So much going on….

Looking at and listening to the news is not one of my favorite things to do, in fact I avoid it if I possibly can. There is so much going on in our world until it just brings you down in  your spirit and just gives you the feeling that nothing will ever be better in the world in which we live in.

Then…you hear a child laugh and giggle or you hear them say some of the sweetest things that can only come from their minds. Minds which have not yet been messed up by the world and education and all of the things which go on. Then, of course, you see the children on the news who are living in places where they could lose their parents or their friends any moment. Where gun shots and bombs are going off and people are threatening others for not believing in the same religion, the one that they think is the right one. Stupidity, ignorance, hatred, bitterness, heartache, fear, death are all around us today whether it is just on TV or next door, we can’t seem to get away from some or all of it. We can’t live a life of peace and harmony, not in today’s world because there isn’t a place like that on Earth anywhere!

It makes me sad to consider what our children and their children will be living in and having to try to stay alive through before Jesus comes back.

Whether you believe it or not, He is coming back to judge the world for all of the cruelty and hatred and violence that has been going on and is still going on. He will bring peace with Him because His government in the Kingdom which He sets up on Earth will not tolerate the things which are happening today. Swift justice will be the rule then, no twenty years of appeals for someone who kills a child. Our world will be run by Him from His throne in Jerusalem.

You can choose to believe it or not, but it is coming and I believe that it is coming in our lifetime. He has told us to be watching and waiting and the prophecies that were given in the Bible have all lined up. There is very little that has to happen before the day that the trumpet sounds, and I am looking forward to that day. From that day forward, for seven years there will be very little that will be good on this Earth. The wars and diseases and famines that are happening now will pale in comparison to what is coming. It will have nothing to do with “global warming”, or anything which mankind is responsible for except the rejection of Jesus the Messiah.

The last of the Blood Moons is happening in a little over a month from now. What happens in the next few months or years is in God’s hands and everyone will see and know that it is His doing, not us. Study the Bible, read the books of Daniel and Isaiah and Ezekiel and Revelation. Between these books, if you pray for understanding, they will reveal that all that is happening is happening according to God’s design and purpose. Seek His wisdom for your life and for your salvation because salvation only comes to you through Jesus and His atonement for your sins and mine, there is no other way to get to Heaven except through Him. Don’t put it off and don’t wait because the time is short.

Celebrate Life, celebrate God!

You hear singers and people on news programs saying things like “We celebrate life itself!”, usually with much enthusiasm. Yet, we kill unborn children by the hundreds every day! There are murders, planned and spur of the moment, that seem to happen almost every hour of every day. So, why don’t more people actually celebrate Life!?

Is it such a hard concept that we say it and it sounds good but it isn’t something that we can actually do? It is just a mantra that we use to sound important or special in our own eyes and the eyes of those around us, right? In a manner of speaking, yes and no. I know, confusing.

My point…if you really intend to celebrate Life, then act like it and get out there and enjoy life! Do spontaneous things, stuff that you haven’t done but have wanted to do such as things which might be on your “bucket list” maybe? Yes, Jessica, there are people who truly need to get out and DO these things! Not just because they need to get up, like me, but because life is too short to dream about them and just say “I’ll do it later”. There may not be a “later”, for many of us there won’t be.

Now, I am not trying to get into “doom and gloom” here, I am just saying that winter for this year is nearly over and spring is getting closer. For many of us, it doesn’t seem that way but it will soon enough. My point on this page and this post, is to point to God Himself, the Author of Life! When we celebrate Life, we should be celebrating God’s purpose in Life and we should be celebrating Him as well! Don’t get into this “new age” thinking that God is not part of the 21st century, He is part of ALL of them! He is now, He was then and He will be God no matter what century that you might be thinking of!

In spite of evolution and its proponents, God is the Author of Life and everything that goes along with the creation of Life, and the maintaining of Life. Yours and mine and everyone else’s on this planet including the animals, fish, mammals, and birds. So, why is everyone so hell-bent on taking Him out of Life? Our everyday living even! It seems that the laws which have been adopted lately have been putting more pressure on just one group of people, Christians. Specifically, to keep us from expressing or following our mandate of how we live and what we are supposed to be doing with our lives.

