry on up through Revelation. God lives outside of time and space, so He can see all of time from beginning to end in our history and the history of the cosmos itself.

God loves each of us, but the lives that we live without Him and our choices to do as we please instead of pleasing Him, He doesn’t like that at all. Seek Him in all that you do, pray to Him and ask Him to show you what He wants in your life. The prayer of a sinner who is genuine in asking for God’s forgiveness will not be turned away. A prayer in jest or without a sincere heart behind it could bring worse punishment into your life. Be careful how you approach the Creator, He doesn’t sling lightning at you but other consequences can happen which would not happen otherwise, so be warned.

Wisdom, where does it come from?

Some people say that wisdom comes with age, but I have seen some older people do some strange things that don’t seem to bear this out. I am not giving any examples here, but I think you know who you are. Some novels contain some interesting wisdom or at least some sayings which people like to quote or post on Facebook.

But…the greatest wisdom that I have ever read is contained in the Bible. Yep…that’s what I said, the Bible! In many ways most of our “wisdom” has come from God’s Word at some point, whether we heard it from our grandparents or parents. Sometimes, they don’t ever realize that much of their sayings are actually re-worded quotes from the Bible.

Why do I say that wisdom comes from God? Because He is our Creator, so don’t you think He is wise beyond our measure? He lives outside of time and space and He can see all parts of your life and mine from beginning to end.

We can’t understand Him, except by reading and studying His Word and even then we won’t understand Him even as much as we can each other. God is far above us in all ways, yet He loves us so dearly that He sent His Son to pay the penalty for our sins. Why would God do this? Because of His love for us that is why. Trying to reason out God’s ways with the wisdom of man doesn’t work.

His wisdom is only gained by reading His Word and by faith in Him. To the world and to those who have not accepted Him as Savior, God’s wisdom and His Word is just foolishness and can’t be understood. Without faith and belief in Him, it can’t be but God only asks that we believe in Jesus as our Savior and the faith which brings us to that point will allow us to see the wisdom in His Word. In this life, we won’t understand it, but we can at least live our lives as His servants and help the rest of the world to know Him.

One in Essence,Three in Person

This is a question that has been on my mind for a few days, because I was asked about it by a very sweet lady who happens to be a Pentecostal by way of her association. Our Creator is One in essence, yet three in Person. It isn’t a hard thing to understand unless you want to deny God being God! He is God, He is the Holy Spirit of God and He is the Living Word, the Son of God!

I don’t mean that God exists as three gods, He is God in Three Persons, yet all of them…each one is as much God as the other! It is a difficult doctrine to understand unless you have some help from Him!

“And now the Sovereign LORD (the Father) has sent me (the Son), with his Spirit (the Holy Spirit).” Isaiah 48:16

Even at the time that Isaiah was a prophet in Israel, God revealed to Him that He was and is three persons in One. Not three gods, but One God with three persons Who in each are also God. Each person of the Trinity is God, but each has a different function. Just as I am a husband, a father and at one time I was a son before my parents passed into eternity. Three functions in One Person is the most apt description of God as a triune godhead.

Just as all things in the universe have a three-fold nature, so does God. Matter has substance (mass) plus energy and motion; time is made up of past, present and future; space is made up of length, width, and depth or height. Their nature doesn’t make them any less than what they are, but take away even one of their parts and you don’t have matter, space or time anymore.

If you take this to a logical conclusion which many skeptics seem to be willing to overlook, the Son of God is also God the Son! The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the trinity and He is fully God, but His influence in our lives is more of a teacher and leader in spiritual things. It is He that resides in your heart and mine, if we have given our lives to Jesus and asked for Him to come into our lives and our hearts.

The Spirit of God was the Person of the Trinity hovering over the waters before creation. What were the waters? I don’t know, you will have to save that question for God Himself. In either case each part of the Trinity is just as much God as the Other. They perform different functions and do different things in this world and in the spiritual realm, but each of them is still God.

