No drama tonight

I pray that our world goes through this night and the next year with far less drama and hurt feelings than we had in 2020. It seems like this past year everyone stepped on everyone else’s toes at some point almost every single day. We, as people of the Earth, should be trying to get along more than we do. But…since Satan caused all of the trouble in the Garden, we have been at each other’s throats in one way or another for the past few thousand years. He is still stirring up trouble between Abraham’s descendants and all of the people in the world who believe differently or look different and he’s doing a good job of it too.

Christians are being persecuted in places sometimes to the point of death or life imprisonment. According to the Bible, we are at the very beginning or the end of a very important part of history. The end of the Grace Age and the beginning of the time of Tribulation. There is little that we can do to change things for good or bad regarding the condition of the world but we should seek Jesus as our Savior on a personal level and tell others about Him as well. As long as the church is here there is a Restrainer called the Holy Spirit that is keeping Satan from doing more damage. Once Jesus comes to call the church to heaven, the Restrainer will leave and the condition of the world will become far worse than it is today.

Drama on Facebook and Twitter won’t even matter when the Tribulation begins. Drama will be whether to take the mark so that you can buy food and pay your bills. Testing of your faith will be a daily struggle for those who choose to follow Jesus after the church is gone. Your faith in Jesus will be an anchor to hold onto but according to the rest of the world at that time, your faith in anyone except the Anti-Christ will be a death sentence. You can choose to believe this or you can read the Bible in the book of Revelation. Life will be cheap and for those who choose to be faithful to their belief in Jesus it will be dangerous. God will not forget you but the world will hate you for your faith, even in your own family. Make sure of your salvation before you hear the news about people disappearing from their jobs and their cars on the highway.

I know, it is not a happy note to leave this year on but this year hasn’t been very happy to begin with. I pray that all who read this will think about their salvation and seek out Jesus as their Savior today because we are not guaranteed tomorrow morning. Happy New Year and pray for our leaders who are in power. Pray that this new year will be a lot better than we’ve had in the past few years. Give your problems and your heart to Jesus for this year and for eternity.

One thought on “No drama tonight

  1. Good morning, Tracy! Although this presentation was posted in 2020, the drama in America and this world has gotten worse. Just look at Ukraine and Russia. All of these tragedies serve as a reminder of the consequence of original sin, the existence of Satan and his legions, and the promise of eternal life for those who choose to follow Christ. It is beyond sad to see what Satan has been doing to this nation I dearly love. These two years has sent all of us against the wall, enduring a season of tribulation that is minute compared to the Seven Year Tribulation. Covid, the rioting, the mass shootings, the election, and the rise of false prophecies. This is merely a practice test to see whether we will stay in the light even if the church is shut down. Prayers to the President as he continues to seek unity for this country, and those in Kyiv.

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