Church, Let’s Have a Chat! Part 1

What I am about to write on these next few presentations will not appeal to many Christians viewing this site. Many church folks are not going to want to hear what I am about to say. As encouraging as I am, I also must take the time to address the elephant in the room and bring into light some concerning trends that have evolved over the years. I am takling about the childish church masks themselves in folly rather than sound faith. That’s right: The childish church.

The truth is: We, as ambassadors of Christ, have a lot of growing up to do. Let this series be considered a reality check.

I Omce Lived And Behaved Like A Child

When we were little kids, we lived in a state of survival. We relied on our mothers to give us pacifiers, feed us on bottles, give us formula, and put us down in our crib. As we grew older, we wanted autonomy. When things didn’t go our way and we did not get what we want, we threw tantrums and begged our parents for the latest toy on sale! Or worse, some jonk food from McDonalds!

We relied on our parents to provide us a good education, keep a bank account, and, … discipline our stubborn butts that sneaked out after being told to go to our room. Then, there’s the monster under our bed we cried about at 3 in the morning (which really was just your older sister’s yellow sweater mom washed for her basketball game Saturday night).

You get the gist. There was this time where we thought like a child, played like a child, talked like a child, and breathed like a child. But, as we prepare for the grip of adulting, the world expects us to have grown out of the fears and emotional meltdowns we once had as little kids. By the time you get out of 12th grade, your calculus teacher expects you to have mastered basic addition and place value, and moved into the complex task of solving systems of equations.

It’s the same thing in our Christian walk. As babes in the faith, it is common to fall victim to old habits and temptations. But, if you have been a Christian for 30 years, and you are STILL grasping whether or not there is a real Jesus, then we’ve got a bigger problem. As babes, we drink the milk of sweet and savoring sermons that aimed to “get our spirits up” and start our morning right. But, the goal is to start devouring the meat: The hard doctrines we do not like or want to hear. The many rebukes we must bear. But, it’s not “eating the meat”, rather, how we feed the meat into others.

Before I get to the first part of my series, I want to help you distinguish the difference between being childlike and being childish, and then make practical applications into the broader context of spiritual growth.

A childlike attitude is mainly associated with innocence, or a sense of trust. This trait is fostered by a spirit of curiosity, creativity, simplicity, and admirability. These are favorable and positive qualities associated with children that often carry into adulthood.

As Christians, we should actively be curious and open to new revelations and discoveries. God admires our passion and our longing to learn more about Him and the many truths He has written in Scripture. Often times, we will learn and acquire wisdom from other people, and through events that happen in this life. Go and search for the golden treasure of truth that is buried in the quicksand of a world of hypertolerance.

A childish attitude demonstrates the nagative attributes of a child, in particularly, the fruit of immaturity and folly. A common example is constantly seeking attention and praising while attacking others over petty disagreements.

This week, I want to address some concerning trends that I believe point to the church’s spiritual immaturity over the past two years. A majority of these trends are founded on fixations and other “hidden” attitudes we often do not pay attention to at the heat of the moment.

1. Fearmongering

I will start off with something we can all agree on. 2020 was a rather hard year for all of us. We had a new virus that was infecting the country. We didn’t know what the heck we were doing back then. We hoarded toilet paper, shut down schools, got locked in our homes, had to learn Zoom and Google Meet, and lived with the fear of our family (and even ourselves dyst). Then, there came the social justice riots after the George Floyd murder. Then, the Presidential election. Then, at the height of all of the political showdowns, there was the explosion of false prophecies that never came to fruition.

Sadly, we have become infected with the pestilence and cowardiceness, and have used fear as a weapon to dissuade people to use common sense to protect themselves and take precautions.

The Fear Of The Antichrist (And Satan)

I recently published a presentation analyzing a prophetic trend that has gone on ever since medical experts established a goal to launch at least one vaccine for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Apparently, this prophetic trend started with Kanye West in July 2020, in a bid to run as a candidate for the Presidential election. A recent news tticle from NME revealed that Kanye contracted Covid a month before we went on lockdown, and has exercised extreme skepticism of a potential vaccine. In a July tweet, Kanye expressed concern that the vaccine would be “the mark of the beast. They [referring to the government and the Antichrist] want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things, to make it where we can’t cross the gates of heaven” (West).

