Live blessed…

Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: They will be still praising thee. Selah. Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; In whose heart are the ways of them. Psalm 84:4‭-‬5 KJV

When this Psalm was written, David was no longer writing them. But the message is still the same. Blessed is the man or the country that gains wisdom and strength from the Lord and the knowledge of His ways. All of us are blessed whether we believe it or not. God has given us the Earth as our home. He created the atmosphere and the water and all of the things that we need for life. God even created all of the trees and the animals and the grass and the air that we breathe, so shouldn’t we give thanks for everything that we have?

God loves His Creation and everything in the universe is His creation. Although it is true that many people believe that all of the stuff that we see in space and all around us came about by accident…none of it did. There had to be a Planner and a Creator to put everything in its place and create it the way that it should be. Creation doesn’t just happen. A car or a building doesn’t just happen because all of the parts are there. There has to be a plan and a designer and a builder to make those things happen so we were created by God, the Designer, and Builder of everything.

So…are you blessed? Yes! All of us are blessed by God each and every day of our lives. Live your life as a blessed and loved child of God. If you don’t know Him as your Savior then seek Him out as soon as you can.

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