How powerful is your testimony?

Our witness to the world is found in our testimony. Your testimony and mine does not have to include every deed that you have done but it is supposed to show that God has saved you from your mistakes. All of us have them. Some are worse than others but even those who aren’t old enough to have done as much as others, God can save you from all of them.

Some people tell preachers that they have been too bad or even too evil to be considered as a convert to Christianity. There are no such people! God has accepted those who have been murderers, thieves, drug dealers and drug users, harlots and prostitutes and He will accept you as a child of His through Jesus Christ because you can reach someone that no one else can.

Your testimony is powerful enough to bring someone into the family of God and it is possible that you are the only person that can reach that person. They may belong to another church or they may not go to church but if you can talk to them, God will give you the words that can bring them into the family. It may even be someone who has known you for a long time. They know your past and what you did in years past before God changed your heart to serve Him. That person doesn’t exist if you have put away your sinful life and turned to follow Jesus. You cannot make them see the change, although they may see it but they don’t want that change. Sometimes they will reject your testimony because of pride or anger at you because of some slight or emotional hurt that you caused many years ago.

Ask the Lord to melt their hearts so that they can receive His message for their salvation because it may be that only He and His Word can do what your testimony and your changed life cannot do. Even Jesus could do few miracles in His home town because they looked on Him as the Son of Joseph and they had watched Him grow up with His brothers and sisters. They said “he’s the carpenter’s son, where did he learn these things?”

God has used so many people in the past and He still uses circumstances and problems and people today to get people who have rejected Him to turn back to Him. He used many of Israel’s enemies to chastise them when they were disobeying His commandments. He raised up a ruler in Egypt to oppress the people as slaves so that He could judge Egypt and their gods. God can use your life and your testimony to change people’s lives today as well. It may be something you say or something that you do that could cause them to seek God for their life’s troubles and their salvation. It may be something that you write or a sermon or an inspiring post or link on Facebook that gets their attention and turns them toward God.

Only God knows how you will accomplish His will in your life and it may not happen until your death or afterward but God can accomplish His will through you in some way to bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Crumbs all along the pathway…

Every chapter in the Bible points toward Jesus and salvation through Him. I’m not going to place the scripture references here except to give you a general idea of those crumbs of wisdom found in nearly every chapter of God’s Word. I know I changed from every chapter to “nearly every chapter” and that was intentional too.

While it is true that the Bible points toward our Savior from the beginning to the end, every chapter doesn’t explicitly say it that way. Some are just allusions to Him. Some of the crumbs are very subtle and easy to overlook but they are there. As God told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, He also told him that his people would be in slavery in another land for over four hundred years, but there would be a savior. That savior was Moses, who was a type of Christ, who came along at the right time to deliver Israel from bondage.

In many other books of the Bible other saviors have shown up. Some have come as kings, some came as judges, some came as prophets but God used each of them to teach and to deliver Israel from their enemies. But even after being delivered they would soon go back to disobeying God’s commands and his laws. Their prophets repeatedly told the people what was needed to get out of and stay out of being captured by their enemies. Sometimes they listened and sometimes they didn’t. Occasionally they would obey for a while and then fall right back into the same rebellious behavior that got them in trouble before.

Kinda sounds like the way most of the world, especially America, is today doesn’t it?

Is it any wonder that this virus came so suddenly on the world last year? Is it God punishing us? Could be, but I’m not going to be the one to say so. God can use China or Russia or Iran or even a tiny virus to get the world’s attention but if they don’t look to Him for help or guidance then they will die in their sins and without Jesus. I know, nobody wants to hear that there is only one way to be saved or gain entrance into heaven but it is God’s law and He is the only One Whose opinion that I count as being true. Like it or not, God’s Word and His promises have all come true except for those prophecies that are in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I believe that His Word is true from the beginning to the end and one day soon the whole world will notice it. They may not want to believe it, but when all of the Christians who believe in Jesus for their salvation are taken up in the clouds to meet Him in the air…those who see it will believe and they will be sorrowful like losing their first-born son or daughter.

Read the book of the Revelation for yourself. It is the only book of the Bible that has a blessing for those who read it and believe.

So many choices…

In the world religion arena there are many religions which vie for our attention. Many of them seem to have more clout than others yet with so many choices out there how do people choose which one to follow? Some follow the religion that their parents and grandparents followed just because it’s the way they have always followed so why change now? Some people choose to look at all avenues and try to pick the one that fits them instead of fitting into a religious system that demands more than they want to give. It seems that many people fit into that last category more than any other because they want a belief system that is comfortable for them and for their lifestyle.