The Bible clearly says that: “Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. 19Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,b baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 20Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28: 18-20

This is the command and the commission that we, as Christians, have been given. We have not been told to kill or behead people if they won’t convert to our way of thinking and worshipping, but to love them as Christ did and to tell them of the gospel. Though, it seems that we are leprous in many people’s eyes, they don’t want anything to do with us or our religion yet they will gladly accept almost any other religion without complaint. Why is that? What is so attractive about all other religions that makes Christianity seem as if we are trying to give you a sandwich made of mouldy bread and maggot-infested meat?

Celebrate the Author of Life and the Finisher of Life itself, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Between them all, the Earth and all that is in it were formed, created, and established in six days. The day of God’s “rest” has not ended, yet He is still creating, He is still giving Life to all of His Creation. He offers eternity to you if you will believe in Him and in Jesus’ work on the cross and the atonement for all of your sins and mine. This is your choice…it is not forced upon you nor will it ever be. Choose Life in Him and in His Son because the alternative is an eternity of the same punishment that Satan will get one day. Celebrate Life from God’s point of view…the grander scale of the entire universe, big and small, on Earth and in the far-flung galaxies! He knows you better than you do, so give Him the chance to infuse your life with His Life and the possibilities are endless!

What can we do?

There are wars and murders, attacks from terrorists, human trafficking, threats from all sides it seems and this is just from one day’s news broadcast! How can people be so hate-filled and mean in this day and the time that we are living in? What in the world has happened to humanity in the past fifty or one hundred years to cause us to be this way?

I am not sure anyone has an answer to those questions, at least or even at best they don’t have an answer that really makes sense. Some would say it is because of the Muslim threat, but they seem to be attacking their own people as well. Some might say it is because of poverty and hunger, but the danger is in the streets of developed countries as well. Does any of the problems have to do with race relations? It seems that it does in some places, but mostly it seems that people are angry and upset, frustrated about something. What that might be I have no idea.

I do know that we are in a period of time which was spoken about during Jesus’ time. Where He told His disciples that all of this would be happening and that it would get worse before it gets better. This is an answer which many people in the world today reject because they don’t want to hear it. They have heard at some point in their lives that the time that He was speaking of is the time of the tribulation and the time of the Anti-Christ. Fewer and fewer people believe in the real Jesus Christ today and even fewer think that we are going to come to a point of being in a seven-year period that Jesus said “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:22

There are too many people who choose not to believe this or maybe they want to believe some other religion or doctrine. This is fine for them because that is their choice. But…what if all of us who are Christians are right about the Bible and everything contained in it? If we are wrong, no harm to anyone but ourselves I suppose, but if you died tonight or tomorrow and realized that you were standing in the Presence of God, what then?

Unfortunately, it would be too late at that point. You can’t get forgiveness after you are dead, your life is over at that point and your choices were made in this life that you will live with through eternity. Yeah, there are many who don’t believe in eternity either or even in Heaven or hell. You have been given this life as a dress rehearsal in a way, one in which you have a choice to make. One which will impact the rest of your life here and those that you may have an influence over. It will also have an impact on where you spend eternity, but that choice can only be made while you are here.

Since none of us know how many days we have until our death, the day of salvation is today…now preferably. Life is short, especially compared to eternity, so don’t waste your time trying new things and getting all that you can get now! When you are gone, someone else gets all of it anyway. The real choice that matters is your belief in Jesus and asking Him to change you into the man or woman who He knows you can be. That’s it.

Pray about it, read God’s Word if you have a copy, get a copy if you don’t. Seek Him while you still can, because your life is ticking away day by day and once your life here is gone, you don’t get a do-over.

Adult to child or child to adult, which way is it?

When we are young, we can’t wait to get older. When we get older, we want to feel young and act that way. It is so hard to get away from being a child it seems. So, why is it hard to imagine people being childish regardless of their age or their occupation?

We all want to grow up or at least we are supposed to, but looking at the way our culture is today it seems to be taking a long time for many people to do so. If they ever do. Yes, the correct direction is supposed to be from child to adult but it seems that we have gotten confused in the past few decades, not just in America but all over the world. People enjoy things in their middle age that they enjoyed when they were children, even into their later decades of life people tend toward being childish at times concerning some things.

