No Weapon Formed Ajst You Will Prosper

No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh, and their righteousness which is of me, says Yahweh. (Isaiah 54:17 )


We write them and speak them every day that we live but it is the spoken word which can do so much in either direction. The Bible says that the tongue is fiery and it can bless and curse almost at the same time. Truly it can and we have all experienced it at some time in our lives. Maybe when we were children and a friend said something which hurt our feelings, even if it was not intentional. Children don’t think about what they say, they just say things which come out of their mouths and many times they are hurtful, mean, and sometimes cruel!

Yes, the tongue can hurt you with words and the attitude which is behind those words are used is another part of the blade which your mouth can wield. So that old saying about sticks and stones is just a lie, because words can and do hurt you. Sometimes the pain caused by words can last a long, long time! Far longer than the bruises from a stone or a stick.

So many times we say things without thinking, even as adults, and we find out later about the hurt feelings that we caused with those words. The problem with words and the pain caused by them is, just like smoke or water, when a word is spoken from your mouth or mine it cannot be recalled. God’s Word is the same. When you read it and re-read it, your soul gets washed in it and by it until your tongue becomes saturated with it too. Eventually, the Holy Spirit will help you get control of it to use it for His Kingdom.

Sometimes, we don’t want to use it that way but when God has a plan for your life which includes preaching, then eventually you will accept your position from Him. Words are what God used to bring the Sun and moon into being and most of creation as well. The only part of the first chapter of Genesis which didn’t use God’s Word was when He made man in His image. He used His hands to mold him into the shape of a man, after scooping up some clay mud from the stream and molding it into the right shape, then He breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life and man became a living soul!

Words and your tongue and mine can have a great impact on someone. Children repeat things that we say, sometimes it is embarrassing but it does happen and everyone who has a child or a grandchild knows it! The tone of your voice is what children and pets pick up on too, and they act or react accordingly. Anger, frustration, and hate can cause far more damage to a relationship between people even when those emotions may not be truly involved at all. If the words that you are saying sound like you are angry, frustrated or seem to have a hateful quality to them then the effect on those around you is the same as if you had struck them with your fists.

Do words and your tongue have this kind of power? Yes, they most certainly do. If you have lived and worked in public you have likely heard it or witnessed it sometime in your life. Seek out God’s strength and provision in your life so that your words don’t cause hurt feelings and damaged lives because many times those can’t be repaired…ever.

Trust…what does that mean?

Between people, it means that you have confidence in them to be genuine and honest with you in everything. In religion, trust is synonymous with faith. We trust in God because He is our Creator. We trust Him because He is trustworthy, I mean if God isn’t then we are truly messed up! Trust is the way that we look to our spouses and children because they are there for us, no matter what is happening.

Trust, a five letter word which means: “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”

This is the dictionary meaning of the word, but how do you define it? Is trust something which is given or is it earned by someone? That depends on who you are trusting in the first place. If it is a person such as a friend or spouse, trust can be easily given to them. If your friend or your spouse does anything in the future to break that trust, then it must be EARNED back, if possible.

Trust between people who are in teams is built as the team works together to accomplish something. Military teams such as the SEAL teams or sports teams like football, baseball, etc. all of these have different levels of trust between the members. Firefighters and policemen and women also have levels of trust, because like in military teams, their lives depend on trusting those who work with them every day.

Spiritual trust and faith are identical because it takes belief in the One Who created us and our lives and the situations that we live in. We have to have a reliable trust in His truth, His ability, and His strength in every possible problem of life, and He is able to do all the things that are necessary for our good and for His Kingdom. We don’t have to worry about His ability to heal, to help, to give comfort and to be your Savior because He is able to do all of these things.

If God, and that is a statement which I don’t come through easily, created all of the universe and all of the angels and Heaven and has provided for all of our lives from Adam until now, then the problems that we have are not hard for Him to help us with. All that we need to have is trust in His love and ability to take care of you with any problem you may have. Trust and faith in Him are the same, but we tend to disagree on this.

I have faith that God can and will do all that is necessary for me to make it through this week and next week as long as I subject my will to His. Do I trust Him to do these things? Yes! Because God can do all things and He always does the right things for us and for His Kingdom.