Prepare For War (A Sequel to “Satan’s Silent Sluggards”

Ye idle men!

O, slumbering bride!

You have forsaken your sacred duty

To proclaim the message of eternal hope.

You chase after sensations, signs and ⠃⠇⠐⠥⠎

While crowing at imperfections, and shrugging at your sheep’s demise.

On the fall festival of the pagan harvest, you say to your children,

“Neighbor! Neighbor! Ye fool!

Satan has deceived thee with the sweet taste of ⠉⠯⠽

That was fed to the gods the Pagans ⠺⠕⠗⠩⠊⠏⠏⠫⠖

The gates of Sheol awaiteth for the partaker!”

Yet you say to the blind servant,

“Ye shall possess great favor the God that is ⠏⠗⠂⠡⠫⠆

For the prophet has pledged you the kingdoms of this land!”

O, dysfunctional goats! O, spoiled children!

When will you arise from your beds and depart from your mansion?

Why do you tremble when the Thief rages through your towns?

Why do you tremble, ye wretched coward?

Behold! The fear of the Thief is a snare from ⠓⠍⠂

Whose threats are not but a void substance in the air!

Prepare for war, o ministers of the light!

Sound the alarm! Blow the trumpet!

Play the drum, and shout with courage!

Let the faithful shout to the walls, “Die by fire!”

The wicked shall cry, “Fall on your faces!”

It is that Spirit that gives might over the darkness of Hades!

It is Christ’s power within you that tramples over the strongest tower.

Then, the soldier wearing a white garment shall aim its ⠩⠊⠑⠇⠙

And say to the snake, “Away from thee, Satan!”

Clank the cymbals! Pluck your harps!

Let the angels sing to the Bridegroom of Heaven!

Let the world attack with praise and laughter!

For Christ’s servant shall prevail!

Do you know Jesus?

I need to tell you a story. It’s kinda sad but it turns out good in the end.

I heard this story from a good preacher friend of mine. No names but it could make a real difference.

This couple was really strong in their faith and they dated for a number of years before finally tying the knot. When they finally did, they were riding to their honeymoon on a motorcycle. Just outside of town they passed an 18 wheeler and for some reason the driver decided to move into their lane, I suppose in the process of passing someone else. The driver didn’t see them and rolled right over them.

Somehow the girl lost both of her legs and bled out at the scene before help could arrive. The husband lost a leg and an arm. He died on the scene as well but there was a good Samaritan following behind them that had stopped to see if he could help. Since the girl was already dead, he went to the guy and asked if there was anything that he could do for him.

The guy told him that “I’m going to die soon but I need to ask you something. Do you know Jesus as your Savior?” Then…he passed.

Seven words.

A few months later the good Samaritan came to their church on a Sunday morning and came down front to join the church. The preacher asked him to give his testamony and the story that I just relayed above is the story that he told. But…he didn’t know Jesus as his Savior prior to those seven words. He came to their church to find out about this Savior that they had because he wanted to know Him too.

There were and are many stories like this in the Book of Martyrs that I’ve read most of. This one isn’t in there but the sentiment is the same. The last words of a believer made a difference in someone’s life…an eternal difference.