Why is it this way? Because when we get older, we want to have things our way, just as we did when we were toddlers. We may not throw a tantrum about it, but sometimes we do. We are being given things today in our everyday lives that we would’ve had to work for a few decades ago and we get them almost instantly. Games give us instant gratification in winning, you can order anything online now and you would’ve had to travel to get those things years ago, especially books. We can get them instantly delivered over the Internet without having to go anywhere or pay shipping. We can get online and talk with our friends that we haven’t seen in more than twenty years, yet we both are in our own homes hundreds of miles away in some instances and we aren’t even paying for long distance charges to do so!

Our culture and the way that we live in today has gotten so addicted to instant everything and constant information availability, until if something happened to all of this connectivity….we would be totally LOST! Many people would likely even commit suicide because they couldn’t get in touch or look up something. Being childish about some things is OK, being addicted to information overload is just ridiculous. We have intellect and intelligence but to someone coming from a different planet, it would not seem so at times.

Why have we lost our way so badly? Because we have moved away from God and His wisdom. Many of us have Bibles in our homes, many thousands of people have them on their eBook readers but do we read them? Some do, many don’t. The wisdom contained in the Bible is wisdom from God written down through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and it was sent to us for our benefit. Pushing it to the back of the room or throwing it away doesn’t change anything. Ignoring the Word of God doesn’t get rid of any Truth contained in it, just as ignoring the law of gravity doesn’t get rid of it either.

Reading God’s Word, studying it and praying for Him to open your eyes to the Truth is something which all Christians should be doing as we come to the end of the age. Many don’t want to believe that we are so close to it, but when it gets here….you won’t need a news program to tell you that it is, people all over the world will know it at the same time. Our education system has gotten so far from the Word of God and pushed any of its teachings out of the classroom until our society is paying the price for its arrogance in doing so now. The biggest problem with this is that once we have given up on teaching these things, there is no remedy, no way to introduce sanity back into our schools and society again without a HUGE backlash.

Childish, yes we are in more ways than most would like to admit. Sanity and being an adult seem to not go hand in hand anymore and IMO it is because of the absence of the Bible in the home and in schools that is the reason behind it all. How can we fix it? The sad truth is that we can’t. Only the return of Jesus will do that and His return will be sooner than many are willing to admit.

Is your culture affecting your religion?

In many areas of life, it seems that culture trumps religion, regardless of which country you might live in. What kind of religion do you practice? Today, it seems, every religion is acceptable in the public square except Christianity! It doesn’t matter if you are a practising witch or an Imam, you are accepted by everyone as long as your religion doesn’t involve belief in Jesus!

Culturally we are all accepted in the grand scheme of things, nobody seems to have any trouble with other cultures as long as they are not trying to impose their culture on others. So, why is it that we label Christians with that sort of label? Like they are pushing something on everyone around them? According to God’s Word, no one is going to Heaven apart from Jesus, period. It doesn’t matter what cultural background you have, where you were born or what color your skin might be. The fact is that you need Jesus in your life and His Spirit dwelling inside your heart.

The only way that you get this is by believing in Jesus as the Son of God and not just some prophet. A prophet cannot get you into Heaven. Being a member of a church or a religious organization will not save your soul. Giving your time, your money or a few hours per week while attending church services will not save your soul! The only Savior that we have who can save us is Jesus. Belief in Him and the atonement that He bought for us on the cross is the only way to be saved from the condition that you are in.

Money, power, prestige, the size of your house or the car that you drive makes no difference at all! Because, when you die, someone else is going to get all of it! None of it goes with you and it makes no difference to God how rich you were or how poor you might have been in the world’s eyes. Like the beggar who went to Paradise and the rich man went to hades, the ground is level in front of God. If your heart is right with God and you have faith in Him and His Son, then you will be richer than anyone on Earth. If you have not accepted Christ and the grace that has been extended to you through the death and resurrection of Jesus, your money will not make any difference and neither will your nation of birth. Jew or Gentile, we are all the same when we stand in front of Almighty God.