When God told Moses that “No man could see His face and live”, He meant that. Which is why when He hid Moses in the cleft of the rock and allowed him to see His back. Later, when Scripture mentions the Angel of the Lord with a capital “A”, this is the pre-incarnate Christ, not an angel. The Spirit or Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity which carries out miraculous healings and resurrections and other signs like being understood by someone who doesn’t speak your language. He also prays for us in our time of anguish and doubt when we are so burdened until we can’t say what is necessary.

In reality, it took the intervention of all three to save each person who is a Christian. Think of it this way: God sent His Son to be the atonement for our sins, Jesus died as a human with the nature of God in order to pay the price for humanity’s sins, and the Holy Spirit convicted you of your need for salvation and brought you to the cross to meet Jesus. If it is too hard to understand, ask a little child. The only time that we will know the answers will be when we are standing in His Presence, and even then we may still not understand it.

More like Christ

This is the example that we have, the very one that we are supposed to try to live up to in our walk with Jesus. It is not enough that we try in our own strength, because we will fail!

Encouraging words, huh? We will fail to be like Christ if we do it in our own strength, yet that is exactly what Jesus taught with the sermon on the mount. Teachers and preachers have, for the most part, taught His Wisdom as it was pointing to those in attendance when it really means that we are all to live this way.

How can you and I be more like Christ? By giving away our old natural self! Sacrifice it, our old way of living, just as Abraham was going to do to his son when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. We have to give up our life, our way of doing things, and start living the way that Jesus taught His disciples to live. As a servant of God to others in love and His Truth! If you wake up on Monday morning and thank God for getting you up, that’s a start.

What else are we supposed to do after giving thanks for our health and our life to serve Him one more day? We have to ask Him to give us the words and the opportunity today to show someone a reason why God loves them. It may not be a big thing, it could be only a few words, but if it is given to and shown to them in the love of Christ…it will accomplish what it was meant to accomplish. Get up with a gladness in your heart, a thankful spirit that God gives you, so that others will see it and wonder what you have that they don’t? Then, they may ask you and you can tell them.

God gives us such grace every morning by giving us the air that we breathe and our ability to get up from the bed and walk! We can look outside and see the birds and the sun and the clouds and all of it was provided by God for our benefit. Why do I say it that way? Because even David said so in the Psalms, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”.

God uses the Sun, the moon and the stars to show His works in the Heavens, but they also declare His goodness and His greatness! Seeing all of these things, we have to wonder about the Creator, if you believe in Him, who put it all there. Why would He care about us? Because He loved us enough to send His Son to die, to be sacrificed for all of our sins, so that we might have the opportunity to become sons and daughters of God! Yes, we float in space on a tiny speck compared to the majesty of the cosmos, but God has a plan and a purpose for each of us.

All that we need to do is sacrifice our life, our sinful life, and give it to Him so that He can take what is left and make it into a mighty, servant of the Most High God! Don’t get all hyped up about being somebody in His Kingdom, because without the Holy Spirit nothing that you write, say, or do will amount to anything! Follow Him every day, read His Word every day, pray a few  prayers thanking Him for His goodness and mercy every day because without Him, you and I are nothing.

Why did Jesus come the first time?

It seems that this is the real question that many are wondering, particularly those who attend church but don’t study their Bibles. This is also a rant, in a way, from a pastor to those who come to church. Please don’t take this personally.

We have heard and seen and sometimes read the story about Jesus’ birth. How it was foretold in the Old Testament, brought to reality in the New Testament. The people involved were told by the angel, Gabriel, that this was going to happen to them. All of these Bible facts are there and available to read at any time. Yet, there are so many “blank stares” in congregations which seems to tell me that much of this information is doing exactly what our parents said: “It goes in one ear and right out the other, with no deposit in between.”

If sermons and revivals and going to Bible school don’t plant any of this so that you take it in and believe it, then what do you come to church for? The food and fellowship?

Jesus came because of the love that God has for ALL OF US! Yes, He came first for Israel but God knew before this that He would be rejected. We are always outside of the intended target audience, but when they refused to believe then we, as gentiles, were offered the “prize” from that point on.

What is that prize? The offer of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus and our belief in Him, that is the prize! It is a gift to us, one that we can’t afford and can’t pay for ourselves! But it is offered to us if we will believe in Him and ask for forgiveness from our sins. From that point, our only purpose is to tell others of His grace and love for them and that it is available to them too.