The problem with how people pick and choose their particular “religion” lies in the picking and choosing. Religion was never supposed to be a custom fit but with all of the choices out there today, like it has been for thousands of years, confusion causes more problems in people’s lives more often than not. Also, the only way to gain entry into heaven is not a religion in reality, it is a lifestyle. Living your life as a Christian is a daily walk that you wake up with every day and as Jesus said “…you must take up your cross and follow Me”.

Taking up your cross doesn’t mean what many think it means. Because some see this as choosing to be on the firing line of persecution and ridicule from the first day until you die and that isn’t what it means at all. We must bear our cross as Jesus did, willingly laying down our old lives and habits and follow Him into a new life of being or straining toward the goal of being more like Him every day. For some it is more of a strain than it is for others because of what they are giving up to be like Him. For others it is a choice that makes the life they live more bearable and sometimes joyful.

Jesus told His disciples that “the way is broad which leads to destruction but the way that leads to eternal life is narrow”. I paraphrased His words but you get the idea.

Finding the way to a place of joy and peace is much like this. There are pathways that are easy to walk and comfortable to stay on but the end or the destination is not the one that most people were looking for. The path which leads to eternal life and peace is the pathway that is not very wide and it has a few briers and brambles and rocks strewn all in it but the destination is far better than anything we could possibly imagine. The destination is to be in heaven with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Heaven is a place that few who were allowed to see even a little of it could describe it in ways that we can understand. Some say that the colors are “just more than the colors on Earth”, “deeper blues and more spectacular greens”. Why can’t we describe heaven? Because it is the real place that Earth is only a reflection of, that’s why. The beauty that we see all around the world is a dim reflection of the beauty in heaven.

Strive to be more like Jesus Christ. Seek Him out as your Savior and Lord while there is time to do so. Life here is short but once you have given your heart to Him, eternity awaits you without boundaries or limits.


Most of the time I write here to bring God’s message to anyone who would enjoy reading it or maybe someone who was searching for His message. Right now however I am living with a conundrum of sorts: feeling alone even when I’m at home or at church. It doesn’t matter where I am really. This feeling hits in a way that most people don’t notice it which makes the feeling even worse because it is like I don’t exist.

So…what can I do about it? Other than read some chapters in Psalms and pray about my situation…my feelings, I really don’t see any possible cure or treatment because no one besides myself even notices that anything is bothering me. If I tell them how I feel, all I usually get is a look that says “So?”. To put anyone’s mind at ease who might actually care I am not considering suicide, even though it does cross my mind quite often.

I have had these feelings since high school so this isn’t an “age related” problem. This has been with me for over forty years. Although most people never notice it regardless of how close we might be. It isn’t anyone’s fault because the feeling will go away for a while and then some days it comes back so hard until I feel as if I’ve lost a close friend or family member and I begin to sob uncontrollably. I know…not like a man to admit something as insignificant as a feeling that can do such a thing. If you don’t want to know how I feel some days, then don’t read this.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen every day but there are days that it comes and it won’t go away for a week or two. When that happens I just try to glaze over it and keep it to myself since I can’t afford to go to some “mind doctor”. I do want to take the time here to thank those of you who might have read this far. God is still in control regardless of our feelings or the outcome of an election or even a pandemic. All of us will get through this one way or another. I am still keeping my eyes glued to the sky each time I go outside just in case I see the sign of the cross or something that isn’t caused by natural weather.

Praise God for all of your gifts and your blessings because He does give graciously.

Another Saint goes home…

Life on Earth is getting harder to bear. More of my friends are going home to be with the Lord. Yes, we prayed for healing and God chose to heal by giving them their eternal body without disease or hunger or glasses. Life goes on here but I am truly looking forward to that day when the Trumpet of God is sounded and the Church, the Bride of Christ is called home. I don’t want to write much but I do ask for prayer for those who have lost loved ones to this COVID-19 thing! It is time for this to end.

We, and I mean all of us, are sometimes confused about God’s way of healing. Love works in ways which few of us can truly understand. Especially when it comes to God’s love which is deeper and more complete than any emotion that men or women can feel. Our emotions are not comparable to God’s. We ask Him for a healing, sometimes we plead for it for weeks or months, and we don’t see a healing happening…yet. But God has something planned. It may not be what you want or the way that you want it but God can see all of the options and His knowledge is boundless. He can see that one person’s death will bring about more than his or her life would’ve accomplished had they lived.

