How can I be saved?

faithIt is a question which may be on quite a few people’s minds these days. Why? Because of the frequency of the indicators which point toward the end of the age. The more powerful storms, more frequent storms, the number of conflicts in the world, the hearts of many people growing cold toward their fellow-man and to religion in general. All of these were foretold many years ago by our Lord Jesus, yet few are taking notice of them happening today because our news media doesn’t take prophecy serious.

Everything is happening as it always has happened in the past and it won’t change. That is the way many are looking at almost everything around us except the temperature changes! They are taking a one or two degree rise in temperature as a portent for disaster, yet even the temperature is doing the same as it has always done. Our influence with carbon emissions and such has only impacted the climate for about one hundred and fifty years or so. Maybe a little longer if you consider coal-fired mills in the early 1800’s.

Still, the climate has fluctuated in temperature up and down for thousands of years without the help of mankind and it will continue to do so whether we stop using fossil fuels or not. I am not trying to get on a soap box about climate change, but I do want to talk about the end of the age and where you may spend eternity.

Have you asked Jesus into your heart? Are you sure about your salvation? Have you truly been walking with Him daily or did you just say a prayer once and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside and think that you were covered? The Holy Spirit isn’t a holy teddy bear! An emotional feeling of love and compassion doesn’t even come close to what you can have with Him, but feeling that way one time and then going on with your life, as if nothing really happened doesn’t cut it!

Yes, God loves you and He does call you to Himself…but if you don’t answer or if you answer in a way which limits Him in your life, then you may not know Him as well as you think and He may not really know you at all. Finding that out when you stand before Him is not the time to fix it, because at that point it can’t be fixed. If He doesn’t know you, no matter how much you have gone to church or read the Bible or prayed to Him for different reasons in your life, then you will be cast into outer darkness.

Is that the eternity that you want? If it is, be my guest. Jesus died and rose from the tomb in order to pay your debt and mine in full. Playing church and praying to god or your version of Him is not the way to be a Christian! Doing those things makes other people THINK you are a Christian, but if your life away from church or at home shows a different person than the one you would be if Jesus were with you then a change is still needed.

If your life would be no different with Him walking by your side, eating with you and being near you, then you do belong to Him and He is part of your everyday life. If He showed up at your house and you had to rush to clean up things or change something on the television, then you might want to reconsider whether you really belong to Him at all.

Seek Jesus in His Word, find out more about Him and determine to follow Him every day, then ask Him to come into your heart. That is one prayer from a sinner that God always hears when it is done with a repentant heart and a life that is intent on following Him.

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