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Does God care about us?

With all of the things that occur on a daily or weekly basis, some of them being horrific and some not so bad, things could be better. I am sure that I am not the only person, Christian or not, who has wondered if God really cares about us! Jesus said that “not even a […]

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Why don’t relationships work?

Truly the reason that this happens is because of the foundation. Many marriages begin on the wrong foot and certainly on sand or loose gravel for a foundation. Why do we pursue a relationship that ultimately will fail? We do this because we haven’t found the Relationship which can’t fail. We are born searching for […]

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Short days and short times

It has been almost two millennia since the time of Jesus and His disciples and His prophecy concerning the end of the ageĀ , yet people don’t seem to be concerned. Even with many of the signs already shown and seen in years past, as well as the signs which are in front of us every […]

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