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Today, tomorrow, forever

Today is the present day that you are living in, moment by moment, so enjoy all of its beauty and goodness that God gives you to enjoy. Tomorrow isn’t here yet and by the time it is, it isn’t tomorrow anymore, so don’t count on it. Live today as if Jesus was coming back tonight! […]

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How can I be saved?

It is a question which may be on quite a few people’s minds these days. Why? Because of the frequency of the indicators which point toward the end of the age. The more powerful storms, more frequent storms, the number of conflicts in the world, the hearts of many people growing cold toward their fellow-man […]

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If you know a teenager or have one still hanging out at home, then you know about their fascination with games. Mostly electronic games like the ones played on portable devices, cell phones, game consoles, etc. If you can get one to try a game of Magic the Gathering cards and sit down and play […]

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