The scripture of John 3:17 says it best:


The world. Not just a few people from one country or nationality, but all of mankind are offered this salvation. Free for the asking, for those who seek it, for all of us who need it and that includes everyone everywhere. The Son of God didn’t come to condemn us for not understanding the Word of God and He didn’t come to do anything more than to offer us salvation. He healed some people of disease and ailments which only God could do, such as the man who was born blind. Why did Jesus do this? Because it was foretold that He would and because of their hard hearts, it was necessary to get their attention.

There are miraculous healing’s being done today, but not as radical and unusual as some that He did. Some of them today are radical, like a tumor which goes away completely with no medical intervention. That kind of healing can only come from God and by the faith of those involved. We are loved by God and I can’t give you a reason for it, except to say that He loves us because of Who He is!

Seek Him out, look for Him in the Bible, learn about Him through His Word. Even if you don’t like to come to church, read His Word and ask Him to show Himself to you in it. He is there for all to find and know, all you need to do is seek Him out in it. His majesty is around you in the trees, the stars and the entirety of the universe but all of that is His creation, it is the Creator that you should worship and He is available to those who seek Him out!

Explaining the Bible?

The Science channel has had a program on TV that is trying to explain away the events in the Bible, specifically in Genesis and Exodus. There is so much that we can’t explain, but God did in His Word. He didn’t tell us everything, but His Word is true and there is no denying it. You can of course if you wish, but the Truth will be brought to light one day when Jesus returns.

Like it or not it will happen and then everyone will know. Enough said.Genesis1

Shifting Christianity

In an article titled “Trends in Christianity”, the author writes “Today the majority of the world’s Christians live in the southern hemisphere, in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Christianity in these regions tends to be very conservative and traditional.” At one point in our past, America was the evangelizing arm of Christ. Our country and Great Britain took the leading roles in telling the world about Christ. It seems that we have done a good job of it in the past two hundred years since our Christian base has dwindled and those of other countries have bloomed.

There are other disturbing trends in Christianity as well, like the “new age” type of worship service where the old traditional hymns have been replaced with praise songs and choruses that repeat a phrase over and over again. Then, there is the trend of huge mega-churches where few people know the people with whom they are worshipping because of the size of the congregation numbering into the thousands.

We look around us at all of the problems in the world and our own problems and we can’t see any way to fix them. Jesus said, “Why do  you worry about your clothes or what you will eat? The flowers of the field are more beautiful than anything that Solomon in his riches could wear, and the birds of the field never worry about their food because God feeds them. Aren’t you worth more than the grass or the birds?” Granted, I paraphrased that a bit, but you get the idea. We shift from one belief or doctrine from year to year at times, looking for a church or a preacher who won’t step on our toes too hard, when we should be looking at our own beliefs and our own hearts.

Christians and those who claim to be need to examine themselves more closely and try to divine whether we fit in with Jesus’ disciples or not. Are you a doubter like Thomas or a loud and brash person who speaks before thinking, like Peter did? Is your faith little and weak? Mine is, but if you have a grain of faith THAT IS ALL THAT YOU NEED!!! Our God is AWESOME! He placed the stars in their orbits and the galaxies too, so don’t you think your problems are smaller than the universe? A universe which He spoke into being in less than six days!!

He is bigger than your problems and your emotions and your bank account or your mortgage. God loves you enough to take care of it all, if you will give it and yourself to Him. This is the very heart of the problem though, many people think that when they give their hearts to Jesus all of the fun in life will end. That is a lie from Satan! The fun doesn’t stop, it begins. It’s just the type of fun that you have after becoming a Christian changes. It is fun, to me, to make Satan uncomfortable by getting online and telling people about Jesus. I don’t go out and get drunk or high like I did many years ago, but I do enjoy telling people about my Lord and Savior!

God loves us with an overpowered love that we can’t fathom because we can’t imagine anyone as awesome as God! Our imagination just doesn’t go that far because there is nothing in the universe, let alone here on our little planet, that is as powerful or as awe-inspiring as God is. To put it another way, “It would bust your head wide open to try to imagine God, so don’t!”.