God is not being mean to the family because their faith will grow if they see that something greater is happening because of their witness in this life. Many may not have known about his ministry or influence. He or she may not have known that someone was changed or inspired in some way by their life or something that they said or did. God knows what it will accomplish and it is His will that it continue and it might not even begin had they lived.

God does things much different from the way that we think. Even the first miracle that Jesus did confused the people who had been serving the wine at the wedding in Cana. His mother called Him over and told Him that they were out of wine. He said, “What is that to me? My time has not come yet.” She still told the servants to “Do whatever He tells you to do”. He told them to fill six jars which held about sixty gallons each with water. When they had done so, He said to give a sample to the head waiter of the house. Then the man said that most people serve the best at the beginning of a celebration but you have kept the best until later.

Those who have been healed by taking them into eternity hopefully were followers of Jesus Christ. Some may not have believed in Him for their salvation but their death may still influence someone to change their life. God allowed His Son to pay the price for ALL OF OUR SINS so that we could have an eternity with Him. A strange way to save humanity when most of them don’t even believe in God or His Son. It is because of His great Love for us that He has for all of us. Did my friend believe in Jesus for his salvation? Yes! I envy him right now because of the wondrous sights he is seeing, especially because he is reunited with his Daddy and his grandparents. Yes, I envy him because I can’t see those wonderful sights until I am there and I’m looking forward to it.

What would you give?

In Psalm 84:11-12 it says: 11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. 12 O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

God gives to us everything that we need. He doesn’t give to us our wants and our demand, yet many people seem to think that He owes them their desires just because they are “following” Him. God doesn’t owe us anything at all! He protects us and keeps us in this life because He loves us. We have air to breathe and water to drink and most of us have food to eat, so what is there to complain about?

Jesus said that she gave more than the others.

God never said in any part of His Word that we would be rich or well off because we serve Him in some small capacity, whether it is as a teacher or a mother or a police person or even a preacher. It is only because of some “twisted scripture” or scripture taken out of context which people use to get what they want out of other people that we see so-called “servants of God” who are wealthy. You also hear some people saying, usually during times of hardship, that they would give anything if their loved one would recover. Sometimes, God takes them at their word and heals that person but when the healing is done their “promise” is forgotten or it is reduced to a very tiny portion of what they were thinking at the time.

God gave His Son to atone for all of mankind’s sins. We may not be able to give a sacrificial gift like that but we could give our time or our prayers or volunteer in a nursing home or a hospice. Anything that we do for others is considered more than we think it is worth. Many times we will do things and we may never think of it again. We may not find out about the good that our giving accomplished until we get to Heaven and find someone that reminds us of something that we considered small but it made a big difference in their life at some point.

If you ask someone who doesn’t have a home or food or maybe even shoes what they want most in life, what do you think they would give for an answer? A mansion? The finest clothes that money can buy? Maybe the best and most comfortable shoes? Most of the time, in my opinion, the few that I have heard interviewed on TV, they would like to have a warm meal, a warm bed or a cool place to sleep in the summer, comfortable, simple shoes and maybe the most important thing…someone to talk to and who will truly listen.

Jesus paid the price for our sins and our salvation because we can’t do it on our own. Think of the love that He and the Father have for each of us to make it possible for us to have an eternity to love and be loved by our Creator and our God just because we believe that He did it for us because He loves us. Some may say that they don’t want to live an eternity like that. You don’t know what that eternity will be like. God did not save us to sit around meditating on Him, although we could and it would be wonderful. God’s love for His creation is so deep and unknowable until we will be in awe of Heaven’s beauty for many, many years because of what He has perfected there. Your home, if you are a believer, will be so wonderful even if it is a tent (which I don’t think Jesus would do that to us).

Every prophet or disciple who has been given a glimpse of Heaven could scarcely find the words to describe its beauty. It was so much more than what we can see here until even the most beautiful places on Earth pale in comparison with it! I pray that all who reads this will seek to know Jesus as your Savior and Lord and I pray that I will meet you there one day.

Reasons for our faith…

There are many reasons why we should have faith in and trust God in all things. For one, He has given each of us who are reading this one more day to serve in His Kingdom which is why He woke each of us up this morning. Another reason is that we are saved by the blood of Jesus even though we don’t deserve it. God created every life-form on Earth for a reason, some are deep in the ocean and when discovered we usually wonder “Why did God put that there?”. The answer is usually to make us think and to see His creative ability. Here are a few more reasons for you to ponder: