Who is Jesus?

Over the last few hundred years, people have asked this question and truly wondered at the answer.  Why did they wonder about Who He was? It was evident in the gospels and in the prophecies about Him and yet they still didn’t seem to want to believe in Him or Who He was!

God sent Him to the world, to Israel, to bring the gospel to His people. He was foretold and so was His birth to a virgin in Bethlehem. But, the reality of His Person and Who He has eluded them because they didn’t want to believe in a prophet who came from Nazareth and was a carpenter’s son. How could the Savior, the Messiah come from such humble beginnings?

Why was it so hard to believe in Him or His Message? Why is it so difficult to believe that He was and is the Messiah?

It was difficult then and it is still difficult for many today because they don’t feel that they need a Savior. Many believe that their righteousness is enough and that it is good enough to get them into Heaven. When the Bible tells us that our “righteousness is as filthy rags“, how can it possibly be good enough to allow us to enter into God’s Presence? Jesus told His disciples that “unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, you will not enter into heaven“.

Many people don’t want to give up their sins simply because they enjoy them. Even though they feel the touch of the Holy Spirit in their lives they just don’t want to give up those sins regardless. It could be smoking or drinking or looking at pornography and they think that since they do these at home (mostly), their sins aren’t hurting anyone. But they are hurting their relationship with Jesus or the possibility of a relationship with Him.

We cannot be good enough to gain entrance without His righteousness covering our sins and us. There is no possibility for any of us to gain entrance into eternity in Heaven without Jesus!


What has got you down?

OurGodisAbleMany people need to hear from someone today. Friends, family, pastors, spouses all need to hear from those that they care for. But what about those people that you don’t know? The people who are hurting but if you see them or talk to them they will tell you that they are doing fine. How can we touch their lives in a positive way? This is a hard question because most people who feel depressed don’t want to tell others. They consider this to be a burden that they alone can or should carry alone.

Depression is one of the weapons which Satan uses to discourage us before we become a believer, possibly enough to cause someone to take their own life. He also uses it to bring a Christian down so that their life gets out of control and feels hopeless. This is when we should be proactive about reading and meditating on God’s Word. Although, when depression hits you so hard that you feel overwhelmed its hard to think about much of anything except how you feel at the time.

Rest assured in the knowledge that God cares for you, even if you don’t know Him yet.

Psalm 42:11
11 Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

Being depressed seems to be normal for prophets and preachers as well as any other Christians. Charles Spurgeon was depressed for much of his life and he was one of the most successful preachers of 19th century England. God gives each of us the strength to make it through our troubles although sometimes we may not feel that strong. Lean on God and seek His wisdom in helping you to get through your trials no matter what they might be!

Many things get people down in their spirit or just plain depressed and sometimes it gets to the point of darkness when you feel that nobody cares…but God cares more about your trials and your life than you could possibly know. He came down to Earth as a baby to be the Perfect Lamb for our sins but He knew the sorrows of humanity and all of the problems which go along with being human. He knew the pain, the heartache and the loneliness of humanity, which is why He can give you the strength to get through all of your troubles.

God loves you so deeply until we can’t understand it! We may be able to feel it when we are in Heaven with Him but while we are yet alive here, our understanding doesn’t go deep enough to comprehend the depth of God’s love for us. Seek Him in your good days so that He will be with you on those days when life doesn’t feel very good. Especially when it gets to the point of feeling like it is out of your control and it won’t get better.

4-ways-to-turn-weaknesses-into-strengthDon’t give up on yourself or on His Presence in your life. Seek Him through the Psalms and Proverbs when your life feels out of your control. He will come near to comfort you in the time of need that you have regardless of the depth of need or the darkness that it feels like.

God is in control (part 2)

God-In-In-ControlIf you have ever thought about God being in control or even whether He is or not, the earlier post should give you some insight into His presence and persistent control.

Satan has to ask permission to touch or otherwise trouble Christians, but the rest of the world he can get into their lives as easy as walking in the door. The entirety of Creation is God’s possession and His responsibility but He loves mankind above all. It is a mystery to most regarding His love for us, especially the angels because no other created-being gets His attention like mankind has had in all of Creation.

God has always protected and watched over those who He calls to do His work on Earth. Some of them have had a “pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night“, others have had “ravens to feed thee” in Elijah’s time of persecution, but all of this is because of God’s love for us and His people Israel.

Don’t think that because these two instances were in the Old Testament that God won’t do things similar today. He does and He will do this and more, but we won’t hear about it because the media ignores most “good news” today. Especially if it seems that it may have a miraculous component to it and one which can’t be explained away. God provides us with air and water and many other things which are needed for living and yet we take all of them for granted.

Why do we do this? Because much of the world’s population doesn’t really believe in God or in His power to keep us safe and protect us. Most of the world thinks that our protection is due to natural forces which can be scientifically explained. How did the physical laws in the universe come into being? They didn’t just magically appear as evolutionists say! That kind of thinking requires more faith in an accidental process than I can muster.

God is in control and He isn’t made up of “dark matter” or quarks or any of those particles which show up when atomic nuclei are smashed into each other at near the speed of light. He created all of them and they do as they are told to do in this universe because He is in control.

Seek out His Word and His wisdom which is contained within its pages because it is only there where the Truth of everything which is needed for each of us is found. Jesus gave His life for your soul, surely you can give your heart and your life to Him for your own salvation and that of your family as well!

Angels and Demons

This is a subject which I have not been exactly jumping up and down to write about but it needs to be out here for everyone to see. We read in God’s Word that angels exist because the Angel of the Lord appeared a few times in the Old Testament. Gabriel appeared a couple of times as well. So, if angels have shown themselves occasionally then why can’t demons be real?

Of course, they are sneaky and crafty in their ways but did you know that many of our conflicts have been influenced by their presence as well? In fact, we likely invited them right into the meetings with us. Many times in the Bible you read about something which was done in anger or resentment and then regret comes and a person seeks forgiveness.

It is our own feelings of anger and resentment and fear which invites some demons that will inflame those feelings to a point that we may do something which we would regret. Don’t think for a moment that Satan and his demons and other spirits don’t exist because they exist outside our senses just as angels do. We don’t see them and likely it is a good thing! We would be terrified to go anywhere, especially at night, if we could see the realm which exists beside us here.

Christians are not subject to being possessed by a demon, but that doesn’t keep us from inviting them into our homes and our lives when we are stressed or hurt emotionally. When they are invited they will stay as long as possible and make your life miserable, so be careful about your hatred or bitterness in your daily life. Guard your heart with prayer and study of God’s Word and try to live according to His teachings daily.


Are you worried?

Anxiety and worry is the contemplation of your future without God in it. Who would do this in this day and time? But, worry and anxiety cause much stress and disease in the day that we live in today. Jesus said that we should not worry, leave your worries with God and He will take care of you. Yet, do we believe it? Really?

Pleanuts-worry-cartoonWith all of the self-help books being sold by “Christian” writers who make many thousands of dollars because of our anxiety, I don’t think we leave our worries and anxiety with God. Can we become more or less worrisome? I suppose it is because of our own pride, we want to be the fixer of the problem, we want to take the anxiety away from our family…but can we? Is it possible for one of us to actually do that thing?

In today’s society, no matter where you might live, money is the one blessing that can take away most of our worries and our anxieties. With the exception of diseases like cancer or deadly infections, money actually can take away our problems. In some ways, money can help with those diseases or infections because if you have enough you can find the best doctors and the best care, no matter how far you have to go to get it.

Contemplation of a day without God in it is a day which I would not want to live through. We need God in our lives every day, every night and at all times.

Denis Lyle, a Baptist pastor in Belfast, Northern Ireland, tells the story of a tourist who visited a beautiful mansion on a lovely lakeshore in Switzerland. The house was spotless and surrounded by well-kept gardens connected by tidy pathways. There wasn’t a weed in sight.

“How long have you been caretaker here?” the tourist asked the gardener. “I’ve been here twenty years.”

“And during that time, how often has the owner of the property been in residence?” The gardener smiled. “He has been here only four times.”

“And to think,” the visitor exclaimed, “all these years you’ve kept this house and garden in such superb condition. You tend it as if you expect him to come tomorrow.”

“Oh no,” replied the gardener, “I look after them as if I expect him to come today.” Denis Lyle, Countdown to Apocalypse (Belfast; Ambassador Books, 1999), 21.

All of us who are watching for our Lord’s return should live our lives as if He were coming today! Yet, most of the Christian world doesn’t. Many of them pray and read a little Scripture and some of them do this on a daily schedule, but the majority of people who claim to be Christians don’t. Why do you think that is with all of the things going on around the world today?

I think that instead of being anxious or worrying about our Lord’s return, we have become apathetic about it. Why? Because there have been many people in the past few hundred years who claimed that Jesus was returning on this date and time and it didn’t happen. Too many people get the idea that they know because of signs and seasons and the trials which are being felt in some churches that God is going to send for His church on a certain date or time. Of course, the problem with this is that only God knows when that day and hour is, we do not.

Truly, we are not supposed to be anxious about His coming or the rapture of the church, just be ready! Yes, it could happen tomorrow or it might be next year or maybe in six months, but live your life as a Christian in light of the nearness of His coming so that He does find you working or telling others about Him.