However, I believe that this trend started before this tweet. This trend dated back to May 2020. I remember hearing my mom showing me a video where a prophet warned about 5G networks and how a future vaccine would mean that we would take the mark of the beast, sending us to Hell. At that time the prophecies viral, I had no prior knowledge about the Antichrist or the mark of the beast. I remembered hearing people bring up 666, which they knew as “the devil’s number”, so I figured it had a connection to following Satan.

I spent nearly a year studying through the Book of Revelation (in partiular chapters 13 and 18). As I investigated these prophecies and put the pieces together, I found several inconsistencies in the man’s citation of Scripture, and the evidence they used to justify his supposed argument in the video. There was no “antichrist”, nor were their “concentration camps” where people who didn’t take the vaccine (or what many called the “jab”) to be killed, as many claimed. In fact, I have ZERO regrets about taking the shot, even though I had to endure some pain on my side for a day. But, does this mean I have sold my soul to Satan? Absolutely not! In fact, I am still saved, I meditate on the Scripture, and I continue to grow each and every day to person the teenager God wants me to be. And, yes, I am still singing my heart out too!

I once heard a pastor say in a video that the fear of Satan is one of many snares we must be willing to overcome. Saints, I want to encourage you today to stand firm and FIGHT like a champion! As long as we stay on the right path, we will always win! Why are you afraid of the tactics the defeated foe would use against you, champion? I know the technological advancements and the rapid pacing of the vaccines raise concerns. From the side effects, to whatnot. There is so much uncertainty within us today. But, to use the very Word of God as a magic wand to wipe away this virus, and to discourage our brothers and sisters to take something that God is using to save precious lives is a testimony of our own cowardice and pride! If our brother died because of our fallacies, the blood would be on our hands.

How dare you use the very words of Christ Himself to encourage your weak brother who has a compromised immune system to forego the use of an instrument of healing that God is promoting to us, and call it “acting in faith”? I am not speaking of fearing Covid. My concern is Christians being paralyzed by the cloud of fear and ignorance. I don’t care if people on this page convince me one way or another that I am too fearful of something that can kill an entire population in the name of “empty faith”. The coward is not me or the others who are vaccinated and wearing masks. The REAL cowards are the people who have been on the battlefield for years, and have the guts to faint and hide from a Strongman whose favorite tactic is to use fearmongerers to establish his game plan: To wear down the diligent man into the dark dungeon and fear and sin.

It is time for bold and courageous children of God to rise about the clouds of fear and to fight the good fight with no regret. I am not looking for men and women who merely cite Scripture and sit there with a chip on their shoulder, waiting to perish! I am looking for brave, Godly people like me who will take the leap of faith, and give it their all to fight fire with fire! It is time that Satan’s grip of fearmongering prophecies and void visions finally be DESTROYED and EXPOSED in the name of Jesus! But, in order to do this, the church needs to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate our purpose in fighting this lifelong battle, and not a temporary battle founded on folly!

When trials come…

There is a reason that I put this in the title. Because all of us have trials. Some are good and some are not so good. Some of them sneak up on us and some we have been living with for a while.

What should you do when trials come? Pray. If you aren’t a believer you need to ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior because that is the most important prayer that each of us needs to pray. Then pray for your country. If you live here in America, it needs prayer and I mean a LOT of prayer! If you live outside of America, you know what you need to pray for in your country. Because there are so many problems and trials it is hard to know exactly what to pray for or even how to pray for it. That is why you need to ask Jesus to be your Savior. When you do that, you will receive the Holy Spirit and even when you don’t know what to pray for or even how to pray, He can pray for you and let the Father know what is needed.

Trials will come, to Christians and non-believers as well. Just as it rains on the just and the unjust, trials come to all of us. Prayer is what is needed for all things. For your health, for your salvation, for your family and for your country’s leaders. God is interested in all of this and in each of us but many of us don’t believe that He cares about our lives. God has always cared about us and our world. Our problem is that we can’t or won’t believe in Him because many people in the world deny His existence. They don’t believe the Word and His book, the Bible or they pick and choose what they will believe and what they will not.

The problem with picking and choosing to believe parts of God’s Word or not is that you are calling God a liar. His Spirit inspired every word and promise in the Bible. There is no reason not to believe what He says and Who He is, unless you just don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ at all. When I think of someone who is in this state of mind, I truly feel pity for them. Because if you don’t change your mind and seek Him and ask forgiveness…you will have an eternity separated from Him to realize that you had the ability to be in His Presence with one decision.

Our trials in this life are small compared to much of the world around us. Truly, worrying about the injustices in this world is the least of our troubles. Your life and mine are only a puff of smoke compared to eternity. Make sure of your destination after this life because you will have a lot more time after death to either enjoy Life with Jesus or the feeling of death outside of His Presence in hell.

Job’s trials

Jobs trialsThis book has always fascinated me because according to some scholars it is the oldest book in the Bible. It is an account of a man who worships God and acts as a priest for his family, offering sacrifices for their transgressions regardless of whether they have asked him to do so or not. In the beginning of the book, God is meeting with “the sons of God”, those angels who are tasked with watching over humanity at the time, I suppose. Then Satan shows up at the meeting and God brags about how righteous His servant, Job, is.

Job’s trials did not come upon him as punishment for something done wrong, but because of his exemplary life! His trials came to him because God wanted to prove a point to Satan about his servant Job. To make a long story short, everything was taken from Job, even including his health, but he never cursed God even though his wife told him to. He never truly blamed God for his situation either. At the end of the book, God speaks to Job and his “friends” who have not really helped the situation, and He straightens their conception of Him out in a hurry.

Why is this story so important to us today? Because, it is indicative of our lives in some ways. Every person on the planet can identify with Job in one way or another. From being stricken with disease like cancer to losing much or all of your belongings, there is a bit of Job in all of our lives at some point in time. The best part of the story is this: God loves you regardless. Particularly if you don’t give up your faith in Him! He is faithful to bring about all your blessings and to protect you from Satan and his demons.

So….why do people look for another god or religion to make them feel complete or whole? Mostly, it’s because of Satan and his influence on the minds of people who haven’t given their heart to Jesus. He can manipulate and coerce people into believing in doctrines and practices which have nothing to do with God, but he can make them sound as if they did. That is the reason why people have broken the church into so many pieces and invented their own religions and their own idea of who god is and what he asks of us.

The biggest problem with this god which they follow is that he lives in their mind only and he isn’t real. They believe that he is, sometimes with their whole heart, but they have been deceived by demons, giving them the idea for this to replace the real God and Savior, Jesus our Savior. Some of these people even preach this kind of “religion” from a pulpit and make it seem to be the real Truth! They pick and choose scriptures which support their beliefs and they don’t dig deep into what the context of the Scripture actually says.

God loves each of us and He wants us to come to Him to be saved through belief in Jesus who paid our price on the cross. If we can and will read His Word and pray about finding His Truth in it, then we can see the difference between man-made religions and God’s Son and the church which began almost 2000 years ago. Learn more about Him through reading His Word, pray about what He says in His Word, and ask Him to reveal the Truth which is there for all to find if we will look for it diligently!!

Life is too short to waste it looking for meaning in a life which hasn’t found the path to walk on which leads to Life eternal! There is only one Savior and He isn’t in the Koran or in any other book except God’s Word. His name is Jesus the Son of God, any other name or person is not a savior nor are they able to save your soul to get into eternity! Please, read God’s Word with a prayerful heart and ask Him to show you the Truth which is in it because at the end of your life, you will have to give an account for the reason why you didn’t follow Jesus. Especially if you have ever heard the gospel preached or read the Bible!