Today, there are many speeches being given about “sacrifice” or “sacrifices” which have been made by our servicemen and women over the years, so what have we done in our lives that qualifies as sacrifice? Have you really sacrificed much in your life? Most of us who live in America, especially those who have been born in the past forty years, have not really had to sacrifice much at all.

Our soldiers have sacrificed their time with family, their safety during war and many have given the ultimate sacrifice…their lives for their love of country and the freedoms that we have and enjoy everyday. We have had such freedoms because of their sacrifice or the sacrifices of earlier heroes in earlier wars like World War 2.

I must confess that I did serve for a while in the Air Force, but I had to get out due to medical reasons and because a family member needed me at home since I was the only son. I am not complaining about this, I enjoyed my time in the service and had the intention of making it a career at the time but circumstances got in the way.

The point of my post being sacrifice, we are privileged to live in a country that has enjoyed the freedoms that we have that have because of the sacrifices of others. The same is true of our salvation through Jesus Christ. He sacrificed His life for our sins in order to pay the debt needed for the atonement of ALL the sins of every person on Earth! He was the only person that could’ve paid this price and He did it willingly! Can we deny Him our life and our service and sacrifice after He gave so much?

Jesus is at the right hand of God the Father and Creator of all, waiting for the time when everything is accomplished on Earth before He comes for the believers who await His return. The world doesn’t recognize Him but it will one day soon, although I fear that for some it will be too late. They have already made their minds and their hearts up to be lovers of the world and of themselves, some even attend church every Sunday. But, they are being deceived into thinking that being religious and going through the motions will get them into Heaven…it will not.

Satan himself, as well as some of his demons, follows a few of them into pulpits of any number of denominations as well as into the pews. They agree with all that deception and believe in God because they knew Him before their fall from Heaven, but even that belief will not save them because they will not repent and choose to serve God through His Son. We are known by God more intimately than anyone else and it breaks His heart to know that many will choose not to come to Him through Jesus.

You and I and every person on Earth are important to God, otherwise He wouldn’t have sent Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins. All that we have to do is accept the gift of that redemption, confess that we know that we are sinners and ask God to forgive us for our rejection of Jesus, then ask Jesus to come into your life and turn from your old way of living to living by His power and grace in your life every day from that day forward. At times, the life and the walk of a Christian is hard because of the struggles and the persecution and many people turn away from it because of that. They thought that when you came to Jesus, all of your problems would go away.

On the contrary, Satan will attack you more savagely because you are a Christian. You may get sick more or a family member will, there may be accidents and a host of other problems but the test can be overcome by relying on Jesus and His strength to get you through those times. Seek Him first every day and each day will be better, walk with Jesus daily and you will never be alone again.

Think about it and pray, because the time is growing short.


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