You will be asked, “What did you do with My Son and why should you come through the gates of Heaven?” If Jesus puts His arm around you and says “This one belongs to Me, Father.”, then you will have nothing to worry about. If you hear the words, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”, then you are to be most pitied. Your eternity will be a long, hard, and painful one.

Consider this and pray about your life and your eternity, please.



Today, there are many speeches being given about “sacrifice” or “sacrifices” which have been made by our servicemen and women over the years, so what have we done in our lives that qualifies as sacrifice? Have you really sacrificed much in your life? Most of us who live in America, especially those who have been born in the past forty years, have not really had to sacrifice much at all.

Our soldiers have sacrificed their time with family, their safety during war and many have given the ultimate sacrifice…their lives for their love of country and the freedoms that we have and enjoy everyday. We have had such freedoms because of their sacrifice or the sacrifices of earlier heroes in earlier wars like World War 2.

I must confess that I did serve for a while in the Air Force, but I had to get out due to medical reasons and because a family member needed me at home since I was the only son. I am not complaining about this, I enjoyed my time in the service and had the intention of making it a career at the time but circumstances got in the way.

The point of my post being sacrifice, we are privileged to live in a country that has enjoyed the freedoms that we have that have because of the sacrifices of others. The same is true of our salvation through Jesus Christ. He sacrificed His life for our sins in order to pay the debt needed for the atonement of ALL the sins of every person on Earth! He was the only person that could’ve paid this price and He did it willingly! Can we deny Him our life and our service and sacrifice after He gave so much?

Jesus is at the right hand of God the Father and Creator of all, waiting for the time when everything is accomplished on Earth before He comes for the believers who await His return. The world doesn’t recognize Him but it will one day soon, although I fear that for some it will be too late. They have already made their minds and their hearts up to be lovers of the world and of themselves, some even attend church every Sunday. But, they are being deceived into thinking that being religious and going through the motions will get them into Heaven…it will not.

Satan himself, as well as some of his demons, follows a few of them into pulpits of any number of denominations as well as into the pews. They agree with all that deception and believe in God because they knew Him before their fall from Heaven, but even that belief will not save them because they will not repent and choose to serve God through His Son. We are known by God more intimately than anyone else and it breaks His heart to know that many will choose not to come to Him through Jesus.

You and I and every person on Earth are important to God, otherwise He wouldn’t have sent Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins. All that we have to do is accept the gift of that redemption, confess that we know that we are sinners and ask God to forgive us for our rejection of Jesus, then ask Jesus to come into your life and turn from your old way of living to living by His power and grace in your life every day from that day forward. At times, the life and the walk of a Christian is hard because of the struggles and the persecution and many people turn away from it because of that. They thought that when you came to Jesus, all of your problems would go away.

On the contrary, Satan will attack you more savagely because you are a Christian. You may get sick more or a family member will, there may be accidents and a host of other problems but the test can be overcome by relying on Jesus and His strength to get you through those times. Seek Him first every day and each day will be better, walk with Jesus daily and you will never be alone again.

Think about it and pray, because the time is growing short.


What would your friends say?

If you came up to them and told them that they needed to know Christ? Ask them one day, you may be surprised. Are you sure that they know Him? I know that we can’t judge people and their relationship to Jesus and we don’t have the right to do so but don’t you think that we should try to at least tell them about Him? In the politically correct world that we live in today, would it be appropriate to approach your friends to tell them about Jesus? Probably not, but what do you have to lose?

Jesus gave all of His followers the command to “go and preach the good news”, which means that we cannot keep this to ourselves! We are not supposed to keep it bottled up inside. The Living Water of the Life that we have within us has to come out…it has to go somewhere and it needs to go to our friends and family and everyone that we can tell it to. If every Christian told one person and that person accepted Christ and then each of them told one more person and so on, eventually we would win the world to Christ. In today’s world it really wouldn’t take very long with planes and the Internet, the world can learn of Him very quickly.

But, the message about Him doesn’t seem to be getting out does it? Oh, there are many people who are telling His story and who are witnessing to others about Jesus but it seems that we are outnumbered by the people who don’t want to know Him and don’t care whether you tell them or not. Because of Satan’s influence, it seems they want whatever is in the world and not those things which point to a life with Christ. Many people seem to what the quick fix, immediate satisfaction of getting what they want right now and not waiting for it to come to them in eternity.

