Have you been called?

When God calls you, will you answer His call on your life? God chooses each of us that are called to become His adopted sons or daughters but some of us are so busy we can’t hear Him. Sometimes we are too busy to know His voice when He does call us. The only way to know His voice is by reading His Word.

Do you know that each time you have heard preaching about salvation or some other teaching from the Bible…you are being called by God? There isn’t a time that we are in a church or listening to a television sermon that God hasn’t ordained that time as a call on your heart to become a disciple of His. Each of us has heard many sermons and teachings from God’s Word. Whether we are young or old, every time God’s Word is preached or sung in a song, God is calling you or me. Even if you have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation just once or many times, each time God is speaking to you. It may be a different message each time. One may come from Psalms, one may come from Matthew or John or the book of Romans, but each time God is calling you to become His child through faith in Jesus.

I have read the Bible about ten or more times in the past decade or so and each time I get a different message from the same passages. Why? Because God’s Word is alive and it reads us as we read it. Some people don’t believe that but that is because faith hasn’t revealed it to them yet. You can only understand God’s Word through faith. Without faith, the Bible is just a book of history and poetry with some prophecy scattered here and there.

What causes you to turn away from Jesus? Is it your job? Is it your family? Is it your pride? Life can get in the way because of all of the distractions and problems that we have. But…God is calling people every day. Some of us don’t see it or know those who’ve been called but there are many who give their lives to Him each day. God loves us as His creation but He doesn’t like the way most of us live each day. We go around living our lives as if the Bible and its message either don’t matter or it is just a fantastic story. One day, when the Trumpet of God sounds and the church is taken away the whole world will recognize that the Bible’s stories were right.

At least some people will recognize that God’s story was telling the truth. There will be many in the world who refuse to accept God or the Bible, so they won’t believe that the “disappearances” had anything to do with God. I pray that anyone and everyone will seek to know Jesus as their Savior. Seek Him for your salvation today while there is time.

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