The true patience of our Creator

How far did God go for us?

His love is immeasurable, there is no limit to it whether you are trying to find the extent of it in height or length or depth or time. His love is limitless, so much so that we cannot understand it…no, we cannot comprehend it. We never will because in the world that we are living in today, real LOVE doesn’t exist it seems! You see lust on TV, you see it in movies, in cartoons for heaven’s sake. This filth should never be in front of children so young!

There is not possible way that we can see all of Him. We cannot comprehend what God has offered to us and yet, we don’t have to pay one cent for it. It is already paid for through the blood of Jesus. God created the universe to overwhelm us with awe and force us to think of the possible reason for all of that, and yet He pays attention to a speck of dust, our world, Earth.

When you look at the pictures which have been taken by our telescopes,
how far they reach, how many thousands and millions of galaxies that are out there. Each one with millions of suns like our own. We don’t know if there are other worlds like ours. We don’t know if Christ has saved others in other places like ours over the many years.

That is the God that we serve! Truly, we don’t need to know if there is life in those galaxies or solar systems because we will never go there. The distances which separate stars in our own galaxy are too great for us to travel. We have more pressing matters to attend to on Earth than to spend money going to a star that only our descendants will see and we will never know about.

He spread out the universe and all of the stars and planets and He knows them all by name. It is possible that there are other people, we don’t know for sure, but God can do anything that He wishes…because He is God. Our life and our salvation depend upon Him and His Grace which He extends toward all of us and yet there are those that will refuse to accept this grace. They will refuse to accept Him or even the mention of His name, and yet they will put their faith in something or someone who has no regard for them.

Some will even go so far as to believe that there is no greater power than themselves and that when they die, they are just gone from this world. This is true, but they will be in His Presence and then they will know for sure. Many accuse me of trying to frighten people with this kind of talk and I admit it, yes I am! Why? Because I don’t want you to go to a place which was prepared for Satan and the rebellious angels that he deceived into following him. Their torment and punishment will last for eternity and anyone who has refused the Love of God and His Grace that is offered to all will share in that place…the agony and pain for all of time. There is no second chance because this life is the time that we have to find our way toward God or to choose to turn away from Him.

Which decision will you make, because it is your decision which determines your eternal state. God doesn’t condemn you nor sentence you to hell, you do that yourself by choosing to live according to your own rules and your own morality, good though it may be. If your life, spiritually, is not one that is following Jesus and seeking Him, then you are missing the point and the purpose of your life.

Think about it, pray about it if you have felt or heard any small voice in your soul, seek Him out before it is too late. The Bible is God’s inspired Word given to us through the writers and prophets and it says that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Please, pray about your life and what God may have for you in it.

What else is new?

Many times we see things, maybe for the first time, and we think that it is so beautiful. But, a sunset or sunrise isn’t a new thing and neither is a beautiful butterfly that we have never seen before. All of these things have happened and have been seen by many other people in years past, so what makes them so beautiful and new to us? It is because to our eyes and our perception, it is new and it is just as beautiful as a newborn baby. Why is a newborn baby so special? Because each of us is unique and special. We all see things differently and with a perception that nobody else sees. That is why we all see art differently, regardless of the type of art it might be. To your eyes, a painting by some unknown artist may not be so beautiful and special, but to someone else’s eyes that painting might just point to a newly discovered talent which will one day grace the halls of a museum.

Just because you have seen something like a painting or a sculpture or even a sunset before and to you it is just okay, to someone else it may be the most fantastic sight in the world! Think of it this way: if you were born blind without the possibility of ever being able to see a painting or a sunset, then one day you woke up and were able to see for the first time in your life. Everything and everyone that you saw that day would be the most beautiful person or vision that you had, until then, ever seen!

To each of us is given a certain amount of time and talent that we have to use to try to make the world a little better place after we have been here than it was before. Your use of that talent or talents is the gift that God has given to you along with the ability to use it. What you do with it from this time forward is up to you. What will you make that is new and beautiful and fresh for someone else to see and feel? Would you if you had the chance? Don’t use your talent for just yourself, make sure that you do it for others and their enjoyment as well because when you are gone, how will people remember you if you didn’t?