We have all been brought up in a world where we want faster Internet speeds, instant meals that taste like home cooking, fast food, disposable cell phones, lives and relationships, all in search of something that we don’t know but we feel inside that we need “it”, whatever it may be. The answer to our search is found simply, but we don’t want simple, easy answers. We always try to make something harder than it should be so that we feel like we earned it. The problem with that kind of thinking is that we can’t earn our way into eternal life or into Heaven itself.

The answer to our search and to all of the empty feelings is Jesus, plain and simple. We were designed with a need for Him, but we are born not knowing Him. When you find out about Him and what He means to your life, then you have a choice to make: follow Him and ask Him to come into your heart or turn away from Him and walk away, choosing to do things your way because you know better than God how to handle your life.

What a preposterous idea and attitude! How could you know better than God about anything? He is the Creator and Sustainer of it all, especially of our lives and what we can do with them. I agree that we each know what we want out of life, most of the time, and we might be able to get it. But is it the right thing or the right way to do it? Are you going to get yourself into more trouble and heartache because of the decisions that you make on your own? It is possible, you know?

We don’t make the most intelligent choices sometimes when it comes to choosing our spouse or our cars or even our jobs. Sometimes, we don’t even make the best choices when it comes to choosing our friends. The best choice is to choose to be friends with Jesus. Talk to Him about your other problems, regardless of how small they are or how big they might seem to be. God is bigger than all of your problems and He can handle them all, even the little ones and all of the ones in between.

What would you do?

Silly question, huh? You don’t even know what I am referring to. How would you answer this in certain situations of your life? Stumped? In many of life’s situation’s, whether they are the life changing kind or not, we need to ask someone this question before we make up our own minds. Because we can get caught up in the moment and make the wrong decision hastily and then regret it later.

Many times in the past, I have made decisions without going over it with a family member or a friend first and I paid for it later. Of course you don’t see that coming, and there is no way to know until after the damage has been done. The point that I am making is that we are people, we all make mistakes and the best way to live a life of purpose and meaning is to make a point that sticks in someone else’s mind. That is what I am trying to do with this.

Today, life is hard, and it isn’t going to get easier. God’s Word spoke of this time and it is still speaking to us if we will listen. Just as when you ask someone’s advice on a decision that you know that you need to make, the Someone that you should ask is always available.

In the prophetic books, especially in the book of Revelation, John tells of a time when knowledge increases and people are running around everywhere. Many of them are looking for something or someone to give their lives a true meaning and purpose, many of those also don’t know that they are looking for that. They just feel that something needs fixing, or that they need something but many of them don’t really know what that something is.

We have all been created with a place in our soul, in our heart, that yearns for God. We may call it “desire”,  or “a hunger for more”, or some other name, but the One that the desire is really drawing us to may not be apparent to us, at least not at first. We strive through our daily lives looking for an elusive fix for something, and for many years at times we don’t know what it is that we are trying to fix. God offers this fix for many areas of life and yet many don’t decide to come to Him, giving excuses of all kinds that don’t mean anything in this life or in eternity.

In spite of what many have been told and taught, we each have an eternity to live. Not here on the earth, but with God in the Heaven which He will bring you to if you are a child of His. If you have not made that decision real and permanent in your heart and changed your life, then you truly need Christ in a most desperate way. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the One who died to pay for all of mankind’s sins and rose from the dead so that we can have eternity with Him if we will take hold of the gracious gift that we have been given.

Excuses and the thinking that “I have plenty of time to do that later”, are from the ruler of this world, Satan himself. You can choose to believe or not, it is your choice after all, but…what if what I am saying is true? God can save you through Jesus and the belief in Him that He came to save you because that was His purpose for coming! Putting off the decision of your eternal life is not something which you should do, even for a few minutes because your life is not guaranteed.

Accidents happen all of the time. On the street, on the sidewalk, at home, even when you are at work or at church, your life could be coming to a close and you don’t know that it is coming. But when it comes, regardless of your age or the time in your life that it does, your life ending here is the beginning of your eternity wherever that eternity might be. Please, make the decision to seek someone about this most important decision of your life, your eternal life. I would like to meet you one day and know that this site made a difference to someone.

