The true patience of our Creator

How far did God go for us?

His love is immeasurable, there is no limit to it whether you are trying to find the extent of it in height or length or depth or time. His love is limitless, so much so that we cannot understand it…no, we cannot comprehend it. We never will because in the world that we are living in today, real LOVE doesn’t exist it seems! You see lust on TV, you see it in movies, in cartoons for heaven’s sake. This filth should never be in front of children so young!

There is not possible way that we can see all of Him. We cannot comprehend what God has offered to us and yet, we don’t have to pay one cent for it. It is already paid for through the blood of Jesus. God created the universe to overwhelm us with awe and force us to think of the possible reason for all of that, and yet He pays attention to a speck of dust, our world, Earth.

When you look at the pictures which have been taken by our telescopes,
how far they reach, how many thousands and millions of galaxies that are out there. Each one with millions of suns like our own. We don’t know if there are other worlds like ours. We don’t know if Christ has saved others in other places like ours over the many years.

That is the God that we serve! Truly, we don’t need to know if there is life in those galaxies or solar systems because we will never go there. The distances which separate stars in our own galaxy are too great for us to travel. We have more pressing matters to attend to on Earth than to spend money going to a star that only our descendants will see and we will never know about.

He spread out the universe and all of the stars and planets and He knows them all by name. It is possible that there are other people, we don’t know for sure, but God can do anything that He wishes…because He is God. Our life and our salvation depend upon Him and His Grace which He extends toward all of us and yet there are those that will refuse to accept this grace. They will refuse to accept Him or even the mention of His name, and yet they will put their faith in something or someone who has no regard for them.

Some will even go so far as to believe that there is no greater power than themselves and that when they die, they are just gone from this world. This is true, but they will be in His Presence and then they will know for sure. Many accuse me of trying to frighten people with this kind of talk and I admit it, yes I am! Why? Because I don’t want you to go to a place which was prepared for Satan and the rebellious angels that he deceived into following him. Their torment and punishment will last for eternity and anyone who has refused the Love of God and His Grace that is offered to all will share in that place…the agony and pain for all of time. There is no second chance because this life is the time that we have to find our way toward God or to choose to turn away from Him.

Which decision will you make, because it is your decision which determines your eternal state. God doesn’t condemn you nor sentence you to hell, you do that yourself by choosing to live according to your own rules and your own morality, good though it may be. If your life, spiritually, is not one that is following Jesus and seeking Him, then you are missing the point and the purpose of your life.

Think about it, pray about it if you have felt or heard any small voice in your soul, seek Him out before it is too late. The Bible is God’s inspired Word given to us through the writers and prophets and it says that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Please, pray about your life and what God may have for you in it.

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