What else is new?

Many times we see things, maybe for the first time, and we think that it is so beautiful. But, a sunset or sunrise isn’t a new thing and neither is a beautiful butterfly that we have never seen before. All of these things have happened and have been seen by many other people in years past, so what makes them so beautiful and new to us? It is because to our eyes and our perception, it is new and it is just as beautiful as a newborn baby. Why is a newborn baby so special? Because each of us is unique and special. We all see things differently and with a perception that nobody else sees. That is why we all see art differently, regardless of the type of art it might be. To your eyes, a painting by some unknown artist may not be so beautiful and special, but to someone else’s eyes that painting might just point to a newly discovered talent which will one day grace the halls of a museum.

Just because you have seen something like a painting or a sculpture or even a sunset before and to you it is just okay, to someone else it may be the most fantastic sight in the world! Think of it this way: if you were born blind without the possibility of ever being able to see a painting or a sunset, then one day you woke up and were able to see for the first time in your life. Everything and everyone that you saw that day would be the most beautiful person or vision that you had, until then, ever seen!

To each of us is given a certain amount of time and talent that we have to use to try to make the world a little better place after we have been here than it was before. Your use of that talent or talents is the gift that God has given to you along with the ability to use it. What you do with it from this time forward is up to you. What will you make that is new and beautiful and fresh for someone else to see and feel? Would you if you had the chance? Don’t use your talent for just yourself, make sure that you do it for others and their enjoyment as well because when you are gone, how will people remember you if you didn’t?

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