No drama tonight

I pray that our world goes through this night and the next year with far less drama and hurt feelings than we had in 2020. It seems like this past year everyone stepped on everyone else’s toes at some point almost every single day. We, as people of the Earth, should be trying to get along more than we do. But…since Satan caused all of the trouble in the Garden, we have been at each other’s throats in one way or another for the past few thousand years. He is still stirring up trouble between Abraham’s descendants and all of the people in the world who believe differently or look different and he’s doing a good job of it too.

Christians are being persecuted in places sometimes to the point of death or life imprisonment. According to the Bible, we are at the very beginning or the end of a very important part of history. The end of the Grace Age and the beginning of the time of Tribulation. There is little that we can do to change things for good or bad regarding the condition of the world but we should seek Jesus as our Savior on a personal level and tell others about Him as well. As long as the church is here there is a Restrainer called the Holy Spirit that is keeping Satan from doing more damage. Once Jesus comes to call the church to heaven, the Restrainer will leave and the condition of the world will become far worse than it is today.

Drama on Facebook and Twitter won’t even matter when the Tribulation begins. Drama will be whether to take the mark so that you can buy food and pay your bills. Testing of your faith will be a daily struggle for those who choose to follow Jesus after the church is gone. Your faith in Jesus will be an anchor to hold onto but according to the rest of the world at that time, your faith in anyone except the Anti-Christ will be a death sentence. You can choose to believe this or you can read the Bible in the book of Revelation. Life will be cheap and for those who choose to be faithful to their belief in Jesus it will be dangerous. God will not forget you but the world will hate you for your faith, even in your own family. Make sure of your salvation before you hear the news about people disappearing from their jobs and their cars on the highway.

I know, it is not a happy note to leave this year on but this year hasn’t been very happy to begin with. I pray that all who read this will think about their salvation and seek out Jesus as their Savior today because we are not guaranteed tomorrow morning. Happy New Year and pray for our leaders who are in power. Pray that this new year will be a lot better than we’ve had in the past few years. Give your problems and your heart to Jesus for this year and for eternity.

Do you understand?

There are many, many things in this world and in the universe that we will never understand. Such as, why do birds sing? Why does the humpback whale sing and what is the song’s purpose? Why does the sky seem to light up with crimson fire just before dawn?

Understanding our life itself and why we are here is a mystery to every person on the Earth. Many of us search almost the entirety of our lives trying to find the true answer. Some people do find the answer but we don’t want to believe that it is as easy as believing in Jesus as our Savior. A child can understand it but most adults want to try to “help Jesus save my soul”. The fact is that no amount of work or prayer from us is needed in order to save us from an eternity in hell.

Understanding even a small amount of what Creation itself is and also understanding Who our Creator is…well it is too much for our finite minds to hope to grasp in this life. Maybe in a thousand years or more in His Presence we may grasp a fraction of His greatness and the purpose for the whole of creation. We may begin to grasp it during that time but it will likely take many thousands of years if we ever grasp these mysteries at all

Look at a hummingbird. It is the smallest of birds and yet it is the only species which can fly backward and hover in place. God designed them. He designed every cell in their body and in ours to carry oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body in a timely fashion. That is something which can’t be “evolved”. God is the Creator and it is His creation, those who don’t want to believe in a created universe just refuse to believe in the truth of the Bible.

Wisdom or education?

Which is more valuable to you and to those around you? I’ve heard of people who have PhD’s who are working at McDonald’s, so how much is their education helping flip the burgers or fix salads or serve up french fries? I know the problem. Some people with those heavy duty letters behind their name either can’t find a job in their field or they were downsized out of a job. So they had to take a job that would kinda pay some bills. I have a BS degree in Medical Technology but I’m disabled and can’t work in my field. So how much good does all of this education do for our communities or the country?

Not very much good at all.

Wisdom can be learned from the trials that we go through because of our education. Wisdom can also be learned by reading God’s Word, the Bible. Because the wisdom contained in it is wisdom which isn’t bought or purchased from an education system. The wisdom that comes from God’s Word comes straight from the Source of all Life. You might ask “What if I don’t believe in God?” Well, the wisdom contained in the Bible, specifically Psalms and Proverbs, is wisdom which can be used for business and the home as well. The Bible is a book which covers many areas of life experience, so reading it and seeking God’s wisdom can help you in many areas of life.

There is a misconception that the Bible is only for “holy rollers” and church people but it really isn’t. It is the history of God’s chosen people, the Jews, but it is also about human nature and how we tend toward self-destructive behavior in our spiritual life as well as our life in general. We see this kind of behavior in everyday life. On the news, in our own family, in our friends lives, in celebrity’s lives, in politics, you name it, the behavior to destroy our lives is not limited to spiritual people or to those who choose not to believe.

“So how can learning from God’s wisdom help me?” There are many answers to that question. One is it can draw you closer to your Creator and He will draw closer to you. Even closer than He already is! God did not create this world and the human race and then run to some far-flung corner of the universe to retire. He is involved in our world every day. He sees the horrible things that we do to each other. He knows the pain that we feel when someone close to us dies. He cares about you far more than you can imagine.

The Bible speaks about the time that we are living in right now. People will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money. They won’t care about others or the church but will be working to get rid of the church. Why? Because the Truth which is found in the Bible cannot be destroyed or turned away from once you know what it says. The world around us has been on a downward spiral for years but we are coming to the end of what is called “the church age”. It began when Jesus ascended to heaven and it will end when He returns for His bride, the church. When will this happen? God is the only one that knows that answer. It could be tonight or tomorrow or next week or next month but it is going to happen.

If you are not a believer in Jesus for your salvation prior to that day, if you haven’t given your heart to Him and asked Him to forgive you of your sins then you will be left on Earth when that day comes. You will go through the Tribulation described in the book of Revelation and it will essentially be “hell on Earth” during those seven years. There will be death from diseases and wars and demons. You will be forced to take a mark in your hand or your forehead in order to buy or sell anything. If you have become a Christian but you take that mark, God will wipe your name from the Book of Life and you will forfeit your salvation. If you don’t take the mark, they will hunt you down and kill you but if you are a Christian you will just step from this life into eternity with Jesus!

The Bible is a book of history and changes and it is His story as well. Because Jesus is foretold in every book of the Bible. He is the Seed of the woman in Genesis and He is the Alpha and Omega in Revelation as well as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. There are so many names for Jesus in the Bible but the one name that I love the most is “My Savior and my Lord!” Seek Him in the Scriptures, ask Him into your heart and your life and you will never be the same again because when He comes into your heart you are a new creation in Christ!