True lies, really?

How can we believe the things that are being taught today? Unproven theories are accepted as truth, lies are taught as if they are from God. What are we supposed to believe anymore? Can we believe anything or anyone today or from the past? I don’t know about believing just anyone, but the One that you can count on and believe in is Jesus the Christ!

Many people seem to think that He lied about Who He was and nearly everything that He said, but He did not. All of the miracles were seen by more than one person, sometimes more than fifty or one hundred so they were verified according to Jewish law. His disciples saw Him taken up into the clouds and angels told them that He would return in like manner, so that proved His claim as being the Son of God and the Messiah. I know that many of these take faith in God and in His Word to truly believe, but many of the things in the Torah are also historical fact and our Old Testament contains much of the Torah if not all of it. Jesus quoted many things from it during His ministry.

The theories being taught today as facts are still just theories because they can’t be duplicated or verified by transition forms from say a fish to a reptile or an actual fossil of a “missing link” between man and ape. Most of the fossils that have been found were small pieces of a jaw or a leg or part of a vertebrae, the genetic makeup of the animal that it belonged to can’t be identified, so it is not proven to be one or the other. Genetic markers don’t survive fossilization just as cell structures and blood don’t. Yes, there are rumors of blood vessels being found in the leg of a dinosaur, with blood in it no less, but it was never widely reported. Many even disregarded it as a quirk or an accident, nothing more.

But, what if the account of creation is true like the rest of the Word of God? If there really was a world-wide flood and the world is only about ten thousand or so years old then blood could survive in a leg bone. Dinosaurs and man existed at the same time on this earth. Would believing in the Word of the Creator be such a bad thing? I think I would rather believe in Him and His Word than in much of the history and science that is taught in our schools today as fact! I would rather stand before Him and say that I did believe in Him and His Son rather than having the audacity to say that He doesn’t exist! I really don’t think even the most devout atheist will be able to stand before God and tell Him that they don’t believe in Him!

Consider that before you jump to a conclusion about Him that’s based purely on your own thoughts and beliefs or lack of belief. Just as saying that gravity is not real doesn’t take it away, not believing in God doesn’t remove Him from His throne either.

Christmas, what is it to you?

This time of year is many things to many people. It is a time of hope, a time of joy and giving to others, a time of renewing friendships and relationships with people who are close to us. To some it is a time of worry and anxiety and being unsure of what to do or what to get someone special, it is a time of loss for some and a time of grief as well. Many people experience a very depressing time during this holiday season. In consideration of that, I have to ask “Why?”

I went through many years of depression and anger during this part of the year because of a divorce between my parents which seemed to coincide with this time of year. Then, about 18 years ago, my mother died on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t exactly unexpected because she had been sick for a long time, but it took me many years to get past the feelings which came during the holidays because of it. I am telling all of this to those of you who read here in order to ratify my ability to sympathize with the feelings which come during this time of year.

Yes, there are problems which we all have during this time of year. Bills, frustration, grief, heartache, anxiety, but there is also joy, happiness, kindness, love and acceptance between us and those that are around us. We can choose to be better human beings and be a blessing to those around us or we can act in such a way as to be labeled a “scrooge”, but it is our choice!

Can we choose to be better in our daily lives so that the holidays are more enjoyable? Yes, we can! It has to be a conscious choice though, not just a temporary or superficial show which is not real. Choose to be a better person and decide to work toward that goal, though many of us can’t accomplish this on our own. We have to be prepared to be changed from the inside out and that change is something which we cannot do on our own!

You can struggle all you want, trying to get free of sin, but all you’re going to do is sink deeper. Stop the struggle. Surrender to Christ, because you do not have what it takes to get out of sin unless someone gives you a way out. And that way out is Jesus. His name is wonderful. He is the mighty God, the everlasting Father, our Prince of peace. He is your salvation and the path to salvation, the only path that is available to each of us, yet it is our decision to accept this offer. Whether we accept it or not, Jesus is the only way to salvation and being free of the burden and bondage of sin.